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Triathlon Brothers

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posted on Jul, 30 2014 @ 09:59 AM
Caught a glimpse of a story this morning on a morning TV show that brought tears to my eyes. tears of joy and sorrow.

Joy that no matter how hard you get hit in life you still give it your best and sorrow that so many children suffer in this world. tml

and another article

Noah an 8 year old and a hero in my eyes pulled and pushed his 6 year old brother Lucas who suffers from an rare neurological condition over 200 meters of swimming, 3 miles cycling and 1 mile running.

Take about inspiration a child can give to a world run by adults.

I just wanted to share this gem with ATS, tried the search and couldn't find this so I had to share this inspiring story.

Humanity has so many faults and struggles that make life extremely hard for so many but then you get such a simple gesture of brotherly love that can inspire us to be better people our selves.

Thanks for reading and share the your love and thoughts.

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