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prescription drug crimes

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posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 06:29 PM
everyone knows the drug companys like phizer and the like are a bunch of criminals.... they create diseases like ADD and other 'fake' diseases to sell billions of pills to confused uneducated consumers

they pay off washington
and they lie often

they are pulling drugs off the market now because the lies went too far
people are dying from them...

its a tens upon tens of BIllion dollar buisness
people kill to keep this type of buisness running

the pill factorys probably suppress cures of disease too
just to keep selling 'Treatments' which cure nothing at all and just put the disease in Controlled suppression
its a conspiracy because they never cure you; they just get you hooked on a pill

theres plenty of fake diseases in case you dont have a real disease

does your sexlife only seem 'normal'?
take a pill to get off better

are you mentally depressed because life is hard?
take a pill dont you know depression is a disease too

are you really energetic?
take a pill for ADD

do you have social anxiety ?

do you have mood swings?

Take the Pill
Everything can be fixed by a pill

you can Lose Weight with our pills
You can lower your cholesterol

you can pay attention to something uninteresting with the new pill

your mind will work better now , oxygen will get to your brain faster
now your Smart because of the pills

i could go on forever
but all of you get my point

what do YOU guys think about the Pharmacutical Conspiracy?

good starting point
Pharmacutical Corporation = Evil Conglomerate


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