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The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation by Ernest L. Norman

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posted on Jul, 29 2014 @ 10:34 PM

When I worked for a large bookstore in 2007, I came across this book along with Ernest L Norman's The Voice Pulse Series, Truth About Mars, and many other titles. The cover of the book caught my eye because it reminded me of something that I had read at the time. All of the books were "rejected" (My company resold donated books and would scan the ISBN number for their value) so I ended up taking them home with me.

The first book I read was "The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation". The table of contents alone was very overwhelming. When I started reading the book, which consist of 13 lectures that were taped then transcribed, I had a hard time believing that this information came out in 1956. Every sentence was just jammed packed with knowledge/wisdom that was mind opening to me. He clearly explains how the spiritual world is connected to the material world with science. Explaining harmonies and sine waves and how they relate.

Ernest L. Norman
He talks in one of the books about how he was a "child prodigy" and that he was very smart and self taught by reading his father's books. I believe he was an electrical engineer.
After World War II, He would read palms and past lives for people. Especially for wives who had lost their husbands in the war.
In 1954, while performing a lecture for people about his philosophy, He met his wife Ruth. They were married shortly after, and together they formed the group Unarius (Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science).
After meeting Ruth, he experienced much stronger channeling and would astral travel and communicate with these "teachers" and the teachers would speak through him. Ruth would listen and type this all out.

The lectures consist of Ernest on a stage, channeling different "spirits." There are a ton of familiar characters from our history: Einstein, Tesla, Darwin, Mendel, Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Bacon, and many many more. "Students", or the people in the crowd, ask questions and they answer. It is very enlightening and makes you think from a different perspective. That is why I am amazed that the information is from the 1950's! And that I have never heard of him before or after. If these books are a hoax, which they very well may be, then it was written by a very intelligent person. Very entertaining and thought provoking. I, to this day, apply a lot of these concepts to my thought process and it has helped me move forwards tremendously.

I have read the book several times, and every time I learn something new. It takes a long time to grasp and experience some of the concepts that are presented in the book. A lot of the concepts are just now being discovered/accepted by the mainstream world. I have searched on Amazon and you can buy hardback copies of this book for 99cents! So I think if you are interested then you should pick this book up and give it a try. I also recommend The Voice series.

In the Voice series books. HE astral travels to Venus and other interdimensional planets in our solar system and talks with all sorts of great characters from our past. The books are very entertaining and educational! Who knows, they may even be non-fiction.


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