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Murdered Scientists and the Genetic Bioweapon?

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posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 05:07 AM
I have always wondered about scientists that have been murdered or gone missing because of breakthroughs that could change the world, for the better, and the people that don't want to see such a technology developed: those who stand to lose money or power on such an endeavour: those that would even kill to prevent such discoveries from fruition. And came across this:

Dr. Ian Langford was a senior Fellow at the University of East Anglia's Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment. He was studying the environmental risks of air and water pollution. Dr Langford was forty-years of age and the cause of his death undetermined. Which is strange, to say the least, considering his naked body was found wedged underneath a chair and the walls of his living room were covered in blood.

Dr. Don C. Wiley, Havard biochemestry professor and researcher at Howard Hughes Medical Institute (which performs biological research, sometimes jointly funded by the NIH and DoD) and the National Institute of Health, was declared missing after his rental car was found abandoned on the Hernado de Soto Bridge outside Memphis, Tennessee. His body was found about a month later 300 miles south of Memphis snagged on a tree along the Mississippi River in Vidalia, LA. His death was ruled "accidental."

Dr. Steven Mostow, 63, infectious disease expert at the University of Colorada Health Sciences Center, was killed in a plane crash near Centennial Airport.

Dr. David Wynn Williams, Antartic Explorer, astrobiologist, microbiologist, exobiologist, killed in a road accident while jogging near his Cambridge home.

Dr. David Schwartz, microbiologist, founding member of the Virginia Biotechnology Association, and the Executive Director of Research and Development at Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology. He was regarded as an authority on DNA sequencing. Dr. Schwartz was found murdered at his home in Loudon County, Virginia. Officials state that he was stabbed in a "robbery attempt" though there was no signs of forced entry or stolen property. An adult and two teen-agers were arrested in the case. They were labled Satanists and Dr. Schwartz's murder was said to be part of a satanic ritual.

Dr. Tanya Holzmayer, biotechnologist, was surprised to find a pizza deliveryman at the door of her Montana home. Moments later a former colleague surfaced from the shadows, shot her in the head and ran off, police stated. The theory is that Guyang "Mathew" Huang, the former colleague, was fired by his ex-boss, Dr. Holzmayer, and was seeking revenge. Shortly after murdering Dr. Holzmayer, Mathew took his own life. Dr Holzmayer was helping to create new drugs that would interfere with the replication of the virus that causes AIDS.

Set Van Nguyen, microbiologist, found dead in the airlock entrance to the walk-in refridgerator in the laboratory he worked at, Victoria State, Australia. Victoria police state that "He did not know the room was full of deadly gas which had leaked from a liquid nitrogen cooling system. Unable to breathe, Mr. Nguyen collapsed and died."

Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, microbiologist, found dead in a village in Wiltshire, England, near his home. His cause of death was deemed a stroke. Dr. Pasechnik worked for the Centre for Applied Mircobiology and Research at the United Kingdom Department of Health, and in February 20, 2000 formed a company called Regma Biotechnologies Ltd. Its purpose was to provide powerful alternatives to antibiotics. He died just six weeks after the announcement of a planned exhumation of the bodies of ten Britons whom died in a 1918 type-A flu epidemic. To this day no Type-A flu virus sample exists anywhere in the world.

In 1996 Dr. Tsunao Saitoh, CJD, Alzheier Disease neurological researcher, and his daughter were murdered in what LaJolla police called "a very professional hit.

In 1994, Jose Trias and his wife were murdered in their Chevy Chase, Md. home. They met with a friend of theirs, a journalist, before the day of their murder and told him of their plan to expose HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) funding of "special ops" research. Grant money that goes to HHMI is actually diverted to special black ops research projects.

Now, supposedly, all of these murders have to do with a secret genetic bioweapon that the United States has been secretly developing. This weapon, supposedly, can target individuals with specific genetic characteristics, say blonde hair or brown eyes, for example.

Does anyone know anything about this? Could such a weapon be created and if so can the people who create this "genetic weapon" render themselves or others immune?

Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with my aforementioned search. I am still working on that.

posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 09:17 PM
I just happened to notice your post. Although it's a bit old, I'm going to respond anyway simply because I have seen things... I never knew about any of this when I started working with a group you mentioned but left when I discovered some things that just weren't right! I'm speaking in generalizations here.

They are moving certain projects off campus to make it appear as though classified research is forbidden. Yet, they will then sneak it into an affiliated, off-campus lab, Trojan horse-style and try to pass it off as something else. Junior researchers almost never question their superiors and those who do (& receive belief-based justification for their work unsupported by previous studies) are swiftly let go for reasons other than what everyone else is told. So, most people who are carrying out preliminary experiments to serve as the foundation for later studies do not even realize what they are doing. Since by and large, the majority of these workers are also foreign, the likelihood that any of them will ask questions when they see something odd, is even smaller.

$ cuts at NSF, HIH, NASA, etc put pressure on principal investigators who, out of desparation to keep their labs afloat, agree to perform this work on a contractual basis. Labs can receive significant amounts of $ to keep them solvent but PIs end up relinquishing some control over their groups. In the event that the new overseers discover projects they were previously unaware of that could accelerate development, they will attempt to pressure these novice researchers into giving up that sensitive information by threatening their livelihoods which, whether they succumb to that pressure or not, ends their careers regardless. They're interested in synthetic RNA viruses & biosensors that could aid detection in the field. Shelf-life, the most significant hurdle which precludes practical usage of viruses as agents in this way (unlike sporulating bacteria such as anthrax), is being actively pursued, disguised under a different name & application, but of identical form.

Although I would not expect more disappearances, given the publicity generated by the last mysterious wave of "hits", we can expect continued silence from those contesting the plausibility of the RNA World-- an attractive model used in describing the origins and early evolution of life on Earth which, derives from modern biochemistry-- & directly violates the chemical constraints placed on this biomolecule that would have rapidly disintegrated any small amounts produced on Earth 4 billion years ago. Quite simply, RNA is too fragile. However, its versatility and ubiquity throughout modern metabolism and genetics make it "an easy sell" to those unfamiliar with the primordial environment. Widespread confusion over the definition of selection pressure as it pertains to driving evolution, acts as an ideal cover for the majority of American citizens. It is the ability to survive long enough to reproduce that dictates fitness in a given setting; not simple superiority at a given task under mild conditions.

From high temperatures that denature, to pH levels that prevent adsorption to minerals like montmorillonite clay (shown to catalyze RNA polymerization) to extremely low ribose yields from the formose reaction, to vulnerability to pyrite-induced hyrdolysis of the phosphodiester bonds that hold RNA polymers together... etc., it makes no sense whatsoever to use RNA for this purpose! So why are so many (WEALTHY & SUCCESSFUL) labs still chasing this notion? Why are so many researchers in this area doubting the relevance of their projects to their interests here? Why is free inquiry being squelched at all levels in the lab hierarchy (even where it was previously encouraged--& not part of the lab's culture?)? Who are these strange, unknown men who dictate what members will THINK about or ASK? IT IS STILL HAPPENING!!

I don't expect instant belief. Do your own research. That's what science is about!

posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 09:38 PM
I believe it's because of the U.N. global depopulation program.
Certain authorities simply don't want everyday people to be healthy for the mandated New World Order.

Lots of microbiologists have died under strange circumstances since around 2000.
People better have God watching their back.

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posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 02:30 AM
I once read a work of fiction called 'White Plague' by Frank Herbert, where a bioweapon that killed women got loose in the world. I asked a girl I knew at the time when I read this, who had a degree in genetics, whether it was possible to create diseases that attacked certain characteristics like gender, and she replied that it would be theoretically possible, based on her understanding of genetics. I'd imagine that any characteristic that is defined by a particular genetic sequence could in theory be attacked, but I have no idea how easy or difficult this would be, or whether any kind of research has been done in making this kind of weapon.

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 01:05 AM
I'd like to share a video: (under the guise of studying life's origins?). Here's the lab page:

To go with that, a little intro on the RNA World: (Cech heads HHMI & the organization is VERY pro-RNA World)

A little something Los Alamos is working on:
Less controversial is not less dangerous! No effort is made to explain HOW these will be segregated from the environment... Hmm... "can operate in any environment, yet exerts no impact on the biosphere" Huh? This version uses DNA so if anything...

Just how to they plan to keep it from mutating? Once that happens, all bets are off! Why don't they ever ANSWER this question?

It's pure spin! Unlike J. Craig Venter's efforts (he uses components which have already been subjected to generations of natural selection), these people are creating protocells from scratch. This is about as unnatural as it gets and there's no telling what the outcome will be (maybe that's the whole point!). DNA is more stable than RNA (slower to mutate) but it's still quite compatible with natural genomic material.

Now, imagine what you could encode in that genomic material...

posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 10:53 PM
I have just finished reading a very long list of names of scientists who have been mysteriously killed, died, suicided, etc. It dates from around 1994 or so (actually, maybe earlier) ... I'm going to try to connect the webpage link so you can read it too, but if I mess up, forgive me, I'm new at this bloggy stuff! so here goes -- this is one pdf created by Mark Watson -- -- that gives a whole history of corporate and defense companies intertwined with the names of their scientists who turned up dead or missing. Some of them are obviously (because of age) quite likely natural causes - i.e., strokes etc., in people in their 60's 70's or 80's. However, many are too strange and obviously were homicides.

There's another link that I was trying to find that just has the names and dates of the scientists in a chart format that you might find helpful. It was put together by Mark Harper, and can be found at

I hope you find this of interest.

I find it frightening myself: considering all the fuss that has been going on for 2 or 3 years now about the H1N1 flu -- how it's supposed to be so deadly, but so far it's not -- I think their trying to figure out the right mutation to get it "right". I know it sounds paranoid, but these are the very scientists who would be most likely to enable or disable such a virus. Could it be they were working on it and decided to stop? I think biowarfare is a reality; it may even be used to "cull the herd" so to speak -- 6 billion and counting is a lotta people -- Some say there are those who would like to bring the number down substantially so as to ensure plenty for those who survive.
Between that and the nuclear threat, our days could be numbered. On the other hand, there are also those who were working on clean energy or "free" energy systems. All of them seemed to be wired in in some way that made them dangerous to ... whom?

posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 11:06 PM

Originally posted by DragonsDemesne
I once read a work of fiction called 'White Plague' by Frank Herbert, where a bioweapon that killed women got loose in the world.

Swine flu: early hospitalisations

What does the research say?

Females outnumbered males and comprised 70% of the cases.

women warned over swine flu

posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 02:15 AM
reply to post by meaguire

Very interesting. Constant Gardener is a good movie that touches on this issue.

Fact is: the powers that be can do whatever they like... and then cover it up.

We have an organisation for Whistleblowers...that attempts to protect those who blow the whistle on corruption. Highly suspiscious though when the whistleblower commits suicide. Many many strange oddities with academics who don't fit in with the big schema.

posted on Feb, 25 2014 @ 05:49 PM
A Boston University engineering professor has been found dead in a school lab.

A BU spokesman says the body of 62-year-old Franco Cerrina was found Monday morning in a fifth-floor lab at the Photonics Center, where the science and engineering of light are studied. The cause of death hasn't been determined.

Investigators don’t suspect foul play. They've ruled out homicide.

Cerrina was a native of Italy. He joined the BU faculty in 2008 as chairman of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department after spending 24 years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He held 16 patents and was described as a leading scholar in optics, lithography and nanotechnology.

posted on Feb, 25 2014 @ 06:52 PM
One of the problems is cashflow so go about funding their ideas by using Gov fundings, grants and the like. It looks good on paper when you sign it. Yet the very small fine print means someone can come check your lab at any given time and you have to provide info on what your doing with that money!

I would not worry about Man messing with the dna, rna sincein order for anything to actually work. One would have to have every single dna print from every person to trace back the line from the start. Now you know why theres a hype on blood tests and dna testings going on as of now. The need for flu shots, soon there will be a law passed we all have to have one! Say hello to Healthcare!

Yet no matter how hard they try, it fails! Sure some crazy bug will run amonk kill of say 200,000 people yet it is very small comparied to 8 Bill of us! Our dna is so complex that it has its own anti-tampering system. In a way, we are close to being a cockroach. The female giving the child inside an override; lately we are seeing many flaws in children's health yet so small it goes unnoticed until someone called a DR. becomes conserned and decides its something to look into and gets noticed.

Of course it could be nothing more then to many people here on Earth distroying the planet and part taking the bad air, water, land; plus all the pills going down the drain by passing it through our system. Would actually hold some truth since our dna has been around since we???? were here so would have the code for everything on this planet until now. Since messing with anything has its drawbacks and losses, playing god and messing with dna could simply wipe us off this world without any warning whatsoever.

Last would be we actually uprooted something not meant to be uncovered, disturbed or touched by any living thing. Creapy if you think about it, yet just take the time and consider Sinkholes! Or some falling rock from the sky we call a Shooting Star, upper layers of our air and what is frozen in our ice caps just waiting for the day someone disturbes it.

Odds are Man will be the cause of anything that goes Really Bad! Good news is, their is a group of people out there that know this and do what they can to correct the mess the best they can. Not everyone in Power is evil, and money is no concern either.

They just do not talk about it to no one!


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