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Post Your Real Ghost Stories, here are mine.

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posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 11:33 PM
Here are a few ghost stories, some that have been told by my grandparents, parents and some that have happened to me, Enjoy!


The first story comes from my grandmother on my fathers side..........

It happened sometime around the 1950's my Great Grandfather was dyeing and in the hospital (in Chicago, this was way before my time so I know little of the actual year and location).

My Grandmother had gone to visit him (her father) in the hospital which was on the 6th floor of the building, he was nearing the end so she figured she would be there to comfort him. My Grandmother had spent a few days in the hospital, as my Great Grandfather's condition deteriorated.

On this certain night my Great Grandfather was sleeping in the hospital bed as my Grandmother read a book to herself by his side. (as she says) All of a sudden she heard a tapping on the window, TAP TAP TAP, as she describes it, "it was not a "light tap" but more of a deliberate tap, as in to get someones attention". (Keep in mind that my Great Grandfathers room was on the 6th floor, with no trees anywhere near the window, according to my Grandmother).

Just as my Grandmother lifted her head, diverting her attention from her book to the window, from which the tapping came, my Great Grandfather, who was sleeping soundly, sat strait up in bed and pointed at the window, and SCREAMED! "Hes here, Hes here to take me!". My Grandmother then turned to the window and noticed that there was a black shadowy figured outside of the window, (as she puts it) "it blocked the lamps in the street, that could be seen from the window, and then vanished".

According to my grandmother, she was very frightened, not only because her Dyeing father had practically jumped from the bed, but also from the figure that she had seen out the window. My Great Grandfather died within an hour of this happening.

My Grandmother swears that it was Death (The Grimm Reaper) coming to escort his soul to the afterlife.

And here is another story told by my Mother about her Grandparents (my Great grandparents)

I don't know too many of the details of this story but I will relay what information I have, (I will talk to my mother soon to seen if she can give me anymore info)

As the story goes (told to me by my mother) This story takes place sometime in the 1930's or 40's

My Great Grandparents on my mother side (not sure if they were my grandmothers parents or my grandfathers parents), once owned a table (not sure how they came about this table, I have no idea if was an err loom or something they purchased, but it definitely was not new) This table was placed in the Dining room, to be used as a place that all the family could sit at and have dinner. The children in the family would often play at the table (jacks or card games and what not).

As my mother tells it " when all of the children would put there hands on the table, it would start to dance" "not just rocking on the floor, as if the children were tipping it from side to side" "it would actually lift off of the ground, and make motions back and forth as if it were dancing". Apparently this happened numerous times, the kids in the family told there father (my great grandfather) what would happen when they put all of their hands on the table, he would say "NON SENSE!".

According to my mother he was a very stern and serious person, and did not have anytime for "fun and games". One day while the whole family was in the Dining room all of the children put their hands on the table, to show their father that what they had said was true, and the table began to dance. Apparently my Great grandfather walked over to the table saw what was happening and then gently placed his hands on the table, and the table dropped to the ground and stopped "dancing"

As my mother tells it, anytime the children would put their hands on the table it would dance, if, while it was dancing, my Great Grandfather put his hands on the table, it would stop immediately! According to my mother this happened over and over again,

I will have to ask her what ever happened to the table (it would be interesting to have now)

My next few stories involve the house that my parents live in now. Purchased new in 1990, in a nice newly developing neighborhood, near the base of a 1500ft mountain. (I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it) but the area where the house stands now, was once occupied by Indians and early settlers to California (around the 1800's)

I lived in this house from 1990 till the mid 2000's before moving into my own place (Im only 28, so I moved out when I was about 23)

(a little background info on the house) Since moving into this house we have always had strange things happen, it first started with slamming of cabinets, lights and appliances turning on and off by themselves. Most nights it would sound as if someone was walking down the hallway, as verified by my mother father and brothers.

It got to the point where if me or my brothers were sick we would not want to stay home alone, we would end up just going to school anyways because we didn't want to stay in the house alone.

I remember one night, it was raining outside with lightening and thunder, when cabinets started to slam open and shut with no one near them. (we never saw them slam, but could definitely hear them!) My brothers and I ran outside (I was 12 as was my twin, and my older brother was 15). We stood outside in the rain for about 3 hours till my parents came home, we did not want to go back inside.

This happened many many times to everyone in the family. (all 5 of us)

During the period while all of this was still happening in our house.........

One Night me and my mother (I was about 17) followed my dad down stairs....

We started on the 2nd story of our house, from the main living room, where the couch and TV are. Down the hallway (20ft), down the first flight of stairs (8ft), down the second flight of stairs (8ft), down the first level hallway (10ft), down another hallway (5ft) to the house/garage door entrance and into the laundry room

Me and my mother followed my father all the way from the upstairs to the down stairs a total, of at least 41ft, if not more. Keep in mind that we were two steps behind him the whole time, all the way from the upstairs room to the laundry room (down stairs), prob about 3 ft away from him the whole time. (if I would have taken a "double step" I could have touched him in the back)

Each time my dad turned a corner, 1 sec later, me and my mother turned the corner, with my dad in sight for 98% of the journey (from upstairs to downstairs)

when we turned the corner down the last stretch of (downstairs) hallway, ending in the Laundry room, we dad was nowhere to be found.

I paused......said "what the hell" turned to look at my mom, (she gave me a weird look) and we both started calling for my dad. Who happened to be sitting upstairs where we started the journey.


posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 11:34 PM
And this leads me to my next ghost story, this happened last year (2009), around Thanksgiving.

I was visiting my parents for the holiday, staying in my old room I have always had, since my parents have never changed it since I left.

I was sleeping in bed and woke up around 4 in the morning and was super thirsty, I decided to go back to sleep because if I got up to get some water I would probably never get back to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later because I had gotten a phone call (it was about 7:45am according to my cell phone), I answered, but nobody replied so I hung up , by this time I REALLY needed some water, so I had to get up. I had a cup next to my bed so I grabbed it and headed toward the bathroom to fill it up (which is just across the hall from my room, about 8 ft away)

As I opened my door, I noticed my dad standing in his robe messing with the TV (which is normal, as he normally will wake up and turn the TV on so he can watch it while getting ready for work) I said "good morning" and proceeded to walk to the bathroom to fill my cup with water and head back to bed.

As I was walking to the bathroom my father followed me, and proceeded to talk to me as I was filling my cup with water.......

I was half asleep at this point, and really couldn't comprehend anything that he had said to me, it was just all "gibberish" at the time.

He kept talking to me as I was heading back to my room, when I finally got to the door of my room,

I said "DAD! I don't know what the hell your talking about , I'm going back to sleep!" Then proceeded to walk into my room.

When I woke up a few hours later I remembered that my dad was talking to me when I went to get some water, a few hours before. All I could remember was that my dad was telling me that the house was a mess and to clean it up before he came home, I also remembered that I yelled at him.

Feeling super bad for yelling at my dad, as soon as I woke up I straightened everything in the house, cleaned the dishes, vacuumed the floors, basically I did everything to make the house look "spik and span",before he came home, it was perfect!

I waited around the house till about 6pm, still feeling bad for talking that way to my dad. As soon as my dad walked in the door, I was there to meet him, I told him that I was sorry for talking that way to him early this morning.

He looked puzzled......and said what?..........what are you talking about?

So I went over what had happened early in the morning and once again told him that I was sorry.

He then said "I didn't see you this morning" I said yeah, it was at.....(looking at my phone, to check the time when the person who had called me had woken me up).....7:45am..........

My dad then proceeded to tell me that he had to leave early for work that morning because the alarm at work had gone off.

He said that he left the house sometime around 3am in the morning and was no where near the house at or around 7:45am in the morning.............


This story happened just earlier this year in Tombstone Arizona, at the Best Western hotel called Lookout Lodge.

Me and my family took a trip to Tombstone Arizona, we stayed at the Best Western (Lookout Lodge) just outside town. (which happens to be about a half mile away from boot hill)

It was a birthday present for my twin brother who wanted to check out Tombstone so all of my family went (all 5 of us). We ended up getting to Tombstone pretty late in the night maybe around 10 pm... we checked in and them headed to our room, (I can't remember what room it was but if I saw a layout of the hotel I could tell you what room we were in).

There were five of us staying in the room all together, with only two beds, it really didn't matter, because my parents could sleep in the same bed, my two brothers in the other bed, I would sleep on the floor (I didn't mind).

As we were unpacking all of are stuff, my brother notice a dead scorpion on the floor.........well..........that was it.............I wasn't going to sleep on the floor with scorpions.

So me and my brothers had to sleep in one bed together (3 in one bed, great!) since there wasn't enough room in the bed for us to sleep the "normal" way, we ended up sleeping like the 3 stooges, one sleeping at the head of the bed, one in the middle and one at the foot of the bed. (with our heads and feet hanging off each side of the bed)

Eventually we fell asleep................

Sometime in the middle of the night I remember waking up to someone shaking me, and this wasn't just a little nudge to "wake up" kind of shake. This felt like someone was actually using the full force of there body to physically push me down into the bed and release, this happened at least 10 times in a row (as if someone were violently shaking me)............

I woke up screaming.............. nobody else woke up. Being freaked out by now I started pushing my brothers and trying to wake them up, but still nobody woke up, so I just ended up putting the covers over my head, and "sweating" myself to sleep. (I had noticed that the time on the clock when this happened was 3:16am)

A short while after this, I was still freaked out trying to fall back asleep, I heard my dad start to murmur/sort of cry in his sleep.....and I thought to myself "OH GOD! its attacking DAD!" I soon fell asleep, still scared to death!

Early the next morning, everyone was already up when I awoke, I proceeded to tell my family what had happened the night before, and how freaked out I was and that nobody would wake up.

My brothers then mentioned how they both woke up around 3 am (independently), and pulled there legs closer to their bodies (because they were hanging off the edge of the bed) after getting a creepy feeling.

Later, during breakfast (free breakfast at the hotel) my dad asked the lady behind the counter if anyone had reported anything weird happening in the hotel, and she had mentioned the a lot of people reported weird things happening in the room next to us but not in our room.

So this hotel is definitely haunted...............

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posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 11:35 PM
a ghost story told to me by my father.

My Father has worked in the retail business for most of his life. Through out the years he has worked for a handful of retailers. This story was relaid to me by my Father while he was working for the Harris' Department Store in San Bernardino Ca.

(Harris' is now out of business, they were one of the bigger department stores in Southern California, up there with the likes of "The May Company (now Robinson's May) and JCPenny)

This particular Harris Department Store Building ,was built in 1927. My Father worked there from approx. 1980 to 1990, as the night manager. As one of his general duties, he was required to be the last employee out of the building each night, with the acception of the 2 security guards who were on duty all night.

His usual routine would be to walk the entire store,sometimes with the security guards (several floors). Starting on the first floor and working his way to the top, checking for merchandise that was not in its proper place, and or associates/customers, if any, that were still in the building.

As he went along his nightly routine, once he "cleared" an area, he would shut off the lights. He did this for the first level womens apparel/accessories, the second level Children's clothing/toys/appliances and the third, mens apparel. Once he got to the top floor he would make his way back through the departments in the dark, and give the store one final check, checking each floor once again before heading down to the next floor, and out for the night.

(according to my Father he started at the bottom and went to the top so he could walk back in the dark to see if anyone was hiding in the store, according to him this came in handy many times, as he and the guards personally, on at least 2 occasions, found people hiding in the store after closing (the first time,some teenage kids just who were hiding and having fun, and 2nd time was a person with lock cutters and tools who was later arrested for trying to burglarize the store, from within.))

On this particular night my Father had just done his first "walk through" (from the first floor to the third, shutting off lights and checking merchandise along the way). He had finished checking the 3rd floor (Men's department) and headed down the elevator to the second floor (children's clothing/toys/appliances).

According to my Father, as the elevator doors opened he thought he heard what seemed to be a child laughing, and what sounded like footsteps running away from the elevator doors. Instantly he thought to himself, "there must be a child still in the store" so he and the 2 guards proceeded to turn on all of the lights and search the 2nd level for the child that they presumed, was still in the store.

According to my father, he and the 2 guards, after locking all of the doors, and shutting down the elevator to prevent the child from moving to another level, looked in every possible place that a child might hide. After an hour of searching for the child, they heard and found nothing.

So my father instructed the 2 guards to go ahead and turn off all of the lights and prepare to lock up the store. As the 2 guards secured the rest of the building for the night my father decided to sit on the second floor, at the night guards desk, and wait to see if maybe the child would come out of hiding, before he left for the night. As my father waited at the desk, in the dimly lit building, he once again heard the childs laugh.

Not only did he hear the child laugh, but he also heard the sound of a ball being bounced on the ground. He quickly, and quietly got up from the desk, with flash light in hand, and headed for the most likely isle that the child might be in, the "toy isle".

Upon nearing the isle, the sound of the ball and child's laugh grew louder, as he was about to turn the corner to enter the toy section of the store a large rubber ball rolled out from the isle, as the child's laughter faded away.

Startled from the ball rolling past his feat, my father quickly but cautiously entered the isle. Upon turning the corner, he used his flash light to search the isle for the child. All the while noticing, that where his light had shown on the shelves and down the isle, there were toys. All of these toys were once on the shelves, high and low, and now they were all over the floor.

The toys were from the bottom shelf, top shelf, and everywhere in between, half being far too high for a child to reach on his own.

Yet still, there was no child to be found.............

My father called for the Guards, who helped, to once again, search the 2nd floor for the child that was "apparently" still in the store. Placing the merchandise back on the shelves, and further searching for the child, proved uneventful, they found no child. My Father notified the police about a child possibly still being in the store, and had the police check their records for any children reported missing in the area during the day (the police had no reported missing children in the vicinity).

After doing everything he could, my father decided to head home, after instructing the Guards, before he left, to "keep their ears and eyes open for the child" and to notify the police/him when they eventually found the child.

My father came home late that night and told my mother the story (me and my brothers we fast asleep by then, and too young to even hear the story, we heard about it years later), he also mentioned to my mother how he might have to head back to work later that night if and when the Guards found the child.

The morning came and my father still had not heard anything from the Guards, police, or the department store on the matter. It was still very early in the morning and my father called the general manager of the store (his boss) to let him know what had taken place the night before. To my fathers surprise the general manager seemed to know everything about the incident. He told my father "everything is under control, no need to worry, I will talk to you later tonight when you come in for work".

Later in the day my father headed to work at his normal time, eager to find out about the child's well being who was left in the store the night before. As he entered the building he was greeted by his boss, who asked him to come into his office.

As my father sat down, his boss began to speak "SO!....I see you ran into our littlle ghost last night!". My father now a little confused began to tell him what had occured the night before, after my father had finished, his boss said "You did exactly what we want you to do in a case like this, you did everything right, searching,notifying the police etc........". "But!, I've got to tell you about something........"

My fathers boss then proceeded to tell him a story about a little boy and his mother who come to shop at the Department Store back in the early 1950's (not too sure on the exact year, but it was around that time).

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posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 11:36 PM
(story #6 continued)....

As the story goes the little boy and his mom were shopping on the second floor. As the mother was heading to the elevator with her little boy, the child let go of her hand and ran back towards the toy isle. When the mother noticed that her little boy had run away (she was already in the elevator), called for him to come back. The boy heard his mother and came running back towards the elevator. Nearing the elevator, the boy tripped, just as the doors started to close...............

Unfortunately........... the boys head was crushed between the closing elevator doors, and he was killed on the spot. (this was before they had safety doors on elevators)

My fathers boss further explained that ever since that incident, every few months, weird things would happen on the 2nd floor mainly in the "toy isle" just as my father had described.............

This was during the first few years that my father worked at the store, (so it was somewhere around 82-83) He later mentioned that this happened on more that one occasion, though he has never seen the actual "little boy ghost" every now and then he or a security Guard would be walking near the toy isle and toys would be all over the floor. Not to mention that they would hear the boy run, laugh, and play on the second floor......................................

(needless to say, this certain department store, could never keep a security guard for more then a few months)

So guys and girls that's all I have, post some of your personal ghost stories, or ones that have been passed down by family members

Thanks for reading
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posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 12:50 AM
Thanks for sharing! I'll throw in two short experiences I've had (although I've had many more).

1. When I was in high school, my parents divorced and my dad bought a new house. I lived with him so I didn't have to change schools, while my mom and sister moved to a neighboring city.

Anyway, it was a ranch style house with a full basement. Being a teenager, I naturally wanted to live in the basement, and I set my room up directly under my dad's room.

Weird things would happen such as the tv and lights turning off and on on their own, but nothing that really bothered us. Then, a couple months after we moved in sometimes the indent of a body would show up on dad's bed. Well, one weekend my grandparents came to visit and stayed in my room since I had a queen bed down there. Unbeknownst to them, I ended up going and staying over at a friend's house that night.

The next morning when I saw them, my grandfather thanked me for coming down and shutting the window. Apparently, he woke up cold in the middle of the night, and when he rolled over he saw a female with long black hair like mine closing the little basement windows. Since he thought it was me, he thought nothing of it and went back to sleep.

2. About 4 years ago, my hubby and I were sitting on the couch. He was watching tv and I was reading a book while our dogs were laying on the floor. All of a sudden I see our one dog's head pop up and turn like he was watching something. Hubby then goes, "Holy &^%%, did you see that?"

Before I can say anything, I turn my head to look behind me because I swore I saw out of the corner of my eye something shimmer and a person standing in the doorway. I turn back to hubby and ask what he and the dog saw. He said he saw a blue light come out of the floor and dart off -- exactly what the dog seemed to be following with his eyes.

As I'm telling him about what I saw, my phone rings and it's my cousin telling me that my uncle had passed away. Apparently he made a pit-stop to say bye before he headed into the light.

posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 01:42 AM
a reply to: halfpint0701

Heres a good one.
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posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 02:20 AM
a reply to: LifeForm911

Thanks for the share!

I love hearing people talk about and share their experiences.

posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 02:23 AM
How come you never hear of an atheist complaining his house is haunted?...
Do they just put up with it?

Just wondering...

posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 02:46 AM
Very interesting, someday I might share some experiences with you.

posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 03:05 AM
a reply to: bekindtoyurbuds

Okay, number 1 kind of freaks me out a bit. This is a story that I don't tell too often but when I moved out onto the Navajo reservation, I moved into a house that had been closed up for a long time along with most of the houses on that street. And like every other house out there, it had those iron bars across the windows. It was near where the Anasazi used to inhabit and I know that's true because I climbed up an enormous rock formation near my home by using old hand cut niches cut into its face by Anasazi. Anyways, house was fine, nothing that I can recall being too abnormal til my youngest was born. She was one of those babies though that would seem to be watching something cross through the room and would start laughing hysterically at it. That's also when what I call the Window Knocker started. I'd be in the kitchen and hear three knocks (always three) on the window. Not taps but definite knocks. I'd walk over, look out the curtain, a little freaked out and nothing would be there. Went on like that for months. I'd come up for reasons for it like the sun causing the window to flex but it'd do it on shaded windows, too. Sometimes it would be a sunny window and then a shaded window next or a smaller one in a bedroom. Totally bizarre, no discernible pattern.

Then one day, it got really pretty crazy. Knocks on the front room, kitchen and bedroom windows. Made me a little jumpy and I was sitting down in a chair, looking at my sleeping baby daughter in one of those floor seats, when there were three sharp raps on the window of the room we were in. The sun was coming through the curtain and there was no shadow of a person on the other side. I went up to the window to investigate and my cat hopped up on the sill, too, as she'd been running around the house to all the windows being knocked all morning. As we were looking out the window, three big raps hit it and shook the window hard. The cat ran and I jumped out of my skin. Totally freaked out, I parked it by my daughter and was trying to figure out what to do. Three more hard knocks from the kitchen so I went in there and that is when I saw that the ceiling had opened up in the kitchen to reveal a black mold infestation. Three more furious knocks from the room where my daughter was sleeping and as I went in to pick her up, I thought I heard her a faint rustling sound in her breath.

I rushed her to the hospital nearby and it turned out that she had pneumonia. The pediatrician was so surprised though because I caught it so very early that it had barely set in. He said that it was likely due to the black mold but he really wanted to know how I knew she was so sick. I just told him "dumb luck". The truth is, those windows were going so crazy with the knocking that I became hyper alert. I've never told anybody outside of family that story but the funny thing is, I credit the Window Knocker and always said it was like it was trying to get my attention. How creepy is that? But if it hadn't been for the Window Knocker, it could've been hours longer of her breathing in pure black mold and who knows if I'd have heard that little rustle at all.

Part II. We ended up abandoning that house that day, only returning once with masks and proper equipment to salvage what we could. Most of our belongings were toast due to the spores to tell you how bad that infestation turned out being so we ended up staying with her grandparents for a bit while we sorted out a new place to live (sans mold). One day, I walked into our bedroom there and it was really very sunny out. The room was quite bright but out of the corner of my eye, I saw something black near a dresser. I turned and looked at it hard thinking wth is that. It was super dark, about 4 ft tall, 2 ft wide and kind of a loose long oval shape without any really hard edges. It was not a shadow of any object. It was intensely dark. I spent a good 5 minutes staring at it and trying to figure it out to no avail before it just flat out disappeared. Pretty sure my blood turned into ice in those 5 minutes. I walked back out of the room and just sat down on the couch in the living room.

I don't know how long I just sat there trying to comprehend what I had seen but it wasn't until my daughter's father came home and found me that I said a word. Those words were telling him what I had seen. He then walked down to his parents' room, knocked on their door (as his mother had inexplicably taken to barricading herself in their room) and told them what I had seen. Next thing I know, she's coming down the hall, half excited and half frantic because I had seen it, too. No kidding. She'd seen it twice earlier that week at the end of the hall outside our bedroom and thought she'd been going out of her mind. It's why she'd been hiding out in their room.

Off to the medicine man we went and he was a crystal gazer and a singer who lived about 20 miles away and didn't know a darn thing about anything that we'd had happen. One of my Navajo grandmother's translated what he saw. He said that the house that we had lived in was sitting on land that had once been Anasazi lands and that the home had sat empty for a long time. When we moved in though, we attracted an Anasazi spirit who took a liking to us. Then sickness came and we moved because the house was full of this sickness as that's what chindi do--they bring sickness and death. However, when we moved from this house of sickness, the Anasazi spirit grew angry that we had moved and left it and followed us to where we lived now. That home now needed to be cleansed.

Cleansing came a couple days later and the strange part of that cleansing is that the medicine man ordered all the doors to be closed to all the rooms before he entered the house. As he walked through the house, singing, and sprinkling medicine about with an eagle feather, wouldn't you know it but he parked himself outside of our bedroom door, spending the longest time there, singing louder and louder and furiously flicking medicine upon our door. How the hell did he know that was the room we were staying in with the door closed? He'd never been there before and we'd only been living there a couple weeks.

No kidding. Part of me will always wonder if that medicine man had some superior spy network but he really kind of pegged it. I've never really known what to think about that whole thing. I just chalk it up to living on a reservation. Things are different out there for sure and don't mess with ancient tribal things either. It's apparently not just burial grounds, lol. Was it an Anasazi spirit? I don't know but I do know that I found Anasazi hand cut steps in the rocks nearby. I still am not convinced that the shadow I saw was a ghost though I really don't know what it was.

That's our experience with a Window Knocker though, lol.

a reply to: coastlinekid

Just a fyi, I am an atheist, lol.

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posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 03:51 AM
At 3:03 AM each Sunday night... my dog (lil' Remy) starts to scratch and wine at my door.
He does so frantically. Til I get up and let him in.
Sometimes I'm awake and check the time and become mindful of what day it is.
Took three months to figure out this pattern. But... I now know.
As I open the door he darts in and heads straight to the nightstand where there is space enough for him at the bottom to hide under. He won't come back out til the sun lights the day.

The mystery is that the mirror in the hall has a small crack at one of its corners where the spooky comes and go's.
No one has ever seen the spooky... but my dog sometimes looks directly at the mirror crack and then darts away from it.
He's tormented. And I'm scared to see a spooky.
We tried getting rid of the mirror one time... but it was placed back at the door step a day later.
Super and porter never even saw it. So it was not them.

Story goes... my pop lost a good friend... very dear to him. And since he mourned one night... he stumbled and tripped over one of dog's toys in the dark hall and landed a crack in the mirror caused by his rosary. It was a Sunday... 3:03AM.

Go figure...

My dog is/was a scardy-cat... so I know he's really spooked.

posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 09:19 AM
a reply to: bekindtoyurbuds

You asked for it. 280 pages! LOL

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posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 10:30 AM
a reply to: bekindtoyurbuds

Wow, that is a lot of ghost experiences!

My question to you is about your family history.
One of the first things that caught my attention was the table moving with everyone's hands placed on it. This suggests to me that they were aware of seances and the moving table experience.

So, let me ask you.

Is there a history of psychics in your family?
This could be a part of the reason for so many experiences.

posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 02:47 PM

originally posted by: sled735
a reply to: bekindtoyurbuds

You asked for it. 280 pages! LOL

Old school ATS

Sorry about not replying in av thread sled, nothing personal just got caught up


posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 03:07 PM
Just had something weird happen to my daughter recently. I wasn't there at the time (wish I was though). It's second hand information so take it for what it's worth.

Recently, my daughter and her mother were staying at the moms aunts house. It's an old farm house that is supposedly haunted by a little girl. Apparently the aunt and her husband have seen this little girl multiple times. Sometimes she'll be looking out the window in broad daylight, other times the husband will wake up with her standing at the foot of his bed staring at him.

Supposedly, one time the aunt was in the living room doing some house work, went into the kitchen to clean up, then came back into the living room a couple minutes later, and all the furniture was pushed into the center of the room and stacked upside down.

Supposedly they hear footsteps at night, etc. One of the weirder things to happen out there was a goose that was outside in a cage with a lock in it, near the barn. Apparently they woke up one morning and found the goose with it's head ripped clean off, but the cage was totally intact, with no damage to it or the lock (and the goose inside the cage, without it's head).

So long story short, I didn't believe any of it, and although I believe in the paranormal (my own experience is recounted in the thread linked above), I am a naturally skeptical person. I sort of chalked it up to the family having over active imaginations.

A couple weeks ago my daughter and her mother were up there to visit, and stayed in this same house. Her mom claims that in the middle of the night, she woke up to a loud bang, and my daughter crying. She says my daughter was slumped against the wall on the far side of the room (the bed was apparently situated closer to the middle of the room, so it was enough of a distance that she didn't just fall out of bed), and crying as if she was terrified. Her mom finally got her to sleep and the next morning my daughter said this:

"I saw a little girl and she was crying because she misses her parents and they are dead. Then she turned into a monster." Now, I'd chalk this up to a bad dream if it wasn't for all the other stuff, and the fact my daughter only just turned 4, and has absolutely no idea about the history of this house.

That sort of made me wonder if maybe there was something more to the experiences others have reported there. Needless to say, once I found out about it I insisted my daughter never spends even one more night there.

posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 05:43 PM

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You asked for it. 280 pages! LOL

Old school ATS

Sorry about not replying in av thread sled, nothing personal just got caught up


That's okay, Cody.
I know you're busy. I'll drop in unexpectedly again one of these days.

posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 05:50 PM
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That sounds like more like a demon imitating a little girl so people will allow it to get close to them.
Someone needs to call a demonologist to come and get rid of that sucker!
If left alone, they will drain the life out of people over time, cause depression, illnesses, and wreak havoc in the personal lives of the people living there.

posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 12:47 PM
Cool stories, I love me some personal ghost stories now and again.
One of the creepiest things that have happened to me was when I was around 10. Me and my mom were staying at her friends place as 'caretakers' for a week or so and to feed a couple of dogs, while they were away.
This was a quiet area, with only one or two immediate neighbors. There were a couple abandoned fields, trees and overgrown grass surrounding the house.
The house itself was maybe 100 years old, some rooms in a desperate need of repair, while others were being repaired and refurnished (bare bricks, no flooring etc)
There was junk literally everywhere outside in the yard, broken plastic toys, empty bottles, maybe some old wooden furniture.
Inside wasn't too different, crap lying around, a big mess. Now that I think about it, there wasn't really anything worth taking care of, apart from feeding the dogs, lol.

What I can remember, probably there are things that I don't anymore. On a couple of nights during that week, whilst we were asleep in one of the not too cozy rooms, we heard the noise of pots and pans from the kitchen down the hallway. Stuff being shuffled about, like furniture maybe, and doors opening and creaking. The dogs who stayed outside started barking like crazy and then suddenly stopped.
I was only a little boy so I didn't dare check it out, and my mom just stayed put as well.

It seems that my mom didn't react because she knew about stuff like this going on.
As I later found out, this friend of my moms', (also the mother of a kid I used to go to school with) was something of a character herself, and apparently had disagreements with a few neighbours. On a few occasions, I was told, a neighbor an old woman, had been spied by my moms friend circling the house chanting some words in the middle of the night.
Another time, she had seen a black cat at her window sill, and when it jumped down out of sight, she went near the window to see where it had gone, and she saw the cat lying in the ground dead, literally decomposing before her very eyes, until all remained was the skeleton and then dust.
Apparently witchcraft was alive and well among the older people in that area.

It's giving me shivers typing this right now.

Another one was around the age of 16 or 17.
Still with my mom this one, at some sort of weekend retreat for meditation and other 'new agey' practices that she used to attend. I really hate that word, lol
This was in a large farmhouse, out in the open countryside.
There were at least a dozen of other people staying there.
It had been a weird weekend for me, I had just wondered around and hung about, trying to relax for I was going back to school on Monday, whilst my mom was attending these classes.
On the last evening, other creepy goings on happened.
As I lied in bed half asleep, I heard my mom having a nightmare, so I tried to say something to comfort her, but could only utter a moan. I tried to get up but I was completely paralyzed! There I panicked, and realised I felt a 'presence' in the room, I struggled and fought to snap out of it and after a while I managed to stand up. Completely disoriented, I went to my mom who was sleeping sound now, so I went out to the corridor to take some fresh air by the window, this was 2nd floor.
On the courtyard below I saw a few shapes and shadows moving about under the moonlight. I was in a state of total confusion and can't say what they were, there were dogs and some animals in the farm, but these shadows looked so unreal.
I went back to sleep, somehow, and after a while I had some weird dreams or nightmares.
To top it of, what creeped me out even further was finding out the next day that a lot of the other guests had had crazy dreams and nightmares.
One said it was because it was a very old farm, with a lot of history surrounding it.
Definitely not a place I would hold a peaceful meditation workshop, lol

This experience followed me for weeks after, I slept with the lights on for a while, and had recurring sleep paralysis very often after that.

My very own twilight moments.

posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 02:06 AM
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Please share!!!

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