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Can the 2014-15 Edmonton Oilers Rekindle the 1980s Dynasty Majic?

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posted on Aug, 16 2014 @ 03:24 PM
I think Leon Draisaitl will click with Nail Yakupov immediatly, I also think that Yakimov has the tools to make the roster,I have seen a lot of video of Dre" and he can really dish from his backhand and he really uses angles a lot,he makes accurate hard crossice passes with forward momentum,he rarely makes risky passes that are not terminal set-ups in other words his linemates can ONE-TIME EVERY PASS or SHOOT IMMEDIATLY because Leon DOES the WORK to set up terminal playactions by moving the opponents where he wants them, this is EXACTLY THE TYPE OF PLAYER YAKUPOV IS, together they will be dynamite, but if Eakins gets his nads on their development and forces them to play a restricting system they will wilt and not excell.

If these players can not use their creativity then their impacts will be disappointing,I shudder at the thoughts of Dallas breaking in Draisaitl,after he nearly doomed Yakupov I lost patience with his bush-league manipulation tactics,a lesser balled management group would have traded Yak-City by now,Eakins nearly screwed us all on that one.

Bringing in Slepyshev right now will give Eakins a project with elite upside,a no-misser for him to credit himself with "fixing",if he can force Sleepy to think defense he COULD have a long term high scoring NHL roster player available right now.Sleepy says one more year in the KHL,maybe NOT if he clicks with Dre' and Nail.This guy has a trigger like nobodys business, he looks like a PP finisher. He is also a one shot scorer,Draisaitl might be right up his alley,Sleepy loves to shoot he likes getting into the tenders heads he is always watching them for holes,he is like a barracuda looking for holes from everywhere on the ice, he will need to relax and simply shoot with Dre'.

Everything about leon is coming towards the net and at the goal,he fights through first contacts so he has to have linemates who support him by ALWAYS having their fingers on the trigger and ALWAYS going to support and scoring positions.You can COUNT on Dre" pushing through first contact and this creates the playing field he likes most,this is NOT something the Oilers have seen from the middle in decades.If you add Nails EXCELLENT passing to Slepyshevs scoring touch,you could have something special and long term,if you add Yakimovs size to the wing with Dre"s physical middle pressure,Yakimov will force room for Leon to SCORE A LOT OF GOALS, no defense will have an easy time holding back Yakimov on that wing and with him pushing to the net every possesion Leon will have the middle exposed constantly and Nail as an outlet,but a man of Yakimovs size and more importantly SPEED can catalyse a special Western Conference SIZED impact.

I am losing sleep thinking about Slepyshevs RIGHT HAND SHOT coming off of the left wing ....and....Yakupovs LEFT HAND SHOT coming off the right wing, because I see Draisaitl hitting them with setup passes for onetimers ALL NIGHT LONG.

But I have seen Yakimovs hands and how he likes to use his size and body,I happen to think he will make a perfect 2nd line winger to compliment Dre' and Nail.All he has to do is crash the Wing and put pucks away.If he can challenge the NHL defenses as MPS was learning to do then he will be ok.

I would still trade MPS for Perron one for one right now.I am a HUGE MPS fan and boy would he have fit nicely with Dre'.

posted on Aug, 16 2014 @ 09:38 PM
a reply to: one4all

Safe to say that you've changed my way of thinking on the way the winners are playing the game right now. You've reinforced idea's that i had with a sound solid comprehensive system that works. i look forward to seeing the sabres win the cup, their odds are 100-1 so can i put the house on black? haha

posted on Aug, 17 2014 @ 10:04 AM
a reply to: kicked

Well it depends where your house is located , Resedential Real Estate has been taking a Chris Pronger elbow to the Chops lately.

Before you put down the Abode lets make a functional connection to the Sabers.

The winners over the last 3 years ,the Kings-Hawks-Kings have all use NewAge Hockey System Intuitive Dynamic Management modifications to the Systems they were using prior to the NHSs release online.

Online Ststistical fans working on stats based concepts were assaulted by the NewAge Hockey System 4 years ago when I burst onto the scene with my cutting edge new ideas which completely ignore stats and combine Intuition and video replay together into a functional communication platform called Intuitive Dynamic Management and this structure is supported by Intuitive Dynamic Analysis another NEW cutting edge form of Analysis now being emulated and duplicated by many Stats Analysts without crediting the true source.Immitation is flattering but these people are MISREPRESENTING the concepts and philosophies of Intuitive Dynmic Management and Intuitive Dynamic Analysis,and they have also attempted to monetise the ideas .

I clashed with stats people on all of the major sites in epic fashion,cutting their work to pieces and providing them with a better alternative to chew on,the Capitalist munsters jumped on the bandwagon and assimilated my ideas while Fiscalising them to make themselves money.Tyler Dellows is a perfect example of this dynamic,he is taking the NHSs credit and is being supported by the Oilers in doing so by their hiring him and promoting him.

The Oilers were well aware of the NHSs existance and impacts,they also knew it had been created for them specificlly,when they failed to catch the ball and began to actively disenfranchise the NHS they were forced to search online for a similar source of Analysis,all they could find was Stats analysts,then Darkhorse Analytics was hired to counter the NHSs impacts,to give the Oilers a way to posess a similar type of asset,but Darkhorse couldnt ADD anything and the Oilers didnt improve,but the NewAge Hockey System was already one Stanley Cup into its career at that point,then the Oilers created the Hackathon,a contest looking for Analysts and Hockey minds that were not stats based they were STILL searching for an influence that could emulate the NHS because nothing being produced by their Stats Team was working the same ways for them,at this point the NHS was done its SECOND Cup celebration after influencing the Hawks,then came last season with the Kings again winning with the NHS modifications they had integrated two years earlier.The NewAge Hockey System and its Intuitive Dynamic Management Program coupled with its Intuitive Dynamic Analysis has epiclly impacted and evolved forward the ENTIRE GAME OF HOCKEY over the last 4 years, the Western Conference has dominated due to this influence originating where it did,the Oilers home site where Moma2s NewAge Hockey System was first presented online ,the path from there to Jarret Stoll and the Kings then from the Oilers to Scotty Bowman and the Hawks,Scotty Bowman is on-air commenting on the Oilers "new" transition tactics he had noticed and was going to tell his managers to implement,these were NHS Intuitive Dynamic Management catalysed tactics several key Oilers players were actioning independantly of the Coaches just remember Sam Gagners spectacular 8 point night and consider how he managed to do that on the team he was on,the rest is History the Hawks tore the NHL up and walked to their Cup.

Just remember this,

Advanced Statistical Analysis which is simply statistics re-arranged again and is nothing new ..... IS NOT ANYTHING LIKE ..... Intuitive Dynamic Analysis which is an anticipatory Intuition based structured on-the-fly real-time perspective and is absolutely NewAge and cutting edge.

Guys like Dellows already have online support beginning to parrot my explanation of what his type are doing in their exploitation of the NewAge Hockey System and their bastardisation of its concepts and philosophies,they are beginning to use the words Dynamic and are starting to say he is combining stats and video for the first time,when all he is doing is immitating the NHS and sugar coating that Intuitive Dynamic Analysis in numbers then selling it to the Oilers.

Dellows fails to credit the NewAge Hockey System and Moma2 its creator for creating and developing Intuitive Dynamic Management and Intuitive Dynamic Analysis,and in doing so defines himself as an immitator NOT a Student of the NHS.

Eakins and his predecessors made this same mistake and paid a heavy price for the dereliction of Duty, suffice to say that the record shows that Moma2s NewAge Hockey System which was created IN EDMONTON specificlly FOR THE OILERS but was rejected by Management went on to positively influence and impact EVERY STANLEY CUP SINCE ITS RELEASE to the public.

The NHS modifications were implemented by PLAYERS on the ice both in Edmonton AND in LA when the NHS was initially released,in Edmonton the ideas were NOT supported by the Management and were simply integrated by the players themselves,in LA Sutter with about 24 games left in the regular season and things looking gloomy let the men do what they wanted to try and rolled with it,this allowed Jarret Stoll to tune in and refine the adjustments he was learning online from the Oilers site where Moma2 was posting them and the rest is Stanley Cup History.

The Hawks were the first team where Management took serious interest and worked in an organised manner to exactly follow the online templates for the NHS I made available,and they took the NHL by Storm on the way to their last Cup.

Take note that the Kings did not win back to back and neither did the Hawks, that was PREDICTED by the NHS, the Kings failed to formally aknowledge credit or thank the NHS for its inputs and the result was a guarantee from the true source that they WOULD NOT WIN BACK TO BACK,then the Hawks had Bowman go on the record and openly say he was using tactics he may or may not have known were Oilers OR NHS tactics ,and after his team wins and he is also asked to thank and credit the NHS for its inputs ,he does not comply,so the same guarantee was made ON THE RECORD ONLINE that the Hawks WOULD NOT WIN BACK TO BACK using the NHS modifications.And it was so.

The LA Kings COULD HAVE three-peated had they simply come to the NHSs source, the OILERS SHOULD HAVE THREE-PEATED because the NHS was ACTUALLY CREATED SPECIFICLLY FOR THEM and was given to them first and produced incredible results for them first ,but it was rejected by Coaches and Mnagement.

Now the Sabers will get a taste of Lord Stanleys Nectar, and it is very much on the record that the NHS will guarantee this happens.

It hasnt been mentioned to many times but over the last 4 years even at the Apex of a Franchise worst losing streak OILERS DYNASTY LEVEL RECORDS were suddenly being BROKEN during sporadic bouts of INCREDIBLE DOMINATING OFFENSIVE EDMONTON OILERS HOCKEY , this was when there were quite a few Oilers in the room following the NHS guidelines but still doing exactly as their coaches asked .The entire NHL was flabbergasted by what the Oilers had cooking,1st string Goalies were being pulled like bad teeth for a while under Krueger when an Oilers Coach finally tuned in partially to what some players were dialing into .During this time period the Oilers also had a PREMIER POWERPLAY near the top of the NHL heap.This was no coincidence.

Suffice again to say that you would be amazed if you were to read the entire Moma2s NewAge Hockey System history and were to see how Intutive Dynamic Management evolved itself out of the Systems creation and then how this Program then necessitated the creation of Intuitive Dynamic Analysis,you would be awed, then if you were to see the template or path the NHS took as it impacted specific individual players and rosters culminating in direct inputs to three consecutive Stanley Cup wins,you would be shocked and awed, then if you were to see the complete story of how the NHSs concepts and philosophies have been assimilated by the existing and vulture like Stats Indusrty you would be shocked-awed-and
left with a bad taste in your mouth.

One day someone at TSN will catch the NHS wave and will come calling I am sure,ha ha ha,I used to sit at home with my Family and Friends and literally call in tactical read and reacts.I would let people pick names of specific players then I would choose tactics on-the-fly in real-time that would neutralise the opponent and allow the specific player to SCORE an NHL goal.Repeatedly,this was not a one-time thing.All of this is online ,I was posting in real-time during games.There are DIRECT CONNECTIONS between Mainstream Media-On-line Media and Televised Media, there was one particular game during a stretch online where I was explaining how quickly the data was being transferred from my laptop to the players on the ice and there were many detractors amongst the stats crowd online commenting negatively,well the T.V crew must have been tuned in because during a specific series of tactical read and react posts I made for the Oilers on-line...the TV Cameramen panned in on the Oilers BENCH as I was posting and you could clearly and in FULL FRAME see the Asst Coach wispering into the Coaches ear,then you could see the Coach delivering a specific message to specific players EXACTLY AS I HAD OUTLINED ONLINE,the result within 1:30 was an Oilers goal by the SPECIFIC player on the SPECIFIC PLAYACTION based on NHS tactics I had posted.

The above example is one of many, there are specific NHS tactics you may follow for 4 years as they work their way out of infancy and begin to evolve the NHL by EXAMPLE,by contributing to WINNING CONSISTANTLY.

If you actully CREATE something NEW and are the SOLE proprietor of the data you can superimpose your impacts onto ANY NHL ROSTER YOU WISH TO SEE WIN.

The NHS can choose ANY team in the NHL and absolutely turn them into winners overnight.

I will take the Sabers there to prove a point to the Teams and individuals who have taken the NewAge Hockey System for granted, this is my choice,this will also shut down my online Stats co-jobs like Dellows and others who have been trying to ride the NewAge Hockey Systems coat-tails.There is only ONE SOURCE of Intuitive Dynamic Management and it is the NHS and there is only one source of Intuitive Dynamic Analysis and it is the NHS.

The best part of all is that I am open to helping any NHL team interested,I am free to do as I please, watch the Flames because the NHS response to the Oilers retaining Dellows will be an NHS History lesson for Brian Burke.Then we will see a new Broad Street Bully version of the NHS style of play an LA with true Grit and Truculence,one which COULD be very effective in the Western Conference these days.

Mac-T and Eakins and Ramsay and Thompson and Darkhorse and Dellows and the rest of the Oilers supporting cast are currently doing their best to catch up to the Kings and Hawks and Blues and other teams already using the NHS modifications they rejected 4 years ago.They will do their best , last season things were coming around slowly.

When I created the NewAge Hockey System I was aiming to CREATE a SUPERIOR System which would OUT-PERFORM the Oilers Dynasty teams results.I accomplished my goal.All we have been seeing over the last 4 years have been NHS concepts ADDED to existing NHL Systems and their Structures,we have simply seen NHS modifictions,NO ONE has ever been given acess to the full and complete NewAge Hockey System data-base, the Intuitive Dynamic Management Program and its off-shoot Intuitive Dynamic Analysis are simply core value concepts and philosophies expressed tacticlly,these are only small parts of the Full and Complete NewAge Hockey System.I created the NHS for the Oilers,I only released PORTIONS OF IT publiclly because they failed to aknowledge and credit the NHS after they began implementing it,they were suppressive.

So the full and complete NewAge Hockey System has NEVER been released and it will remain under wraps until the Oilers find the right men to action it,men of higher standards who are not held back by personal and professional insecurities,men who will give credit when and where it is due.The Winning Formula NEEDS honesty above all else,this honesty is the PRIME DIRECTIVE on every level of a Winning Formula.

I have spent 4 years spreading and establishing the NHS,starting in the Western Conference,this was BY DESIGN.

Now by that same design it is time to indoctrinate the Eastern Conference,everyone should simply be glad Sidney hasnt called yet because Gagner and Sid have connections,if the Pens ever retain the NHS there would be no stopping them for 3 or 4 years.As it is they will be watching the Sabers transform overnight and will be in shock and awe.

I respect Doug Weight so i have been considering giving him the NHS Advantage, he was aware of the NHS impacts during a specific Playoff run and on-air he in a way DEFENDED the NHSs impacts which HE RECOGNISED,this means he has the right mind-set to instantly grasp the NHS concepts and philosophies.

I am into growing the NHS and nothing else,there is work to be done,ha ha ha.

The Oilers are now simply learning to run an NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid System of play,Eakins is just playing catch-up after spending an entire year regressing to set his own tone.The Oilers were already using an NHS Adjusted-Hybrid 3 years ago but the Coaches would not run woth it.Now the last 3 Stanley Cup Champions can claim their bones because both teams were running NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid Systems.

Moma2s NewAge Hockey System IS NOT an NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid System we are seeing the last 3 Cup Winners using ,the NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid system was CREATED by simply applying a few NHS concepts to EXISTING NHL SYSTEMS OF PLAY,you can superimpose the NHS concepts onto ANY existing NHL System with epic results.This is what I have been doing for 4 years,spreading the NHS Love.

However the Pure Unadultered Moma2s NewAge Hockey System is still pristine and protected,unreleased and patiently waiting to evolve the NHL one final epic time.

posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 03:55 AM
a reply to: one4all

It grinds my gears that the Oilers are essentially trying to steal your intellectual property and pass it off as their own. I'm an Oiler fan, but that has been teetering in my mind over the past years basically due to the incompetent decisions made by their hockey operations. What sucks is that no matter what they do, their bottom line won't be affected because of the corporate draw of the games. The majority of the people who attend the games in Edmonton don't pay for the tickets themselves, and in turn it becomes a vicious circle. All that said, in my mind, reading through your system the only teams that i envision playing the style that you describe are the aforementioned teams in your post ie the Hawks and Kings. Really, you've developed a system that any intuitive hockey mind can get behind, because it works. The resistance from the Oilers is not surprising, as it's just another mistake in their never ending list of blunders. Dellows is the perfect match for the Oilers. It's idiotic to think that you can use statistics, which essentially become history the moment they are recorded, to predict or influence the outcomes of games. From the day i started down the rabbit hole of advanced stats i knew that there was a better way. and what do you know, here it is. Your insight is wordly and refined, and it's almost too obvious that the Edmonton Oilers would reject it.

posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 09:31 AM
It used to grind my gears as well,but 4 years ago when I began the NHS Journey I was forced to create a long term Tactical Dynamic Template to chart the course I EXPECTED the Oilers to take,I had to consider how new ideas would be viewed by the Oilers Management Group,after having witnessed all of their evolutions firsthand I was in a solid predictive position,I KNEW the concepts and philosophies would be accepted by the Players for they are bullet-proof,but I also knew that the Leadership group was NOT answering directly to the Owner Darryl Katz,this meant there had to be trouble coming,the Oilers are Traditionlly bullies when it comes to any type of negotiation.I EXPECTED their reaction and I outlined clearly the consequences of suppression,which would be further and continued online exposure for the NHS and help for the Players,and I also clearly outlined the dynamic consequences of this data being openly posted online in a place where legitimate NHL minds would have unfettered acess to it.I warned Oilers management that the NHS would be accessed and actioned by other NHL Players and Teams if they continued to reject them and allowed them to remin online and evolving.I simply wanted aknowledgement,credit,a thank you and Coffee Mug.

The Oilers are slippery, I would not say the stole anything from me,I created the NewAge Hockey System FOR THEM SPECIFICLLY and gifted it to them and the Players ,they simply refused to aknowledge and validate the NHSs concepts and philosophies which was fine until they began to openly use them ,which TO ME the Systems creator was CLEAR and OBVIOUS.To anyone with a lesser degree of involvemtn it may not have been so easy to pinpoint each time they directly referenced the NHS and actioned on its data.

The non-comittal Teflon stance was absolutely expected.

You see the evil crept in when the Oiler realised that the NHS was for real,that whoever was behind it was creating solid positive impacts.When they understood that the NHSs creator wished to be validated and was NOT going to be bullied they pulled the pin and went into Oilers Bully Mode.

The Oilers had been Gifted the ABSOLUTELY NEW AND CUTTING EDGE NHS and acess to Intuitive Dynamic Management and also to Intuitive Dynamic Analysis.

The Oilers DID NOT KNOW HOW TO DEFINE OR UNDERSTAND ...INTUITIVE DYNAMIC MANAGEMENT....they were aware of its impacts,but had no data on it,and could find none anywhere.So they began to look for PLACEBOS for IMMITATORS and naturally they found Statistical Analysis and its fluid excusatroy ability to form itself into anything you want it to be.

They hired Darkhorse Analytics to try to match or understand the NewAge Hockey System and its Intuitive Dynamic Management Program,instead of validating and acessing the SOURCE they very well knew existed,they chose to suppress the source and to CREATE their own methods,they intentionally promoted Statistical assets to undermine the NHS clear and present impacts.They were trying to jam it down the NHS yhroat because they were VAIN and did not respect the NHS,they believed that there was NO WAY any one man could match or overpower their cumulative years of Round Table NHL acumen,well they were sadly mistaken as history has shown,as suppressed as that history has been to date.

When Darkhorse was NOT able to provide them with any type of positive forward growth or momentum they paused and re-assesed their path.After making the mistake of rejecting and disrespecting what they NOW KNEW was an impactfull and valid source of data they were in a prediciment,how were they to make nice AND gain 100% control of the NHS and Intuitive Dynamic Management?Well they tried a Contest called the Hackathon,it was represented as a contest looking for alternative perspectives on NHL hockey Analysis,the top prise was a spot on the Oilers Analytics team,they failed to mention that this prize meant a non-disclosure agreement and exclusivity for the Oilers.I openly told them to forget it,no way,no how.The Hackathon is now known online for what it was,a desperate attempt to manipulate cutting edge newage assets without having to respect validate or pay for them by the Oilers.

Now the NHS was evolving at speed and had gone far beyond the Oilers.

Tyler Dellows is simply the Oilers latest project, the Oilers have been trying to re-create the NHSs impacts for 4 years now,they are in long term denial.The Oilers have a documented evolution of their own we can all follow,the evolution of their attempts to create and promote Statistical Analysis as the be all and all of Analytics,from Darkhorse to the Hackathon to Dellows hiring the Oilers are simply trying to cover their arses, they know very well what the NHS is and exactly what it can do,their problem is that they could not control it and they missed the boat and burned a Bridge they will have to pay dearly to re-build.

The Oilers brought Ryan Whitney in here to quarterback an adjusted-hybrid system that used set defensive plays and transitions combined in its core value approach, Ryan was a perfect fit and is still a top ten first pass breakout man.

Two years ago the NHS was introduced to the Oilers indirectly and unofficially online. The NewAge Hockey Systems philosophys began to seep into the Oilers game bit by bit. The NHS is the evolution of the adjusted-hybrid system into a 100% offensively catalyse possesion/transition style. This is done by eliminating set plays and focusing on 3 controlled transitons.

Ryan Whitney was having trouble adjusting his first decision within the first defensive zone transition out of our end, he is an elite first pass man who has developed hard to break NHL caliber habits that help him be elite and the adjustment brings his game down to human and exposes facets his passing normally nullifies. Ryan couldnt provide the consistant variable zone pressure needed to satisfy system requirments because of the way he sees the ice. His mistakes are magnified because of his past and our teams evolution away from his being the catalyst of our offense.

This is an old post from wayy back. i simply want to show you what type of environment the NHS evolved out of,I cannot show you the ADVERSARIAL thread this post was on but suffice to say it was surrounded by Stats based perspectives who were agressively trying to disenfranchise something new that produced impacts more tangible than their stats analysis.
This post is an example of Intuitive Dynamic Analysis,Howie Meeker used to provide it for free on the air many years ago.

Ryan was not benched due to lack of effort or performance, it isnt his injurys any more than it was that last year, the Oilers organisation has a defined lack of integrity, these exact thoughts were offered on their site last year before we turfed the season by trying to do-initiate the fast break adjusted hybrid upon Ryans return, remember we had been winning consistantly using a different system the coaches chose based on the loss of Ryan and all the rookies we had, they chose a hybrid system that used a balance of set defensive and offensive plays for 60 mins, set plays that imitated a transitional system which is the type tht maximises our talent and skillsets, so we were having excellent sucess with Whitney not in the lineup and with Potter taking his place. Potter has an above average first long pass and can also consistantly use his mobility to pressure the puck straight up-ice to mix it up. Whitney needs to catalyse his play from behind the net and wait for the forwards to set up, we cannot do this anymore because Ralph wants his defence to put pressure on the forcheck .

Oilers managment was responsible for the devaluation of Ryan Whitney over two years, and it was done because they were disorganised and lacking a system that would help them win, they were trying to keep the adjusted-hybrid running hoping it would return them to the playoffs , Ryan was brought in for this specific task, however when our team was flooded with high end talent and skillsets its size dropped a tad and its truculence also dropped a notch or two like its experience level, unfortunately for the Oilers managment group the adjusted hybrid is best manned by veterans with moxy and patience, well now we found ourselves with the opposite roster men to what the system required and it showed in our ineffective attempts to make the system work, when Ryan was hurt we were forced out of the coaches comfort zone and we turned to a simpler system that did work for us, but remember this wasnt a tactical decision by the coaches that got us all the early wins last year--- it was a bleedin fluke we even changed the system!! A combonation of Ryans injury and all the raw rookies made us stumble upon sucess.

We still dont have a suitable system and every time I try to discuss the issue online people refuse to go there, there are to many fans who arent interested in the coaching and system stuff to get much feedback and it takes a long time to post the volume of data to properly discuss the topic.

However that being said , I personally created the NewAge Hockey System with the Dynasty Oilers PP and Gretzkys on-ice managment of it as my template. I spent two years posting NHS data to the team on their site, eventually it began to sink in and was implemented in specific cases with tremendous sucess.

If we used the NHS Ryan would still be a usable system asset at the elite level, he is right now even in this adjusted-hybrid system, its the coaches who cannot bring him onto the right page, this is because they dont have the communication skills to get the job done. These clowns dont even have a structured system description or historical context of the sucessful systems the Dynasty team used. If I asked them what the equivilant to a hybrid was in their pro vocabulary they wouldnt be able to conceptualise the hybrid to give me an accurate answer. As soon as I say abandon all defensive structure and framework they panic and immediatly begin to cover and run. When I say statistical analysis is garbage and useless they turtle or fight back defending the money and resources they are wasting, when I offer Intuative Dynamic Analysis as a superior replacement to their statistical analysis they balk at me, when I show them that the NHS is verifiable with results and point out that statistical analysis is like working with a Vegas Bookie and that those analysis cannot ever be verified based on results they refuse to discuss it and turtle or run.

When I say the NHS can generate 40+ shots and 4+ goals per game it scares them but interests them, parts of the NHS have been implemented over the last two years, the NHS and my online campaign led the Oilers to hire DarkHorse Analytics so they could try to leap over my head and prove that they had the resources to illustrate how the NHS was more accurate then they were. They were wrong and Statistical analysis is a waste of time and money. I offered the entire system to the team and was treated horribly, my data was utilised but I was completely ignored officially by the team, they used NHS data and tactics and then acted as if they were just hockey tactics which they already had knowledge of, it was a joke.

Dont confuse Whitneys results this year, they are system generated. He is performing to his best levels, his coaches dont understand how their own system works well enough to properly utilise him, for gods sakes they cant even sort out their shooting tactics as per their o-zone entrys, they cant even provide puck support after the initial shots, these are symptoms of an inadequate system.

Ryan Smyth is a victim of the same system evolution and coaching inability to communicate properly. Ralph Krueger can deflect accountability via players forever if he chooses, but he will still be showing a lack of integrity through that action when his troubles are system based.

The fact is this friends, the adjusted-hybrid squeezes out about 25% more offense than a traditional hybrid like most NHL teams use, it does this through the blending of specicficly a fastbreak d-zone exit with a transitional o-zone entrance and there is no middleground, the coaches dont even understand their own system well enough to realise this. There is no more offense to be taken out of an adjusted-hybrid like Ralph is trying to use, he is doing exactly as Renney did and he is trying to tighten up the defense, first technically and now with more physicality, nothing is going to work because the adjusted hybrid is designed to stay close to a hybrid and then eke out 25% more offense over 60 mins for the competative win, there is no dominance invloved here because a traditional hybrid can easily put an adjusted hybrid into a system checkmate and vice versa, this means that the transitional aspect of the adjusted hybrid can easily be shut down by most team in the NHL today. We have a talent and skill laden team that is able to execute a system superior to the adjusted hybrid we are using and the coaches just dont have a system template that they consider superior, after all the adjusted hybrid was created by the Oilers and it is as close as they could get to reproducing the Dynast Oilers results as was humanly possible over 15 years with oodles of NHL braintrust involved, for the record Gretzky himself couldnt reproduce his own system execution -- because he was a savant not a communicator his leadership was all on ice by example and direction where he could have tactile influence to even a tiney degree, the NHS teaches players how Wayne did this, it could teach Wayne how he did this.

I know how Gretzky thought the game and i am an Intuative communicator with a competative sports background, I have developed a system of playing hockey that is closer to Wayne Gretzkys cerebral tactical perspective than anything ever created to date. The NHS is and was tailormade for the Oilers. It could be implemented in one or two practices of games on the fly. I am also an ex-athlete that didnt exactly respect hockey players growing up in Hockey country and I crushed them all the time in all other sports and enjoyed it tremendously so my attitude is a bit abrasive when it comes to tolerating the elitist crap most hockey players including pros defend and spout off. I disregard hockey traditions and tactics because I hammered even the best athletes who were predominately hockey players as a young athlete because of their obvious and solidly coached into them limitations and weaknesses from a dynamic perspective, they were coached out of creativity so early by the time they were teens they couldnt think on their feet worth a spit.

If you are a dominant athlete and a leader It is hard to explain in words to people how you can change an entire games outcome by utilising alternative tactics, by gently structuring game dynamics to favor your side, its called the "little things" that guys do, but really it is all dynamic situational managment, and has little to do with athletic ability it is more cerebral. many times I would do out of the norm things on the field or court to remove my opponents from their comfort zones and make them start to react dynamicly, weird things that arent usual to screw up their thought processes and to add unneeded facets to the dynamic, I tried to overload them mentally from the first minute on with my own focus being the last minute. The entire competition to me was one big dynamic chess board and my own actual contribution elite as it may have been was rarely the key to winning, I spread myself around as much as I could dynamicly and used my teammates as extensions of myself. This is what Gretzky did, and i know it because i was dominant, not competative but dominant. You cannot be dominant based on your own athletic skillset, ever.

For hockey people here is an example, during a game I would use my athleticism to push a specific defender to within 80% of busting him down but I wouldnt bust him down, I would let him off the hook thinking he had outplayed me, then I would revisit the same guy and take him to 80% of being beaten again and let him off the hook, then I would pick a teammate wose talent and skill level matched the amount needed to school the target and I would then use my own skillset to exert peripheral pressure on the play dynamics and I would then "talk" to my teammate and tell him when to bust his move on my signal, and seriously I would create the proper dynamic and exert enough peripheral pressure in the right places to weaken the targeted opponent even more as my teammate acted as my hand of god and smashed the opposition through the weakened hole in their dynamic action potential.

You see people I needed everyone to play a structured system to allow me to be the floater or the general and still execute my own system responsibilitys properly, and in all my years of competing I only ran into a few athletes with this ability actually I only remember one an elite football player named Palmer I played with. He was able to match me physically and mentally, and he was always bothered by knee issues at that. Methinks if he was consistantly 100% healthy he mayyy have outdone me.

The NHS already has some Oilers players who are students of the philosophys, I could name them easily because I can immediatly see their NHS influences as they initiate them on the ice. In fact if you read this last 3 paragraphs you should be able to identify the one Oiler leader most able to drag this team to a cup already because he is doing exactly as i described consistantly and has been for two years, two years of historicly documented NHS data influences being manifested on the ice by an individual is very easy to identify if the tactics are counter to tradition which the NHS is. In fact there are several individuals who have embraced this NHS system on the Oilers as per their on-ice performances and efforts and adjustments. If the coaches had any cojones and if managment had any cojones they would have already found the source of the NHS data which happens to be me, instead I was suppressed and banned from their site and the Oilers hired Darkhorse to counter my influences in an attempt to replicate my Intuative Analytic skillset, my bet is that even mentioning the NHS is a punishable offence. Statistical analysis is garbage and cannot be verified as being results based on any level whatso ever, it is like Snakeoil. The Oilers Hackathon is a blatant attempt by Darkhorse to scalp intuative analysts from cyberspace in an attempt to fill this void before their statistical analysisscam is exposed. Welcome to my world boys, I am notjust an Intuit which alone is extremely hard to find but i am an Intuit with a sports background, and ha ha ha not only an Ituit with a sports background i was ha ha ha the Most Outstanding athlete in my High School and coached 3 different athletic teams after school for 3 hrs+ 5 days a week for extra credits. There is no replicating this dynamic because the combonation of intangibles is ultra-rare. You want to hire an Intuative Analyst to help your team you want to hire me, if your team is a hockey team even more so because there is a unique special dynamic here, I NEVER played hockey at any organised level in fact I hate skating totally but I played every other sport imaginable, I was never exposed to hockey type coaching and brainwashing, so I seem to be in an interesting dynamic position where there is zero hockey coaching influencing me to any degree. Add the creation of the NHS to the package and I say my going rate is whatever the stats crooks get plus a game by game premium based on wins and losses, hell i will base all of my renumeration on wins and losses, why not.

If my approach and attitude seem odd this is normal as I am a visual thinker which is how I do what i can do. I am not a traditional thinker as most people are. I have no reverse gear and i ultra-focus, I dont ever visualise failure, it just isnt an necessary option if you plan on winning at everything you do. Competative dynamics are ALWAYS decided in the arena of competition by the men or women competing, coaches and systems and tactics all become secondary when battle is engaged. One man can catalyse the win every time, if the team believes in him and trusts him, one man can manifest victory against any opponent irregardless of skill or talent differential. It always takes a team to win but teams always need to have leaders and one type of leader is an Intuative leader like Gretzky was and like Steve Nash is.

The Oilers need to catalysearound this type of leader because they have 3 or 4 players who can provide this type of leadership and all are at different evolutionary points. One is a natural visual thinker by birth and several are learned visual thinkers who have developed the ability which IS TEACHABLE. soon the team dynamic will become clouded as their natural tendancies pull them to try to take the bull by the horns. These players need this ability to be delegated and utilised within the system immediatly. On most teams just one of them would naturally rise to the top quickly and definitively, but with so many we will end up having the wrong type of internal competition in the team dynamic if we dont begin to micro-manage these assets properly via system execution that provides tangible results, you see losing will make these types of players fall back on their individual strengths leading to a fracturing of the leadership dynamic. This group need to define its leader or leaders and it needs to see winning results soon or irrepairable damage will begin to affect the team dynamics.

We are blessed with a handfull of minds that can see the game in an elite manner, most teams are lucky to ever find just one. we do not currently have a system of play or coaches who can recognise and harness this immense asset. If we aquired the right superior system and the coaches bought in then we would be ok, but this adjusted hybrid is not good enough and the coaches dont have a better alternative either on paper or in their heads or we would be seeing it right now.

Ryan Whitney is a classic example of a one dimensional elite performer being asked to provide two dimensional support to a two dimensional system, and it just isnt going to work. This entire dynamic is the responsibility of the coaches and managment , Ryan has every right to be peeved at this blatant mismanagment so does MPS and several otherscaught in the evolutionary "system cross-fire" we are stuck in right now
.....................................................................................................................................................< br />

You are exactly right regarding the dynamic reality of who supports the Oilers Season Ticket base and where that money comes from,this excellent analysis illustrates precisely why the Fanbase in Edmonton feels and IS so disconnected from the Organisation as a whole.It is because many of the ARE disconnected,or dis-enfranchised from traditional fanbase dynamics.The Overall individual opinions and feelings of satisfaction OR dissatisfaction comprising the fanbase are to a large degree SILENCED and SUPPRESSED,this seems to be the Oilers comfort zone as an organisation,one they have grown into,maybe they havent realised what they have become and what this has done to the normal fanbase inputs which they never seem to connect to,the VALUABLE TELLING HONEST fanbase evaluations and observations.

I have traditionally called this behaviour by Oilers managements ELITIST,they are simply Vain and unrealistic,to used to controlling to many aspects of their individual destinys.

Stay tuned to ATS,this is where you will find your NHS data.I am about to bring the Ssabers online with the NHS and it will be classic to be a witness to the methodology its speed and its impacts.You catch more bees with Honey than you do with Vinegar,so you must GIVE SOMETHING VALUABLE to make friends,something IMPACTFULL that can be validated,then you must have faith the organisation has enough TRUTH to bring it forward.

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We came out this year playing a basic system that was catalysed by fastbreak dumpins, this didnt work. We adjusted our defensive zone exits because we were bleeding there. Then we recognised that we needed to better recognise and react in the Neutral zone so we adjusted that. This in effect changed two of Ralphs core values systemwise right off the bat we already reset our defensive and neutral zone tactics to reflect a new and better transitional style, we were still stuck on 2 transitions working with the 3rd cylinder seized.Then we came to the stark realisation that we werent getting enough shots so we adjusted our o-zone entrys from a fast break with the wee dump-in to a more controlled transition, and WHA-LA we finally embraced the only system that has given us positive results since Mac-Ts similar system when we went on the near miss run to the Finals. Suddenly we were getting shots and lots of them but something was still wrong--- we werent scoring goals, the shots were there but we werent scoring. Our reaction was to begin to change our bottom 6 players instead of diagnosing the real problem within our execution. Then we got a few injuries , the 2nd line carried us for a few more games but we still hadnt figured out how to score shots or not, players began to get the snakebitten look in their eyes and body language teamwide. Then we benched a d-man who didnt fit into the transitional style naturally and had difficulty adjusting to his system role, then we benched a bottom 6 guy who is our most decorated veteran leader all in the hopes that this would solve our scoring issues. And alas we hammer a team for 55 mins and then lose two points because we couldnt score a goal or two to bail out the man who has been bailing the team out all year long. Even with a respectable volume of shots-- key word being volume not volume of system generated shots-- this is not a trick question but does Ralph know the difference no disrespect intended.

That is what I see, and to me Ralph is slowly but surely following the NewAge Hockey System template one very long and painful step at a time , he is watching the team evolveing and it is forcing him to evolve as well, the total package of data Krueger needs to catch up to and eclipse this nuclear evolution is available for him immediatly if he simply googles moma2s NewAge Hockey System. His team is taking him directly to water, now lets see what he does.

We are only a few very minor adjustment away from dialing our offense in in a massive way, we are executing two of the three core value components that we need to focus on in a consistant and dominant fashion, oddly the most difficult ones we have already mastered. We have a huge communication gap or more accurately chasm that no one wants to discuss, this puts a lot of pressure on Ralph, he is pretty busy being a professional NHL coach so even though he is also a pro communicator he needs a third party perspective to keep himself honest and integrity driven.

We need the NewAge Hockey System immediatly because it contains the exact adjustment we need to make to initiate our offense at 100% energy in one game, in one practice scrimmage Ralph can verify the adjustments. We are in a very precarious situation right now because there is a great risk of Ralph overadjusting and knocking our excellent work awry, we have actually completed the most difficult 75% of executing both Ralphs system and the NHS which are very very similar as well but we are missing the final adjustment and it is a communication issue that ralph is missing totally. Ralphs system is not the NewAge Hockey System or he would have identified and adjusted to this already by proxy of core value components of the NHS, he wouldnt have been permitted to get into this position using the NHS.

We just played an excellent game, our last 6 games have really evolved wonderfully for us, now we need to stop-drop-and roll, then take stock of our progress from a more pragmatic winners perspective. We have accomplished a great deal already and are lucky that all of our young guys have matured on schedule since last year. We are executing 75% of exactly what we need right now, we are in a very positive position, however we are out of time and we need to make some terminal adjustments in the next ten games or its probably lights out.

Those adjustments are out there waiting for Ralph and the creator of the NHS is an Oilers fan and catalysed the system itself out of the Dynasty Oilers PP and Wayne Gretzkys work and perspective. The NewAge Hockey System was tailormade for the Oilers. All I can say is Tactical |Shooting Program and that Freddy Chabot should not be picking shootout shooters, not at all, in the NHS he wouldnt be allowed to have that degree of input in such a core area because the system itself would be dictating game by game who was best to take those shots based on dynamic realtime results not statistics, think about that because it is the real difference between what Ralph is trying to do and what the NHS will teach him to do. This is a dynamic communication issue, Ralph and his support staff dont have enough professional help manifesting and utilising Intuative Dynamic analysis and it is costing them a tremendous amount of energy and resources and consequently points in the standings.

This was a post from the Krueger era made when the Hackathon contest was on and just as we were sniffing that playoff spot we held for a Gnats heartbeat.It just sort of gives you an idea of the types of things the NHS touches on,it is a random post but it illustrates in part how long the same challenges of Statistical overload and over-reliance have continued on for,and remember these stats influences ALL CARRY EXCUSATORY INTENTIONS AS THEIR MAIN DRIVERS,this is what stats do ,make excuses so people can mull over them and find the best ones which they KNOW will eventully lead them in a curative direction ,not SOLVE ANY PROBLEMS OR CREATE SOLUTIONS but help them play a game of which one of these excuses is better than the other ones so they can make a group decision and split the accountability as many times as possible ,survivability is part of being an Oiler and this environment corrupts everything it touches, the key word being EVENTUALLY,in the Oilers case it is 8 years and counting. Stats are regressive in nature and cause mis-reads and false/positive assesments.

We can review 4 year old posts which state the same messages.Oilers Management are savvy and will not let the NHS loop slip around their necks,as I said for them working under the circumstances which have evolved in Edmonton it is a Survivability issue and no one in the group is willing to step forward because if there is anything they have learned as Oilers it is that the bullets Oilers Upper Management loads their guns with carry tangible impacts,they are not to be trifled with,they are a little Kooky if you know what I mean,they "could" go off at any time.Imagine working as a welder with a stick of TNT strapped to your arse all day, you wouldnt make to many unusual or un-necessary lateral or other-wise movements,would you?Neither do people working for the Oilers when they may be facing off with any of the olde Guard or their cronies.Once they get their hooks in you are finished if you do not hold equal influence and weild it artfully,they are professionals at the brand of business they do in fact action,and on many levels are to be respected for that acumen no matter how you view it.We came out this year playing a basic system that was catalysed by fastbreak dumpins, this didnt work. We adjusted our defensive zone exits because we were bleeding there. Then we recognised that we needed to better recognise and react in the Neutral zone so we adjusted that. This in effect changed two of Ralphs core values systemwise right off the bat we already reset our defensive and neutral zone tactics to reflect a new and better transitional style, we were still stuck on 2 transitions working with the 3rd cylinder seized.Then we came to the stark realisation that we werent getting enough shots so we adjusted our o-zone entrys from a fast break with the wee dump-in to a more controlled transition, and WHA-LA we finally embraced the only system that has given us positive results since Mac-Ts similar system when we went on the near miss run to the Finals. Suddenly we were getting shots and lots of them but something was still wrong--- we werent scoring goals, the shots were there but we werent scoring. Our reaction was to begin to change our bottom 6 players instead of diagnosing the real problem within our execution. Then we got a few injuries , the 2nd line carried us for a few more games but we still hadnt figured out how to score shots or not, players began to get the snakebitten look in their eyes and body language teamwide. Then we benched a d-man who didnt fit into the transitional style naturally and had difficulty adjusting to his system role, then we benched a bottom 6 guy who is our most decorated veteran leader all in the hopes that this would solve our scoring issues. And alas we hammer a team for 55 mins and then lose two points because we couldnt score a goal or two to bail out the man who has been bailing the team out all year long. Even with a respectable volume of shots-- key word being volume not volume of system generated shots-- this is not a trick question but does Ralph know the difference no disrespect intended.

That is what I see, and to me Ralph is slowly but surely following the NewAge Hockey System template one very long and painful step at a time , he is watching the team evolveing and it is forcing him to evolve as well, the total package of data Krueger needs to catch up to and eclipse this nuclear evolution is available for him immediatly if he simply googles moma2s NewAge Hockey System. His team is taking him directly to water, now lets see what he does.

We are only a few very minor adjustment away from dialing our offense in in a massive way, we are executing two of the three core value components that we need to focus on in a consistant and dominant fashion, oddly the most difficult ones we have already mastered. We have a huge communication gap or more accurately chasm that no one wants to discuss, this puts a lot of pressure on Ralph, he is pretty busy being a professional NHL coach so even though he is also a pro communicator he needs a third party perspective to keep himself honest and integrity driven.

We need the NewAge Hockey System immediatly because it contains the exact adjustment we need to make to initiate our offense at 100% energy in one game, in one practice scrimmage Ralph can verify the adjustments. We are in a very precarious situation right now because there is a great risk of Ralph overadjusting and knocking our excellent work awry, we have actually completed the most difficult 75% of executing both Ralphs system and the NHS which are very very similar as well but we are missing the final adjustment and it is a communication issue that ralph is missing totally. Ralphs system is not the NewAge Hockey System or he would have identified and adjusted to this already by proxy of core value components of the NHS, he wouldnt have been permitted to get into this position using the NHS.

We just played an excellent game, our last 6 games have really evolved wonderfully for us, now we need to stop-drop-and roll, then take stock of our progress from a more pragmatic winners perspective. We have accomplished a great deal already and are lucky that all of our young guys have matured on schedule since last year. We are executing 75% of exactly what we need right now, we are in a very positive position, however we are out of time and we need to make some terminal adjustments in the next ten games or its probably lights out.

Those adjustments are out there waiting for Ralph and the creator of the NHS is an Oilers fan and catalysed the system itself out of the Dynasty Oilers PP and Wayne Gretzkys work and perspective. The NewAge Hockey System was tailormade for the Oilers. All I can say is Tactical |Shooting Program and that Freddy Chabot should not be picking shootout shooters, not at all, in the NHS he wouldnt be allowed to have that degree of input in such a core area because the system itself would be dictating game by game who was best to take those shots based on dynamic realtime results not statistics, think about that because it is the real difference between what Ralph is trying to do and what the NHS will teach him to do. This is a dynamic communication issue, Ralph and his support staff dont have enough professional help manifesting and utilising Intuative Dynamic analysis and it is costing them a tremendous amount of energy and resources and consequently points in the standings

Statistically catalysed analysis is sinking our ship, we are overdosing on Las Vegas bookie type data, and we need an antidote soon or we will go terminal and lose the season. The antidote is Intuative Dynamic Analysis and we dont have until next year to scrub it up through online contests, so when are the Oilers going to diagnose this terminal weakness how many symptoms do they need to see become manifest before they can make an accurate call and acess then apply a remedy.

I think we have an excellent Head Coach who is very lucky that there is a system available to him that is nearly identical to his own personal brand of Hockey which happens to posess the offensive core values he now requires, and I think a professional communicator who is also an NHL coach would recognise the need to reach out to all data sources both conventional and unconventional when a remedy was required for his system. Just google it, or start a thread asking for it. I am pretty sure it wouldnt cost any more dollars than DarkHorse is costing the team

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@ kicked

The prior post was an old one made when the Oilers were trying to "capture" the NHS with the Hackathon contest,the Oilers were just approaching the playoff spot they held for a Gnats Heartbeat,this was made when Ralph Krueger was running the Oilers,IMHO the best opportunity the Oilers had to create continuity and winning results,I believe Ralph Krueger was OVERACHIEVING and became a victim of his own sucess.

Ralph krueger was taking the Oilers in the NHSs direction slowly and surely and the team was producing excellent results on the ice in every area,BUT, something forced Ralph to change things at a CRITICAL JUNCTURE,something EXTERNAL influenced his path and evolution and that influence SANK THE PLAYOFF CHANCES.

When this post was made I was aware Ralph was coming along and was not overtly fighting the NHS influences which were evolving and gaining momentum and producing results,positive results, but was also aware I had engaged his bosses years before he was even on the scene,and I had repeatedly stung them albeit unintentionally,I even had Pat Quin quoting NewAge Hockey System Philosophies and concepts ,VERBATIM,..... LIVE AT PRACTICES..I have not given to much thought to WHO interfered with Ralphs game-plan and path but the dynamic evidence surely does exist that he made some unusual adjustments that flew directly in the face of reason at CRITICAL times,this is out of pattern for Ralph during those times.When you are in Synch with every small detail of what the team is doing and how they are going about their business from a System perspective you NOTICE immediatly whenever a Head Coach steps out of his persona or comfort zone or professional suit,it is that personal a connection when you are utilising Intuitive Dynamic Analysis consistantly,you actually get to know the men you work with,you learn their habits and their tendancies,you must or you cannot understand how and why they make the decisions they make,you cannot anticipate them or respect them until you understand what kind of people they are and what makes them react and tick.It is even easy to see which Asst Coaches are putting in overtime because their impacts show so clearly even in small quantitys IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THEM or NOTICING THEM.When you KNOW a team must make specific System adjustments during a game you also know WHOSE wheelhouse that responsibility falls into,if it is a defensive adjustment you know who to expect ect ect. this means that over a few games you can easily discern who has the most efficient communication styles and conduits and who does not simply my mapping the adjustment time and where the consistant errors pop up,you can even narrow it down to individuals the particular coach has a specific challenge communicating clearly and concisely with,but this is all based upon understanding the System and what it is doing in real-time.Without the assistance of Intuitive Dynamic Analysis you would need an NHL teams Coaching crew and assorted support people to even approach this level of functional understanding and acumen,however with the understanding of Intuitive Dynamic Management principals and after learning how to use Intuitive Dynamic Analysis ANYONE can grasp and understand and critique NHL level System actions and reactions at lightening speeds.

This is what the Stats con-jobs are trying to hi-jack, the NHLs evolution which has been inspired by the NHS, when fans can understand System actions for what they are from a Coaches and a Players perspective at the same time they can make fair and honest and accurate and meaningfull observations and valuations of the sucesses or failures their teams management group is consistantly producing.

Stats Analysis and study has NEVER GIVEN THE FANS ANYTHING WHICH FITS INTO THEIR COMFORT ZONE....but the NHS does exactly this.

Stats have never improved the game of hockey in fact they are slowly choking the life out of it.

The NHS provides a methodology through which EveryFan may learn how dangerous stats and their use are to the entire game of hockey,how they have created nothing but problems for the NHL with everything from salariy demands,to salary Caps,to Union Negotiations, to Arbitration decisions,to draft picks and order,to.......... I could go on and on but no one would be able to handle the heat I would be bringing,and besides to many of my in-depth posts are re-written and re-posted,let the internet folks create their own works.

You put me in a room with a real NHL Hockey professional with a fair and impartial mind and with DECISION MAKING LATTITUDE and I will have the Teams Stats and Analysis Crew run out of Dodge before the office door closes,there has simply NEVER BEEN A WAY TO COUNTER STATS AND THEIR VOO-DOO UNTIL THE NewAge Hockey System and its Intuitive Dynamic management Program and Intuitive Dynamic Analysis were created and actioned,now Stats have no chance when they go head-to-head with the NHS,the NHS de-values and disenfranchises stats in a finite manner,there is no escape from the NHS and Intuitive Dynamic Analysis because these influences follow patterns to the TRUTH or to the CATALYST,this means sudden death for stats perspectives.

The Stats community has had long and fair warning of the NHS and its impacts and a few of the more influential ones have banded together and tried to simply go with the flow and hi-jack the NHS and its impacts using their internet impacts to do so.This is not a new thing,,and ultimately to any responsible NHL team checking its facts should immediatly recognise the impacts the NHS has had in its 4 year life-span,it is not so hard to document the entire story.

Advanced statistical analysis is simply the same old song and dance.

When stats people try to hi-jack the NHS they are no longer actioning Statistical analysis they are actioning INTUITIVE DYNAMIC ANALYSIS,these are very different things,and if an NHL team has NOT DONE ITS HOMEWORK they could very easily be sold one as being the other and believe that the same stats snake-oil salesmen who have been fleecing them for years or rather exchanging BS for excuses the management can fall back on have actually created something new.Or they could be complicit and being unable to eat their pride as in the Oilers case and thus prevented from retaining the NHS ,so they become adversarys who try to immitate sucess as best they may by denying the NHS even exists while they "secretly" fumble and bumble around trying to copy-cat it using stats focused minds.

Intuitive Dynamic Analysis belongs to Moma2s NewAge Hockey System, it is original to that source and as the NewAge Hockey Systems creator I can guarantee I have not mentored anyone involved in any way in stats research or applications.

ALL of the stats people selling ANYTHING NEW CATALYSED IN THE LAST 4 YEARS are selling counterfeit crap to NHL teams and have simply hi-jacked the NHS influences introduced over the last 4 years,they have taken INTUITIVE DYNAMIC MANAGEMENT and spun stats crap all over the impacts trying to rip-off the NHS ,they are ballsy and co-operative with each other in these actions constantly validating each other ,however the one thing they do not have is THE 4 YEAR DOCUMENTED HISTORY OF THE NHS and its winning results and record of impacting the last 3 consecutive Stanley Cup Systems directly.

In fact the face-off work Dellows rallied into a job was originally pointed out by the NHS and Dellows reworked the Intuitive Dynamic Analysis pointers I posted,adding stats to my Intuitive Dynamic Analysis,then he sold this counterfeit work to the Oilers as being his own in totality,ha ha ha ha, they got what they deserve, they DID NOT DO THEIR HOMEWORK.

Dellows will not be able to CREATE anything for the Oilers,he is a con-job,he fails to aknowledge the NHS and from where he got the perspectives and data he is using to make money and further his scam.He is one of a few connected immitators out there who all evolved suddenly with "NEW IDEAS" four years or so ago,ha ha ha,it is easy to see when and where and how the NHS impacted NHL hockey,there is a clear and definitive documented history which can be illustrated.

For that matter it is also easy to see how the relationships between different online bloggers with stakeholder type paralell interests come together and evolve,Dellows path can easily be illustrated via a ""Tactical Dynamic Template,yes yet another NHS term and concept in terms of hockey applications.This particulat NHS trick easily illustrates and exposes Dellows and anyone else trying to hi-jack the NHSs MoJo,it is simple ,Intuitive Dynamic Analysis applies to EVERYTHING not just hockey,and dynamic pattern can be deciphered and understood when the principals of Intuitive Dynamic Management are considered in concert with Intuitive Dynamic Analysis.This means Dellows and the Oilers and anyone who has interacted with the NHS specific philosophies and concepts and has applied them to traditional hockey thinking or stats BS will easily and IMMEDIATLY be exposed as doing so wether they choose to admit it or not,there is no place to hide when you find something COMPLETELY NEW AND APPLY IT TO SOMETHING VERY OLD AND ESTABLISHED.You arent slipping these types of impacts in through the back door,no way no how,so to Dellows,Darkhorse,the Oilers and anyone else who has chosen to utilise the NHS and its data, you should be aknowledging source and you should be lining up to learn,because there is no stopping the NHSs evolution or growth or validation,these things were all parts of a Tactical Dynamic Template created 4 years ago,not one step of that 4 year old PRE-DETERMINED DOCUMENTED ONLINE Tactical Dynamic Template has been skipped,missed or mis-managed,everything is chugging along nicely in terms of the NHSs evolution.

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I agree with your sentiment that it was an external source who influenced Krueger's decisions in a negative way. The hire of Eakins was beyond idiotic, not because he didn't have the potential to be a decent head coach, but because it is soooooo incompetent to put a guy with 4 seasons of professional coaching experience in charge of THREE first overall picks. To not insulate that kind of talent with some sort of proven track record is beyond me. Furthermore, Eakins had some sort of idiotic defensive system that would never have worked in the NHL that he latched onto until the season was sunk and only then did he decide that it wouldn't work. To base the system of play on defence is essentially conceding that they cannot attain offence, which goes against the talents of the on ice personnel.

I watch games league wide and i can see the mistakes being made, almost too obviously with the oilers. I enjoy this skill, that has been amplified with the knowledge of the NHS, and i intend to keep studying your system to further this knowledge. I'm curious to track the Sabres this year, and see their progression from being the team which everyone seems to think has McDavid in the bag, to a stanley cup contender.

There isn't a single prominent stat oriented individual who can claim that their approach legitimately affects on ice results nor is there one who can come to conclusions in real time, like your system allows. if there were, and if the stat approach actually worked, entire coaching staff's would merely be analytic types. But the approach doesn't work and there will be a needless perpetual conflict of interest between 'hockey minds' and 'analytic minds' until the NHS is embraced fully. I look forward to the day that it is embraced league wide, as we will be watching a different sport entirely. All credit to you of course, and if the sabres are able to capture the cup then there will be no way to deny your system.

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Your insights are excellent and your posts well spoken.

If you remember or have a way to acess old gametapes to validate this fact you may find some interesting circumstances surrounding Dallas Eakins difficultys adjusting his defense last season.

I can take you back to the exact game where Dallas ABANDONED his PRIMARY defensive System tactical focus,he then melted down after trying several times to dial his defense in again ,eventually venting to the media that the Players couldnt even understand basic defense so he was going to have to re-instill that in them .

If your memory dials in or you have data acess there is solid documentation that Dallases Defensive Zone Exits were at the ELITE level for a time period, Eakins worked his arse off to develop a defensive zone exit strategy which supported the strengths of the players he had,and he managed to produce results from these tactics which here to high octane for the rest of his System to handle.What happened was that the ....NHS inspired.... defensive zone recovery and relay out of the zone was desigened to be optimal at transitioning to offense by executing an immediate high speed zone transition ,the puck for a period of time when everyone was tuned into what Eakins was selling being moved into the neutral zone with such dominating speeds that it neutralised opponents forechecking it was that fast,but the SET PLAY System offense Eakins employed from the Neutral Zone forward and policed like an overprotective Father on Prom night,COULD NOT handle the speeds ways the puck was being moved up,in essence Eakins was using an NHS modified creative offense first DEFENSIVE ZONE RECOVERY AND EXIT tactic which was based fairly accurately on Intuitive Dynamic Management principals I was then posting for him,the problem was that Dallas took in my Intuitive Dynamic Analysis of his challenges and the solutions and decided to 'ONLY USE THE PARTS HE FANCIED" he did not incorporate the entire System Template I provided him with,instead he instituted enough of it to create the d-zone exit impacts he desired,but he refused to introduce the NewAge Hockey Systems tactic to his ENTIRE SYSTEM,instead he used a strictly enforced compete based SET PLAY System from the N-Zone out,this was his idea of the Multi-System approach he began his tenure talking about.

Dallas clearly understood the NewAge Hockey Systems concepts and philosophys as I provided them but he tried to extract only the functionally correct part of the NHS which he could incprporate easily into his defensive stats corrupted perspective,he looked for the Path of Least Rseistance for himself in optimising his defense which he himslef is catalysed from , he knew the NHS was the most creative,offensive ,superior methodology available,he knew the tactics would create optimal impacts but he was not brave enough to apply the NHs modifications to all THREE ZONES OF THE ICE,Dallas only used the NewAge Hockey Systems data to jack-up a high octane defensive zone recovery and exit strategy.

What he did was almost prefectly follow the data I was feeding him but in only one area of a THREE TRANSITION GAME...Dallases failure to follow my Tactical Dynamic Template for applying Intuitive Dynamic Management influences to ALL THREE TRANSITIONS of his EXISTING Set Play System was where he screwed up terminally.Dallas started the season with a normal Set Play Three Transition System, he then ADJUSTED to the NHS modified defensive zone recovery and exit strategys with the intentions of kickstarting his team with some fast transition offense,he did this useing what he knew was dynamite,the NHS,but the worst possible scenario occurred,a Perfect Fecal Storm blew right into Dallases Wheelhouse because the adjustment worked so well that the N-zone and O-zone set Plays COULD NOT BE SET UP,they had NO TIME because the defense was recovering and moving the pucks up so fast they couldnt develop structure to accept such fast transition,they COULD NOT create enough time and space between themselves and the opponents through the N-zone to establish a balanced third transition into the O-zone.this absolutely drove a stake through the momentum Eakins had already built up not one but twice with his adjustment away from a 100% Set Play System to a 33% Set Play System which long term correctly developed and presented Intuitive Dynmic Analyses shows to be correct IF HE HAD IMPLEMENTED THE SAME NHS MODIFICATIONS TO ALL THREE TRANSITIONS.

Dallas shot himself in the foot because he was trying to blend the NHS which is a 100% CREATIVE offensively catalysed possesion/transition focus....with... a Traditional Defenisive orientated three zone Set Play System, he essentially put a Ferraris engine in the arse of a Gnat,a competative Gnat but still a Gnat.

Had Dallas Eakins followed the Tactical Dynamic Templte of NHS modifictions I recommended for his ENTIRE SYSTEM....the one he built with no deletions.....he would been managing an NHS Modified Adjusted-Hybrid exactly like Chicagos and LAs and now the Blues and a few others from Game One forward without the Rollercoaster and Train Wreck.

Had Dallas simply respected and accessed the source of his New data he would have been able to use the Full and Complete Moma2s NewAge Hockey System which has been preserved for the Oilers and fllown straight out of the Chute with a dominant offensively explosive and defensively airtight System. A System called the NewAge Hockey System which is SUPERIOR to the NHS Modified Adjusted-Hybrid which Chicago,LA,the Blues and now a few others have developed also implementing the NHS data I have been posting.

If Dallas had simply followed all the Data last season he was given he would have been using a System exactly like the last 3 Cup Winners now use, and NHS Modified Adjusted-Hybrid.Had Dallas been an honest man and a man of integrity he would have already endorsed and sourced the NHS and he could have been executing a never before seen system called the Newge Hockey System which is the Mother System to the one used by the last 3 Cup winners, the NHS will EAT ALIVE the best Systems being used to today because the recent 4 year long evolution was caused by the applictions of just a few NHS concepts to existing traditional systems,the table is set.

I will be teaching the Sabers to use an NHS Modified Adjusted-Hybrid,exactly like I was teaching the Oilers and everyone else 4 years ago,this is what the Kings and then Hawks have been using,what the Oilers could have been using since the Kings win 3 years ago,EXACTLY THAT TIMEFRAME .All the data these teams used was posted online in the Public Domain.

The Full and Complete Pure Moma2s NewAge Hockey System is pristine,it has never been released online or anywhere else,I created it for the Oilers and swore on day One that I would only give it to them because I created it FOR THEM,and that I WOULD NOT RELEASE IT to anyone running the Oilers of less than Championship Caliber which translates into Honest and Integrity Driven.

It is like King Arthurs Sword Excaliber now, only a man of Honesty and Integrity could possibly put the current Oilers in position to extract the NHS from the Stone they have embedded it in.

I have simply been evolving the NHLs overall offense by ADDING a few peripheral NewAge Hockey System concepts to ANY AND ALL existing NHL Systems ,every Traditional System is easily adjusted to create much more offense and stable defense.

The Western Conference has been the NHSs Breeding Ground and Incubator.

Now it is time to spread the love to the Eastern Conference.To be frank I was hoping Crosby would give the NHS a try,he has done so much for the game I would be willing to help him out.If the Pens switched to an NHS Modified Adjusted-Hybrid as I think he was pushing for last season judging by his evolving frustration levels,they could win a few Cups in a Row,once the tables are equal and Eastern teams with high end skill and system disciplne as well as AVERAGE skilled disciplined System focused teams begin to use NHS Modifications they will be winning lot more games immediatly.

The more NHL teams that endorse NHS Modifictions the better, the League -Wide Scoring levels will increase,records will continue to be broken,a higher level of excitement and parity will be created.Fans will get more bang for their dollars and Players will find that ANY team of Average Skilled NHL Players willing to follow a simple Gameplan CAN create a Championship Roll.

I am not sure if you are a Football Fan or not but my Favorite team is 6-1 this season and CHAMPIONSHIP BOUND after being in the Dumper for a long time,they have implemented some Newage Football System data sucessfully,to prove it I have the number of a VERY HIGH PLACED MEMBER OF A PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL ORGANISATION I shared NewAge Football System data with last season on Speed-Dial.He will remain Anonymous unless he gives permission otherwise.

Ralph Krueger the Oilers Head Coach who most embraced the NewAge Hockey System and its Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis Programs and who PRODUCED EXCELLENT ELITE RESULTS DOING SO and caught the eyes of some of the best Minds and Players in the NHL
has now taken his knowledge and acumen to Professional Soccer,a fertile ground for Intuitive Dynamic Management.

The NewAge Hockey System and Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis are my pet project,but Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis may be used in any sport or business application with equally optimal results.

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 09:38 PM
Most people aren't as outspoken as you are about the Oilers, especially with the insight you're able to bring to the table. I really respect it. I'm going to stay tuned to hear more about the Sabres. On that note i was wondering a few things that you would probably be able to answer. Is it your belief that the Oil have the correct mix of players, or if there even is a correct formula of players, to win a championship?

Based on my readings of your system, it's something that can be implemented by any group of players, thus the amount of 'no-names' that are seeing success on the Hawks and Kings, while they do have their share's of star power I'm having difficulty believing that the Oilers do not possess an immense amount of elite talent, more specifically the hockey minds that are gathered on their roster. To that end, what is your opinion on the teams high draft picks? did they make the right selections? The most specific one that gets me is the 2012 draft, i am of the belief that had Galchenyuk played during his draft year, he would have set himself apart from Yakupov. Would you have taken Seguin or Landeskog?

Edit: i am a football fan, NFL mostly not so much the CFL. I go with the hometown Eskimos for the Canadian league. I am watching my NFL team, the Eagles, play as i type this and they are looking good going into this year.
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posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 03:14 AM
I absolutely believe that the current version of the Oilers posseses the personell to win the 2014/15 Stanley Cup.

I believe tha EVERY single season of their existance the Oilers have had the personell to win the Stanley Cup.

The NHS does not rely on stats of any kind and if i subscribed to a "correct mix" it might infer that I had faith in stats enough to use them as primary drivers in my decision making when I would never do that.

I understand that the "correct mix" can be interpreted different ways and I will refer the the NHS and its terminology for a second and say that there is in fact a method to build a specific Tactical Dynamic Template which will fit every System created ,a TDT which will be used to determine exactly which resources in which degrees actioned at specific times in specific manners will need to be actioned consistantly to produce wins.

So in essence as long as you have a roster that has a 100% level AVERAGE NHL Skillsets and Hockey IQs you CAN win the Stanley Cup if you are implementing and consistantly executing a superior system of play which incorporates a superior comunications and management platform and philosophy.

You CAN take ANY roster which qualifys as NHL average and work with that exact group to support consistant System execution,which is ALL you can ask of the players,If a Head Coach and his crew CANNOT take the group further then there will never be Championships won by the group.You must begin to build your System Performance parameters in terms of player expectations from an AVERAGE Everyman baseline,in other words if you cannot put together a group of average NHLers and produce CONSISTANT SYSTEM IMPACTS,wins or losses matter not ,they simply need to be ones which can be properly analysed and assesed then you are not using the proper System,it is NEVER THE PLAYERS if they are all of AVERAGE NHL abilitys.It is the System or the System Managers or Coaches.

Consistancy of System execution by the roster is the critical first requirement.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done before we can discuss even where we are now in this post,so I must go back a bit.

The Head Coach or whoever has the Juice CHOOSES the System,there are different reasons catalysing System choices,but by whatever parameters one must be chosen,You may chose a System to fit your roster or you may choose a roster to fit your system,the Oilers have traditionally tried to fit the roster to the System with their Achillies heel being that they really didnt ever have an accurate book on the System they tried for decades to reproduce.

The Oilers management never clued in that the Dynasty Roster DEVELOPED THEIR OWN SYSTEM ,they all followed Waynes Brains,and this is why they dominated the NHL.And also why I modeled the NHS after Waynes Brains.

When Wayne left Mark was the ONLY one who really understood how and what Wayne had been doing enough to reproduce the same impacts.

There was no System beyond Waynes first season in the NHL,he was a living breathing live real-time on-the-fly System of his own.

So you see for several Decades the Oilers have been trying to preserve the Dynasty System or rather the INTERPRETATION of the Dynasty System NOT COMING FROM WAYNES BRAINS OR MARKS BRAINS.

The Oilers original sin was NOT understanding what Wayne and Mark were doing on the ice from a Coaching perspective before they both left and took the keys to the kingdom with them.

You see both Wayne and Mark were using a System similar to the NHS and they were Coaching from the ice on-the-fly,making read and reacts and actioning adjustments independant of traditional coaching/player dynamics,they were free-wheeling it and had permission to do made them more effective.

I took you here to show you that the Dynasty roster was EVOLVED by the on-ice management acumen of two of the greatest dynamic thinkers to ever put on skates.I want to show you that the NHS does the same thing takes an AVERAGE roster and makes them CHAMPIONS.

So from an NHS perspective there is NO correct mix,only a correct management protocal.

Yes,there is a Winning Formula,however each one is unto itself and each one must be EVOLVED and grown,anything DYNAMIC must have an evolution and growth.

I do not think traditionally,I think like wayne did and as he taught Mark to think.I was an Amature Athlete and Coach,the Most Outstanding Male Athlete in my High School,I worked out with Olympic level athletes and attended National level athletic Camps.I was exposed to high level competative dynamics thoroughly when I was very young,I coached three teams in High School and also played on my own teams,I spent 3-4 hours a night after school Coaching for extra credits and lots of weedends at Tournaments.I coincidentally never played organised hockey in my life.

All team and individual sports can be managed optimally with one simple philosophy.Intuitive Dynamic Management,the NHS philosophy.

Teambuilding is an important part of the NHS.The PROCESS is critical because it is only through the learning process that the MEN can define their System values and responsibilitys,the men will KNOW where they fit when they understand what the System is asking from them,not what the coach is asking from them,the NHS has FINITE and simple things it requires from the men,things that NEVER CHANGE.The PLAYERS make the MAJORITY of Traditional conventional Head Coaching Micro-management decisions during games.

All the NHS asks of any individual man is to present and display consistantly AVERAGE NHL skill and acumen,NO MORE...EVER.

The performance parameters which EXCEED this Everyman accountability will be generated from Coaching acumen and from those individuals who posses but are not required to display ABOVE AVERAGE SKILLSETS AND ACUMEN.

The key is to produce a level and consistant platform comprised of consistant basic System execution by the ENTIRE ROSTER and then to LAYER your above average skillsets and management acumen upon that base.

So FIRST you need everyone understanding what the System requires from them to be executed consistantly and accurately,then the men must learn that EVERYTHING GOOD will stem from this first simple step of basic accurate consistant System execution,NOTHING is more critical NO AMOUNT OF SKILL OR ACUMEN can make up for a breakdown in System continuity and execution.NOT tight DEFENSE... tight System Execution,if you have tight System execution the defense takes care of itself..

The Cake the men must bake is the System execution and they all must work together the same way to achieve it,but the ICING is only put on by specific men at specific times,the key is teaching the men when to be the icing and when to be the Cake-makers.

The best part of the NHS is that because of its Intuitive Dynamic Management focus ALL men are given EQUAL opportunity to score points,EVERYONE, there is NO special focus on the teams superior skillsets,EVERYONE is a terminal scoring threat because of HOW those threats are developed.Goals are mostly System generated.

Dallas tried to bring this dynamic into play but he screwed up with is communication and didnt get his point across,the reason Dallas focused so hard on COMPETE was because he was trying to follow my NHS Template to the best of his abilitys, he was trying to send the message to the roster that he wanted to see an EveryMan persona that he wanted every man irregardless of his skill set to provide him with a similar and consistant effort he could use as a baseline ,but he screwed up with the word compete because the definition evolved in ways he wasnt looking for,the men interpreted it differently and instead of giving him a consistant level performance baseline to work with they all gave him 110% efforts till they were burned out,individually and at different times in different games never stopping till they dropped and then getting up again and putting their heads down and arses up,it was impressive actually,this resulted in a bumpy performance graph caused by a misinterpretation of the word compete and the inpacts the coach was really looking for.

What Dallas should have asked for was CONSISTANT System EXECUTION, this would have given the men a hint as to where they could look to find resources when they needed them, Dallas needed to teach the men how to alternate levels and speeds of execution with the System to achieve this EveryMan baseline performance level,he needed to begin with a very basic system and then ADD layers to it.

A good example of this disconnect the Oilers live by was when Whitney was hurt the Oilers fell back into a BASIC KISS System play which allowed them to produce this impact we speak of and then there were several key Oilers following the NHS closely who took advantage of the System buy-in and consistancy of execution and implemented it on-ice with excellent results.The Oilers CAME TOGETHER when Whitney was injured and the System was altered to make up for his absence.You see the Oilers had been using Whitneys Long breakout passes and defensive zone quarterbacking to action their entire System focus,this was key to what the Coaches wanted to be doing,when Whitney was injured they had to adjust and insert Potter,Potter was a two-dimensional player who has nearly as good a first pass as Whitney and who was also MOBILE and liked to skate the puck up.

With Whitney the Oilers were using a Fast-Break style,essentially a two-transition game, when Potter was inserted the Oilers changed tactics and did NOT rely only on the Fast-break defensive zone exits,they began to play a simple tree transition game,this slowed things down and allowed them to use their skillsets to become a DOMINATING POSSESION TEAM and they blew out some really good teams and ran off some All-Star Goalies,UNTIL Whitney came back and they switched back to the Fast-Break again and wasted an entire season.The NHS was there every step of the way telling them the RIGHT moves to make,they had to GO AGAINST reason to make the return to the Fast-Break just for Whitney,it was suicide.

The Oilers were trying to fit the Players into the System and when whitney got hurt they were knackered,they panicked and changed their system focus,unknowingly to the best focus they would see again for several years.Then in an insanely derelict move ABANDONED the Optimal System 3 transition conrolled possesion focus and they RETURNED TO A LESS PRODUCTIVE Fast-Break SYSTEM FOCUS WHEN WHITNEY WAS HEALED AND AVAILABLE.

The Oilers are STATISTICLY OVER-LOADED on an organisational level,and it is a Historic weakness that developed AFTER WAYNE AND MARK LEFT TOWN when the Oilers Braintrust of the time tried to pick up all the pieces and put Humpty back together again.

I apologise but I am stopping here on this line of organisational Management Intuitive Dynamic Analysis,there is no such thing as a Free Lunch.

Yes,there is a Winning Formula and this is why the Oilers cannot produce it from a historical perspective.

The Oilers have been scouting,recruiting and developing the types of players who thrive when the System is fit to them,then over decades they were forced by stats disease to begin to fit the PLAYERS TO THE SYSTEM,this is where the fatal disconnect happened from a development perspective long ago.

Even Hall and the rest were this type of Player that need the System to fit them, ALL the number one picks need to use their creativity and elite skillsets in every game.

Bringing in Eakins SHOULD have worked as he was ALREADY following the NHS himself before the Oilers even hired him.I posted a nice piece on Eakins evolution pre-hire and outlined it well.

Eakins has been using NHS concepts,but he is not schooled enough to understand how to pry impacts out of the NHS in small pieces without ruining the entire impact.

Had Dallas demanded the Oilers give him the asset he knew he needed his story would be unfolding quite differently I am sure.

I believe the Oilers were simply taking the best single raw talent available starting with Hall,the NHS was in their ear already,they were looking for one dominating dimension which stood their pick out from everyone else,the particular dimension didnt matter,as per the NHS they picked Hall for his speed,Nuge for his On-ice management ability and Yakupov for his elite shooting instincts,they picked Draisaitl for reasons which strayed from their norm of the prior 3 years,they felt they has some breathing room and had followed the proper template long enough to take a slight risk and veer from the program,and it was a good thing,they looked to Leon for his Charachter and his intentions and mental toughness when traditionally they would not have considered this of all of the picks as they did this past Draft.It was less a Leaon thing and more an Oilers management decision,Draisaitl simply fit their bill to a T.The Oilers applied some Intuitive Dynamic Analysis ,more than usual over the last 4 years,and it will pay off for them.Leon is a keeper and he is a workhorse who will be a long term piece of Edmontons Future.I believe he will win the ...or could win the Calder,in my opinion poor management sabatoged several Calders over the last few years.

Leon Draisaitl has the best backhand passing I have seen in a very long time,he has a unique way of seeing the ice and hitting teammates with passes from difficult angles.He should fit like a glove with Yakupov and Eberle.Hall is to much of a dominant possesion player to do as well with Leon as he will with Nuge.But everyone else can easily be moved as per Eakins Systems whatever he is caling them these days.

Galchenyuk has produced similar stats to Yakupov over what to players with their upsides is a small sample size of NHL games.

Galchenyuk is a long smooth player who has an extended reach and uses a long stick,he is most effective when he is allowed to maintain extended possesions and shoot at will or when he is closing on net where he likes to keep the puck on the ice and on his stick,his possesion tendancies stand out and this style supports his scoring stats IF the System lets him hang onto the pucks.He does not shoot from the outside or unconventional spots something he has to learn.He has a moderate temperment.

Yakupov is a stocky and extremely Explosive with a shorter reach and stick who is most effective when he is a part of an ACTIVE Playaction which moves the puck a lot,he has an elite shot and release and can hurt you from anywhere,he tends to not close on net to present a dual threat something he must learn. he has a Fiery temperment.

Ultimately Nail has a better shot and can hurt you in more ways , the possesion requirement of Galchenyuk to produce offense makes him like a Hemsky to the Oiler ,he likes to hold the puck , they were looking specificlly for a one-shot scorer above all else to compliment Nuge and Hall.

Galchenyuk takes it to the net with Finesse not brute force, he has a skillset that is smooth and not threatening,it is vanilla.Effective but vanilla.

The long term assesments of both players is dicey, simply because of how Eakins skewed Nails stats so early in is career,I believe the Gap would be huge had Krueger stayed on with the Oilers and had Nail been optimised instead of ostracised.Galchenyuk was fed consistant 3rd line minutes and was given a stable platform to work off in is short career while Yakupov got the disintegrating Oilers and Rookie Henchman Eakins.

Both are great players one is good in tight with his hands and long stretch and one is a pure sniper who can and loves to shoot from everywhere if he can. Both are very good passers but again Yakupov is pure energy even his passes are rockets.The word personality jumps to mind.

I think it was Nails elite shooting instincts and energy and passion that took the Oilers in his direction.

I do not see evidence that Galchenyuk would have distanced himself from NailI, the Oilers may be floundering but it is managerial incompetance not skillsets so Nail will always be surrounded by elite players as long as he is an Oiler who will only inflate his stats more as they mature.

I believe yakupov has been the most mishandled Oiler in Decades this past season,he was being brought in PERFECTLY until Eakins showed up and screwed team chemistry right out the window.I would have pulled the trigger on Eakins over the issue personally.

At the end of the day both Galchenyuk and Yakupov are very talented players,if either one of them are given the proer opportunitys to log the minutes in a functioning System with consistant linemates they will produce excellent numbers.

I have a very difficult time predicting how players will do unless i know what System will be used and how they will fall into the minutes race.I would make either one of them whatever the system required.If I had any of them playing the full complete NHS they would be LEAGUE LEADERS statisticlly.

I think in NHS terms and believe any player can produce elite numbers playing the NHS,however when I make assesments I must consider the System the Coaches will use which in ALL cases will not optimise players potentials for a variety of reasons.

Galchenyuks skillset could be managed optimally and would produce points and so would Yakupovs if they were given equal environments to operate in,then it would be a matter of quality of linemates because when all things become equal it is skillsets that win hockey games,provided System executions are equal.

The focus is on Players all the time when really all they ever need to do is present and provide average NHL skillsets and minds to do their jobs adequately.The real octane comes from the System and the Man running it.The real ACCOUNTABILITY starts with the System and who chooses it then falls to the man running that system.It stops there.

If you cannot take your System and its management crew into ANY NHL lockerroom full of at least avaerage NHLers and produce consistant wins then you do not have superior Systems and Management assets,it is that simple,so if the assets a team has in place CAN NOT do this then someone needs to be shopping for better assets.

In edmonton the blame starts with whoever picked the System,then goes to the men actioning it,but the history is so discombobulated that no one will ever be held accountable for anything.All we have seen in Edmonton is everyone but upper management being run off of the Plank,from stick-boys to Scouts to Players to Trainers,everyone has been run off except the man who chose the System,even Coaches have been run off.

Once again this comong year the Oilers will try to bring the Dynasty System to life,now they can rip off the NHS and they might finally have some luck,their real issue now is that the NHS Modified Adjusted-Hybrid they were just getting dialed in at the end of last year will be passe by the end of this coming season,the Flames will be using the NHS this season as well as other Western Conference teams the Oilers will be facing.There are no miracles coming the Oilers way,the MOST they can accomplish is equalling the Systems Modifications top teams have now made as per the NHS,and they will be eating their pride every step of the way knowing they are owned by the NHS.

The Seguin/ Landeskog question is the same as Galchenyuk vs yakupov,it is all situational and any man can be put in a position to score lots of points,if the system is working then the elite skills are not really needed and the points will come to whoever is executing properly.

System induced goals are very different than individually catalysed goals, inferior Systems rely on individual goal efforts more than superior systems which rely on system induced goals,the difference is extreme and System induced goals happen by proxy and you do not require elite skillsets to finish playactions,the System makes sure this is happening.

This is a critical difference because you first need to produce the System induced goals consistantly without giving up to much defensively and then you can layer your elite skill over this and pick your spots where you let the dogs loose to make superman efforts and tacticlly step out of that System execution.This tempo change is now an LA trademark.They are now very good at lulling teams into a System chack-mate and then picking spots to go postal and have individuals open uo on their own,it is what I called the Kessler effect when I designed the NHS modifications teams are now using,once in a while you must step far out of even the most consistant System executions to beat the best of teams and Kessler is the best in the NHL at sticking to the System and then at very odd and unexpected times completely stepping out of it to score critical goals.He hides in the weeds so to speak by actually executing consistantly and then trying to find a weak spot.A strict stats orientated Coach will destroy this type of impact,it will cause him to much confusion managerially,this is why the Oilers are choking and Eakins cannot find his way,he is a stats obsessed defensive minded coach supported by Advanced Statistical Analysis if every kind and producing losing results and mismanaging elite creative young players .......when the Oilers need an offensive Coach supported by Intuitive Dynamic Analysis. using the 100% offensively catalysed possesion/transition NHS which allows the System to fit the Players to OPTIMISE their elite skillsets producing WINS .

Eakins COULD have created an elite System impact had he learned the full NHS , instead he copies the influences integrates in incorrectly and allows the media to call it the Swarm without properly crediting the source which is the NHS,while at the same time openy supporting online influences also copying the NHS for their own personal gains,NEITHER EAKINS NOR DELLOWS NOR DARKHORSE have any connection to the NHS other than ripping it off by not crediting the source.They deserve their coming fates.

Advanced Statistical Analysis provides an NHL team with nothing that will help them win games,Dallas hired Dellows to DEFLECT THE ATTENTION THE NHS HAS GENERATED AND TO GIVE HIMSELF A TEFLON OUT WHEN THE SHTF and the NHSs true history and evolution and relationship to the Oilers over the last 4 years comes out mainstream.

I am glad you are a Football Fan, I stick to the CFL and am also a hometown Fan.You would be wise to put your dollar on the Edmonton Eskimos as they have the Intuitive Dynamic Management or the Edmonton Advantage,they look to be using it while other local Pro teams abbrogate it.I would expect a Championship for the Eskimos this season.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 11:55 AM
If the Oilers wish to rekindle the Winning Formula, they will need to clearly illuminate the Dynasty Systems Tactical Dynamic Template, all the leg work has been done for them already,the heavy lifting is over now,the NHS has accomplished something the Oilers couldnt do for Decades it provided an indepth and accurate insight into how the Dynsty teaa functioned how it lived and breathed.

The Oilers had no clue what a Tactical Dynamic Template was, they had never encountered the concept,the NHS provided them with a methodology for reaching heights which they had been unable to ascend for DECADES,and they failed to thank the NHS.And they intentionally pushed their disrespect forward , the Oilers thought that if an online influence hadnt put on a suit and developed a solid BS story they could bank on that the juice wasnt worth the squeeze,they made a bad call and it has already cost them dearly in terms of Stanley Cups and roster development.

The Oiler failed it acceot that doing business online is not the same as doing business traditionally,they have been behind the curve for over a Decade in terms of understanding the evolving business world and how it functions online.

Online you are not able to call the shots and you are in ONLY a buyers position,you have to negotiate olde school style where a mans word means more than what your Lawyers say.

The Oilers have stuck to an outdated business model and it has hurt them, they have made a derelict decision to not retain the most powerfull cutting edge asset available to an NHL team today, they are crying over spilt milk and have become bound by their attitudes.

The Oilers truly believe they can simply take whatever they want and implement it how they want and still produce impacts similar to the NHS,they are hilarious,they are willing to risk that they are wrong,which HAS proven to be fact over 4 very long years to prove a point they loste 4 years and THREE STANLEY CUPS AGO.

It HAS to burn to know that the EXACT data provided to them FIRST which they rejected has impacted the last 3 Cup winning Systems,there is no way they can walk that one off,the Oilers have a long history of pursuing players and assets that have dominated them in the past,but not this time.They refuse to believe that they can so easily be read and predicted,it is vanity at work.Because they could not action self-valuations optimally they actually believe it is HARD TO DO and have moved heaven and earth to bring in enough stats excusatory support to validate this search for the Holy Grail for the influence which will allow them to climb out of the rut they have been in,but you see BEFORE you can re-build something you must de-construct it,and the only things being de-constructed in Edmonton for decades have been the PERIPHERAL impacts,including Players one by one,and this has NOT WORKED FOR THEM,it will NEVER WORK FOR THEM.

They have clearly preserved a specific set of assets above all others and this could ONLY HAPPEN IF THERE WAS SOMETHING VALUABLE THESE MEN HAD, these men have been SELLING THE DYNASTY REBIRTH for many many years and NOT BEEN DELIVERING,now the NHS has delivered with a clear and concise outline of how to re-enact the Dynast Systems impacts,and you can be sure they will hang on till their last breaths now,but unfortunately the OPilers Advantage in terms of the NHS Modified Adjusted-Hybrid is gone now,the entire Western Conference is now on-board and the influence is spreading fast,now there is only ONE step up that can be taken and that is to the full and complete Moma2s NewAge Hockey System,now the chips are down and the sucesses the Kings and Hawks had which came so easily will NOT be so easy to produce,teams are learning fast,and the NHL landscape is changing at light speed.

i will be opening communications with the Sabers soon,it is a delicate process because there is no formal relationship and there are no connections to utilise,I will simply begin to provide NHS Intuitive Dynamic Analysis to the Sabers and their Management core,when the impacts of the NHS have been recognised and documented the rest is easy,I only need to provide a few bang on impactfull details which produce superior results to those of the Sabers existing Management core to open a line of communication,NHL teams ONLY react to RESULTS,if they cannot produce immediate results with new data they cannot AFFORD to lose ground trying new things,the NHL has to much parity for that to work out.

I will need to stick to the System focus the Sabers have been using , I will need to make several small adjustments that produce immediate positive results superior to those from last year.I will need to target several key Sabers after I have their basic System focus down pat and create a Tactical Dynamic Template which optimises the roster Players they have now,then once I see where the Players skillsets and cerebral tendancies put them on that template I can begin to look for small adjustments they can make as individuals to bring their games up to NHS par in the specific areas I see as being their wheelhouses,I will make the Strong stronger,and the weak stronger as well by fitting the System to the Players.

i must do ALL of this from online without disturbing what the sabers Coaches are trying to accomplish as I have done in the past,I cannot overtly force anything anywhere,all I can do is what all other online fans do,present my perspective to the public domain and hope there is some value found in it which is tangibly incorporated,this is no easy task UNTIL i have provided tangible positive data which produces IMPROVEMENTS.

I am not going to be trying to teach the full and complete NHS to the Sabers I am going to be teaching them how to action an NHS Modified Adjusted-Hybrid System,those are two very different things, both cutting edge and NewAge,but the full and complete Moma2s NewAge Hockey System is off limits to everyone until I believe the Oilers have a Manager with guts and Honesty and Integrity who will represent it properly,I am concerned about releasing it to the wrong type of person.I an the NHSs creator and I decided in the beginning NOT to allow the Oilers corrupt management influences be in a position to take ANY of the NHSs thunder and credit,the Group has a long history of Strong-arming everyone and I simply drew a line for them that they could not help but step over,I expected them to do this,but there was not other way to fprce out the bad Apples,results HAD TO DO THAT,superior results had to do that,I provided the superior results and then discovered how far and how low the Oilers would actually go to protect the inner circle,they will lose season after season with no professional remorse or regrets,they will allow their own careers AND THE PLAYERS CAREERS to be smeared with losing to hold their Copper and Blue Line.They will spend untold dollars on bringing in stats excusatory support to appease the Fanbase and Katzes Beancounters,they will publiclly support opposition to the NHS to support their derelict treatment of the NHS in the past,they will go to lengths to undermine and dis-enfranchise Intuitive Dynamic Management by HIRING an advanced statistical analysis Guy from online who has ALREADY RIPPED OFF THE NHS by refusing to credit it and stealing its thunder just like they did,anything to distance themselves from the NHS and anything to disenfranchise it,including the work with Darkhorse Analytics which didnt begin until they were already under the gun from the NHS and including the Hackathon Contest designed to snare and supress the NHS.

The NHS couldnt change the attitudes and culture if the inner management core ,not even by helping provide record breaking winning results,the Oilers are bulletproof,this means they will live and die by the Sword they have traditionally weilded,no one can alter that dynamic.

At the end of the day we all know what type of businesses and people rip-off online sources, corrupt ones who do not want to pay for the things they use,it is nothing new it simply illuminates your charachter and morals,it shows your true colors when you just take and never give,it is the olde business model,the Oilers do not agree with this perspective and it is what it is.In this case it clearly shows what things were like BEFORE Katz came in,horribly crooked and decietfull,survival mode,the Oilers Management were still in survival mode when they made their historic error of kicking sand in the NHSs face,Katz was NOT in the loop to an optimal degree.

Once the NHS engaged the Oilers on their home site the game was over,they supported the web sites predictable Oilers teflon "take it sucker" attitude 100% and destroyed anything that challenged them in that area,no messages were sent to the right people,some were informed but not all,the NHS was artfully held back from the correct people and was implemented by others.A breach was created that was never filled in.

4 years ago ANY challenge to the Oilers was met with overwhelming force and influences,the OEM group was formed to prevent this type of action in the future because it is by and large REGRESSIVE and simply burns bridges,in a business where all you have to work with are Bridges.

But preventing FUTURE screw-up DOES NOT RE-BUILD ANY BRIDGES THE OILERS HAD ALREADY BURNT,and this is where their Achilles Heel still is,they are VAIN,and believe that water under the bridge is NEVER GOING TO GET THEM WET AGAIN,this is simply unrealistic.

The Oilers believe they have rooted every player who even spoke the words NHS out of their locker room,that Ferences Yes-Man attitude will take them where they want to go,they are again derelict and sadly mistaken because NO ONE is removing the memories of Sammys EIGHT POINT NIGHT which the Oiler young CORE knows was catalysed by NHS influences.Unless they intend to run off Hall,Ebbs ,Nuge and Yakupov they need to stop ,drop, and roll because their arses are on fire right now.They have removed nothing but men with the cojones,honesty,integrity and strength to stand up to them,they have eliminated all the Alpha personalitys they had.,INTENTIONALLY.

I am afraid that without Gagner and the NHS the Oilers suddenly REGRESSED by FOUR YEARS at a minimum.

There will be no Playoffs this year,or likely the next,then maybe a sniff or two if the core has not imploded and trade demands are not made by key players.

Hall will be in his 6th or 7th year of his career before his skates ever touch Playoff ice,his legacy will be defined as will the other young Oilers as having taken the LONG AND HARD ROAD,this is not funny,these elite talents deserved better,and we are already well into their careers.

Witout NHS assistance the Oilers are two or three traditional learning years away from being a Playoff team.This is NOT a Player personell issue,it never has been,Crosby couldnt turn this around with the Management influences in place,even with the recent additions the group cannot find the intestinal fortitiude to admit an error and take curative actions to cut their losses,as I say repeatedly you CANNOT re-build anything until you de-construct it,and the Oilers Management person responsibe for the System decision has not been torn down,this means there is to much damaged infrastructure remaining to safely re-build,more must come down,there must be ADMISSION that something was wrong bfore the proper search for curative actions can be actioned,and the Oilers refuse to be accountable and to step up to rebuild the bridge they for whatever reasons burned.At this point if I were them I might even TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM ,even if I still believed I was personally in the right I would not allow the team to progress this way,I would TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM.But you see as I have discovered the RIGHT MAN to carry the NHS torch is not on-board,because that man will simply learn the NHSs history and STEP UP with a VENGENCE to support it as true Leaders do.I have let the decision as to who recieves the NHS be made by the MEN who can earn it, I didnt allow this dynamic to go this way for nothing,I knew how deep the hole was being dug.I also knew WHAT TYPE OF MAN could fill that hole back in,only one perspective will be able to do it,an honest,integrity driven one who does not survive by sucking the life out of people trying to help him like a panicing drowning victim trying to push their saviour under to save themselves.One day an Oiler with enough Juice may decide to turn the corner,and maybe not.The NHS is in no hurry,its partial influences are rocking it around the NHL right now and Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis hasnt even been recognised or validated yet,when it does it will be epic because it will sink all stats based crap instantly and it will give substance to those who do not prefer the stats perspective,those who KNOW that stats DO NOT HELP THEIR TEAM WIN ANYTHING will be vindicated and will have an entire System and Philosophy to wipe stats out of hockey with.

Patience is a virtue if you can afford it,the Oilers cannot afford it anymore,but the NHS can,they need to act now and act decisively.

When the Sabers go Super-Nova there will be no reasoning with Oilers Fans for a very very long time.

With every Stanley Cup the NHS contributes to its real and tangible value increases wether specific NHL teams aknowledge it or not.This means the Oilers are simply driving up the value,nothing more and nothing less,they will NOT be able to reproduce the NHSs impacts above and beyond what other NHL teams are already doing,simply because they DO NOT HAVE THE BOOK ON THE NHS and will never get it on their terms.The hard thing to swallow for them is that the NHS is essentially the DYNASTY SYSTEM REVEALED FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER,and anyone willing to rip that type of credit away from a regular fan who has created NHL changing data is sick in some major ways.Not to mention a LOCAL Fan who created it for them and tried FOR YEARS to give it to them.

It seems to be a respect issue,they Oilers refuse to validate the NHS because they do not respect it,so the NHS has no respect for them ,hence the focus on peripherally helping the Flames learn the released NHS Modifications for themselves,it isnt privilaged data ,not the Modifications,if the NHS respected the Oilers it would not make itself available,but the Oilers need to re-learn respect and apparently losing is the only thing that gets their attention,the White hat gets you nowhere with them.I know Katz has a lot of money but it matters not because MONEY does not buy Stanley Cups,OPTIMAL SYSTEMS win Stanley Cups.Katz cannot retain something when its value is misrepresented to him consistantly.Dallas Eakins IS NOT USING EVERY TOOL AT HIS DISPOSAL,he is actively using but publiclly ignoring and trying to dis-enfranchise Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis while he brings in Stats Analysts to bolster his position with excuses.

The NHS will NOT stop winning ,the Oilers will simply not start and the NHS will evolve elsewhere in its current forms until I get tired of the game of cat and Mouse and release it to another NHL team in its full and complete form because I am proud of it,soon my Oilers loylties will be gone and completely replaced with NHS loyalties, I can feel it coming,and when that happens I will state it and move forward with no looks back,and NOTHING will bring the NHS to Edmonton ,not love nor money.I intentionally allowed this dynamic pattern to evolve by refusing to buckle under to overt pressures,I knew myself and my limits,I have already set new personal standards,I would NEVER HAVE stuck with this type of losing dynamic when I was a competitor,obviously something is very dyslexic and out of the ordinary in E-Town.Only a LIFE-TIME of Oilers Fan loyalty has carried me thus far,but the end is near ,once I work my butt off to bring the Sabers to the NHL Championship to solidify the NHS history and impact 4 consecutive Cup Systems I am retiring from the game, I will find an anonymous student of the game who is able to understand Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis and gift them the entire NHS data-baseI will make them famous,I may not be able to get through to the Oilers but I DO KNOW HONESTY AND INTEGRITY WHEN IT IS KICKING ME IN THE COJONES.

Gretzky walked away a winner on his own terms and there was a reason for that,same with Messier,but most people do not understand why they chose the times they did,the decisions were paralell and nearly identical,they were CONTENT they were CONFIDENT and SURE of the personal impcts they had been creating,100% sure,they were SELF-VALIDATED and were NOT thinking statisiticlly,not even in their last moments of being NHL Players,they were true to Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis to the end becuse that is where they found their sucesses.After contributing directly to FOUR consecutive Stanley Cups the NHS will become Self-Validated and there will be no challenges worthy left,bringing the last place team to the Stanley Cup will be an NHS career highlight and wil be the crowning achievement,it will not be the Oilers but I can rest well knowing I did more than an average Fan would to help them.The Oilers are what they are,simply another mis-managed NHL Franchise looking for a way out of an extended rut.

The Oilers are run of the Mill and that is their comfort zone they are well on the way to being forgotten when top teams are talked about they have nearly buried a Dynasty Teams Legacy with their long term derelict performances and refusal to grow and evolve , the NHS is something special that will be remembered for a very long time once full disclosure is actioned,and this is simply a matter of time .



posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 06:39 AM
Lets have some fun and build an Accountability Tree.

Lets have some more fun and apply it to the Edmonton Oilers.

We could be using a Tactical Dynamic Template but we dont need that type of depth for these purposes.

- Plyers Z is phenom,a standout
- Oilers get tip on him
- Oilers Scounts look at him
- Scouts have a DEFINED set of parameters from the GM outlining what the Team wants in it Players and the Scouts follow this direction
- According to the Oilers data package the Player Z fits the bill so Scout has answered to Upper managements desires
- Scout makes recommendations on player Z
- Player Z is put into the Oilers Recruitment Basket
- Oilers affiliate team recieves Player Z and confirms he fits the Oiler data package
- Right here the Scouts Job is done,he has followed the Oilers directions dead-on he is now validated at the next level is accountable and is out of the equation
- Player Z finds his way through the Oilers System to the Barons
- Barons Coach does his job and teaches Player Z everythihg he can to improve his game
- Player Z spends 2 years with the Barons and plays solid minutes and puts up PPG.
- Barons Coach makes assesment Player Z is his most NHL ready player
- Barons Coach has done his job and has been accountable
- Oilers suffer injury to roster player and request replacement from the Barons
- Barons Coach gives Player Z to Oilers
- Oilers place Player Z into line-up of team that has not make the POs in nearly a Decade and is in god knows what stage of its evolution
- Player Z has horrible statistical start, his wedgie-hammer and his Corgi and his Snufellufegus are not falling into the little blue circles on the Please spare my-arse Chart they are in the little red can his-arse circles.
-Immediatly Tyler Dellows turns on his I-Phone to check and see what the online Stats Cabal has been posting about Player Z lately,he taps his screen twice and links the online data from his cornies to his Phone and then re-structures the data to give to Dalls who is eagerly awaiting his next excuse installment from Bellows.
- Dallas laps up the Stats Analysis ,slams his fist on the Veggie Platter and says its time to chop wood and haul water and he thinks that mayyyybe that Player Z just cant swing the axe or lug the buckets as well as his peers and the Wedgie-Hammer AND the Corgis are according to the advanced ststistical wizard screaming out the same things Dallas is thinking.
- The stats Wizard is accountable because the numbers are always concrete ha h ha he is clear as ALWAYS after all the only way he could be wrong is if he jots down a number wrong or the stats keepr makes an error out of his control,he is as bulletprof as K-Lowe
- Dalls is accountable because he has consulted with his assistants none of whom are taking a bullet for Player Z,they all agree with the stats so Dallas has cleared 25% of his plate with the Assts,25% of his plate with the stats excuses,25% of his plate with his own observations,and the final 25% of Dallas job falls into the Oilers advantage are,he DOESNT have to answer to anyone above him.
- Dallas ids now effectively 100% accountable
- Player Z has a meeting with Dallas and an Asst and they present him with Dellows and the Wedgie-Hammer and Corgi and Snufellufegus stats data and they slap the !-inch file on the table and tell him to read it on the way back to OKC and to give the file to the Coach when he sees him,,,then they give him the stats web-site and tell him to spend some time learning about stats so he might in the future learn how to get the right ones to appear on the Wizards pages.
- The Upper Mgmt,.Scouts,Affiliate Coach,OKC Coach,Dellows,the Asst,Coaches and Dallas are ALL NOW ACCORDDING TO THE OILERS BUSINESS STRUCTURE ..... 100% accountable for producing GREAT results together,for bringing together the Human factor and the numbers world seamlessly,for extracting excellent value for dollar from the management process.A Group hug appears.
- Player Z is now sent packing back to the Barons where he may learn to be as accountable as his bosses,for he is the only one of the group who has failed to be accountable because everyone already know he is supported by the best stats system in the NHL and they are never wrong,I guess he can blame himself or his Pee-Wee Coach because everyone else around his is Teflon.

I left out Rocky Thompson who was phoning down from the Sky-box since Player Z was brought in saying that he was looking outstanding so far and if only the team had 20 some more of him they would be rocking. This would be the only resource the NHS would be acessing external to the Coaches and Players themselves.Unless Rocky is a stats fellow then I would replace him with a man who had a mind and opinions that were functionally able to operate without stats excuses running the show.

The Oilers then make a trade giving up a fresh prospect with poor stats for a middle aged Journeyman with historully strong but now barely hanging in there stats developed on a different team in a different system ,this is the FIX, it is supported by stats and by the ageing middle-aged players long NHL history combined with Bellows BS and Eakins Stamp of Approval which mac-t uses to validate his own decison on the old vet.Look how effective ststa really are huh?

The Oilers continue to lose unabatedly, the next season the middle-age Player and his contract are quietly passed long the NHL food-chain, and another OKC prospect is loaded into the chamber of the Oilers Cannon ,well on his way to being Cannon Fodder to a derelict process and a stats poisoned structure.

All I can say is Miroslav Satan because that was when i had really had enough of the illness stats are.

This is what happens when you are stats poisoned and when you try to fit the players into the system.To use a fit the player to the system focus you MUST USE STATS to support your decisions every time.

Had the System been able to absorb the player and utilise him properly then stats would not be needed to make excuses if he didnt fit in then the COACHES would be accountable for the inability to utilise the asset provided by the process.Then eventually either the Coaches or the Process would be red flagged as an Achilles Heel in the future if repeated failures to optimally utilise assets brought in through the process happen,this means CHANGE would be FORCED to happen because the COACHES AND SYSTEM THEY USE would be held ACCOUNTABLE 100%.

This is why teams use advanced stats analysis,to make endless excuses for their under-performance and for inferior processes and structures on an organisational level.

Stats have the same impact as an Octopusses Ink,when SHTF the Ink clouds the water like stats cloud the valuations.

The Octopuss isnt accountable for WHERE the Ink goes or WHAT it does,it simply needs to shoot it out there and then disappear.

The System and Coaches arent accountable for where the stats go or what they do ,they simply need to acess them in an excusatory manner then disappear behind the confusion they create.

This wasnt the best Accountability tree for sure,it was ad-libbed, but it makes the point well enough.

The Oilers have protected the man who chose their system for decades,they have passed this down like a torch, every Coach here has been a victim of circumstance whenever he has challenged this System decision,the DISCONNECT has historiclly been exactly here.When the Coaches make any noise they are booted,when results dont appear they are booted,BUT NOT BEFORE the Players are ripped to pieces in the media over YEARS,not before the PLAYERS are ripped apart using BS stats data manufactured to hurt them and their careers to dis-empower them by using proof of System and Coaching failures as evidence to hammer on the Players .

This is the same Intuitive Dynamic Analysis I provided the Oilers with 4 years ago,NOTHING HAS CHANGED WITH THEM.All the Oilers have done is bring in escalating levels of stats support to keep the historic screw-up going forward.

When the Oilers discovered the NHS and its Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis they SHOULD have done the right thing and immediatly found the source,instead they waited till results were produced,then they subversively tried to hi-jack the data,the NHS was CREATED for the Oilers to overcome this historic screw-up.It was CREATED TO FORCE ACCOUNTABILITY,and by god it has done so.

The NHS is BETTER than the system the Dynasty Oilers used which was Waynes Brains,the NHS can be applied TO EVERYONE ON THE ROSTER while Waynes Brains were his own and not shared equally.

The Oilers know this,they are AWARE ,and they CANNOT back down now without becoming humble,like Champions are,you see it is the Oilers managements attitudes and vanity screwing them up,none of them are TRULY ACCOUNTABLE,and Champions MUST BE 100% ACCOUNTABLE TO THEMSELVES AND TO EACH OTHER AND BY PROXY TO THE FANS.

The Oilers are screwing up this natural sequential system on purpose ,intentionally and knowingly,they simply do not care what anyone thinks,paying customer,fan,od otherwise.

Intuitive Dynamic Analysis FINDS THE CAUSALITY OF THE PROBLEM WITH 100% ACCURACY 100% of the time,there is no escape.

Intuitive Dynamic Management CURES the problems 100% of the time because it is HONEST ACCURATE and contains no stats.

statistical BS does nothing for an NHL team except make excuses for poor system choices and for poor system management BOTH things out of the players control.

Now we can all see clearly WHY THE OILERS are so stats poisoned,they NEED this many excuses to cover up all the dereliction of duty we see them actioning consistantly in support of their attitudes and vanity,someone is always causing some type of crap and the entire Cabal actions support them right OR wrong[very bad dynamic],this WEAKENS the entire structure by wasting energy and by causing mis-reads which further screw up future decisions.

Now you can see WHY Players and their Agents refuse to deal with the Oilers,they are screwed up man big time.

Maybe the OEM Group has been a true effort to build a better FUTURE but MUCH of the curative action needed MUST COME FROM RE-BUILDING BURNED BRIDGES,I know OEG wants to move forward with a clean slate,but they need to recognise exactly where this Franchise is coming from .

The Oilers management group OEG is streamlining was ABLE to do their jobs,they have the ACUMEN,it has been attitude and vanity and a legacy of burning bridges permanently that has finally caught up to the Oilers,these are the Ghosts of the Dynasty System that have been haunting management not players.

So now ask yourself this,were you I and had you created the NHS to solve the Oilers challenges,and had they rejected you then ACTIONED ON YOUR DATA,and had your System then caught on and been ACTIONED by 3 Cup winners in a row albeit un-oficially , and had both NHL management teams AND online stats scabs tried to co-operatively disenfranchise you and steal your thunder as Eakins and Dellows and Darkhorse have done effectively ,what would you do now?

Well you would do as I am going to do,SPREAD THE NHSs WINGS and let her fly.

This is why I have chosen my Swan Song to be played to the tune of a Sabers Stanley Cup Victory.

Since the NHSs inception I have insisted that those interested come online where I present the data or to take a hike,I expect 100% adherence to this or no NHS.I will be validated where the NHS began,online amongst other people who spend countless hours and epic volumes of passion trying to help their NHL teams, you will respect the NHSs roots as being unorthodox and 100% homegrown online or you will not have the privilage of acessing it intimately.Come online and make friends and anything might happen,but come with your hat in your hands because the NHS is SELF-VALIDATING and you will not find much wiggle room if you are into denial,the NHS is well aware of its impacts as they are all documented,the fact there is no organised running history available in one place was actioned INTENTIONALLY the NHS is the Peoples System and that is where you will find it if you wish to ,spread amongst many NHL hockey sites where it belongs.No one place to acess and use with no traces and no one place to attack and suppress,I was dealing with the Oilers remember?$ years there was no OEG and there was no control,today it looks different,but that is the Oilers problem not mine, as I said OEG has no idea how much of their immediate future will include RE-BUILDING BRIDGES and relationships the prior management process alienated,and I AM 100% SURE OEG has no CLUE how hot the Oilers made their fires burn,this isnt simply making up, there is some serious reparations to be made in every area of Hockey Operations.If I was Eakins and the Oilers this year I would not worry about a Table full of donuts I would worry about a table full of Humble Pies and I would worry IF THEY WERE NOT THERE WAITING FOR ME SO I COULD JUST TAKE MY MEDICINE MY BadMedicine and GET IT OVER WITH.

I have made it abundntly clear that stats are useless as anything more than a peripheral in-house support.

I will never accept any connections to stats or their poisons, I will never work with a ststa crew,they will WORK FOR ME and I wont need more than one lackey to punch numbers.

Advanced stats analysis is pure hog-wash, It has NO PLACE in managing an NHL team or in planning or actioning tactics,stats have no place in the Winning Formula,none what-so-ever.

At this point for example I would REFUSE to work with a Head Coach or an Organisation who uses stats as a weighted factor in any of their core opertional decisions,I would not walk into that type of dysfunction under any circumstances.

I can walk into a normal traditionally operated team with NO stats inputs beyond in-house assesments as per the teqms System and how the men perform in ONLY that system, and seamlessly incorporate NHS modifications to that exisiting System,in other words I would ONLY accept stats generated by my players in my system,not stats generated by my players in a different system actioned by a different mind.

Stats are the ORIGINAL SIN,and as I have repreatedly illustrated the Oilers are being poisoned by stats influences.Long term ones which have been escalating in size and impact as well as in saturation %s.

The Oilers went from the NHLS MOST INTUITIVE System during the Dynasty flatlining....then they began to experiment with something they HAD TOTALLY forgotten how to implement,stats, they were like stats virgins when Wayne and Mark left with their Brains and the Oilers Dynasty System in their back pockets.Now that I see what type of environment they were working in I know what good friends Wayne and Mark are, they HID the System from everyone and rightfully so.

The Oilers clung to stats like a life-preserver when Wayne and Mark left because they provided excusatory outs which back then were dearly needed.The rest is documented history as stats infected,weakened and eventually saturated the Oilers organisational super-structure.

I got tired of watching the gong-show so I fixed their problems for them,but the idiots decided to pick a scrap with me and to look down their noses at me and the NHS ,to JUDGE US,and it has cost them 3 Stanley Cups and counting as well as sole acess to the greatest System ever created,one which exactly duplicates the Dynasy teams System actions,well history is showing that winners are winners plain and simple and that they will win wherever they go,the NHS will continue to evolve and win,and the Oilers will continue to devove and lose.

No one else has duplicated then IMPROVED UPON Waynes Brains and the Oilers Dynasty System,I have done this with the NHS.

I am not trying to do this or hoping to do this,it has already been done,there is a documented history online,it is not sequential or easy to acess but it is there and complete.

The NHS will go where good honest integrity driven men and women are willing to take her, the NHS has ALWAYS been there for the taking fot these type of individuals.

The battles and fights were pre-planned,the horrible dynamic was allowed to grow to ensure the oilers management bad apples identified themselves by suppressing the NHS,they were given every chance to do so as was their nature...take and give nothing in return if possible .... ,led down the garden path so to speak.Now there is a clear record of who and how the NHS was suppressed by ,this solves a lot of problems because it shows who IS NOT QUALIFIED TO HANDLE THE NHS.I was more concerned with the TYPE of people handeling the NHS than if it went mainstream,it was ALWAYS going to be superior and hit mainstream because it produces OPTIMAL results.

Ask Stolly and Greene how it felt to have the Hawks run their show between Cups? How it felt watching the Hawks doing what they were doing and ripping up the NHL?The Kings knew the NHS had sworn to stop them from winning back-to-back for not crediting it-- they just didnt believe it they were vain and lacked respect ,Jarret and the Kings COULD EASILY have THREE-PEATED had they been honest and integrity driven from the get-go and simply contacted the NHS..Ask him how good it felt when he knew the NHS was Hunting Hawks this past Playoffs game by game to prevent them from the same back-to back wins the Kings were denied for not crediting the NHS for its contributions to them,ask him how it will feel this season knowing his Kings are back on the NHS hit-list?Who would TAKE something and then NOT credit the source and then expect there to be no reactions,ha ha ha.To this day all Stolly has to do is tell the whole truth,so far he hasnt been asked anything about the NHS and has not told any un-truths,he is sitting in the weeds because the NHS nor anyone else has questioned him about where the Kings found the extra Juice to turn things around three years ago?I have never rattled his cage,I do not use MSM for anything,I do not earn a living online,I have simply been an online fan with a lot to say.If an honest curious Sports Reporter who had acumen were ever to do some digging they would blow this dynamic wide open if it were done properly.I would like to see Pat Quinn,Sam Gagner,Jarret Stoll, Scotty Bowman,Sutter,Renney,Krueger,Mac-T,Eakins,Ryan Jones,Hall,Hopkins,you name the Oilers ,Kings or Hawks players and Bettman all on one show answereing NHS direct questions.I would like to see my real-time online posts on a Big Screen with these people watching so we can all see the data going directly where it was aimed and we can all see how EASY it is to tell when the data is implemented and when and to what degrees,I would like to see their faces when they realise how documented and dead-on the history is,how clear their own actions can be identified quantified and analysed by Intuitive Dynamic Analysis.I would like to see them respect the NHS and accept it as the evolutionary catalyst it has become for the entire NHL.More-so I would like the TRUTH to be known so things can get rolling league-wide.

Now you see the sacrifices the NHS has made,in the beginning I debated online wether or not to simply take a traditional route and start a Blog and follow nromal processes,this would have allowed me to devlop the NHS in ways which would have been acceptable and have provided for seamless painless traditional acceptance and valuations by NHL teams,however as soon as I went online,and I had never been online prior to the NHS posts to any measurable degree,I realised the stats community was in turmoil and starving for innovations they could monetise and promote on their websites,I realised immediatly how they came together from different sites to support each other,then I saw an avenue for growth and promotion,the stats crowd immediatly clashed with an influence that openly said they were full of crap and then stuck aroud to prove it ,so I hammered on them in their wheelhouses until they were as hot as upset Hornets,one by one they actively began suppressing the NHS by banning anyone promoting it from their sites,this was a PLANNED ACTION by the NHS, the conflicts were allowed to evolve,Dellows the little weasel followed my tactics and used the NHS data to rile the Oilers until they noticed nd hired him,he is a con-job for taking NHS data and implementing it as if it were his own.The face-off data Eakins spews off about was NHS data posted for the Oilers Dellows read and restructured .

Once the NHS had impacted the online community there was only one thing left to do,let the dirty dogs do their dirty dances,one by one the sites banned the NHS,they are a COLLECTIVE that work together,but this was perfect,as they slowly suppressed the NHS on their sites,they ALSO began promoting their Pals on these same sites,first it was a guy from winipeg who they tried to promote as a new Guru, then it was the Swarm they promoted ANYTHING that rode the NHS coattails,these online people were first-hand witnesses to the NHSs effectiveness,therefore they are the MOST guilty of suppression,NONE of them are OILERS FANS ,ALL are traitors because instead of recognising the Oiler opportunity and helping them connect,they tried instead to capitalise on the ideas and monetise them in any ways they could manage.

Some of these weasels have even tried to wipe NHS data from their sites over the last 4 years as the heat has been jacked up and full disclosure becomes imminent.And some like a very smart Flames fan have been ARCHIVING the NHS posts for future use,now one Flames fan has the most extensive record of the NHS I have ever seen.


It is that simple.

You CANNOT blend Stats and the NHS,it is not possible ,and if you try you will fail,this is a fact because the NHS hates stats and the trouble they cause,the NHS was DESIGNED to feed upon teams who implement stats inputs,it feeds on the mis-placed and mis-directed consistancy stats produce.

At the end of the day there are legitimate reasons behind my ability to create Moma2s NewAge Hockey System,I have the correct background and experience and history to enable me to do this.I am not an "average fan", I have never played organised hockey,but I have been an ELITE Athletic Competitor who DOMINATED and I have Coached multipe teams at the Amature level.I have won much much more than I have ever lost in competative sports dynamics,I have been a tangible LEADER whenever I have competed.If you have never FELT WHAT WINNING FEELS LIKE you are un-initiated and if you have never Coached and wrung every drop of passion,energy and intellect out of yourself trying to help teams you LOVE win but still LOST then you are un-initiated.

To me you must first be a true winner and learn how to create,develop,evolve and support the Winning Formula, then you must put on a new pair of shoes and INTENTIONALLY hurl yourself into the fires of Coaching where YOU CANNOT USE YOU STRONGEST ASSETS and where you CANNOT have a hands-on impact,where you ultimately find yourself helpless and unable to change the outcomes of games UNLESS you can learn to communicate and manage PEOPLE .You must first learn to WIN consistantly as an individual on a team ,then you must learn to lose productively as a Coach,now a WINNER ...NEVER...wants to lose and this is where Athletes and Coaches seperate,this is why MOST ELITE LEVEL ATHLETES can never sucessfully become Coaches in their respective Sports. So if a WINNING athlete chooses to take themselves into a Coaching and teaching role early in their career they put themselves on a very rare learning curve,they expose themselves to learning dynamics not many are privilaged enough to experience.You could have 20 years of NHL playing if you have never Coached and be lost to this OPTIMAL LEADERSHIP dynamic,you could have Coached for 20 years and never won as an Athlete and be lost to this OPTIMAL dynamic.

BALANCE is the key,and this means experience AND the communication abilitys to pass those experiences on,so now we can say that even if you can find the RARE type of dynamic which provides you with the proper balance pf perspective to be a LEADER, you STILL MUST have OR learn to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY or your acumen will go under-utilised.

Now try to find people who fit into this template,it is not easy to find someone who maxes out in all areas,there is ALWAYS one weak area and these areas take YEARS to develop and evolve.

Winning Athletic experience. - not just in one sport

Losing Coaching experience. - you cant be a chronic loser,but you must learn to empty your own tank and then really "need" to get through to players, you must learn that your acumen alone will NEVER BE ENOUGH,you must feel the desperation,this will force a true winner to LEARN FAST and to learn the RIGHT THINGS,to "need" his teammates more than himself and his skillset .A winner ALREADY knows what the right things are ,now they simply need to torture themselves enough to bring this acumen out in a managerial role instead of a Players role,only through fire can this be done,only if YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH.

Elite communication skills. - you must STAND OUT as an oddity or you dont have the skillset needed,you MUST be the guy or gal who consistantly sits on the periphery and then walks up and solves group problems by CLARIFYING THINGS MORESO THAN BY ADDING THINGS.People should feel inside that you may be a know-it-all because you ase so on top of everything.This is the most difficult trait ,the hardest to find and to teach.You odd perspectives MUST produce optimal correct results or you will be like Dellows a blow-hard who just looks for attention.Loud is very different than loud and RIGHT.

There you have it,the three core value drivers of a prime NHS student.

I was once Coaching a Womens Team and we were at a Tournament where we were severe underdogs, it was near the seasons end . I had made a point that year of having a team meeting before the season to clarify what the players wanted out of their season as a group,did they want to win,did they want to learn,did they want to have fun,whatever they wanted to do was IMPPORTANT so we sat down and talked,the Women wanted to have fun and learn more than to win,so I took their intentions and worked with them,we intentionally spread the playing time evenly and fairly justifying this by the fact that if you were comitted enough to be at all practices then you deserved equal playing time because fun and learning both require this level of commitment and no more,but no less.So if you supported the team loyally you were rewarded accordingly.

Well at the end of the season our record wasnt exactly sterling BUT all the Women were happy and fiercly committed.The year end Tounament was very important to everyone,the Players,me,the School,the Parents who had made sacrifices to support their kids,it was excellent.

Because of the high degree of pressure we were all under I felt it was time for another meeting with the women, I wanted to know what THEY wanted to take away from their season and I knew the Tourney would be defining in a lot of ways to them and to everyone else,personally I was already happy.

The Team met with me,and I explained what i was thinking,I asked them if they still wanted to follow our early season decision to have fun and learn,OR if they wanted to let the Dogs out and go for Blood during the Tourney playing our best players till they dropped.I asked the Women to take some time together alone to discuss what they wanted to do and to let me know so I could set the line-up.

I didnt need the meeting,I already knew my team,they wanted to go for Blood.Learning and having fun are great but when those things get old all that is left is WINNING.

So I played our top skillsets relentlessly and we ended up 4th in the Tournament our best showing that season.I was the proudest I had ever been as a Player or a Coach to see that particular team come together and support each other,to this day I have never seen such Esprit de Corps,nowhere.When I saw one sister sacrifice for another and be her FIRE on the bench while their Mom stewed on the sideline I was MOVED and I was LEARNING.

HOWEVER, I has Sisters on the team,one Woman was ELITE and she was a Junior who was playing up on the Senior team along with her sister who was also a very good Athlete , well the Mother of the girls was an excellent and committed fan and payed very close attention to everything we did,which I respected, but she immediatly noticed that the daughter who was the senior had NOT been playing her regular minutes in the very first game,so she asked to speak with me during a game,which I denied and instead asked her to speak to me when we were done,this meant that she effectively had to bite her tongue and watch the entire game with the question on her mind,i was still learning and now regret not simply dealing with her then out of the Gym,but it was what it was. After the first game she met me alone and we chatted, she blasted me loudly and solidly and reminded me how hard her girls had worked all year long and how much they BOTH deserved to be playing in the Tournament.Ha ha ha she was her daughters Mother and the daughters were both fierce individuals,excellent.

I let her know that the decision on how we were approaching the minutes played and tactics used during the year -end tournament had been MADE BY THE WOMEN AS A GROUP not by me and that they WERE CONCRETE,and were NOT going to be changed for her or anyone else,and that if she really wanted to respect the committment her kids had shown all year long she would try to respect how they felt about their own decisions. because after all it was they who DECIDED to join the team,never miss a practice and to give 100% sweat and effort with their only reward being learning which is what they had to do all day long in classes,I reminded her that I had DECIDED to be a Coach and she had DECIDED to be a Fan and that we all had to be accountable for our own decisions because at the end of the day if it wasnt us being held responsible we were forcing that impact on someone else and that that was one of the things I had been teaching her Daughters to NOT DO FOR TWO YEARS.She was miffed and yelling and out of hand,but nothing changed.I fully understood what I was getting into Coaching as a student in terms of having to step up into a different pair of shoes and dealing with Parents of Players from a position and attitude of equality on every level,especially when speaking with them.To top it off i was not a Platinum Club Student either, I was an "active" type of student always on the periphery of any action or excitement both White and Black Hat types,so parents had every right to consider that they had put an Inmate in charge of the Asylum ha ha ha.

If I had used regular season stats catalysed by a System impact DESIGNED to produce a FUN LEARNING environment as its Primary Driver to generate progressive analysis to create the most potent offensive line-up possible with available assets[which is what you should always do] I would be basing my forward momentum on FALSE/POSITIVE reads and valuations from the get-go.

Stats would NOT have made the most skilled and talented Players stand out enough to be identified when the stats are taken from a System focus designed to produce even-keeled,naturally evolving,forward moving,energetic,passionate,creative impacts,and a perfectly BALANCED accountability and responsibility factor,when everyone does LESS and KNOWS what is expected on an on-the-fly basis less mistakes are made during transitions which are the heart of all competative sports, when talented skiled players are comfortable patrollig their sector of a well balanced System they DO NOT get opportunitys to statsiticlly out-perform anyone else only finishing what is on your own plate is critical in a well executed System even the shot %s will be to close to call.

If you tried to use Intangibles as your baseline for your final decisions using this same data you would go just as far off-base as if you were focusing statisticlly, this is because in a well balanced NHS type of system EVERYONE finds themselves being EveryMan on the ice, there are no traditional pecking orders.This means in many cases your less skilled players will be exhibiting elite level intangible impacts,they will always only have to worry about what is on their own plates and if you want more you need to HELP someone ABOVE AND BEYOND.When traditional pecking orders are removed you remove the BASS from a lot of voices that normlly screw things up for you and that BASS is smoothly transitioned to where it belongs in the playactions ONLY.

I am recounting this to show how the NHS evolved to illustrate how I learned the concepts and principals I incorporated into it.

Just this one Womens Team taught me in only one year TREMENDOUS lessons,I coached multiple teams and cannot ever thank each and every one of them enough for the privilage.

When I changed MY COACHING ATTITUDE and EVOLVED myself I made a decision to respect the Players DECISIONS more,to be as accountable for my own decisions as a Coach as I expected them to be to the Team as individuals in the exact same degrees,when I did this when I questioned my OWN accountability potential and compared it to the potential impacts on the Players final results I realised I was out of line,I HAD PLENTY OF COACHING EXPERIENCE ALREADY so i wasnt unsure of myself but something wasnt balancing out for me at that time,I realised that I carried the MAJORITY of the tangible defining control over the results the players would be able to produce ,that I had to find a way to return some of that Juice to where it belonged without screwing up the entire process, this meant I had to RE-DEFINE some core value perspectives of my own.

I realised I needed to KNOW what the INTENTIONS of the Players were,not the CAPABILITYS, I realised that if I didnt KNOW THEIR INTENTIONS I couldnt properly steer them to optimise themselves.And that is what a Coach is suppossed to do BEFORE he even begins to engage opponents.,teach his assets to OPTIMISE themselves by putting them in positions to do so on an equal basis.How can I put you in an Alpha position if you have intentions of having fun and never elevating yourself to a leadership role?How can I ask you to to BE something you havent freely chosen to be and expect to get the best out of you?A Coach cannot CHANGE a Players intentions ,only a player can do that.

I was lucky and the Women lead me to water at the seasons beginning by choosing to have fun and learn as opposes to going for Blood.This allowed me to do something WAYYY out of character and to produce a System that EVENLY SHARED EVERY SINGLE DYNAMIC ASPECT OF THE GAMES AND PRACTICES.The term EveryWoman was developed,and she did everything in every area every time the System asked her to,she could be a silent slippery support players stealing time and space or a loud directive Quaterback of an offensive playaction drawing attention to herself and distracting everyone on the other side , in a matter of seconds the roles could change and so would the player and her entire approach. I could never have actioned a System like this if the Women had not DECIDED this was what they wanted to do,they WILLINGLY BOUGHT IN AND THIS ALLOWED THEM TO SWITCH FROM ROLE TO DYNAMIC ROLE WITH NO PECKING ORDERS CAUSING FRICTION OR TROUBLE OR HARD FEELING,players instinctively knew when to BARK and when to wimper with and for each other,they ACCEPTED their roles AS THEY CHANGED IN ACTION SEAMLESSLY.I am talking ELITE COMMUNICATION HERE,it was like the playactions were single running converstaions all going in the same direction the same way every time,but with different voices showing up at the perfectly spoken different times when Players changed dynamic roles.There was NEVER extra chatter between teammates that interuppted the playaction dialog,there WAS tactical attacks we planned all the time to rattle opponents but OUR players NEVER tuned into it it was external.As a Player and a Coach I had NEVER been a part of a Group willing to share roles so honestly,it was HONESTY catalysing the process,when everyone is on the same page going in the same direction there HONESTLY only needs to be ONE person running the playaction at any given time,everyone else needs to be awake and aware but NOT creating static,honesty creates TRUST,so if everyone is honestly on the same page and honestly taking their role properly then they can honestly TRUST WHOEVER is running the playaction at any given moment and they can HONESTLY assume that role in a nano-second.

HONESTY. No conflicting intentions,no poor communication ,no hard feelings,no extra pressure on anyone person,no role refusal,a common vision,I could NOT have done that , the players did that and I LEARNED FROM THEM.

I only had to ask them,but somehow I had never done that,i had ASSUMED as much power and juice as I could thinking that the more i got the better Coach I COULD BECOME[selfish and rookie],and we all know what happens when you assume something, you make an arse of YOU and ME.I needed the lesson.


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originally posted by: one4all
can this group we see now make a legitimate run at the Stanley Cup?

As much as I'd luv to say that I'm confident that the Philadelphia Flyers will finally, once again, bring Stanley home to the City of Brotherly Love .... my early speculation is that the cup will go to Boston this year. Of course, early trading could change that but at this moment my money is on Boston.

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@ Flyers Fan

I like Boston for a lot of reasons and hope they do well,the Flyers are due for a breakout as well.

Hextall and Berube are a unique mix and could produce some spectacular results together if they are on the same page.

The Flyers are what the Flames are aiming to be, they are a team that scores its goals using its size to get its way,not overwhelmingly but as a Primary focus.They are not an overly dominating team roster-wise but they play that way and score that way.

The Flyers have buttoned down a personality and an impact which can create sucess in the NHL,they have defined ways which they use to enforce their willpower.This is a very good thing because it show continuity of intentions by Management,an Identity whatever it is displays control and focus on an organisational level and is a great STARTING POINT for any team.

I would compare the Flyers to the Blues in what I can see them producing impact-wise with the same NHS modifications the Blues have added to their existing System.If the Flyers made these adjustments with their current System focus and roster they would produce results similar to the Blues and gravitiate to the same tactics.

It is not hard to see where a team will evolve to under one System when you look at their roster, the Flyers are not a small team and they have a lot of offense,however it all comes in pretty much the same way, they would fit perfectly in beside LA and St.Louis if they used the same System.

It is very difficult to stop a team which knows how to create offense using its size to ENHANCE that offense and the Flyers have a lot of players who are big and know how to use their size offensively,and are skilled,this is what to me defines their personality as a team,they are big enough to not be pushed around anywhere on the ice and skilled enough to hurt you if they are dialed in,so skilled that they can take this style against a run and gun team and hold their own.

You could do a lot with a roster like the Flyers have.

I see a traditional approach with the traditional dimensions and focuses, the Flyers are developing by pretty much text-book methods.

If the team stepped out of its comfort zone and began using NHS modifications they would discover an entirely new level of offense,the bigger players would also be able to manage their energy levels optimally.

One look at the PMs and you can see a lot about the roster,one look at the scoring list and you can see they are a right side focused team that uses the centerman as the tip of the spear then works the right side with good efficiency.

Looking at the names you can see why they have this focus,but to me it is the spots I would target to dismantle their system .

The d-mens shooting % show they like to use peripheral tactics and are not shooting to score all the time,but they are active.

The team shoots a LOT down the board however although this does bode well and show they are loking for second and third shots off of rebounds and are using a system that focuses on this,it MAY NOT be the best way for them to do business.

The team is using some levels of Intuitive Dynamic Management already in that they are engineering playactions to produce multiple opportunitys showing they are predictive and anticipatory showing that you can expect them to be aggressive in their positioning and the TIMING o fthat positioning off of shots.

Unfortunately it also means that if you take their sticks away you remove the 1st shot and their comfort zone as big players and you force them to play as big as they are in close quarters,the reason they like this dynamic is because they are so BIG AND SKILLED,it isnt easy to simply take their sticks away because so many are big and skilled and would love to school you and can if you arent carefull,they make it difficult to stop their intentions.

I like the focus the Management has given the roster,it fits them well,however I personally would predict a substantial increase in scoring if NHS tactics were added to what the Flyers have cooking already,they are half-way there as we speak.

The NHS would basiclly increase their finishing % ,they would take wayyyy less shots and would score substantially more goals.However this leads us to utilisation of the big bodies and the Coaches are dialed in already,any change must be a better upwards move and it will be hard to convince them they can improve this area,it really is managed well now.

You never want to take anything away from a System that is producing consistant results,you only want to add and only when there is a definate improvement.

There isnt a lot to add to the things the Flyers are doing right now without adding the NHS Modifications,and truly the Flyers are running a System which has already incorporated a few critical things, they are now at the point where they can only refine the System they are using,they can fine-tune it with NHS mods and that is all you can ask for without changing anything core value that the coaches have been doing.

The Flyers need to improve their possesion/goal %s and this can be done many ways,they are burning up way to many shots and not recieving the returns on the hard work it takes to generate the transitions catalysing each of those shots.

I do not want to tear down anything the Flyers coaches are doing,they are finding their way for sure,I wouldnt mind chatting with Hextall and Berube, I like what they are doing ,they ARE seeing the sucess around the NHL and they ARE trying to keep up with the evolution,they simply havent known where to acess the data catalysing the NHLs recent evolution in terms of where other NHL teams got the data they have used to corner the Stanley Cup and create above average regular season results.

The Flyers want to go for Blood,it is in the DNA of the entire organisation and it shows through,this is awsome,they would be a natural NHS fit,a seamless fit identity wise.

As funny as it is this is the identity and focus and drive I wanted the Oilers to develop , but it is nice to see the Flyers doing it just the same,I would love to sink my teeth into their System and see exactly how many goals that roster could produce for me,it is an interesting question. because one wouldnt have to make any major System changes to kick them up a few notches.I am not sure the Flyers believe they can squeeze as much more offense out of their System as I envision and they are correct,as things are I believe they are maxing out,as I said they can now be refined but that is about it,unless you begin to adjust the System itself,this isnt exactly hard to do but it rattles the management and Coaches because it drags them into deep waters with no life Jacket.Add the same NHS adjustments LA and Chicago and the Blues and a few others are useing and the Flyers will increase their shooting % substantially become a true possesion/transition team ,they would reduce their goals against substantially and believe it or not take less NON-TERMINAL shots on net.However this means being less of a WAVE type offense and more of a surgical type offense.Many of those recorded shots are not designed to be terminal shots they are designed to support specific playactions,entrys exits rebound plays there are a lot of reasons for taking non-terminal shots but the usual one is the use of Intuitive Dynamic Management concepts,I can see already the Flyers have been doing their homework on the Western Conference Leaders,ha ha ha.

This is why I like them, they could really light a fire under their System if they simply followed the NHS Modifications available online.They are half-way there already by Monkey-SEE-Monkey do.

Boston will not be able to overcome the Western Teams using Intuitive Dynamic Management tactics,they are very traditionally built and run.Boston will do well in the regular season games against the League Regulars but come playoffs they will not be able to out-manage the NHS modifications head-to-head.There are specific reasons LA and Chicago are running the NHLs show right now,and it is not all about talent or tradition.

Philly and Boston are both strong teams with clear identitys and System Focuses,but this does not mean they are prepared to take on teams using NHS modifications which feast on consistancy of execution and traditional structures.

I do not see any team taking the Stanley Cup from the Kings or the Hawks unless that team itself uses the NHS modifications on its own System.The regular season will no longer be a barometer of a teams playoff chances,it has not been for 4 years, the barometer for 4 years has been which team incorporated sucessfully the most NHS data.So far LA and Chicago are the Leaders in this dept.The Blues are right behind in terms of proper implementation.others are struggeling and watching these teams to copy them.

If you cannot OUT-THINK the NHS you will never defeat it in the Playoffs,there is winning and there is NHS dominance.You can win your way through the regular season but when you get to the Playoffs and face a superior System influence you will be stone-walled as the Eastern Conference has been for 3 years running.No Crosby,No Ovie,no Malkin,this is not a sudden league-widechange or shift it is a 4 year long EVOLUTION, if you know where to look for it.The NHS revolution against stats influences has created an NHL EVOLUTION.

I would like to see any team using the NHS win the Cup.

Many are called but few are Chosen. This might be a Buffalo Sabers year if the NHS has any say,which we all know it does not,but personally I am calling the Sabers right now.Call it a hunch.

The last 3 consecutive Stanley Cup Champion Teams have been using Moma2s NewAge Hockey System tactics,they have been using and incorporating Intuitive Dynamic Management concepts and have been useing Intuitive Dynamic Analysis to adjust their Systems and tactics.

Moma2s NewAge Hockey System.....released online 4 years ago to the public and to NHL teams

Intuitive Dynamic Management.....evolved from building the System itself

Intuitive Dynamic Analysis......evolved from the process of implementing NHS concepts into existing NHL Systems

This is the catalyst behind the NHLs recent 4 year EVOLUTION which has seen the Western Conference shut the East out with emphasis.

Most Mainstream people think Advanced statistical analysis has catalysed the NHL evolution,well welcome to the real world, here the NHS is the catalyst of that evolution and online stats groups trying to make a buck and unscroupulous Head Coaches cant hi-jack the inpacts and try to reap benefits from such actions.if you want a few examples research the Swarm System and then research Dellows advanced stats analysis,pay attention to the TIME-LINE of there evolutions,the Swarm is the NHS NewAge influences not Eakins and the Analysis Dellows is tryng to sell the Oilers is simply regurgitation of NHS data and concepts he has scalped off-line over the last 4 years,read his stuff and learn for yourself he has been around a long time and it is childsplay to see when and how he changed and began to rip-off the NHS.

Sure Eakins hires Dellows and promotes his rip-off of the NHS and in the process of that also promotes advanced stats analysis over the TRUE NEWAGE CONCEPTS of Intuitive Dynamic Management and Intuitive Dynamic Analysis.Both Eakins and Dellows have a common enemy,the NHS,simply because it EXPOSES THEM BOTH as being immitators.

It is called organised suppression and is nothing new.

Do you think the Oilers or LA or the Hawks or Blues want to be tooting their horns all over about a new System they are using they found online when it is AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE.....NOT...ha ha ha ha.

If they arent willing to pay for it and are vain enough to think they can simply learn a little and then reproduce the inpacts why would they say anything to anyone or officially retain anyone?It is about intelligence and respect,first you need to be intelligent enough to realise there is something big hungry and NEW in the waters you swim in and then you must respect it enough to pay attention to it long enough to learn its habits so it doesnt hurt you.

The NHS isnt going anywhere but up,that is what it was designed to do.

The original NHS Tactical Dynamic Template created to guide its evolution dictated that an honest integrity driven person be the one to execute the full and complete Moma2s NewAge Hockey System,sooner or later the few modifications I released and applied to NHL teams existing Systems will pay dividends ,it is 3 Stanley Cups in a row by 2 Teams that the NHS has had a major impact for,with the Oilers having equal data acess and knowledge,the rest are playing catch-up,the Blues are on the ball.

Advanced statistical analysis .... does not bring stats and video together..... as the Stats analysis Con-jobs making money from NHL teams are trying to push all over the place on their sites.

Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis are the path for fans and managers and players alike to ALL come together on one common page they can all understand optimally AND more comfortably than any stats focus can take them.

Intuitive Dynamic Analysis plugs anyone right into the game being managed and played on the ice in ways stats never could and never will,anyone who has been around Hockey for any amount of time is VERY AWARE that stats never have and could not possiblye bring anything NEW to the table,they are redundant and everyone knows it.

At the end of the day online groups pushing stats analysis to make a few bucks will suppress the NHS online ,I hammered on most of them intentionally over the years anyways for kicks and to cut the NHSs teeth, NHL teams are NEVER going to promote something they cannot lock up, so this leaves Mainstream Media.

Mainstream Media has been assaulted and ravaged by Online Bloggers and groups of organised site owners for years now and it is getting out of hand,if Mainstream Media wants to shut up the Online community and to terminally disprove the validity of what they are selling then all they need to do is come together as Mainstream Support for the NHS and disclose its true history,Howie Meeker was an inspiration to me creating the NHS and HE has done more to grow NHL Hockey by providing LIVE Intuitive Dynamic Analysis for GENERATIONS of kids,its where I learned a lot,Howie was mainstream Media, come on lets not let these Online Con-Jobs take any credit away from the NHS because that discredits men like Wayne Gretzky and Roger neilson and Howie Meeker the men who contributed to the NHS vision.

Just sayin the enemy of my enemy is my friend.Mainstream media has never done the NHS wrong,but online con-jobs are trying to,they are also trying to undermine Mainstream Media at every turn,lets roll.

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originally posted by: FlyersFan
The following is my opinion as a member participating in this discussion.

originally posted by: one4all
can this group we see now make a legitimate run at the Stanley Cup?

As much as I'd luv to say that I'm confident that the Philadelphia Flyers will finally, once again, bring Stanley home to the City of Brotherly Love .... my early speculation is that the cup will go to Boston this year. Of course, early trading could change that but at this moment my money is on Boston.

As an ATS Staff Member, I will not moderate in threads such as this where I have participated as a member.

This is a key thing I hate about stats , people generally think that trading players drasticlly alters a teams chances of producing wins and sucess,when this couldnt be further from the truth in a well managed organisation.It is only the poorly managed behind the times teams who are still bogged down in Stats thinking,only stats would compel anyone to think that the players are more important than the System and its managers.

I dont want to be rediculous but it seems that Crosby and Ovie and some SUPER-STARS havent been seeing the inside of Lord Stanleys Cup for a long long time.

I do not believe that any trades would have stopped the last 3 Cup winners because of how they won.
If you traded Crosby to the Oilers right now it would not make them Champions,in fact if that was the only change,then not much would change at all even with Sidney,the Oilers are organisationally wounded and cannot heal that gaping open wound.

Of course Crosby would FORCE change,he is respected and has Juice,but look at him lately,Sidney knows something is amiss in the NHL,he feels the heat of the western Conference lock on the Stanley Cup and he knows WHY ,Sid is friends with Gagner who also knows exactly what influence has changed the entire NHL and he knows firsthand because this is what helped him engineer his 8 point Big Night,I watched Sid last season he was escalating all year long,his frustration levels were rising , Crosby wants the Pens to evolve and add NHS Modifications and the Coaches will not budge,he cannot sell it to them and right now he doesnt have the Juice in Pittsburgh to force it,it is what it is.

But I believe that a Championship Team can be built with 100% average NHLers, no one is kicking skill out of bed for eating crackers but its all icing above NHL average skillsets and cerebellum.The last 3 Cup Winners are clearly illustrating this point.

A superior System with a superior management and communications platform are farrrr more important than skill is.

In most of todays NHL Boardrooms the general feelings are stats based by and large,these men comprise the bulk of professional hockey acumen.They would all with the exception of a guaranteed TWO say that they believed a key trade could make a critical difference to their teams overall sucess that season.So you are very mainstream in thinking a few solid trades could change the NHL Lanscape considerably and i believe you are right,but I do not believe there are any trades possible that will win any team the Stanley Cup over the next ten years if they arent using the NHS to modify their System.The GAME ITSELF has been EVOLVED by a Superior Management System called Moma2s NewAge Hockey System.Big trades will have less and less impact on teams overall as the NHS filters its way into the Eastern Conference as it must.

If you have an OPTIMAL System and average players who execute consistantly and are managed consistantly then you have an excellent chance to win the Staley Cup.

If you have a poorly concieved System and a Plethora of skilled players like the Oilers who consistantly fail to execute and who are managed haphazardly you will never see the Playoffs.

If you have a functional System and Super-Star Players with an above average management group like the Pens you will have an excellent chance of making the Playoffs and a below .500 chance of winning the Stanley Cup if you face teams using the superior NHS influences.

The Oilers and Pens can make all the trades they wish to and it will only be re-shuffeling the same old deck,they are not using a superior System influence like the NHS to modify their Systems so the Players will never be enough to make them a consistant Championship threat.The Kings and Hawks and Blues do not need a Crosby or an Ovechkin, they are Championship Teans with Superior NHS influenced Systems right now.

Messier is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of this dynamic, he was a player who naturall used Intuitive Dynamic Analysis,he learned from Gretzky,this meant that Mark had to have FULL AND COMPLETE CONTROL AT ALL TIMES TO DO HIS MAJIC.

When mess went to Vancouver the Coaches WOULD NOT allow him to call the shots,theyDID NOT FOLLOW HIS DIRECTIONS to the letter,and he could not create his Majic.However when he was in NY he was given full reign and he produced Stanley Cup Majic using his natural Intuitive Dynamic Management skillset to orchestrate it.

Messier was a System in a Bottle,and the Bottle was his beanbag.But if he was constrained by the System or Coaches he COULD NOT make Majic,Wayne gretzky himself was screwed in the ear by this same refusal to give 100% control to him ,during the Playoffs when he was a King I watched Wayne drop more PERFECT PASSES onto sticks than I has ever seen him do in his entire career,but no one was finishing,then I watched him try over and over again to get his teammates and coaches to adjust how he needed and they did not comply,it was a travesty to be honest.

Jarret Stoll was given this lattitude with the Kings 3 years ago with 24 games left in the regular season and he implemented NewAge Hockey System tactics and the Kings have never looked back.Sutter was cloud watching and he got lucky,he had the GUTS to TRUST his Players,Sutter is a Stanley Cup Champion Coach TWICE because he TRUSTED HIS MEN WHEN THE CHIPS WERE DOWN BECAUSE THEY WERE PRODUCING WINNING RESULTS and he DID NOT CARE where those results were coming from as long as they were consistantly coming.

Scotty Bowman identified the NHS influences the Oilers were using via their Players and then had his managers replicate the impacts but the Hawks had the Coaches AND the Players on the same page so the coaches were more involved than with the Kings,this means the Kings are playing a superior more pure NHS System.

No one player not even Wayne gretzky the best Player to ever think about the game could be a trade impact guaranteeing a Stanley Cup if he was not allowed to manage NHL games using his naturally occuring Intuitive Dynamic Management skillset,this means giving him 100% control over on-ice evolving dynamics,including tactical read and reacts.These men MUST be allowed to be on-ice Player/Coaches to create the Perfect Hockey System.

The NewAge Hockey System is SUPERIOR to both Wayne and Mark because it is also based upon Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis BUT it is designed to teach entire ROSTERS to think the same way,exactly like Wayne and Mark did,I have built a System that produces OPTIMAL results using the games greatest mind as a Template.

So you see I put ZERO faith in stats,nada,zilch,none,bupkiss.

If I believe that a Player can change the team results I am trying to produce even two players then I am not using the right System a properly balanced System does NOT NEED elite players to win Championships,in fact sometimes they are like to many cooks in the kitchen.

An elite talent might increase some stats numbers but that has no relation to wins and Championships.Unless you are a stats fan then you will manufacture a bunch of BS to prove to me that one elite player COULD statisticly improve your team to some abstract degree.

Hows this for a trade, trade Jarret Stoll, Greene and Coach Sutter ANYWHERE and they will produce a Championship quickly,this is because they UNDERSTAND how to action Intuitive Dynamic management,why do you think Sutter gets miffed when people call his team a defensive team he ALWAYS RESPONDS BY SAYING THEY ARE A POSSESION TEAM.Most people are NOT understanding him,Sutter knows things they are not learning becaus ethe NHS has not been taken Mainstream to teach the Fans yet.

The Kings are a Possesion/Transition team right now the record states they are the BEST possesion/transition team in the entire NHL by a long-shot.Now ask yourself why the Head Coach has to clarify that his team is a Possesion team and also why everyone insists on calling it a defensive team,where does that disconnect come from? I will tell you right now,Coach Sutter is referring to the NHS Modifications which made his System a Possesion/Transition system,but the online stats analysis people have intentionally muddied the waters trying to hi-jack the NHS so they REFUSE to use the NHS terminologys ha hah ha.But Stanley Cup Winning Coaches sure use the right terms.

If the Player you are trading for has the ability to utilise natural Intuitive Dynamic Management and you ALLOW him to change ANYTHING he says and you snap to it,you will have proven me half wrong,half because the man is a System in a bottle so you are really getting a 2 for 1.The System is ALWAYS step one and if it is not OPTIMAL nothing it produces will be optimal.

Thank you you made me consider the changing impacts of NHL trades in an entirely new way, in fact you reminded me of a few articles I have read lately pointing out that the impacts after major trades have not been up to historical snuff,those darn stats guys who KEEP THEIR NOSES OUT of Hockey operations [including player valuations that screw up negotiations]can produce some interesting stuff.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 04:25 AM
a reply to: FlyersFan and one4all

There was a press conference where Dallas Eakins said that if you had the puck you wouldn't need to be throwing hits, yet Boston and LA were measured to be two of the best shot generating teams this year and were also near the top of the league in hits. I think this plays into the NHS system due to the fact that there is very little time lapse between them losing the puck, and their re-engagement of the opposition.

I agree with you that the contemporary stats available that guys like Dellow and other such bloggers are pushing for are nearly pointless in the grand scheme of the game, especially because they are trying to push them as actual predictors of future results. Yet, if you asked them to come up with a workable game plan and system, they would develop a system that would be exploited by obvious holes when put up against a system created by a hockey mind and also because they dont have the ability to see how to intuitively make hockey decisions in real time.

It's really hard to come with a post and a reply that does any justice for your posts one4all, as they are so full of excellent ideas and information. Thanks for answering my questions and I see what you mean on the situational aspects to picking the different first overalls. I personally would have taken the same 3 that the oilers took. Right now, a line of Landeskog-Seguin-Eberle would look good, but i dont think that that line would be better than Hall-RNH-Yakupov when RNH and Yak are actually men. while they are being deployed in a system completely contrary to their skill sets, there is some stock to be put into the fact that those two are still boys in a mens league. In your system, is handedness a huge factor? I know a line with 3 lefties could work, but it doesn't seem optimal.

edit: i forgot to mention, your accountability tree is priceless!

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posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 12:12 PM

originally posted by: kicked
a reply to: FlyersFan and one4all

There was a press conference where Dallas Eakins said that if you had the puck you wouldn't need to be throwing hits, yet Boston and LA were measured to be two of the best shot generating teams this year and were also near the top of the league in hits. I think this plays into the NHS system due to the fact that there is very little time lapse between them losing the puck, and their re-engagement of the opposition.

I agree with you that the contemporary stats available that guys like Dellow and other such bloggers are pushing for are nearly pointless in the grand scheme of the game, especially because they are trying to push them as actual predictors of future results. Yet, if you asked them to come up with a workable game plan and system, they would develop a system that would be exploited by obvious holes when put up against a system created by a hockey mind and also because they dont have the ability to see how to intuitively make hockey decisions in real time.

It's really hard to come with a post and a reply that does any justice for your posts one4all, as they are so full of excellent ideas and information. Thanks for answering my questions and I see what you mean on the situational aspects to picking the different first overalls. I personally would have taken the same 3 that the oilers took. Right now, a line of Landeskog-Seguin-Eberle would look good, but i dont think that that line would be better than Hall-RNH-Yakupov when RNH and Yak are actually men. while they are being deployed in a system completely contrary to their skill sets, there is some stock to be put into the fact that those two are still boys in a mens league. In your system, is handedness a huge factor? I know a line with 3 lefties could work, but it doesn't seem optimal.

edit: i forgot to mention, your accountability tree is priceless!

You have a very very astute mind that understands competative dynmics well, and you have 100% nailed down the TANGIBLE results generating changes the NHS Modifications have catalysed for the LA and Hawks Systems they have been applied to.These impacts are generated through the application of Intuitive Dynamic Management principals and tactics.The Blues are also in this mix now,they were only ONE SMALL ADJUSTMENT OFF-BASE in the Play-offs,they consistantly failed to adjust to a consistant challenge they were facing systemiclly,an internal adjustment now an overwhelming opponents influence.I DID in fact try to post up for them a few times,but there was no pre-existing conduit of communications established prior to work with.It was very hit and miss advice.But I did post the correct adjustments for them during their series when they needed it most.

Dallas is young and he has been following the NHS on his own and only taking out the things he WANTS TO HEAR, it is what it is, you cannot expect to learn anything if you have no respect for the source or continuity of data and applications.

Dallas often intertwines NHS concepts and philosophies with stats based thinking suit his own perspective and limitations,he DOES NOT respect the source or buy in and commit,he refuses to validate that an online obscure data source can outperform not only him but his entire crew of Coaches,he refuses to endorse anything he knows is superior to his own perspective,he instead wants to sit in the weeds and absorb data by osmosis and apply it HOW HE WANTS -WHEN HE WANTS,and this compromises the impacts at the core value level and actually CREATES disconnects,which is something the NHS was DESIGNED TO OMIT.

Statistical thinking is a strong hand to have if you are a traditionalist defensive thinker and function best that way,Dallas was in my view ALREADY scalping NHS data when he interviewed with Mac-T and this is why they struck it off,I have reviewed and posted on this likelyhood based on his results from a multi-year evolutionary perspective prior to joining the Oilers,this is a supposition on my part.

Dallas was vain and misguided not to aknowledge source and to jump on the rip-off by proxy band-wagon,an understandable dynamic prior to joining the Oilers,so unless he was hand-cuffed by Upper management in general or by one influence,he is accountable for his decision to not support the source of the data he was finding to be valid enough to implement at the NHL level.

The Kings and Hawks have simply applied the data exactly as the NHS reccomends,the Modifications are in sequence and work seamlessly with the Systems they were using pre-NHS,this is how it is suppossed to be,the NHS modifications simply ADD to existing Systems they do not SUBTRACT,the NHS "makes it work" and in doing so it FLUSHES advanced stats or any type of stats inputs down the CRAPPER.

Now we caa see why the Oilers are in such deep waters and NOT likely to swim free for a very long time,they are massively overbalanced on an organisational level with statistical influences at every corner,influences which MUST CLASH WITH EACH OTHER TO SURVIVE.

The NHS is FINITE,it is CONCRETE, even I cannot change it much now without screwing things up,it is OPTIMAL.

Handedness does not matter to the NHS,it is a statistical crutch, the NHS does not rely on set plays so handedness is not a factor, the puck is the catalyst,not pre-determined tactics based on stats.

Teams using only NHS Modifications which is the case at this stage of the NHS evolution will still be relying on some set plays,the superior teams that are now keeping a lock on Lord Stanleys Cup are using what the NHS calls an NHS Modified Adjusted-Hybrid System,they are doing what Dallas tried to do with his d-zone exits,but they are actioning the NHS mods in the d-zone AND the the o-zone they are using set play tactics,hence the terminology describing them.Dallas knows what he has been doing,he is not in the dark,he simply poked the wrong Pony by not endorsing and respecting the NHS.

Dallas and the Oilers had ALL the NHS data FIRST BEFORE ANYONE ELSE, they just could not bring themselves to accept and validate an obscure online source DESPITE the epic and historical impacts they KNEW this source was catalysing within the NHL.

They peed in their own Cornflakes and have been sour ever since.

When I think about it I shudder because I predicted this EXACT SITUATION 4 years ago with 100% accuracy.

I had to PLAN for it.

If you knew the NHS entire history intimately you would learn that from day one all the NHS wanted was to help and to be validated when it was used,this seems to have been to much to ask,and every action and reaction beyond the NHSs hand being extended palm up and open is on the Oilers shoulders not mine or the NHSs.

if it were any different then Burke would be the beneficiary of the full and complete NHS data-base,which on ocassion I have considered actioning,we are all human after all and have limits which must be overcome by faith and confidence if we are ever to suceed.But i have stuck to the original Tactical Dynamic Template I developed 4 years go,it CANNOT and WILL NOT GO ASTRAY and has been dead-on for 4 straight years.

I fully expect that when the RIGHT MAN OR WOMAN finds the NHS if they are made of Championship material and intentions they will get ANGRY and will be motivated to take the NHS to the Dance proudly holding her hand instead of trying to hide her.This is what the NHS deserves ,not some egg-sucking Yellow-Bellied rip-off artist who unscroupulously scapls data and intentionlly deprives the original source of credit and peripheral impcts.

The NHS is only 4 yers old and I AM NOT a career hockey person, this has been hobbby and a passion and a way for a Fan to try to help their Favorite Team,but to be Frank the more and more people learn the NHS the bigger it gets,it is exceeding my expectations in terms of busting through the chains of suppression and Graft I intentionally forced the NHS to confront challenge and defeat,if you cannot take on the biggest opponent on the ice you are in the wrong place, I went looking for action on purpose.

This is why I am going to try to help the Sabers,they are a GIFT to the NHS, they are what makes Greatness,they are OPPORTUNITY,they are what the NHS was designed for, this is the level of challenge I created the NHS to CRUSH,statistical perceptions and beliefs,the things I see as slowly sapping the life and energy out of the very game I love.

There is NO DOUBT that from the Bookies in Vegas to the Fans in Whitehorse and Siberia, the Sabers are the NHLs single greatest statistical under-dog to win the Stanley Cup,this is called Nirvana if you are ME,an opportunity to DRIVE THE STAKE THROUGH THE HEART OF STATS YET AGAIN makes my toes itchy.

The NHS does NOT accept stats on any functional or meaningfull level it REJECTS THEM 100%,it destroys them before they can spread.

Now imagine if you were me and had to deal with this dynamic,and had been forced to watch the Oiler ripping through players coaches and all manner of assets trying to flush out their problems,while the NHS solutions were on a Silver Platter under their noses?Now imagine seeing them dis-enfanchise you and your System by hiring Darkhorse Analytics to try to reproduce your hard work and impacts and to steal your thunder?Then picture that not working and them trying to hood-wink your influences into suppression with the Hackathon Contest where they tried to TRUMP the NHS by trolling for similar influences which THEY COULD NOT FIND,then imagine watching them not correct things when people began calling the Coaches rip-off of your Systems impacts the Swarm and seeing them work together with specific online sources pushing this BS,yes Winnipeg you,then imgine those online sources themselves trying to rip-off the NHS by claming that some majical advanced stats had been invented which can cretate Intuitive Dynamic Management impacts which is what Dellows has done WITH the Oilers full and knowing support,they are trying to supress the NHS from every angle they can with all resources.But it is a DELICATE MATTER because the NHS has been HONEST and integrity driven and the Oilers have strayed from this path to defend their mistakes and poor attitudes and general lack of respect for their advocates.

There is only one OPTIMAL history for everything,and there is a process to define this history,the Oilers do not accept or understand this,that when Intuitive Dynamic Analysis is applied to their actions those actions IMMEDIATLY BECOME 100% TRANSPARENT.You cannot hide from the NHSs dominance on the ice or AYWHERE ELSE.This isnt ststs BS Dorothy and you arent in Kansas anymore,the NHS is the REAL DEAL and will never be suppressed or stopped because it is AN EVOLUTION IN HOCKEY THINKING AND MANAGEMENT.

Intuitive Dynamic Management and Analysis were the NEXT STEPS FOR THE NHL and were WAITING FOR SOMEONEto TAKE THEM,no one has since Wayne intruduced this impact and Messier learned to use it,that is a very long Gap and the NHL needed it closed,the NHL should be the NHSs biggest advocate because it produces more offensive exciting hockey than anyone has seen in decades,PARITY ON THE ICE WITHOUT LOSING OFFENSE to the trap,now that is what the definition of NHL EVOLUTION IS.

It only took one man to create and release the NHS,the right man,and it will only take ONE MAN to make a RIGHTFULL CLAIM TO IT,sooner or later someone will come along and pull Excaliber from the Stone of suppression it has been intentionally thrust into.Exactly like with Excaliber it will take a man of honesty and integrity and the best of intentions to step forward and Champion the NHS under the current climate.This is how it is suppossed to be.No retreat,no surrender, the correct intentions creating Victory or nothing.

I am glad you enjoy the NHS, that was my intention when I created it ,to make hockey fun and exciting again, to bring a little Wayne Gretzky,Roger Neilson and a little Howie Meeker and a little ME and a little EveryMan into our collective wheelhouses so we can all enjoy the game together with an expanded full perspective,not a small single purpose path of most resistance as the user un-friendly over-complicted statistical viewpoint which until now has been peoples only option.

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posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 07:26 AM

originally posted by: CranialSponge
Are the Oilers still playing in the NHL ??

I thought that team dismantled after the loss of Gretzky and Fuhr.

Ha ha ha, they were dismantled all right,via implosion.Wayne was the Key to the Kingdom.Fuhr was so blasted for half his Oilers career he was on another planet,his substance abuse history is a matter of public record and well documented.I have never seen another Goalie perform like he did,I am not sure how he did it under the influence of performance degrading substances,imagine if he had been straight.

posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 08:10 AM

originally posted by: DeadSeraph

originally posted by: CranialSponge
Are the Oilers still playing in the NHL ??

I thought that team dismantled after the loss of Gretzky and Fuhr.

Actually, they won another cup after Gretzky left. It was once Messier left that they imploded

You are bang on right,DeadSeraph, Messier was Gretzkys student and he was taught to manage the entire game from ice-level sans traditional Coaching inputs.

Once Mess exited stage left,the Oilers went into shock when they began to realise that Gretz and Mess TOOK the BOOK on the Oilers System with them when they left,the Team immediatly began to turn in a defensive direction at first in small bits,then in a full out flood of statistical excuses and player excuses and Management excuses.

They had no idea how to recover from the loss if the Intuitive Dynamic Management influences Wayne and Mark were producing on the ice for the Team,the Oilers didnt even know how to define or explain Intuitive Dynamic Management, in fact the terminology and concepts as they apply to NHL hockey are from the NewAge Hockey System which was created 4 years ago in Edmonton,for the Oilers by me.No one had been able to quantify or put into a usable format exactly what Wayne and Mark were doing duing the Dynasy years,not until I created the NHS and released it to the public and the NHL.

The Advanced Statistical Analysis and other BS the Oilers are selling to the public is pure rip-off of the NHS which was created 4 years ago,ALL the Oilers Stats investments from Darkhorse forward were retained to replicate the NewAge Hockey Systems impacts,which the Oilers were FORCED TO RECOGNISE AND AKNOWLEDGE.Instead of making friends with the NHS they went the other direction.Dellows is the last version of the Oilers NHS buster,nothing to date has worked for them and Dellows is the most blatant NHS immitator out there,ha ha ha ha, the Oilers are really taking one up the tail-pipe here,they didnt do their home-work,ha ha ha.

The NHS has positively impacted the Systems of the last THREE STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS,the Oilers lost out because they were derelict,and have never stopped trying to cover this fact up,this is why all the stats people have been brought in, the Oilers were given something cutting edge and new 4 years ago and they dis-respected the source and created a gap early on, a Gap Stoll and the Kings then Bowman and the Hawks and now the Blues and others are living it up in,ha ha ha.

NHS is released and immediatly has impacts via Players implementation,Pat Quinn recognises this and trys to work with it,on the record in practice.

Quinn leaves.

Oilers refuse to knowledge NHS.

NHS thrives and evolves on its own.

Darkhorse -- Fail

Hackathon -- Fail

Dellows --Fail -- on a new level because he has immitated the NHS,copied it when he has no idea how it works ,and has represented himself ,WITH EAKINS KNOWING SUPPORT as if HE HIMSELF has created some NewAge statistical majic.There was no new Eakins Swarm either that was the NHS impacts Eakins was producing and refusing to validate,he is cut from the same cloth as dellows and whoever else within the Oilers who wear black Hats.

The Oilers are failing because they have a long and sordid history of being difficult to deal with and of being dirty players,the recent formation of OEM DOES NOT repair past burned Bridges prior Management process created,and this is the MOST IMPORTANT thing the Oilers as an Organisation need to do,rebuild their reputations.

The continued refusal to aknowledge the NHS and its history are solid evidence the Oilers have not recognised that they need to go back and re-build those bridges their derelict management destroyed BEFORE they can move forward constructively.

Dallas and the Oilers are happy being second best, they are happy playing by their own rules,and the OEM management additions are obviously second-rate or they would have ferreted out this dynamic long ago and repaired it,this means they DONT KNOW,ha ha ha ha, they are being kept out of the loop.The OEM people need all the data to do their jobs properly and they have been kept out of the loop ,this is why Edmonton will continue to produce poor results,there is below-average transparancy within the organisation,and people are still trying to cover their arses,and are holding their breath that nothing upsets this plan.

Hiring Dellows was a positive sign the Oilers will move forward denying the NHS exists or that it was designed for them and that is has evolved the entire NHL.The simple action of supporting an NHS immitator and by proxy the entire stats movement in their attepts to rip-off the newAge Hockey System paints them as Black Hatters.

The imploding is FAR from over, because the causality has not been removed,simply swept under the rug,where no one can see it.OEM has deflected attention,but does not have the power or ability to go back and identify and correct the things which catalysed the need for them in the first place.

The Oilers lost the battle with the NHS long ago,they looked a gift horse in the mouth and it is what it is,they can fix what they broke or they can carry on.The NHS has carried on.

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