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Will Dallas Eakins Remain an Oiler in 2014/15 ?

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posted on Aug, 16 2014 @ 08:42 PM
Will the Coaching carousel in Edmonton ever stop spinning round and round?

9 Head Coaches over the last 20 years,this sample size shows us that the average tenure as an Oilers Head Coach is 2.222222 years-months-weeks-days-hours-minutes and seconds.

Sather,Burnette,Low,Lowe,Mac Tavish,Quinn,Renney,Krueger,Eakins.

This is a "long term" challenge which has become something of a stumbeling block for the Organisation.

There is no way continuity of message and intentions can be maintained when the Head Coaches get changed as often as we have seen them switched up in Edmonton.

Scotty Bowman, Barry Smith, Dave Lewis, Mike Babcock..... those are the Head Coaches the Detroit Red Wings have hired in the last 20 years.

Red Wing Head Coaches have a 5 year shelf-life. They have 2.72 times as much tenure behind the bench.If this margin seems to not fit the circumstance you are feeling the evil pull of statistical thinking tugging at your pant leg like a homeless dog.How can the margin between Coaching tenures be so small but the sucess levels and numbers be so drasticlly different?

The Red Wings have not missed the Playoffs over the last 20 Years. They are 20 for 20. Exemplery.Right program consistantly actioned.

The Oilers have seen the Playoffs 7 times over the last 20 years. They are 07 for 20. Abysmal.Wrong program consistantly actioned.

The burning question for 2014/15 will be wether or not Dallas Eakins can produce enough winning results to make it through another full year of his contract, the Oilers have an Owner willing to move contracts when he sees fit,so no one can sit on their laurels in E-Town anymore.

There have been a few stalwart claims the Oilers are investing in Dallas Eakins Youth and energy over the term of his contract to give the roster time to adjust to continuity of message.

But we must ask ourselves how long the Roster can wait for Dallas to make some winning Head-way,so far things are not looking positive.

Taylor Hall et al...have been in the NHL four 4 years now and are well into evolving their personal legacys.Contracts and their organisational realitys and implications CHANGE EVERY SEASON,this is a fact of life in Pro Sports.This young core will soon begin to experience growing pains if that will be difficult to remedy,they are growing up and will soon each see their futures in a more independant manner,the more players they work with and see moved the more they mature,and this group has seen a LOT of movement during their short careers,movement of teammates AND Coaches,an ABNORMAL volume of movement.This fact by no means supports a lack of similar movement this coming season and EARLY if things simply do not start off well,this is pro Sports after all.

The Oilers young players now have established statistical values in the NHL scheme of thinking, they have "market values" now.The Team itself will soon need to evaluate how they are developing these players in terms of being NHL assets,they will need to begin to better manage these players individual evolutions,they have not been doing a very good job over the last ten years of maintaining value for their Players.

Winning is the only way to pump up the values of these young assets,STATS need to be INFLATED in some specific cases or tremendous NHL value will continue to be lost on an ongoing basis as we have been witnessing.

Can Dallas Eakins manage to produce at a minimum "average NHL results"? If he can somehow raise the Bar for his Team and produce "average results" can he then manage to continue to maintain,grow,and evolve the individual valuations of Oilers Players assets,or will the Nail Yakupov near Fire-sale scare him enough to force him to re-evaluate this component of his job?

If Dallas can somehow manage to overcome the first two challenges we just discussed ,well then the question is can he keep this ball rolling beyond the 40 game mark to show he has the ability to generate at the very least forward progress?

Will Ramsay be enough to stabilise the epic imbalance that the Oilers defensive mentality overburden has created,the same disconnect that buried Dallas and his squad last season,and the same disconnect that buried three Coaches and Rosters before him?

It seems to me that the statistics are all working against Mr.Dallas Eakins and his Squad,this is clear, so yet another core value question might be,exactly why would Dallas ADD more stats clutter in the form of Tyler Dellows to his structure when that is what has been pulling him down since last season? Does Dallas think that Dellows imitation of the NewAge Hockey System and its Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis will be bought hook line and sinker by the Oilers faithfull who are already aware of the NHS and its history and timeline?

I believe Dallas will be gone by the seasons half-way point, it is already pre-destined,

Dallas Eakins has portrayed and sold to the Fanbase AND Players Statistical Analysis as being the cure to the Oilers challenges,he has tried to supress the NHS as much as his predecessors did,and he shall reap his rewards accordingly.

I believe Dallas is Vain and young enough to believe that he will sirvive the Scandal coming when the true history of the NHS is disclosed and the Fanbase fully understands the implications of the Oilers suppressionist actions actioned via denial .

It is INTUITIVE DYNAMIC ANALYSIS the Oilers and other NHL teams are looking for but it is BS stats analysis being sold to them,sold AS IF IT WERE A NEW CONCEPT,this is how the stats community is ripping off the NHS in collusion with NHL teams.

There is no Advanced Stats Analysis that is going to help the Oilers as they try to reproduce the NHSs impacts with their second rate stats assets.All the Oilers will experience this season is a NEW FORM of disconnect,ha ha ha ha,adding Ramsay even though they do not realise it will force Eakins out by Proxy.Ramsay thinks intuitively and he will NEVER be able to work seamlessly with Eakins,they are like night and day when you get right down to it,Ramsay is the EXACT input needed but the two men and their messages and delivery styles could not be further apart than they are,it looks like a recipie for disaster if we see a poor start and the reins are being pulled in different directions.

My prediction is that Dallas Eakins falls to the Moma2 Curse before the 40 game mark and that Ramsay will not be able to stop the train-wreck from happening.I believe Ference will be challenged in the room and that when things get tight and dicey early Players will bail out of the dynamic rather than be sacrificed to the Wolves any more than they collectively have been .

Finally I do not beliefe Dallas Eakins ever possesed the acumen to be handeling elite young 1st overall picks like the Oilers have, Yakupovs,Nuges,Schultzes and Eberles challenges have predominantly been caused by Dallas himself.

The Coach had no offensive flair,he was a defensive man EXACTLY like ALL the supports waiting to help him were, he had no experience dealing with NHL players who are elite offensive minds nor did his supporting cast already in place before he even walked in the door,NEVER MIND a trio of 1st overall picks who all must be properly evolved individually,this has been the side-show we all saw coming and it is nowhere near over.

The Oilers will soon be shopping for yet another new NHL Head Coach, there might even be one in the Wings already ready to work with Ramsay,Ramsay is one half of a legitimate NHL tandem,just not with Eakins on the other side.

Now we will have to wait to see just how influential the Oilers off-season managerial aquisitions will be,surely if the season is spiralling into oblivion again by the 25-30 game mark some curative actions will have to be actioned,and this means Dallas becomes a Sacrificial lamb.

At this point the Oilers will soon be facing a Fanbase back-lash like never before seen in the NHLHead Coaches leave town under those circumstances.

There is only one asset that has shown a track record over the last 4 years of bringing teams together into Championship format,and this asset has NO STATISTICAL INPUTS............. The Oilers need Intuitive Dynamic Analysis...... they need the real deal not the BS they are selling their fanbase and players,Dellows has nothing new to bring to the table he is an NHS imitator,he is not an innovator.The Oilers are simply embarrasing themselves by hiring more and more stats inputs as their team sinks further and further into the abyss.

Dallas Eakins will lose his 1st NHL job because he couldnt tell the difference between Advanced Statistical Analysis which is pure unadultered BS and Intuitive Dynamic Analysis which is the purest form of realtime interactive Pro Sports Analysis ever created.

You lose Eakins,so do your Bosses who refused to accept their Bad-medicine. never look a Gift-Horse in the Mouth,you GOTTA KNOW THAT ONE. The NHS will not be denied.

The Oilers will soon be coach Shopping again,I wonder who will be available this season?

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 10:23 PM
It would be derelict to illustrate an illness and fail to provide and analysis,diagnosis and curative direction.

The NHS has no issues with the Oilers or with Dallas Eakins, the NHS is true to its roots and will not forsake its own growth and evolution to pander to anyone or and organisational personal quirks.

If Dallas can remember all of his epic and belive it or not impactfull speeches from last season,then he will have a snowballs chance to pull enough things together to SURVIVE,he seems to be existing as the NHS is,on a survival basis.

If Dallas can remember and stay loyal to one WORD,and so far because of his interactions or lack thereof with teh HS this area is questionable,but if he can remain loyal to ONE WORD is needs to eb COMPETE.

He did NOT do the word,concept or Philosophy any degree of Justice last season,he simply used the focus as a Pressure-relief valve to draw attention away from more critical areas of his job description and the teams coming epic Challenges,well played , but not TRUE TO THE ROOTS OF THE WORD COMPETE.

If the coach can bring in a real and tangible environment where competeing brings tangible rewards, and this risk vs reward process is accepted,supported and endorsed by everyone,then the Franchise has a chance to finally solidify its Identity before the Core are all 75 and doing Charity Games in small Towns.

I cannot tell you with any certainty which Oiler is currently the single most important cog in the wheel,but we all know one exists.

But I can tell you which ones out-compete the others during scrimmages and games,we all can,we see it.

I dont care if you do not score a goal in a game and another winger does score TWO because if you outworked him and created 8 opportunitys without finishing but dominted playaction evolution every time you were on the ice,I would consider you to be MORE OFFENSIVE scoring no goals than a man who capitalised on 2 of 3 situational dynamics or breakdowns.

I would need to see more than one matchup with the same men competing against each other to make sure my assesments originally made are verified or need more looks.If you cannot compete at the same level in two games I cannot give you a little gold compete star on your report card and my first game analysis was a false/positive the same token if you score tow more goals in the next game against the same men on 2 of 4 shots,you will then have your bronze star from the day before covered with a Gold one because the original assesment was a false/positive read and you are really a one-shot opportunisitc scorer not a non-impact peripheral player.

Now I know which players are compete players and which are one-shot scorers,something I did not know after one game,I also know that both players offer different offensive dimensions to me as a coach,one will compete his way into forcing playactions his way and create offense based on those numbers of chances he generates with his compete,and one player will finish off playactions consistantly and quickly in all situtions.An NHL Head Cocah NEEDS to have this detailed a template on EVERY MAN IN CAMP or have the TIME AND ABILITY TO DEVLOPE SUCH A TEMPLATE..... or he will with a 100% certainty be creating false/positive reads during a critical decision making period.

Some opposition teams CAN force you to play out of your System and intention comfort zone,the best teams can ALL put you there on any given day.Therefore you may NEED a one-shot scorer if you are being very limited in your possesions,in fact you need an elite one like Yakupov to counter teams like LA and Chicago and St Louis who are possesion dominators
,this is a fact, but against run and gun teams like the Pens you may need an offensive threat that can compete hard enough to recover many turnovers created by this style of play which generate lots of playaction possesion opportunitys.

The Oilers re so arse-bckwards and deluded and convoluted with stats misdirections and mis-applications in critical areas that they cannot make simple Intuitive Dynamic Analysis like this for THEIR OWN Players,never mind the opposition.

If a Coach doesnt have a PROGRAM to follow he is winging it and the Oilers are definately winging it.

I have watched Training Camps in person every time it was possible to see the Oilers in Alberta,and I have seen impactfull ones where Super-stars were born and the majority have been a waste of time and effort,with the ones today so screwed up by stats and stats analysis that they have actually become regressive and dangerous due to such a high volume of stats induced false / positive reads which undermine critical organisational decisions.

I have serious doubts that Dellows and the Oilers can even manage to construct a Training Camp with impact never mind a season,by this time tomorrow Dellows will have re-structured this simple Intuitive Dynamic Analysis into another Oilers paycheque or endorsement,and the Oilers will lap it up like spilled milk.

But here it is,Dallas needs to instill compete even deeper than he did last season,the men all thought it was window dressing with no impacts beyond making them sweat more,they SHOULD be shocked this year when Training Camp brings real changes to the existing roster,when TRADES ARE FORCED.

I gave Dallas a start, be true to your intentions,forge an identity out of those beliefs,or shut up and let someone else with more drive,passion and planning take over.

The Oilers need to improve from within and this means taking risks and making changes until wins develop,contracts must be ditched if internal assets challenge evenly and can break in,money shouldnt stop the process now with Katz,this means by proxy there MUST be roster changes forcing trades or Training Camp carries no usefull impact to the orgnisation and all of its developing asset who are trying to earn their own dreams every day by outcompeting others.

The Oilers are superficial,hollow,and weak in areas of self-policing their read and reacts , they cannot concieve of any changes which are not stats supporeted anymore,they are a listing ship now.

I would say Eakins came in with the Compete motto and he ought to die by that sword,but only after he re-defines the word and its direction and intention to himself and to the men,thats his tip of the day.


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