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Family of Bloomfield,Nm man shot by police claims shooting was unprovoked

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posted on Aug, 29 2014 @ 04:03 PM
a reply to: Answer

Actually its based on the reality of the cops nuturing in the LEA. Believe me ive had my share of run ins with people and people with an object in hand..i support protecting yourself lawfully and used to carry and not once have a used it against someone even with an object in their hands. Dont carry ne more cause i just rather not be shot myself by a cop not knowing the laws hes trying to govern here..If its any relevance for see a lot of stuff in new mexico..its still the wild west and you dont know anything about what i've experienced down here..

only people who watch to many movies would think someone is trying to add a "holly-wood spin"(w.e that means) on a story like this..

According to one of the family who was outside at the time...nothing was said or heard from the officers....just boom and boom. now im sure if they cops said something..the family member wouldve said they heard shouting from the cops...but there wasnt anything said about any shouting...if there was may have been from the dispute of the family...not the encounter with LEO's

i understabnd what you're saying but your assumptions about me are incorrect neighbor.

Ive lived here my whole life and only two instances this year they didnt shoot on sight..ill give u the two storys Standoff on the first story...this happneded on my street after work...we wer blocked off for a few hours and they DID NOT KILL HIM.Oh yeah can't forget that it was a small hostage situation and they claimed he had a gun.Sure he was roughed up but they never fired one shot.......about 2 weeks later i believe...same thing happened a few blocks down the road again..this time it was a lady who HAD A GUN AND FIRED A SHOT AT HER HUSBAND...cops were called...guess what...SHE WASNT KILLED EITHER...i can't find this story but its here ill get it up soon as i find it. These are only two storys i've heard of where someone DOES NOT GET SHOT in new mexico. every other one someone is being killed by the local PD's in new mexico.

Now thats how it should be handled..only improper training an unstable mind ,will result in an officer invloved shooting around here.

So ill say post is based on the improper nuturing and training of the LEOs here. Do you live in new mexico???
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posted on Aug, 29 2014 @ 04:19 PM
a reply to: Answer

And you think the cops around here are not "un-biased" that in itself is a very ridcoulous statement to make..I get it..obey the law and you dont get shot right??...however on the contrary..people are obeying the law and still end up shot hows this debate is even plausible still astounds me..This area of new mexico is small towns and people who are actually pretty cool and outgoing most of the time..

im not looking for an arguement just to be clear but seriously these cops are (how to say this lightly) cowards (there we go) ive had my share of fights and never once recieved damaged from an object one posses at the time or resorted to shooting them because he had a small blade..or bat...or knife...or stick,,rock,,etc...the point is you must not be very good at close quarter combat if you need your gun to disarm someone with an object that isnt a gun.

ive had plenty of friends disarm people even if the other possesed and they themselevs(my friends) had one..please dont say that its justified cause it wasnt...only cowards use guns to kill...others see them as tools..IF YOU CANNOT DISARM SOMEONE WHO HAS SOMETHING IN THEIR HAND THAT ISNT A GUN you shouldnt be on the police force..that right there will cause someone to draw their gun instead of their mind.

posted on Aug, 29 2014 @ 04:25 PM

originally posted by: minusinfinity

originally posted by: roadgravel
Walk into a garage, say 'hey you' and when the person turns with a screwdriver in hand he gets blown away. Sure that's OK.

Obviously that's not what happened. I'm not going to attempt to hold an intelligent conversation with a person who is unwilling or unable.

How do you know that's not what happened? Because the police don't just shoot people? Are you sure? Prove it, lets call the cops and have them come to your house and see if they shoot you. You aren't worried and so this isn't a problem, right?

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 08:50 PM
It's been a few days and there hasn't been any word that im aware of about the officers involved or which agency is investigating(fabricating) a story. please send the news where you can. We cannot let this slide by. Bloomfield is another small town but it doesnt mean stories like this should go by un-noticed.
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posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 12:17 PM

BLOOMFIELD -- According to New Mexico State Police, 61-year-old John Rogers allegedly grabbed for a .40 caliber gun just before Bloomfield Police officer Andy Darby shot and killed him August 27.

They released the name a some odd hours ago and according to the police report;

Police report;

Officer Darby approached Rogers' driver's side window, and while talking with Darby, Rogers allegedly grabbed the pistol from his passenger-side glove box.

Thats the "official" story fabricated by the local pd. He was in his truck by the sidewalk...

But early articles and the family say otherwise;

The family of a man fatally shot by Bloomfield police said on Thursday that the officers rushed onto the property without knocking on the door and did not immediately provide medical assistance to the wounded man, who was unarmed.

Rogers son said his father kept a pistol in his pickup truck, "as is his right under the Second Amendment." He said his father did not have the firearm in his hand when he was killed.

Billie Rogers was home at the time."I was in the house cleaning, and my husband was in the garage working on his motorcycle," Billie Rogers said. "I saw a cop car pull up on the side, and I saw another one. They were heading everywhere. "I seen a cop walking up towards him with his gun out, and I screamed. I ran out the back door and…'boom boom.'"

The cops said they recieved a call about a domestic dispute;

According to NMSP, the incident stemmed from a domestic dispute call around 10:15 a.m. on Ruth Lane

But they also say it was a call about a suicidal man;

New Mexico State Police, who have taken over the investigation, tell KOB that Bloomfield Police were responding to a call about a suicidal man at the Rogers' home.

Seems they're not too sure on which call they recieved..

Gets more interesting...

Rogers son said that the information was provided to him by detectives from the New Mexico State Police Department and his mother. He said one officer shot his father in the head and the other officer, still near his squad car at the end of the driveway, fired a round from his shotgun.John Rogers' son, Jonathan Rogers Jr., showed family and friends a bullet hole in his father's truck. He said it was an errant shot fired by one of the officers.

If he was in his truck,according to the "official" story. how is it that there is a bullet hole outside of his truck from the officers pistol..obviously,according to story, the officer didnt need to fire multiple rounds,right? 'cause he shot him in the head.right? But still doesnt explain why the other shot his SHOTGUN..

Word got around that some people threatened(family most likely) officer Darby; he and his family left town a few days before his name was released to the public. there was some more news i heard but thats not deterministic as of now.

And also, if he was in the garage working on his motorcycle how could he be in the truck at all.

There are too many holes in this story released by the makes me sick..

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