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keep dreaming of Higher states!!!

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posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 04:45 PM
hi, Im not really asking a question

but noteing my MORE than weird dreams
that ive been having lately.

in the past month or two Ive had dreams of unimaginable events
as in no matter how hard i try, when I wakeup I can't visulize it proplerly
in all its detail coz it was too "out of this world"

the first was as you might of read my post

a dream i felt i was in another "state"/"plane"
and i heard a familiar voice telling me my uncle tommy had died then when i awoke after during the day my mother told me that uncle tommy had passed away/ for REAL

this freaked me out a bit.

but since then Ive had simler dreams.
the latest, which was last night as of this writing

was even more other worldly

it started out quite normal

On holiday in a holiday home on top of a cliff.
through the storage room of this house was a tunnel leading to outside
to a ledge on the egde of the cliff, I was messing about there for a while
after a while and a few events there

I felt panic and insecuraty, the whole place there came more REAL looking and I started to hear funny noises like rumbling noises, but comming from my head.

now I felt like i knew I was dreaming partialy and I could see my bedroom
like superimposed with the cliff and the sea. then I heard a voice, it was
wayne butterworth who I work with (we call him bobbit)

now I could not see him but I knew he was there he said we have to go quick and We both enterd a bluish VOID with strange sounds and lights
I knew i was totally dreaming at this point but it wasnt like a dream anymore, more like an obe experiance exept for I didnt leave my body.

It was to deep and overwelming to recall it all or what bobbit was saying to me but I remember that he was comforting me and trying to guide me somwhere through this void, well not actually travelling but becoming into a differant reality of some sort or a higher plane,
he said he would go first and for me just to go with the flow.

but i panicked As i felf myself moving closer to this other relm
I felt like I was disolving and drowning and I was fighting it.

he was telling me it was all ok just relax.
then his voice started to fade with the blue hue
as his voice faded he started frantaclly shouting, then I was back on the cliff with some horrible beings for about 2 secconds all staring at me mosionless like a cat ready to pounce. At this point I was back dreaming.
then I felt someone grab me and pull me away from them and then I awoke.

Ive had plenty of these dreams? of crossing over and always hearing but not seeing a familier voice telling me somthing or guiding me.

these people are not dead, but maybe some spirit or guardian is
using a voice thats recognizeable to me.

to clarify
at the point where it all goes weird and I feel and see voids and voices
I am fully awake at this point and cociously aware that Im in a different place than my bed or the dream world. this is what freaks me out.

its now 10:55 pm and im ready for bed
lets see what happends tonight

more to follow Im shure, there getting more frequent each week.

posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 02:12 PM
same expeiance last night but not as long or vivid,

there was a large room (like a warehouse)
againsed one wall of the room was a giant machine
as big as the whole wall like a futureistic gun or telescope pointing down towards a chair with straps on it, the scientist who operaited it said it was
to heal wounds on people in seconds.

I sat in the chair and he proceded to strap me in.

I could see a bluish tint on the front of the laser head.

as it warmed up it got whiter and brighter emitting a hi pitched tone

when the beam hit me thats when I enterd the "higher state"
I awoke in the dream and found myself stuck in this chair in a
White void. my field of view was very narrow like looking through a window
I panicked an senced I was not alone, then In my constricted vision I could see two or three "beings" peeping through at me.

"side note" these parts of my dream feels like how I would imagine
seconds after dying and passing on to the next "place" feeling Not in this universe anymore, its quite a prefound feeling."

these beings seemed menacing and the episode was like how I would imagine
having a flashback of being abducted by aliens, not that I think I was.

infact it was very similar to the film "fire in the sky"
where he is being probedby the aliens.

Or maybe I was? lol

the immence feeling of vividness an otherworldly episode faded
back into the normal dream.

the scientist staird at me I said that was quick
and he said "My god man!! youve been uncosious for 8 hrs"

then I awoke

If these episodes carry on Ill probley end up being too scared to go to sleep!!!

maybe they are just very vivid dreams?

but Ive had vivid dreams before and lucid dreams but these are different
its like being totaly awake and not in time or space that where used to

like not even in any universe, just somwhere in between to scared to go forward and I get pushed back.

plus its like I have no body aswell, if you can imagine that
and vision is different like I can seethings but not through my eyes.

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