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hello hello earth?

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posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 11:07 AM
Been into science all my life and this link provides just one of the reasions why it is very unlikly we here on earth will ever recive confirmed radio singials from ET.
And to make matters even worse for all the people trying to find a singial. Radio is like a rock throun into a pond. Near the sorce of the rock the ripples are easly spoted but as the ripples go out away from the sorce it beomes harder and harder to see them .
try this find a radio station you like .Lets say fm 98.9 and start driving down the interstate in less then a 100 miles you will louse that radio station as your now to far from the nearest transmission tower to recive enough of it.
100 miles for fm humm still thinking of looking for ets talking lol.
of corse theres more effecitent typs of radio waves then fm . Am or short wave are both much better and go much farther.
any decent short wave radio set with a good antina can be recived up to a 1000 miles .
still not going to hear et are you? well lets go to pluto with a ship now you take three radio dishes placed around the world for opptiom transmision and boost the watage to a few 100,000 and once again you can phone home.
but still you will never hear et talking with this set its just not good enough.
so onto the nearest star you there in your ship . Now you have a radio dish attached to it and a nukler pile the size of a building to power it.
mean wile back on earth we set up a base on the moon and creat three dishes each two thousand miles round . put in thousands of power stations that produce more power then the intire planet of earth uses in ten years .
now its just possible if you know excatly were to point your dish you can phon home . But rember the hold wile we conect you time is 4.5 years .
hearing Et with this set up very unlikly.
If Et is out there and assuming he is more advanced in science then we are then its safe to assume that et understands the problems of using radio typ waves to chat . even micro waves wont do the trick.
so et probly knows a better way then we have descovered .
Quntom ? mabby ? possibly?
transfering the compleat state of a atom to anware in the universe instintly . Humm scien saying it cant be used as a way to chat? Blonie
after all what was mores code just ... and --- easly recreated with atoms . just spacing them out and all you realy need are two typs of atoms that can be transfered like this. 01011100110001 now you have your self a way to send information by pc.

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 11:47 AM
Simcity4Rushour, You have given a great deal of thought to this, A active mind, always thinking. I tend to suggest at this time, regardless of our attempts to send a message of sorts, it has already been heard. Currently we are way pass contacting those that are here... Its a matter of how we (if we do) see it when all eyes are seeing the truth. The Truth will always be within our reach if we want to seek it.... your off to a good start S4R.

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 10:34 PM
I read a topic here a while ago and it made sense, I'll try to find the thread later, but the jist of the topic was that EM (eletromagnetic transmission - radio transmission low to ultra high frequency) was not a very effiecient means of communicating. As an engineer, I understand bandwidth problems. Also, as an Engineer, I not sure as a replacement. I think you basic understanding is pretty much correct.

posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 01:24 AM
Sort of - the Pioneer probes (10&11) put out around 8 watts at ~2.5 GHz and we can hear them just fine - even though they're out past the edge of the solar system. A modern radio station (FM) can be licensed up to something like 6000 watts so there is a big difference there. Yes power will effect wave propagation but in the near vacuum of space, the EM waves can keep on trucking for a good distance and at the good old c (speed of light). Our atmosphere can cause problems as the wave can be interfered with due to various issues - ionosphere, solar radiation, line of site and obstructions and reflections, etc.

There was another thread on this where I brought up the Drake equation with some added metrics to take into account the age of the galaxy and the time a civilization may use radio. I think the number came out to once in every 200 years so we should hear somebody chatting but it may take some time - Seti's only been at it for ~5 years and even though Drake bagged the "WOW" signal back in 1977 there has not been a consistent search up till now - well the Serindip thing was going and I'm sure there were others, but not nearly as comprehensive as Seti's search.

If two aliens have old radios even if they've gone well past the technology to use radio, they probably have a club and are chit chatting away as we speak.

For anyone interested, you can bag an old K-band dish, a decent receiver and the freebie software to run your own search - yup there are actually amateur radio astronomers listening for stuff as you read this....

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