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Blue skies (A personal view of music/ floyd)

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posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 06:05 PM
*A baby cries in the distance, as the Dove feeds upon the seedlings upon the ground, peaceful, yet aware of the cat lurching in the distant. The Dove flies away from the Cat lurching in the distance, as the dove represents times of peace. The cat represents the threat of peace. (Predator vs the prey) *

"What does a threat to peace lead us to? Fear, control, propaganda, programming the way you think." Fear is primal.

*The Dove soars through the air upwards into the great blue sky. The sky darkens, and dark clouds move in with a magical speed as the dove begins a dive bomb, and explodes violently to make room for the black energy within that dove. It pulsed and quickly took shape. the transformation only took but a mere moment it then became the Black Phoenix! Named The Black Bird.*

*The Black Bird of war hovers over the skies for all to see its looming presence, it transforms again into the Dark Falcon, half Bird, half Battle plan. Then swoops down upon the country side to the hill that represents the symbol of the pyramid with the capstone being removed. Only the illuminated ones have control over this Black falcon, being shown as it tears the Cap stone from the hill. Blood spills down, as much blood is going to be spilled, and those at the top must separate themselves from the rest of us. They must disconnect, or suffer depression and ultimate guilt that they are about to inflict on the human oneness.*

*Transformation number 4. The Falcon spreads the fog of war upon the landscape, and is turned into the fear monger a massive abomination over 10 miles high and 500 miles wide. With eyes that glow and can scan its surrounding area for 14,000 miles. The people become something different, everyone was affected by this. They all wore gas masks as the lands where being poisoned. It then spreads its arms across these nations, and begins to transform once again into the war machine, the War machine that spreads most of its resources on building Tanks, planes, and ground Warriors, bombs, bullets. While the innocent suffer, and people lose hope, and darkness takes the stage.. War is now upon them all.*

*The people who are caught in this mess, look to the sky and see a dark sky.. Good bye blue sky. Hiding in the bunkers, scared and confused. While the husbands and Sons go off to their deaths. Good men, decent men, thinking they are doing the righteous thing. As the expression of the dead dough boy, it have enough, he waves his hands in the fashion.. No more.. I have no more to give. I'm done here.*

*The Flag of England, falls away to the cross, which drips the blood of those who gave their lives to the War machine, and to the grand conspiracy. Bankers and empires who double deal. They fund both sides of the Wars, and profit greatly from so much death. Once the money is made, and control is taken by force is when we honor our dead, and the winners write the history books.*

*Another Black Falcon comes into the scene, And everything lays in ruins, we take the toll of the destruction, and its strange to note, That how the rubble looks like the World trade tower ruins after that fateful day. That is purely out of my own point of view, but I thought I would point that out.*

*However the meaning of the rubble is to portray devastation, and much suffer.
All in all its gone but the pain linger on. Now Son of Grandfather goes off to another war to die, and create further suffering into the next generation.*

*From War comes "peace" The white dove flies out of the rubble, and off into the blue sky.
Only to repeat this process over and over.*

*As showing Peace is an illusion. Peace only means a process of how fragile we are as humans. Once that peace is threatened. That Dove transforms itself into the Black Bird, into the Black Falcon, into the Fear monger, And lastly the War machine. *

As so spoken as a description of a music video called good bye blue sky. This is a short story about my point of view on this music and video. That is the magic of writing and music. We can share and get our own meanings from watching the same videos.

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posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 06:52 PM
a reply to: zysin5

My favorite part of The Wall.
This song always gives me shivers, when mixed with the visuals simply superb!

Love what you wrote but I don't see peace as an illusion, just a state of being. Like a scale we switch back and forth between the two states always trying to find equilibrium. Sometimes the scale tips harder and other times it stays in the middle. But the slightest movement causes it to move again and again, it's forever caught in this precarious state of balance.

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posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 07:48 PM
a reply to: AnteBellum
I get the same reaction to this song. It is very powerful. In the song there is a reference to a brave new world, Also the British flag falls apart leaving only the st Georges cross (English flag) then becoming the cross.
Is this a representation of the United kingdom falling . ie the Scottish vote for independence, followed by more atrocities. world war etc...
Probably not and looking too much into it. Either way I love Floyd and this song. Thanks for posting the video and given me that feeling.

posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 07:53 PM
It's a good interpretation. It's along the lines of what I have always gotten from the video and song, myself.

So, gotta give you props for that

It's been one of my personal favorites from PF for many years. Too short, perhaps, but it speaks volumes.

posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 11:45 AM
a reply to: AnteBellum

Thank you for thoughts, that is what is so awesome about The Wall. So many different points of view can come out of watching that. That was part of the Magic of the Wall in our times. We would sit around and chill, listen to The Wall, and get into those really Deep discussions.
As you not seeing peace as an illusion, but as a state. I can dig that.

Also thanks for posting the video. That will help give others a visual of my distorted view on the very video and song.
Each person will see something different when they watch this video. Depending on your state of mind, and mood, and age in life. Songs that are on The Wall are just totally awesome like that.

Good bye blue sky was just a really beautiful pretty *DARK* song. To blend the beauty with the darkness of it all. wow. Impressive. Is why I did this Fan Writing post. It inspires to inspire!

Thanks to everyone else who replied!

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