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How Can You Tell Whether Russia has Invaded Ukraine? Ten Telltale Signs.

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posted on Sep, 2 2014 @ 06:06 PM
The OP author of the article has written quite a few topics, seems far off that he's playing into the propaganda but rather trying to expose it?

The article originally has the statement attached to it:

With regard to the goings-on in Ukraine, I have heard quite a few European and American voices piping in, saying that, yes, Washington and Kiev are fabricating an entirely fictional version of events for propaganda purposes, but then so are the Russians. They appear to assume that if their corporate media is infested with mendacious, incompetent buffoons who are only too happy to repeat the party line, then the Russians must be same or worse.

Directly from his blog.

Vice News,a bit more a middle ground, for some anyway, was sharing over the past months, how Ukraine was shelling residents in response to the Separatists.

US MSM FINALLY(???)sharing:
"Misery in Ukraine as deadly conflict drives civilians from homes"
Video: "Donetsk citizens plead for chaos to end"

Alexander Omelyavenko, a Donetsk resident, told CNN, "We are Ukrainian but they kill us, so we probably need our own country. Because these people in Kiev, they are not brothers for us."

Another resident, Victoria Khrushova, wiped away tears as she told how her family had been forced to hide from the shelling in cellars.

We used to dance, sing, do everything in Ukrainian. Poroshenko, Mr. Poroshenko -- please listen to us. Why don't you understand your people? Be a man. Be human. Please stop your aggression. Stop this war."


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posted on Sep, 2 2014 @ 06:48 PM
Poroshenko is an idiot... If Putin really wanted, he would be just another chalk mark in a dark vympel's locker somewhere.

posted on Sep, 2 2014 @ 06:59 PM
a reply to: GrantedBail

First of all, media bombsrdment of Russian invasion is a very poorly thought out campaign. It is thought out to pre occupy the russians in a political chess game, and to sever european russian ties. With the goal of paralyzing central europe, and the buildup of the european union.

Make no midtake, all of this is hurting central europe more than anything.

But, as someone said .. An invasion is an invasion. It means hundreds of thousands of troops. Air campaigns, artillery, missiles tanks in the thousands. And more over, Russia would actively have to close the backdoor to NATO, unless it wanted to face non ending conventional warfare. This means a direct nuclear threat.

Nonof it, is occurring ... Nor would it be realistic. More realisticly, russia is giving limited aid to rebels to help them optain autonomy. Thats it.

The rest is outrageous western propaganda,that is unrealistic lies directed at sheep, which literally shows that the us, gb and company have reverted into being fascists.

None of it excludes, that the russians wont invade ... But it isnt going to be with a couple of kids, and two tanks. Its going to be pretty decisive. And more to the point, there is nothing we could do to change it.

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