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500 Million

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posted on Jul, 31 2014 @ 12:23 AM
Everyone who dealt with such matters knew from Serkoff's defection (1963) and the later defection by Dr. Alibek that the Russians had warheads with genetically modified smallpox and Ebola which when released would be 100% fatal for those exposed. The problem if released, would be a big finger pointing back to the USSR.

The USA in a war of Biotech had decided long ago 'do not mix agents of death' and due to our lead in bioengineering the decision was made to work on individual agents and make them more effective. Ebola was the agent of choice because of it's lethality but, it needed a more effective way of being propagated/spread. Instead of contact by body fluids along with Ebola's quick incubation period and burnout (which had always been problematic) a new approach was needed.

It was decided to genetically bind Ebola and a common retrovirus which encoded in RNA instead of DNA. Simple really; thus one of the common cold viruses was selected. After years of trial and error the final agent was deemed successful. To celebrate a commission was given to proceed with the construction of the Georgia Guide Stones.

The final agent languished in level 4 labs strategically placed in many safe countries all over the world waiting for the day when the perpetrators (we) had finished our plans for continuity.

Things began to fall apart around 2012 because of all the alternate news sights on the internet and the decline of the mainstream propaganda outlets losing their viewership; hacking was always a threat even though our group was very careful with communications.

Snowden sped up many things because there was a great fear of how many more Snowden's might be waiting in the wings with possible damaging information; regardless of how compartmentalized the program had been . Some of the key researches have been dealt with through accidents and becoming infected with their creations over the last several years.

I saw what was happening and did my best to disappear. To what end I honestly do not know anymore. They evidently decided to release the mutated virus in Africa because it was felt the lack of education and widely separated populations would be a great outdoor lab to test exactly how well EBR7 transmission in the real world would work.

As those who have survived to date know everything got out of hand ! EBR7 during our testing could not be spread during the first 21 days of the incubation period.... "I swear" !

Something happened to the splice and a slight mutation has now evidently caused the virus to become infectious as early as the 3rd day after exposure. No one could have foreseen that, no one!

This may be my last entry for I am now running a fever and am developing classic symptoms that was included in my own damn paper summited way back in 1984.

"I had planned on being one of the survivors"!

"Lord what have we done".

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