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i just discovered marissa paternoster

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posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 11:14 AM
i can thank my wife for this one.
im a fan already and just discovered her yesterday.

she is the guitarist, song writer, and vocalist for screaming females.

im not too into screaming females as a band. i love the way marissa plays guitar.

im usually pretty snobbish when it comes to guitarists. i know exactly what i like and what i dont. for the most part i tend to lean towards musicianship over the sloppy, kind of raw playing.

i usually lean towards zappa, govan, gilbert, buckethead...

that said i do love the old delta blues and i love the sloppy style of jack white....i can listen to his playing all day.

marissa paternoster has that style. i would say she has the kind of jack white/dan aeurbach sound.

she said she does not know any music theory and only basic chords and scales......
she can play her ass off.

check this out. her and shirley manson covering because the night.

one thing though. i dont know how old she is. i cant find it. i looked on wiki and read other stuff. no info on how old.

she said she learned to play when she was 14. she would listen to nirvana and hole and tab out the songs and do the best she could.
i tried to figure her age based on that but who knows when she started listening to that stuff.

give this a listen/watch.

she is awesome. while she is not a virtuoso, she seems to have a pretty good command of the instrument

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this one she really jams on

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