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Television:The ruler of the modern world

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posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 06:50 PM
Alright, who here has tv?? like cable , sattelite, whatever. Show of hands please?

I dont. I havent had tv for 3 years.

Do I miss it???

HELL NO. Its a waste.

almost 3/4 of tv is commercials. No, that is not an accurate statement, but in my opinion it is. You all pay disgusting prices for hundreds of channels.
I save around 60-100$ a month cuz I dont have tv.


why does anyone need 200+ channels??

I can see that people would like variety but is 200+ really neccecary?

why would people pay money to look at almost pure advertisement?

Most childrens shows are half an hour commercials for junk:



Yu gi ho

what else???

a million other things.

Why dont people have a sense of imagination anymore??

Why cant people invent their own stuff to do?? Is the world so dull that most people cant even decide something better to do???

Why cant parents find better things for their kids to do?? like draw pictures, go for a walk ect.

The world revolves around television. For some people. well, a lot of people.

Consider what I have said.

carefully consider it.

You can save your own brainz. and money


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