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posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 09:24 PM
While going through life it is much like swimming. Sometimes you go with the flow and sometimes you need to go against it. In the depths beneath us lie the undercurrents that quietly change our direction. The undercurrents like th current on top gently pull us along to an unknown goal. Can you feel the pull of the undercurrent? Where is it pulling you?
Don't ignore the pull the direction it wants you to go may take you to a quite different future than you expect. Like reading ATS some things are beyond your reach but each time you open up your mind to new directions the pull changes. No I'm not claiming to understand it all but pay attention to the sound of that little off the wall thought, It might make more of a difference in your life than you can expect.

May peace and prosperity be in your grasp

posted on Sep, 20 2014 @ 07:33 PM
a reply to: datasdream

This "undercurrent" that you speak of can be called your subconsciousness, where you true desires are kept, when you "let go" then you are on "autopilot" and you are directed by your subconsciousness.

I used to go for a drive and not "choose" where to go - it is very difficult but you just keep "waiting" until you turn in whichever direction - where would you end up?

When I did this, the amount of synchronicity that I experienced led me to understand this "undercurrent" - try to live a day without "choosing" to do anything. For example, don't even choose to eat - if you "happen" to find yourself at the fridge and "happen" to eat something, then you did. Additionally, if you are sitting down, don't even "choose" when to get up - engage "autopilot" and see when you do.

Perhaps you can make some choices, however, I feel that choices are a burden upon the mind and the prime mechanism of the conscious state, or even the prison of "consciousness" where a "mind" is some kind of control that prevents what we call the subconsciousness from exhibiting itself and taking control of our lives.

The question is, can you live without "choice" if you were to accept that it is a "program" and go with the undercurrent permanently?

What exactly is it that allows us to know what happens next with a predictable degree of certainty - allowing us to engage in "choice"?
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posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 07:08 PM
As an example of how things work in weird ways. My family was moving to Vallejo Calif and looking for some temporary housing. I was heading to a Navy school in Vallejo again. We were being shown some bad places when I happened to mention someone I knew from Vallejo. The relator eyes lit up. You know Doug? I described him and within an hour we went from not having a place to moving in the next morning with our household goods arriving as well. I had no idea that the name carried any weight. I'm not much for name dropping don't know how or where to use that.
The alignment was unusual to say the least.
I keep finding my best laid plans don't work but my off the cuff remarks and actions get more attention and results than all of my hard worked plans. That's what I'm referring to as the undercurrents. The things that seem to happen in ways that go beyond the norm.

posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 07:37 PM
I was in casino one time playing roulette, steadily losing my money as you do and sitting next to me was a guy who just kept on winning. I noticed that every time he placed his bets he would sit back in his seat and say, under his breath but loud enough for me to hear, "If I lose this time I'm having no more bets, I'm going to go home". I became interested in this guy and watched him for a while. He never bet much, usually putting 2 or 3 $2 chips on a corner but he invariably had a collect every time which when you consider the odds was pretty amazing. His secret was obviously his mantra every time he placed his bets. He had this undercurrent thing working for him and by keeping his winnings small avoided scrutiny by the management who of course have no love for any punter who beats the odds consistently. I got the impression that he was doing alright for himself with his strange formula. I have never tried it myself, I don't as a rule go to casinos, but I think some experimentation could be interesting.

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