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posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 02:09 AM
He strode through the dismal forest, unheeding of the thorns that tore at his legs or of the branches and leaves that slapped against his grimaced face. There was little at all that would give him pause.

He had shorn all ties with his former home, and he had shed himself of all the niceties of the simpletons that lived within its bounds. The injustice that had been done to him was too great, too profound, to ever be forgiven, except that its price be paid in blood.

His love, his only love, stolen away by his own brother! Countless years of longing, interminable days of secret pining and lust, unknown to any, but taken so easily by his closest friend, his only confidante... that one who was of his own flesh and blood!

He knew that he was the rightful heir. He knew that the kingdom was his, pending only the death of his feeble and invalid father. But if he could not live in the love and light of that fairest of maidens, he would sacrifice it all.

He would take revenge. And he would take what was his.

His brother would pay.

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 09:04 AM
As he made his way to the castle, his rage continued to howl. After this was over, he would have her, she that was wrongfully taken from him. He could see the top of the turrets begin to peek between the tall shady trees. His stomach began to growl, not for food, but for revenge.

The brush began to dense, so he reached for the knife at his side and began to clear the way. It wouldn't be much longer now, he could almost taste the fear that his brother would be flooded with when seeing him. He knew he looked insane, thorns cut thin rivers of blood across his body, his thick brown hair was standing on edge.

He emerged from the forest an evil man, no one would recognize this monster he'd become, and that was just fine with him. Cecilia would be his, and he would do whatever he had to do to be with her.

He decided to go around the back of the castle, the servants' entrance would be his best bet to go undetected until he could make his final, deadly move.

He took a deep breath and entered the castle. It was time, only a few hours left before his dear Cecilia was to be wed.


posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 07:47 PM
He knew that, by his actions, he was risking everything... but the power that seethed in his heart and in his mind would not forsake him now.

He had spent so long in the foothills, so long in the waste that lay beyond the mountains... so many years in the service of the dark power that was his master and his slave. But, with every moment of this service, his strength had grown... the dark will of powers nameless and forgotten festered in his spirit.

His foul masters whispered to him in fevered dreams that their reward for his adoration would be great. In exchange for his soul, the demons offered him Cecilia... and she was the greatest of prizes.

As he strode through the rear courtyard, moving in silence but visibly filled with overwhelming rage and hatred, he assessed the task that lay before him. He could forsee no obstacle; there would be resistance, but they would be only mortal.

The cruel rictus of sadistic glee twisted across his face. A great slaughter awaited... and, after that, Cecilia would be his.

posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 10:59 AM
It was dark and quiet, arriving before the dawn hour was a satisfying choice. His mind spoke to him, urging him with what he was now faced to do. He was fearless and he felt the hatred seethe deep within him. He inched his way through the rear of the castle, the servants were already preparing for the feast. Just a few floors seperated him from his foe, he could almost taste his brother's blood even now. He felt giddy, soon Cecilia would be his, and his only. He didn't even flinch agreeing to give the demons his soul, it was a small price to pay for Cecilia.

He could feel the sharp, cool steel of his knife, urging him to fullfill his plan swiftly. Images of Cecilia and his brother together flashed through his mind, burning it's path. He edged up the back staircase carefully and slowly like his masters told him to. Siliently he crept until he reached his brother's chamber, he could hear his snoring within.

The time was now for him to make his move, the demons told him it would be easy. His own blood dripped down his forehead into his eyes blurring his vision, that was fine he didn't need a clear view to cut his brother to pieces. He'd awake him first, he wanted his brother to take a good look at his killer and he wanted to see the shock and horror in his eyes. He wanted him to feel, see and drink the pain. Only then would he be happy.

He stood above his brother's sleeping body smirking with the face of a madman.

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