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America developed AID virus? for own agenda

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posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 01:11 AM
hey guys
im just hear with some wacky idea that i read about ages ago and im pritty sketchy on the information but here are the facts that *migth* indicate that the AIDS virus was a modifacation of another virus to handle some of americas problems.

-Black americains wantin there rights, and be equal with the whites, around the same time segregation was collaping in america, a virus called AIDS was more prom in Blacks then in whites? im not sure the scientific reasoning behind this? can anyone post why plz? or there views

-Homosexual are coming out all around america and the government isnt liking this. and yet at the same time AIDS comes out aswell, and is tranfered and found first in the homosexual community? im not sure the reasoning, i know its because of the way they do it. but wouldnt it of been a more evolutionary marvel virus if it was just as effective of in homosexual than in normal male and female sex?

-AIDS brings down HUGE numbers of people in 3rd world countires... reasoning are ovious... because of lack of education, dirtyness etc...
im not sure if this would benifet america or not? but it could? i dunno, i dont like civis and commerse. it might help americas economy somehow? im just guessing. HELP ME OUT GUYS... lol

yeah and thats that., i kno america is corrupted, but i dunno if they had the technology to genetically alter virsus in the early 1970's
i havnt made a conclusion yet, im not sure.

but hay... its been a pritty good cover story if it was an altered virus released into the general popultion for americas on agenda and hay, why not blame the monkies- there evil... unlike those americian scientist...

id like to have as many replies as possible to see what other people think andif they could extend on any areas or correct my mistakes. yeah, thanks guys, hope to read good posts from ya!

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posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 01:19 AM
There are several threads already open that discuss this idea. Please follow up in one of those discussions. This is probably the mose complete of the recent ones:

AIDS was obviously engineered (well, obvious is relative)


this thread will be closed

posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 01:19 AM
I want to know why in these theories its always the US that created AIDS. When the USSR was 20 years ahead of us in this type of research. They always had a better bio-weapons program.

And up until the fall of the iron curtain Russia was pretty much untouched by HIV. Now though with the end of the cold war and people comming from the west parts of Russia like Siberia AIDS is growing at a rate faster then even in Africa.

Why does nobody ever think the USSR created AIDS?

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