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My EDC dilemma: help a lady out?

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posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 01:12 PM

Aside from my knife, Band-Aids, and antibiotic ointment, I have no clue what absolutely MUST be in there. Can you all offer some suggestions, keeping in mind my desire to keep it light and not bulky?

I like the small first aid kits (about the size of a bar of soap), and doctor it up a bit.
Granola bar
Small pill bottle with OTC (and/or prescription) meds
4 in 1 Survival Whistle
Small, Micro Flashlight
Emergency Poncho (small, flimsy, but helpful)
Paracord Bracelet
Hard Candies (like Lifesavers)
MiO Water Enhancer (helps hide taste of purified water)
Water purification tabs
Emergency Cell Phone Battery

Sounds like a lot, but it's all really small, and less than most women have in their purses.

posted on Sep, 16 2014 @ 03:20 PM
I use an Altoids tin which I can keep in my handbag or pocket. In it, I have:

-A really small expandable cloth
-An AA battery with some 15lb fishing line wrapped around it
- 2 large tampons (they make fantastic tinder and they're super compact, they're also decent for soaking things up or cleaning a wound
- a button compass
- a compact square of aluminium foil
- 6 band-aids (2 of large, medium and small)
- a condom (decent emergency water carrier)
- 2 fishing lures
- 2 fishing hooks
- 2 paracetamol
- 2 water purification tablets
- 2 ibuprofen
- an emergency space blanket
- a bump key
- a ferrocium rod
- a lighter
- some duct tape
- 4 elastic bands
- 2 utility knife blades

Not bad, eh?

I also wear a paracord bracelet and have some paracord keychains, a solar powered LED torch keychain, and a leatherman keychain (I love me some keychains!)

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posted on Sep, 16 2014 @ 03:33 PM
Try to carry the truly needed items on body. Work on upgrading to lighter rather than minimal.

You could have a Bug Out style bag you keep in the car or in the house and grab it as needed. That way you're not far from replacement batteries, first aid essentials, signalling essentials, spare flashlight, spare glasses (as needed), spare nutrition, spare lighter or matches.

You could start with the pockets in your clothing, and maybe add a light vest with interior pockets with zippers or closures.

Review your carry, seeking lighter, less or more efficient. If you do that you will be consistently improving and if you don't find you need something, it goes into one of the back up/bug out bags off body.

Personally, I'm a bit amazed I had a habit of going indoors (especially dark places, like movie theaters) without a flashlight. We've used a flashlight several times (dropped items, one time there was a bogus fire alarm). Now I always have a small tac light.

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