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What is worthy of Honor?

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posted on Dec, 3 2004 @ 11:40 PM
The ability of a people to honor their government and institutions is a sacred civic virtue. It is the foundation of any decent and good civilization. It is from this sacred trust that authority derives its proper place in our society. In our free nation, it is a vesture given by the people to those who have shown themselves trusted and able leaders, or gifted in the field into which we have promoted them.

It is the necessary duty of the free men of this society to carefully examine these civil trusts and social contracts, and to instruct his sons in their natures and forms. We must, as a Free Nation, maintain this vigorous watch and maintain our integrity, else the hateful forces of corruption and tyranny will emerge in them, and we will find ourselves serving them in shame.

Americans, you have not taken up this standard as you ought. You have let the rod of your strength drop to the ground, and you have wandered into the dark maze of this modern society. Having explored this miserable modern construction of commerce and political entanglement, it is time for us to awaken our former duties, and remember our true names.

Spit out the poisons you have swallowed up in your half-dreamy state, cast away from you the filthy gifts of these robbers of nations, and wipe away from the mouths of little sons and brothers the words of these corrupt merchantmen. Strip yourselves of the unhealthy adornments and baubles that have entered into our lives as a confusion to our virtue.

In these things there is no honor, there is in them the work of death and great ignorance, slavery is the product of these abominations. Free sons of Liberty, reject these new men, and strike the faces of your enemies as they come to rob our people of their inheritance.

It is not lawful for us to give honor to this new system, it is evil, and them who have established this terror over the children of this nation cannot be praised by any free man. It is the duty of free men to weigh his nation, to measure the works of his government, for he is the authority of this land, not the government -- or those would govern unelected.

Deny them their honor, refuse them their praise, for that is service to Truth! Free men need no permission to exercise their right, it is not the place of governments to tell us our business. Them who have tried to do this have made themselves your kings, and have forced our children to swallow their tyranny. Be done with these fantasies they have given you of your future! They have only lied to you.

There can be no Liberty among the international combinations of power. It is these foreign elements that have corrupted the minds of our leaders, seducing them with the temptations of total power in a land that would not ever allow it. They have pledged themselves to foreign causes, and made their business the establishment of a hostile foreign will, in the name of a new interdependence and shared responsibility. These phrases are but a hint at the secret tyranny of the new masters of the world. Instead of the openness and dignity of the Republic, our honor is sold away to strange lands, and given over to whom we would not approve of. The right of our own people to enforce their Liberty above the foreign nations of the world is taken by subterfuge and force, who then tie us to corrupt economies. Our material integrity is smashed and defiled, swallowed up by the hidden cabals and secret powers of whom any righteous man should be suspicious.

It is always true that the evil plan is hatched in the shadows, fearing the light, and shuns all lawful examination. Such is the treachery of wicked persons and the destruction of nations. It is within the hidden cabals of financial power that these forces have combined against us, and have grown lustful thoughts towards our fair Liberty, to have her bound before them, so they may have their way with her.

These foul powers and their traitorous intentions have remained concealed from us for too long -- our eyes have been closed, not willing to see! Our minds have been sealed - unwilling to contemplate the terrible, unthinkable threat that has come to our race: That our own people, our own brothers and sisters, should condemn our race to an era of global darkness in the name of wanton, material avarice. A planet of slave nations, bound head and foot to one another, dependent of the systems of industrial production, who are in turn controlled by the elite masters of a new world order.

That is what they have intended, these traitorous dogs. Wake up and regain consciousness! The threat is no longer a warning in a book written long ago. It is upon us, it seeks refuge in our high places, hides in our sacred institutions. From these protected places, its collaborators and servants have conspired against the land, and its people, without any opposition. It is time to bring them into the light, and give them no more refuge.

Let us remember what is worthy of honor, so that we might also see what is not worthy, and then take council among the men who have sense. Let us retain our Liberty, and remove it from those who would have us be slaves to an invisible master. Let us tread upon their evil intentions, and break in pieces the yokes they have prepared for us and our little brothers.

Awaken! Rise and become firm, take up our Great Cause of Liberty, which is your inheritance.

posted on Dec, 3 2004 @ 11:50 PM
Well now, that didn't last long.

posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 12:22 AM
This post is great. What is so bad about it that you had to ban this person? I really wanted to talk about it.

posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 10:29 AM
Who in the heck are you talking about? be more specific, who are the evil crazy people we are, or should be fighting against ?who is the power at large your talking about?.........

posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 10:31 AM
i mean that in the nicest possible way

posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 08:41 PM
This post is is trying to remind us that a government must be honorable. In a free society, especially a self-represented society like America, it is evil if the government is not honorable.

It isn't proper for men to allow a government to continue if it become sdishonorable, if the nation is a Republic. Look at what has become of America, my blessed land! The Bush government has become a fearsome bully, not only to the world, but to OUR OWN PEOPLE, which is not something that anyone should ever tolerate in a FREE SOCIETY. America doesn't belong to George W. Bush, Congress, the Senate, or any company. It belongs to the PEOPLE. We have the authority, and we have the RIGHT to remove any power that tries to establish something WE don't like.

The spectre of a police state has arrived to America, all its' apparatus is in place. All that's needed is another crisis, and the ball will start to roll. It will be shock and awe, against our own people. That is not honorable, THAT is not worthy of honor.

What are these evil men going to do to us for demanding their removal from power? Try to kill us all? Try to turn the military against the people of America? Nonsense! They remain because they have planted fear and helplessness in us, and that is the most shameful thing. We don't need an uprising, we just need to unifiy our emotions and thoughts into popular movements and reforms. Recall the congress, recall the president, remove the judges. Replace them with reasoned, intelligent men who do not intend on selling us out to the evil NWO.


posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 09:27 PM

Originally posted by Arkaleus
Recall the congress, recall the president, remove the judges. Replace them with reasoned, intelligent men who do not intend on selling us out to the evil NWO.


There is a popular folklore that incumbent "president" George W Bush received sufficient of the presidential vote around the States in 2004 to reclaim the "presidency" through the Electoral College process.

Not only that, but there are people who believe tabulations that afforded Bush over 51% of the "popular vote" and that such an attainment is tantamount to a mandate from all Americans to continue with the disastrous policies of the neo-cons.

How would you propose to have this "president" and his cronies in the various arms of government and the legislature recalled? We often debate the merits of "impeachment" which unfortunately has not much to do with removal of the Bush cancer from the Whitehouse or this administration from office. Is that a starting point, or no?

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 02:51 AM

You gather the people with strong, common cause. Then you form a new government from new people, and displace the old body with the new one. It is our own country, there is no separation between "them and us" We are ourselves, government is from US. It does not rule us by royal fiat, and if were to try then it becomes our enemy. That is the social contract we spelled out in blood and revolution, and they goddam better obey it.

Mr. Bush, America isn't some company your pappa and buddies bought you. We are not your employees, or your servants. We reserve the right to rule ourselves, and to replace our government and ANYTHING ELSE WE DESIRE. We tire of your incompetence and contempt for human life and Liberty.

I cannot thank the neo-cons and the Bushes enough. They have done more to awaken the sleeping sense of American Liberty and righteous dissention than any other group in hundreds of years.

There is a common thought piercing the mind of every righteous American man, every man that has a soul, and an understanding mind has inwardly recoiled against the evil that has come out of these past few years.

It needs to be plainly understood that in America, we don't need our government. In America it's perfectly legal to say, "The federal government should be peacefully dismantled and replaced tomorrow." In fact, it is the most expressly sacred right spelled out right in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

To NOT do so would be to fall on the knees and prostrate to the ugliness of tyranny and wickedness. All righteous, thinking men know the cause of wickedness in men, and how much greater that wickedness is once it manages to get into the institutions of government and power.

There is no law MANDATING the existence of the Federal government. The Constitution was specifically designed to prevent the consolidation of power by the Fed over the states, and for good reason. Absolute power corrupts men totally. If the Fed were to assert its right and power to exist over the will of the people to oppose it, then it at once becomes a lawless tyranny, and leaps off its own foundation. It becomes a rogue entity, super legal, and beyond the bounds of the carefully framed limits set forth by US, the PEOPLE. To be taxed and regulated by such an entity is insult to every free-thinking man in America. It is perfectly legal for a state to override and replace every single federal system that seeks to establish a grip on it.

It is insulting how the federal government extorts thats right extorts compliance from states. Do this and that or lose $x millions of dollars in such and such federal fund. If that were done in business or private life, it would be a criminal offense. Im not kidding around.

You can't put a nice face on a power grab, and you can't euphemize a coup. If the Federal government does not humble itself before the people, and withdraw from its turned towards a total police state, then it invalidates its contract with US.

We then have the responsibility to recall it, and to demolish it, reform it, and re-assert OUR right to form a government that serves us, instead of a tyranny that RULES us. We are dangerously close to true tyranny, and men are hopelessly ignorant of this condition.

We should NEVER have to fear our government. When we do, and it's something deep down and totally out of our control, We must take that brave and manly step and establish ourselves to ourselves, and gather our people by the common cause of Liberty again.

These criminals have exposed this country to danger because they have done many unwise and evil things in this world, and now they are so maddened with power and evil that they want to make themselves permanent kingdoms in the world. They want to lock us down, because we are the only nation that can threaten their plans.


posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 04:17 AM
This guy could write great movie dialogue, although a 10 minute speech would make you wanne go buy more Ju-ju beans. I really wish they would have concluded the topic with a question or a directive of some sort.

Oh! Wait, he did direct us:

Awaken! Rise and become firm, take up our Great Cause of Liberty, which is your inheritance.

Now I need to know what to do about this.

[edit on 6-12-2004 by ben91069]

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 12:48 PM
The solution is to build a community. We do not have to remain in the "systems" and cities. That just makes us a weak and dependent people. Those who share our spirit and love of Liberty must separate from those who do not. That is the only way.

There is no bloody revolution, that's not how it will go down. We must gather ourselves, good to good, wise to wise, and righteous to righteous. We will take with us the true treasure of this nation, which is within us. It does not exist in the wicked, the slaves, or the ignorant. They will remain in the cities, and serve the evil that will come to this world.

We are the free people, the true and legitimate sons of liberty. We must gather ourselves, so that we may see each other, instead of the wickedness and evil of the world. When we are alone, we can be overcome by small forces, but when we are gathered, we become unbreakable. This is the mystery of the bundle of arrows in the talon of the eagle, a band of brothers is not broken.

Most of us are poor young men. This is because our natures are similar! We are the vessels of Heaven on this world, our minds contain the treasury of this whole world. We have the Liberty, the Truth, and the Love of Righteousness. Our desire is for good, and the desire of our enemies is for violence and evil.

Never before has the opportunity arisen for us to awaken and find each other. Never like this. The most awaken among us are receiving guidance, and seeing things clearly for the first time. As this process unfolds, our race will be revealed. It's actually something that was predicted 2000 years ago. They called us the race of "Seth"

The concept of a race of light that is scattered all over the earth is not a new one. But now is the time for is gathering, and it will gather in America. That is
the whole spiritual purpose of America! The modern powers have perverted her purpose to be that of materialism and the freedom of vice. It was never intended to be so. Discover your own identity, and take a new name for yourself.

More to come.


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