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Beware: ISIS/ISIL Will Be Used As Justification for Future Incursions Upon Your Personal Sovereignty

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posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 01:18 PM
Beware: ISIS/ISIL Will Be Used As Justification for Future Incursions Upon Your Personal Sovereignty.


TPTB in The West exist at this juncture in time for one purpose only, and that purpose is to centralize power, siphoning it upwards towards the top of the societal hierarchy, and subjugate you and I. Attempting this overtly with physical might would be disastrous; it would backfire like every other overt attempt has. But the covert method of convincing the populace to consent to their own subjugation can be wildly successful, if said populace can be maintained in a state of fear and emotional tumult by the perception that their is an imminent threat to their physical being.

ISIL is indeed a horrible organization. It is dangerous, and probably should not go unchecked. However, whether or not to actually deal with them, or how they may be dealt with, is not the subject of this thread. They WILL be dealt with... eventually. But it will be only when TPTB feel it is in their best interests and most likely to further their agenda of NOT defeating ISIL... but of defeating YOU, that they will act. ISIL will be the name of a pawn in their game against you and I.


Im prompted to create this thread for several reasons. Across this site I am seeing fearful undertones in the postings by many people in respect to ISIL, especially when they have threatened the US in some fashion, regardless of how unlikely or fanciful it would be for such a threat to actually manifest.

Another thing I am seeing is an undertone (or overtone at times) of generalized hate for ISIL.

And finally, I also see a lot of posturing; people becoming ready, at least emotionally, to fight them even vicariously.

All of these things can be concurrent within the same post, or even sentence.

Lets be clear about this: whether any of what Ive witnessed is right or wrong, justified or not, is neither here nor there. It is what it is.

And dont get it twisted: TPTB will use what is to their advantage. They will use the emotional states being easily evoked by those who I see as becoming the new external enemy, ISIL, to manipulate you into either overt or tacit support of their solutions to the perceived threat.

And lets be honest with ourselves, things at home are pretty #ty right now. TPTB need a good external distraction, lest the eyes of the public seriously turn inwards, towards them.

This is going to become a semi-classic to classic Problem Reaction Solution (PRS) scenario.

We have to work backwards to see the logic behind this method. The Solution is always the same, and is the prime objective of those in power; restrict freedom, strip liberty, and acquire further public consent to dominate more and more (ie: centralize power with the blessing of the soon to be powerless).

The Reaction needs to facilitate the Solution, and can be hard to directly elicit with The Problem; The Problem does not always produce predictable results. However, if The Reaction desired is already materializing within the public body (fear, hate, a growing readiness to attack due to a perceived survival threat), the stage is being set for the final step: The Problem.

The Problem must be several things to capitalize on The Reaction already taking place. The Problem must be:

1: A perceived direct threat to personal physical survival.
2: Imminent.
3: Stoppable.

Those three things must be together, or PRS doesnt function in the intended manipulative way. Without #1, there can easily be a lack of concern. Without #2, its just some theoretical future event and/or a thought experiment that is easily forgotten once the overdue power bill is opened. Without #3, there is no mass drive to rally behind a cause.

ISIL will be The Problem that will be pushed, as maybe "the new face of terror" or whatever catch phrase gets people emotional.

But we are still missing one thing....

We need an event that solidifies The Problem in the public mind as an actual problem that must be confronted immediately and ferociously as a matter of personal physical survival, capitalizing on the already materializing Reaction, to OFFER the public The Solution at the publics most emotionally vulnerable moments, which in their current state, they will accept with open arms.

That event has yet to happen. But I feel it will relatively soon if the trend of public emotion continues playing right into TPTBs Reaction requirements. It may not directly be the actions of TPTB, however, I am sure that when the time is felt to be best to capitalize on the growing emotions of the public, they will turn a blind eye to an impending hostile act upon US soil, of which there are multiple precedents for them doing in order to exploit public reaction.

When this happens, DO NOT GIVE IN TO EMOTION.

That must be repeated: DO NOT GIVE IN TO EMOTION.

You and I will be indirectly called to fear, indirectly called to hate, and directly called to quick action. In fear, and in hate, quick action is always irrational, and is usually never the action you would take if you believed you had time to consider the options.

You and I will be asked to willingly cede our power into the hands of TPTB (after the immediate threat has been eliminated), even more so than we have collectively done already, under the insinuation that having less personal sovereignty equates into increased security.

You and I must resoundingly reply "NO" when that time comes. We cannot be silent; silence is tacit approval.

Liberty traded for security never works, it never has, and has always been a lie to further centralize power; to further control you and I.

It may be months, or it may be years... but remember this thread. Do not fall for the same lies again.
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posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 01:28 PM
whats isil??

posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 01:33 PM

originally posted by: cantsee4looking
whats isil??


The Islamic State (IS)[4][6][50] (Arabic: الدولة الإسلامية‎ ad-Dawlah al-ʾIslāmiyyah), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS),[a] is a jihadist group. In its self-proclaimed status as a caliphate, it claims religious authority over all Muslims across the world[51] and aspires to bring much of the Muslim-inhabited regions of the world under its direct political control,[52] beginning with territory in the Levant region, which includes Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Cyprus, and an area in southern Turkey that includes Hatay.[53][54] The group has been officially designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the United Nations Security Council,[55] the United States,[56] the United Kingdom,[57] Australia,[58] Canada,[59] Indonesia[60] and Saudi Arabia,[61] and has been widely described as a terrorist group by Western and other media sources.[18][62][63][64][65]

posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 01:35 PM
a reply to: cantsee4looking

The brainwashers can't seem to decide between isil and isis for the name of their new boogyman.

posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 01:38 PM
I am assuming you are referring to the terrorist group calling itself the "Islamic State"

I know they change their name about quite a bit but it really does frustrate me when people write threads like this.

You are making some really bold claims, and to make the kind of claims you are making you could only do so if you have a in-depth knowledge of the group concerned if you ever expect them to be taken seriously.

So when you can not even get their name correct it totally undermines what you are saying, it demonstrates to me that you have a very limited and dated knowledge of the group and as such any analysis that you are going to be making about them is automatically undermined and doubted.

You cannot make a thread like this, you are saying to the reader that your knowledge of this subject is so in-depth that you have managed to see behind what the rest of us are seeing and how this is all part of some grand conspiracy. Yet you don't even seem to know the name of the group you are talking about.

Just so you know.

The announcement will see Isis now simply refer to itself as The Islamic State, and the group has called on al-Qa’ida and other related militant Sunni factions operating in the region to immediately pledge their allegiance.

According to Isis’s chief spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, the declaration of the “restoration of the caliphate” was made after a meeting of the group’s Shura Council.

In recent weeks, Isis has captured large areas of western and northern Iraq and for two years has held parts of Syria, imposing a harsh interpretation of Islamic law and in many cases, killing large numbers of opposition Shia Muslims.


PS: love your above wiki quote.
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posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 02:21 PM
a reply to: OtherSideOfTheCoin

The OP is talking about the method and you quibble about a name? His post resonates with me because it was the exact method used in 9/11. Once Dubya grabbed that megaphone at Ground Zero and began his "I hear ya, we hear ya and the whole world hears ya" the press was put in motion to bleed that phrase till kingdom come. Never mind that the rest of the world did not all buy into the Iraq lie, the drill was on and nothing else mattered in the USA until Iraq came about. Americans banded together because their personal vulnerability and fear was exposed, and regardless of what outsiders said they believed and followed their MSM press and government.

Will it happen again? I would bet everything I own on it, just like I bet on it the first time. Why would they change something that works? The OP's warning is right on. It doesn't matter who will be blamed, the war machine or bankers or global planners, but I do believe that's what will happen. It will lead to ever weakening liberty and increasing outside control. The global planners are busy people what with their nefarious plots. They are expert strategists.

posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 02:26 PM
a reply to: CaticusMaximus

Sir, what do you mean will be used?

The entire War OF Terror has been based on fear mongering so they can take our rights but of-course its to "make us safer", not to track anti-government sentiment or to create watch lists of political dissidents, I mean "terrorists".

Al-CIAeda has been exposed as a US ally (in Libya and Syria). Time to roll out the new boogeyman.

Everyday theres a new headline about how evil ISUS is. Its like Saddam's "WMD"s + "Nurse" Nayirah got together and gave birth to a kid on steroids.

And its nothing new...

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posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 05:23 PM

originally posted by: aboutface

The global planners are busy people what with their nefarious plots. They are expert strategists.

And one thing not many people understand, is that they are very long-term planners as well. When a plan comes to fruition, it wasnt just whipped up in a smoky back room the night before; it was planned, meticulously, for months, years, or decades in advance... but it is never a rigid plan. Its fluid, and can change with the times, and adapt to and exploit new opportunities.

ISIS/ISIL is a relatively new relevant phenomena, and TPTB are going to grab that and run with it IMO, based on the publics emotional response to them.

Russia, for all the hubbub about it ATM, I believe, is a distraction. It would be just far too loony to either go to real war with Russia, or expect anyone to actually support such a thing, even with a manipulated event blamed on Russia, because I dont think many people would actually buy it.

But with ISIS/ISIL/IS/whatever the hell they are calling themselves now?

MOST will buy it... and MOST are already in Reaction mode, and ready to support an offensive and "security measures" against the new external threat, which inevitably means giving away more liberty in an emotionally prone moment.

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posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 06:00 PM
a reply to: CaticusMaximus

Your point is well taken but it’s somewhat irrelevant in light of the humanitarian disaster facing people who are victims of ISIL.

Presume what you say is true then what do you suggest we go? Go all our lives worrying about our absolute rights and just let barbarians murder half the earth while we keep your civil rights pure.

Certainly sinister people will always use the circumstance of tragedy to form an agenda.

And certainly the western powers have and will use this and other tragedies to bolster police state tactics.

What else is new?

I think it’s a matter of priorities and perspective and of course balancing the reality of genocide with the possibility that negative forces will later take advantage of this to further another agenda. That being the case we just have to be vigilant in the future after we deal with this humanitarian and world menace.

Therfore the ISIL threat has to be confronted with all due diligence ASAP, imo.

This group is the very essence of evil and as bad as any government we face in the world; ISIL is on another level of depravity.

The very kind of oppression and tyranny you are pointing out to us ISIL far exceeds any group in the planet.

Also even if ISIL is a concoction then what choice does the world have, it has to deal with it at face value.

Indeed, one could have a healthy understanding of the so called Globalist agenda and at the same time realize and understand that abstracts of conspiracy theories are one thing and the reality of a happening like genocide is also a reality and must be dealt with accordingly.

posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 06:01 PM
a reply to: CaticusMaximus

Of course people are upset with this band of crazies. I thought decapitation was base and vile, but when you have a 7-yr old hold up a head, it's reached an all-time low, as is cannibalism. Exploiting the situation is what they do, as well as goad it along. Like did someone urge and goad the little boy to pick up and handle the head, then give the pic to the media? Who, among sane people anywhere, would give such a picture for public perusal?

posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 06:13 PM
a reply to: CaticusMaximus

I already gave the members here on ATS the most likely terror operation to happen here on the 'homeland' soil...

sure Jihadists only number in the ~ Under 100 Thousand~ here in the USA
but just the fact that they are allowed 'free reign' to train & equip themselves to do Sabotage on their sworn enemy without any FBI or Counter Intelligence friction to their agendas and terror training camps allowed to operate here
...Is There a Muslim Terrorist Training Camp Near YOU?...

recall the recent threat to fly the ISIL flag in the WH threat....
there are more than 32 Jihadist training camps on our soil right now...
but senior citizens are being groped by TSA.... instead of holding these thousands of terror minded zealots in detention centers to screen or vet them to live in the freedom the USA allows potential criminals, until they have actually done the terrorist act...

no--- that is not an option, the Jihadists living/training/plotting in these sequestered camps are 'sworn' to create terror on the USA so confine them until deported

posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 06:37 PM
a reply to: Willtell

I do not disagree with anything you say. And I believe it is inevitable (and must be) that ISIL be dealt with.

But the focus of my OP is about the also inevitable exploitation of ISIL by TPTB for their own agenda and war against the people. We need to learn from history. Its been barely a decade since 9/11. Im calling for people to not forget the results of allowing the emotions of fear and hate to get the upper hand in their minds, of which are and were a great centralizing of power, and giving away of liberties for the illusion of security.

posted on Aug, 12 2014 @ 12:08 PM
The only thing I could possibly add is what my besties taught me long ago.

Allowing yourself to have hate in your heart allows another to have power over you.

In no way will I say this is easy. This is however necessary to learn and apply.


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