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Arab Columnists: Arab Countries are Hypocritical on Iraq

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posted on Dec, 3 2004 @ 12:34 AM
Wow I have been complaining that no one from the Arab world speaks out and it would seem that if they do they are in the minority but some do and what they have to say is very interesting indeed.

This Country Will be a Platform for Liberties in the Whole Region

Egyptian journalist Nabil Sharaf Al-Din also spoke on Al-Jazeera TV about the future of Iraq. The following are excerpts from the program:

Nabil Sharaf Al-Din:"We are not being fair to the current Iraqi government. Not me, nor you, nor the other guest on this program, not even the viewers, but history will do justice to them. These people are establishing the first democracy in the Middle East. This country will be a platform for liberties in the whole region. In Iraq, the days of a leader who remains on his throne until he dies are gone. This is over. For the first time the Iraqi leader will be elected by Iraqi ballots."

Interviewer: "We've heard that [head of the Sunni Clerics Council in Iraq] Sheik Al-Dhari says the purpose of [Sharm Al-Sheikh] summit aims to assist the occupation…"

Nabil Sharaf Al-Din: "This Al-Dhari is a mufti of terrorism and slaughter. This Al-Dhari is the military branch of the murderers, the military branch of terrorism and televised slaughtering This Al-Dhari … and his group… Sir, please…

"First and foremost, the claim that this summit was meant to save America… When have the Arabs succeeded in resolving their own crises and conflicts?"

(1) Free Elections in the Arab World Occur Only in Occupied Iraq and Palestine

(2)'What Prevents Arab Regimes from Holding Free Elections is Fear of the Will of the Peoples'

(3)'Ask the Arab League Why the Media in Occupied Iraq and Palestine Enjoy Freedom Under the Occupation, While the Media in the Other Arab Countries Do Not'

(4)The Iraqi Regime Is More Legitimate than Most Arab Regimes


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