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Our Past Recorded in DNA

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posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 12:11 AM
I've been reading and old thread lately (thanks
mpeake to for bringing it) and couple of question popped up in my head. Somewhere there kangaxx said that we were able to remember our ancestors past, but we have an implant of some sort in our brain which force us to forget. Well I'm not trying to start another issue about kangaxx theory, but the idea that we have stored memory of our civilization in our cells seems to be very interesting. I've tried to do some google search on the topic, unfortunately didn't get so much - at least not any scientific proof. I found only some interesting websites which kind of "working along" with that theory.
there is a sceptic view and here some positive imput. The last one talks also about shared collective memory.

What do you think?

Note to Mods: I'm not sure where is the right place for this topic - so please put it there where it belongs, thanks!

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