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Taking a break from the mainstream

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posted on Sep, 20 2014 @ 05:44 PM

The facts are this:

1) I am beholden to no-one, nor have i ever been.

2) I have tried my best to put out the fires as they start, but quite frankly, i don't give a rat's arse anymore

(let the censor bots handle that one) and i am now going 100% for the projects alone, any members worthy of said projects will come, i know.

3) Yes all this interplay between the forums was, for a while, interestng, to say the least. I thought we had finallly done it, we had broken all those personal barriers that kept these forums apart.
Well it seems i was wrong, and we are simply not yet ready for the next step.

4) we, the independent inventors of the world, are uniting. Like it or not, we are prepping the future for you.

Regardless of race, culture, creed, religion or politics, you will recieve free energy, antigravity, an open & honest culture, an Abundance Paradigm if you want, but you must ALL learn to SHARE and to USE WISELEY or we will all suffer the 4th 'untergang' of our 'civilisation'

Yeah right, dont believe me, go read some BOOKS.

Goodbye for now, but keep this channel open.....

That text is being posted on all the forums i know of, it will take a few days to get out.
I will say i find it great for BN that they allow unregistered members to post, good for you!
But my intention was never to join another forum again: i have hosted too many already, i was even a global mod and still am admin at one or other site, who cares?

Love and peace, i will drop by to read replies, but my posting days are over i fear.... I just wanted to leave something behind that you all could think about....
OK so i will reply to PM's only on this subject, and you will have to wait at least 24 hours for a reply; i am kind of busy


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