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Proper Global Governance of the Islamic Masses

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posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 12:03 PM
A recent conversation I had about Islam makes me want to clarify something. There is a big difference between my personal feelings about Islam as a religion and the way Islam should be governed on a global scale.

Should we be bombing Muslims indiscriminately, killing massive number of innocent bystanders? Hell no.

Should we be interfering in the internal security of largely Muslim nations, often without their full cooperation, doing for them what their local police departments and intelligence agencies should be doing? Hell no.

Should Muslims have the right to self-autonomy and to build the kinds of communities that they want to see existing in this world? Absolutely.

What should the global policy be towards Muslims or any other traditionalist orthodox ideology on this planet? Every individual should have universal rights which are upheld and protected by every nation on this planet and eventually by a global system of justice which has jurisdiction over all states to prevent any individual from being violated by their local governments. Inclusive among these rights should be the freedom of association and disassociation which means that Muslims, like all other people, should be free to band together, excluding others to create the kinds of societies that they find favorable to their own designs.

Does multiculturalism mean that all cultures are equal? Hell no!

Patriarchy and puritanism are backwards and primitive and the enlightened person should have no problems dismissing them as if they were some fringe embarrassment. Were we leading a tour group of ascended master aliens on a guided overview of our planet, we could largely bypass the Muslim countries and the Eastern Orthodox ones without doing a great disservice to the reputation of humankind.

Saying they are equal to progressive humans is like saying that they were equal to the Hellenics when they hosted a multi-cultural government. The Christians, Jews and Muslims have always had a seat at the table during an Alexandrian society and they always should, but that doesn't mean they are equal. The Alexandrian globalist has always been the superior evolutionary and progressive force on this planet and should always be the host of the global government.

To suggest that we should even consider the ethics behind beheading someone for heresy or stoning someone to death for sodomy is laughable at best and horrifying when taken seriously. The fact that they still perform circumcision is proof enough that they are one slip of the hand away from emasculating the world. Their brutality, while pacified is still barely contained and it should be tolerated only insofar as to give their humanity the respect and dignity it is deserving of. Remember, the misguided can always be converted. It is better to keep the peace so that the gradual process of evolution can continue to work upon them. An orthodoxy completely isolated from all others rapidly devolves into its most horrific forms and the Abrahamics unhinged have brought down great empires more than once in human history.

posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 12:12 PM

It is better to keep the peace so that the gradual process of evolution can continue to work upon them.

Care to expand on what this means exactly?

Just saying. The number of innocents killed brutally by muslim extremists in recent years pales in comparison to the collateral damage brought on by the western war machine.
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posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 12:28 PM
a reply to: Quauhtli

Alexandria gave the Greeks a very fine opportunity. During that reformation, they were able to introduce a certain type of mysticism into the heart of each of those three religions, sacrificing their empire and their cultural identity in order to give birth to numerous movements that have the power to transform each of those three into something beneficial for the world.

From that time different threads of mysticism have woven themselves into those religions leading people away from a spirit of self-destruction and towards one of self-creation. Today, there are many influential people seeded into each of those faiths who have an inherent agenda of progress buried deeply within their hearts and they are personally sacrificing the temptations of ego and personal welfare in order to plant Cedar Trees for future generations which will grow from within the heart of those primitive faiths.

This is the reason that mystery societies are failing today. Once it was enough for a new one to emerge intermittently, reinventing itself to deal with the truths and needs of the moment, occurring every century or so. Today, we are witnessing the complete disintegration of the pyramid system because people are being motivated by a spirit of truth more directly and are beginning to drink from the font of light without need for society or pageantry.

Many of them are not even aware of this. They are tapped in, allowing the spirit of progress to channel through them so that good works can be enacted into this world and they believe it to be a purely instinctual and Dionysian experience. They do not fully realize that they are temporarily becoming the living avatars of extradimensional forces which seek to elevate this world to ever greater standards of illumination.

Every mind that absorbs a key and unlocks a gateway becomes a portal for intelligence to emerge through. That sleeper can then be awakened at any time regardless of their level of spiritual ability. When the time is right for the new dawn to emerge, unlimited illumination will pour through them and they will blossom like a field of flowers ripe for new life. Talents will no longer be buried, but the bowls will be broken open, pouring forth excellence for all to behold the greatness of humankind, and a new age of Chronos will tear forth from the realms of the possible, not one bestowed on us by gods, but one born forth from us as our predestined and inevitable offspring.

The death and suffering of this moment are truly the most temporary thing you will ever know. This world was made for life and the certain and swift Resurrection of the dead is upon us. This world is for the living and shortly it will teem with life abundantly.


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