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Disease, Mandatory Vaccines, WHO, CDC and the NWO Agenda

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posted on Dec, 3 2004 @ 03:34 PM
The recent media focus in relation to deadly viruses is causing people a fair amount of concern, and rightly so. Not only do we have to fear global warming/climate change and terrorists, now we also have to worry about deadly viruses that threaten to wipe out huge portions of the population.

Whenever a new virus emerges, the World Health Organization (WHO), the health arm of the UN, sweeps in and starts studying the mystery disease. They then release terrifying reports of another horrible, mutative virus and the devastating consequences if the virus was able to infect and transmit through human hosts. Nations are on alert.

The WHO is advising the world on how to deal with epidemics in case of an outbreak. Stories of terrorists possibly having access to bio-weapons, and of more diseases, old and new, dot the media. Smallpox, bird-flu, pig-flu, mad-cow disease, AIDS cases ever-increasing! And yet...some are starting to ask, "where are these viruses coming from?"

There are many items on the NWO agenda, the ultimate goal of that agenda being a one-world government and possibly enslavement of the peoples of the world. One of the prerequisites for success of this plan is the reduction of the the world's population to a manageable level; manageable enough to be able to keep track of and control every single person on the globe.

According to theory, the main technique for the furtherment of the NWO agenda is a simple, yet clever, three step process:

1. Manufacture/create a "problem".

2. Manipulate reaction on a certain direction and toward certain targets.

3. Provide a solution to the problem that is in line with your agenda.

Another example of this would be to engineer a terrorist attack against your own people and use that to start a war that benefits your agenda. Sound familiar?


So how will the NWO reduce the population by such a vast amount? What problem can they create to then present the solution for in order to obtain their goal?

Nuclear War?
A cheap, quick, easy way, but remember they want control, not absolute destruction. A ruined globe, covered by nuclear winter is not the elitist paradise that they are trying to obtain. Still, the threat of nuclear war and nuclear-equipped terrorists has the advantage of keeping the people in fear and on track with the world government goal.

What about climate change?
Altering the weather with modern technology that is hidden from our knowledge. Changing the alignment of the poles to create a virtual ice-age over the more heavily populated regions of the northern hemisphere. These are great ideas, but again, the NWO bigwigs don't want to rule over an ice-covered popsicle-world, they want the world the way it is, only as theirs for the ruling.

Killer viruses?
This is the method that I strongly believe will be used as the population-culling mechanism of the NWO.

So you're a mover and a shaker in the upper echelons of the NWO cabal. How do you institute this viral solution to your over-population woes? Well, the old Problem-Reaction-Solution workhorse has never failed you before, and the people never seem to wake up to it. Let's roll the old girl out of the garage and see if we can't fire 'er up again, shall we?

Here's a little story:

I am a farmer rearing cattle, competing with another farmer in the next property who rears sheep. I want everyone to eat beef and I also want the property of my competitor. So I secretly inject his sheep with a virus which can be fatal to children who eat their meat.
Problem created.

Now I start a scare campaign via my brother who owns the local newspaper to say that eating lamb is dangerous and that sheep meat is riddled with flesh-rotting viruses. Nobody believes it, until one day, a child dies after eating lamb from my competitor's farm, which of course I myself tainted with viruses.

All of a sudden everyone is terrified of eating lamb. I release further, gruesome reports and pictures of the child(ren) before death to heighten fear. People even stop wearing woolen clothing. The sheep farmers and some honest scientists come forward to say that lamb is harmless, but I post articles declaring them heartless demons who are only out to line their own pockets at the expense of your children's lives. I have well-paid scientists that "independently" support my "lamb is a killer" spin. People start protesting outside the sheep farms and lamb is taken off the local market.
Reaction manipulated.

Finally, I present my plan to the local people to cull all the sheep and burn the carcasses. My brother and I will even pay for the entire operation ourselves because "we care about your children". The people accept my plan with fervor and I am hailed as a hero. After all the sheep have been culled, I have my scientists take blood samples in order to "search for a cure", when in reality I am enhancing the lethality and transmittability of the virus. I buy the land at a super-low price and let the people know that I will be using it to rear cattle only. The people clap and cheer and rest easy, knowing that justice has been done and their children are safe. My brother gets elected as Mayor of the town and we start our campaign against pork.
Solution provided. Beefocracy goal obtained.

But hey, I don't stop there. I want to control the meat market for the whole country! So I start a campaign to "immunize" ALL sheep against this deadly virus. In the name of protecting our kids and our sheep, I send teams of scientists with veterinarian-like slogans and logos and white coats all over the country to inject sheep with my "vaccine". I sell the vaccine to real veterinarians who actually have no idea what is really in it, they are merely responding to the demand for the vaccine, which in reality is a new, improved version of the original virus. Slower onset, and harder to detect, so as to extend the transmission period and infect more sheep. Before you know it. Most of the sheep are dead and millions of children have died, but boy did I make it big! Hey, maybe I should buy up the last remaining sheep and control everything. Hmmmm...

Who do you think the sheeple in this story are supposed to represent?


Massive population reduction by means of manufactured viruses is perfect for the NWO's goals and needs. After a human-targeted virus has killed off the "undesirables", the "lesser races" and the people of overpopulated countries, nature will still be pretty much in the state it is today, and with a lot less folks around to smog it all up and chew up resources. Cities will still be intact. Farmland will be untainted. The Earth will be as a new Eden, ripe and ready for new masters to step in and play gods.

But won't the engineers of this plan also be at risk from the viruses? Well, no, not of they already have the cure. If you have the technology to build and create a virus, you can also create a cure. If you can't, then you continue research until you find one that you can cure.

Imagine watching millions...billions of people die from a virus that you know you have been immunized against and have no risk of catching. Feel like a god yet? Well you should do; after all, you unleashed one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse: Sir Pestilence, Slayer of the Weak and the Poor.

Simply releasing a virus onto the world presents a few problems:

Firstly, you can't control the speed of transmission, and that could mess with your plans. Everything has to be timed nicely. Wouldn't want everyone dying off tomorrow before we've set up how it's going to be afterwards.

Secondly, people are an annoyingly resourceful lot. They tend to band together and overcome problems in times of crisis, coming up with things like quarantine and viral-inhibitive drugs. Hell, even AIDS sufferers can now live for years and years with the help of drugs. This is useful for the NWO agenda when it comes to negative things, like starting wars and such, but not when it comes to positive things like fighting disease.

And thirdly, people actually can develop natural resistance to viruses. I mean, even 10% of people survive the Ebola virus and become completely immune to it.

If you create and release a killer disease that is sexually transmitted, it might work fine in poorer countries (hmm...this one rings a bell, too). After all, people will always feel the need to feck, even if it kills them. Those dirty homosexuals certainly are a horny lot. But what happens when richer folks start wearing little rubber things on their obelisks? All that viral-engineering tech foiled by a thin layer of latex, dagnabit! Back to the drawing board boys.

What about super-viruses that spread like wildfire and turn your internal organs to mush while you're still alive, killing you within a few days? (Ebola anyone?) And whaddyaknow, let's put it in the same, over-populated continent that we tried the STD one in. But, oh no, the disease acts so fast that it kills of the carriers before they can make it to the next village to spread the virus, effectively collapsing in on itself.

Well all this experimenting has been fun. Fear is up, costs are down, and you've gotten some interesting results from the boys at WHO and the Center for Disease Control after taking all those blood samples from the people you killed: new viruses on the horizon for sure. But how can you ensure that all the people you want to get it, get it. And how can you control the timing? What about...?...That's it!Vaccinations!!

By injecting people with the virus you can control the timing of the release. You can also ensure maximum coverage of populations. You're so smart after all your research that can create an A-B virus. The A part, mixed in with real vaccinations for known viruses like Hepatitis-B, makes the recipients absolutely incapable of resisting your super-virus. Hell, you could even convince sheeple to spray this stuff into their mouths and noses themselves!

Then you release the B part, the virus itself, and all the measures that worked against disease in the past fail miserably. If you release a few wacky viruses into these countries to give them a little scare and throw in a little fear propaganda for good measure, when the WHO boys come around folks will be lining up to get the fix-all needle for them and their babies: like lambs to the slaughter.

You, your NWO buddies, and a selected portion of the population, however, have been vaccinated with the true vaccine and have been immunized.

NWO Films, in conjunction with Illuminati Studios, United Nations Enterprises, and the Antichrist Corporation, presents: "THE GREATEST DISASTER MOVIE OF ALL TIME", to be released this decade. APOCALYPSE TOMORROW Now showing at a vaccination clinic near you!! Kids half price.

Vaccinations immediately followed by outbreaks. Is the vaccine causing the disease?

Government spin says: "Don't worry, it's NORMAL to collapse unconscious after a vaccination."

1979 New York gay community vaccinated for Hepatitis B, followed by first known outbreaks of AIDS in the US, also in New York. WHO vaccinates against smallpox in Africa at same time as AIDS appears in Africa.

A rebuttal to theory that the New York Hep-B vaccination was the vehicle for introducing AIDS to the US.

WHO made AIDS?

Spinning up the West Nile

US California State Emergency Health Powers Act (California Assembly Bill AB 206) Mandatory vaccinations and quarantine without justification.

CDC's latest release: Monkeypox in the US

US School nurses say "Hep-B vaccination causing intellectual disability in children"

US National Guardsman faces jail for refusing vaccine

Hollywood Propaganda/Disinformation:
- Outbreak: The "bad guys" are the generals who want to bomb the town. Then the good guys appear with their vaccine and everything is peachy.
- Dawn of the Dead: Corporations making viruses. Biowarfare. One scratch, one bite and you're doomed.

A great summary: "Why vaccination continues."

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