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Illuminati Knows Something You Don't?

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posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 02:16 AM
For the sake of this theory let's assume that the worst most vile and depraved actions of the Illuminati are true. For now let it be taken as fact that all of the wars over the last 300 years were directly caused by the Illuminati or "cabal" or however we refer to them.

Let's say that the blood sacrifices blamed on the 9th Circle cult and satanic rituals blamed on the Vatican, (part of the Illuminati) are also true. The pedophilia, murder, drug dealing, massive concentration of wealth, slavery systems, etc are facts.

Could all these perpetrators be complete sociopaths? Could they all be so completely out of their minds, brainwashed or possessed by demonic entities or under control of alien/ET/reptilian overlords that they've lost their souls and are completely separate from God as we know Him?

What if via superior technological awareness of the holographic nature of the universe or access to ancient metaphysical texts held by secret societies they know something you don't? What if that if we all knew the same information it would ruin the experience?

It may have to do with free will. Imagine we were all angels living in an Eden like existence, having been granted free will by God Himself.

Imagine the most difficult choice you had to make every day was whether you were going to have vanilla or chocolate ice cream for breakfast or which neighbor you were going to cut the grass for that afternoon.

How boring. What would you ever possibly learn? How many lives would it take to begin to have the appreciation and knowledge of free will that we pick up by twenty years of life on this hellish planet.

Now consider they knew this existence was created by all of us and in order for us to really learn, evolve and get closer to the mind of God, they understood "No pain, no gain" much more intimately than any one of us average people could ever hope to have.

What if when we get to heaven and we are reviewing the intense level of experience we gained on earth was due to the direct effect of the actions of these men and women?

What if people are slapping Netanyahu on the back saying "Holy #, Bennie. When you came up with blowing up the Twin Towers and got away with blaming it on Muslims, I nearly crapped my pants. You almost caused World War 3. I thought you were going to get away with it."

Or "Jeez oh man, Pope John Paul, you had everybody so suckered thinking you were a saint but when you raped my two year old and sacrificed him right in front of me, I would have scratched out your eyeballs with my own fingers. I never could have imagined feeling such hatred on the earthly plane for a being I love so much in heaven."

David Wilcock has said many times, the Illuminati/Luciferians, really believe they're somehow doing the right thing for humanity.

What if they're right? What if Lucifer is truly God's BFF cause he was the only angel willing to play the role of the leader of the dark side? And he did an amazing job of it.

I'm beginning to believe this in the same way that believing in reincarnation helped me integrate the idea of a loving God allowing babies to be murdered or mothers of children to die in firey car crashes.

What too if, the dark side was given a certain amount of time like the equivalent to a two year master's degree in the grand scheme of eternity and graduation time is approaching rapidly.

It might describe why things seem to really be hitting the fan and why so many people intuitively feel the much prophesied Golden Age is nearly upon us.

Over the last eight years I have had some incredible metaphysical experiences including an extremely vivid vision of being an angel in the final battle between the forces of light and dark.

It was made clear to me that the final battle must play out in the skies above earth so that all shall know the Golden Age is upon us.

I also believe that the dark side has come to enjoy their role so much that they want to extend the school for another "semester" but in spite of heaven saying the buzzer has sounded, they refuse to give up.

When I think of it in this way, rather than hatred, I feel love. I think the only way for them to throw in the towel, is if we are able to love them no matter how many people are killed or babies sacrifices and understand that we are all indeed One. We all are part of God. Nothing happens by accident or without the blessing of God.

Its up to us to say game over. Until we stop reacting with hatred, and eye for an eye, the game will go on.

Finally, I do believe that the only thing that could describe the actions of Netanyahu at this time is some kind of absolute and fervent religious conviction that Armegedhon must occur for the game to be over even if it means getting the rest of the world to hate them so much that the armies of the world actually assemble on their borders for the final act.

Problem is too many of us know on an intuitive level that game needs to be over. We refuse to be drawn in. The old methods simply don't work. We've woken up to such an extent that WWIII is simply not possible.

Were ready to go and have that proverbial beer in heaven on earth and slap some backs and high five, hug and fist bump with the people we hate so very much ie Muslims, Jews, Christians, gays, straights pedophiles, murderers, etc.

Sorry Bennie, I love you too much to thrust a dagger through your common carotid and watch you bleed out like a pig. Been there, done that. Game over!

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 02:44 AM
Yes. God is to Lucifer as good cop is to bad cop. It's the only way the story really works. To suggest that God had to create his own nemesis to provide for punishment of those deemed unworthy of exhaltation seems redundant. They have to be in cahoots, if that is indeed the story.

I also believe that there is ancient, esoteric knowledge that over time has been hoarded by a small group of humans, and passed to successive generations. They are the elite. They indeed do consider them better than all the rest, but they have stolen what once, and rightfully belonged to the world.

Yes, there are people on the planet that can change the nature of reality, temporarily, by force of will. Essentially magic. And it is woven with the rapture of emotion that comes when people endure great pleasure or great pain. Sacrifice, sexual gratification/infliction, the fear of many.

Anyone whose name you know, whose face you see on TV, politicians, celebrities, newscasters are only tools. The perpetrators of this ages long plan are unknown to anyone. Some of them quite possibly have been alive for hundreds of years. Some have a ticket to survive the culling, but we don't know any of them. Advanced eugenics have eliminated the need to 'cultivate a new humanity' from the old. They believe that they are Gods, and that they can create men, perfect men, from the ether. That is to say that they won't be saving anyone particularly for their DNA.

We're in the final phases of that plan that has only slightly succeeded so far. There really isn't much need for fear of the future, except that it is going to be horrible. But, as the bad gets worse, so the good gets better, and as we see more and more horrible things, we are also going to witness what could only be described as miracles. But we must endure.

There are secret societies, and there are secret societies. There is a force for good on this planet, and it is every bit as sly and cunning as the bad, but more powerful, and more secret. And infinitely more patient in sowing it's own plan over the ages.

They'll never know what hit 'em.

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 03:04 AM
a reply to: Mon1k3r

Why do I always wake up at 3 am from some stupid dream or another? I guess the new bane of my existence is punctuated sleep cycles.

Anyway. I try not to worry about anything at all. If there is magic in this world, worry is sorcery and often it seems subliminal worries are slipped into our reality during the most Dionysian of presentations. Being an Apollonian being myself, it has been a great work of willpower to call up the level of passion and emotion to synthesize myself into a truly monopolar being.

One day a human being is going to awaken, reject this world and call forth paradise from the ashes of our apprehensions. When that happens, the rest of us are either going to leap forward in jubilee or be rendered totally irrelevant. That is my prophecy. If you've got to believe in something, it at least ought to be hopeful. ;p

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 03:08 AM
a reply to: mcChoodles

Reminds me of Judas actually being Christ's most trusted brother/disciple and the only one he could rely on to betray him. Its funny that noone ever raised the question why Judas, who also held the group purse? Obviously he was the most trusted one. Seems OK today but to have suggested that back in the 1950's/60's when I was at school would have meant yet another ruler in front of the class for asking too many 'difficult' questions during RI.

Its important to see Netanyahoo in his environment which, apart from a personal dislike of anyone who boasts and swaggers through life, is a very difficult one balancing the different peoples represented in Israel. I can see that getting rid of the difficult people would make his life easier and importantly, I understand the problems with dealing with incompatible ideologies - which I honestly now believe cannot be mixed - but is it right on the higher plane?

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 03:18 AM
Consider the possibility that what you call The Illuminati is actually a group of human time travelers from our future. They may have good reason to meddle in our affairs for the good of all, and it is better that we don't know who they are so as not to compromise the historical record. Same goes for UFOs; possibly we see what time travelers use to get here, or they could be holographic projections from a future time travel lab, just gathering data for benevolent educational purposes. If they have malevolent intentions, they would more likely be against other time travelers, not the general public. It's like being afraid of the gang in your neighborhood when the only people at risk are other gang members.

There is also the possibility that they are here by accident. Our time travel experiments have only just begun and since we are humans, we're bound to make mistakes. We could accidentally send a group of people to the past and they have to learn to get along in a new (to them) world. Along the way they would learn about other accidental time travelers and bring them into the fold. If it is not accidental, then it would be possible to go to one time, join the club, and then go to another time and attend a meeting. This may be how myths of "immortal" gods develop. If you could go to 2200 B.C. and be somebody important, and then go to 1800 B.C. and continue what you're doing as the person who first went to 2200 B.C., it would appear to all that you are immortal because you have been around so long. But the truth is you will live as many years as anybody else.

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 03:58 AM
Like many here, I seek answers that are not obvious. I know I have been influenced by pop culture, media, etc.

Something has definitely changed however. Stories that would have had me pounding the war hammer just don't work.

Having a philosophy takes the edge off stories I read here. I can truly express love where I once had fear.

a reply to: Nechash

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 04:05 AM
if you can't put a face on God, Then you would be lost guessing what you are even looking for.

The thing is, Satan is more than just a nemesis. The idea of Babylon and such is that completely different religions or *Gods* from space
came and corrupted man.

Humans can interprit this as all angels are creations of OUR creator simply because the ignorance is a blind Insult to all those claiming in on humanities Origins.

Simply stating God and Satan can no longer cut it when we are trying to identify the sources of the legends.

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posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 04:09 AM
Excellent metaphor using Judas. Imagine now Christ loving him most BECAUSE of what he did. Had Judas not dropped a dime on Jesus, somebody else would have had to do it.

Perhaps the other apostles did not understand the bigger picture from being younger souls and simply overwhelmed with love thus not able to do what had to be done to move the lesson forward.

I know for me I feel the veil of forgetfulness is getting thinner. Some of our true divinity is coming through as we become more able to accept and understand it.

I think we're in for greater epiphanies and revelations.

a reply to: Shiloh7

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 04:15 AM
The time travelers is also an excellent theory. The big UFO event in Rendalsham England at the nuke base were purported to be time travelers by the soldier who touched the craft.

They may have been communicating the plans to the most elite generals but got spotted by ordinary soldiers.

Again, its like magic. If you know how the trick works, there can be no suspension of belief, no drama, no big aha.

a reply to: audenine

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 04:18 AM
Interesting points OP you, you have really taken the bull by the horns..nice one!

I get what your saying that 'those in control' whether in power (representatives to the public) or those at the top Annunaki are apparently doing all the bad deeds they are doing for our benefit?

Well have you read the AMA on ATS? when the high level Illuminati member (named Hidden Hand) put in an appearance and claimed He and His cohorts, were doing what they did to act as catalysts for us (Humans) to use as a gauge for what is right and wrong..Well i think that is a total cop-out.I understand we need this polarity to know/appreciate right from wrong,but they have gone way beyond that..way way beyond that.His appearance was to confuse/win over impressional members and as i said their acts are wrong.

I agree they (hybrid Annunaki/royals/elites etc) are most likely possessed,mind controlled,even cloned,but also the manner in which they are raised desensitizes them more so.They are also pawns for the Annunaki, who run the show from the top and have done for millenia,so the overt controllers (on Earth) are no doubt scared as well i.e. of their controllers,i dare say there are a small minority who want out,but again that would be a very brave thing to do.

Another point to make is that i suspect that 'they' are also incarnated,again and again with certain malevolent souls.

I see you have labelled this as a theory..well i say the evidence is stacked up to display the truth,thanks to the internet.The truth is revealing itself daily and they are desperate (more so) in what they are trying to achieve (well it has been a plan in the making for millenia) All this exposure of paedophiles, in say,the UK,is just the tip of the ice berg,this is going on globally and it is the so called elites that are responsible..i mean 'the law' is an invention just to protect them,not the common man.Once you realise that every country (from the very top) is run by the same people,things become a tad bit clearer.

My thoughts are..are there two factions of the Annunaki in control of the planet?..think for a moment..the world can be split into two sides..lets say..the US,Europe,Australia,India,plus colonies etc etc...then we have Russia,China,Iran,Pakistan so on so on,you see what i am getting at?..It is all propaganda and always has WW2 the real monsters (well worse monsters) were the victors..yes i am sad to say the Allies are the monsters..look at the world of today and who has spearheaded this upset..yes the US and Her supporters..not Russia so on,everybody has brought the propaganda,the worst atrocities were committed by the Allies (believe it or not) i won't go into what really happened and didn't happen,as i may get penalized and also it is sort of drifting from the initial points of the thread.

Could Russia be the saviour of the Planet? the only force able to stop this faction of Annunaki intent on world domination-this is clear to me.By the way i am not Russian lol,actually i have had enough of this pathetic nationalism! it is just another tool to divide us!..i am a member of planet Earth, albeit of a certain 'tribe'

I do believe,what is being played out down here on Earth is a smaller battle of the grander picture being fought out in space.

Could we say that the factions are Enkiites and Enlilites?..I know a lot of history has painted Enlil as the bad guy..but the same applies today in how history is is the victors that paint themselves in the best light and i'm sure this is what was done against Enlil (Wes Penre's opinion-which rings fairly true) so therefore Enki is the bad guy so to speak and Indeed lucifer,Baal,Yahweh,Allah are all one and the same,just differing personas and this 'entity is the source of all our problems and indeed throughout the universe..He is the Demiurge that hi-jacked this reality and kept it in 3rd dimension.

I think the afterlife is also controlled, some authors have even said that 'they' created it and not quite what the new age perception is..therefore we are born back into bondage time and time again,to have our life force energies drained.

I might have missed a few points of yours OP, my apologies-i am strapped for time as i'm writing this,but the points you have brought up were too tempting to pass on.

Here are a few links that relate somewhat to what you have brought up..

Here is the AMA from here on ATS with the 'Hidden Hand' Illuminati

This is Wes Penre's site..I and He do not claim this is the 'exact' full truth..but in all my years researching,this seems to have most bases covered and includes what i reckon, is as near to the fullest picture of what is at play in the world today.There are a few points i disagree with Wes on,but for the most part He has exposed the grand conspiracy-plus this (e-book) is written over the coarse of a few years,so in that time Wes has refined His opinions to go with where the evidence takes Him..a long read, but a must read!! very compelling and well sourced,it sometimes gets heavy but i implore you to read it until the end (and it is a free e-book by the way)

This is a cool site which supports Wes' findings of the much more revelations..

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posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 08:59 AM
After being on this website for countless years through observing or participating all I have to say is no one knows #. From the top levels on down. The world is too big, there are too many factions, and there are too many variables that can disrupt any plan. We will kill ourselves before we evolve into something great.

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 10:05 AM

originally posted by: Shiloh7
a reply to: mcChoodles

Reminds me of Judas actually being Christ's most trusted brother/disciple and the only one he could rely on to betray him. Its funny that noone ever raised the question why Judas, who also held the group purse? Obviously he was the most trusted one. Seems OK today but to have suggested that back in the 1950's/60's when I was at school would have meant yet another ruler in front of the class for asking too many 'difficult' questions

"Now I can't think for you
No you'll have to decide
Whether Judas Iscariot
Had God on his side."

-Bob Dylan

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 10:30 AM
The Illuminati has all the power and the money.

Maybe we're the ones doing it wrong.

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 03:36 PM
As the story currently stands, God created Lucifer in his [first] batch of beings, and Lucifer rebelled, along with his cohorts. One possibility that would make this story make sense is if God is not omnipotent. If God were the all-seeing, all-dancing Master of the Universe, that would make the whole Lucifer rebelling story kind of stupid.

So supposing that which we currently call God is not really a God at all, but just seemed so from the perspective of our limited understanding and experience at the time these stories were originally told. I'm not saying it's aliens, but it's probably aliens.

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 09:04 PM
Why do you even need to add a paranormal element? Why do you not think there are simply greedy, violent, narcissistic people who desire wealth, sex, and power?

What if the only thing they know is that lying to the people gets them these things? What if their idea of morality is "if you're stupid enough to fall for it, you deserve to be exploited"?

What if they encouraged claims about aliens and demons so that no one would blame humans?

posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 01:02 AM
a reply to: Ridhya

I think it can't be that simple just because of the how much, and for how long religion has been used to exploit the masses. For as many generations as this plan has taken to unfold, I don't think that it would have made it this far without some static, ever present character. When I consider the 'conspiracy' of the exploitation of people by religions of the world, I start at the Council of Nicea, but there is plenty of information to suggest that it goes back to the time of the Egyptians and Moses, even back to ancient Sumeria. Was Sumeria becoming the first 'advanced' human civilization the result of a natural process, or was it forced by the hand of another? Most likely the former, but it does beg the question.

To me, it is a foregone conclusion that there is a vast global conspiracy by people who think they're better than everyone else to continue existing in the way they're accustomed. How far back it goes, and whether it is all human doing or influenced by otherworldly creatures or the Gods themselves are fun questions. I don't think there's any doing anything about it at this point in the game, but simply wait for opportunities to present themselves and be ready.

posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 05:05 AM
a reply to: mcChoodles

The bible clearly states multiple times that Lucifer was created by God, and let' him do whatever on earth. But in the Book of Job, God instructs Lucifer to f up Jobs whole life, but not to hurt Job himself. Lucifer follows these limitations. Also throughout the old testament, God releases "evil angels" to dispense straight punishment upon the hard headed Israeli's, and upon certain heathen nations, to spread plagues, or confusion.

The question to ask now is did God create Satan as his most beautiful angel who lost his damn mind and felt like running things, started a war with a small crew of rebel angels, and got kicked out down to earth for it? Or did he create him for the sole purpose as an all around enemy of humanity?

What is obvious though is God has Satan on a chain, and he lets him roam about this big yard. God has made it up to us to put, and keep him, as an evil, unjust entity, in his place; he has no power bu that which we give him through sin and forgetfulness of God. And he has PLENTY of power.

We don't not know if this was God's initial plan, or if he really wanted Satan out of his damn face, and then thought of how useful it would be to place him on earth to test the will and faithfulness of the human creations, or if God really did angrily kick him down here, then when he landed and got busy wrecking the place, he allowed Satan to become the problem that humanity must keep at bay through faithfulness and love.

God wants us to experience hardship of all kinds and all degrees to truly understand joy and happiness. That is why he had the Israeli's do most of the dirty work of manually wiping out the heathen nations by CQC warafare, when God could have just dropped a divine tactical airstrike on them, and had the Israeli's move in. He could just drop food from heaven, and we scoop it off the ground and eat. Nope. We must plant it, grow it, cultivate. Sometimes chase and kill it.

posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 06:17 AM
a reply to: Mon1k3r
See, I used to believe along those lines too, until an old friend taught me all about the Roman Empire. You're right about Nicea being where it starts, and by that I mean as an organised movement. In my opinion they wrote out the Bible as a plan and thats why some events modern day parallel the prophecy.

Why would different people over centuries stick to the plan? Because they're offered wealth for compliance. Think about how musicians who accept illuminati symbolism and lyrics that corrupt youth become famous and wealthy. There doesnt have to be an outside force making people join, they WANT to be part of the in crowd, going to exclusive parties, having connections to whatever their vice is. Think about how universal the elite are: western capitalist americans claiming to be christian support war and prejudice, are close to allegedly muslim saudi royalty who drink and # prostitutes in private. Ad nauseum, you could say it about any elites.

Religion isnt necessarily wrong, or immoral, in fact I would say every religion is correct and moral to some degree. Its human beings who have misused it. Sumeria, Akkadia, Babylon have nothing to do with aliens, they have to do with psychology. Like every society Kingship came from warriors who took power, and then claimed they were descended from gods as a way of legitimising their rule to the common people. In mesopotamian civilizations they believed the god of the city lived in the temple on top of the ziggurat. The King was the personification of the god, and a temple priestess was the personification of the goddess. They had ritual sex as a fertility rite. But you have to ask, where else do we see old men using their power to make excuses to sleep with young women? The elite, like in Eyes Wide Shut, use their money and power to get what they desire. Harems of the Jews, Arabs, and Turks. Roman emperors who raped senators wives.
Movies, tv, the music industry all promote that women are subservient and they have to be young and beautiful.

What do all the ancient cultures have in common? Pharaohs, kings, lugals, caliphs, sultans, emperors, khans... they all had wealth, power over life and death, sex with whoever they wanted, had statues made of themselves, forced people to worship them. They deified themselves. They kept scientific knowledge secret so they had power over the common man, kept them illiterate so they couldnt get this knowledge, and used propaganda and beliefs to keep them in line. The illuminati in my opinion is nothing more than a continuation of this: humans who think they are entitled to god status above the slaves. They can make us labour for their paper money and they can own us with debt, and we all desire to be just like them, and get wealthy.

Remember the words on the Skull and Bones door, in German:


Indeed, we all die the same, doesnt it make more sense to live in luxury..?

posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 05:35 PM
Well done mi lads....
You are ATSians of the highest grade.
I Am Pinocchio.... confused completely by this thread.

I wonder.... does illuminati like seeing me caught up in between a rock and a hard place????

My point...
A law that says fight or they win the prize(s) and praise(es)...
Whilst the law says you did the crime now do the time...
Crime???? Assault.

I think if Lucifer was real... he'd be impressed by how many say they'd fight and then call the cops for being assaulted.

posted on Sep, 11 2014 @ 12:58 AM
I See you all have been doing a pretty good job at keeping up with the theory stuff and all, but here is some real secret information straight from the Macoy Masonic Publishing Company, 100% Secret & Forbidden. This is the sister society of the Freemasons called the Eastern Stars. I'll be posting more, I'm still new

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