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China Wants Answers On Oil-For-Food.

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posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 05:38 AM
December 6

CHINA today called for a swift resolution to the Iraqi oil-for-food scandal, saying it wanted to see an independent and objective investigation.

"China hopes the UN inquiry team will find out the truth through a just, independent, objective and transparent investigation," said foreign ministry spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue.

I for one would like answers to this 'scandal', but i find it hypocritical that China calls for transparency
on this issue, or many other issues for that matter.

China is one of the most secretive regimes, and would hardly provide transparency on most if not all
of their own internal agendas.


posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 08:57 AM
I'm just glad someone else besides America wants answers on this issue... Frances panties must be all in a bunch right now.

Lets see how these countries weasle out of this issue.

QuoteThere is mounting evidence that the United Nations Oil-for-Food program, originally conceived as a means of providing humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people, was subverted by Saddam Hussein's regime and manipulated to help prop up the Iraqi dictator. Saddam's dictatorship was able to siphon off an estimated $10 billion from the Oil-for-Food program through oil smuggling and systematic thievery, by demanding illegal payments from companies buying Iraqi oil, and through kickbacks from those selling goods to Iraq--all under the noses of U.N. bureaucrats. The members of the U.N. staff administering the program have been accused of gross incompetence, mismanagement, and possible complicity with the Iraqi regime in perpetrating the biggest scandal in U.N. history.

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