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Can the 2014-15 Edmonton Oilers Rekindle the 1980s Dynasty Majic?

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posted on Jul, 21 2014 @ 01:04 AM
I am an Oilers fan and have been asking myself this question lately, with all of the high draft picks and the burgeoning talent and skill levels of the core about to go Super-Nova can this group we see now make a legitimate run at the Stanley Cup?

Can sheer talent elevate this group into the playoffs making them a Darkhorse threat to go all the way?

Obviously the long term Coaching and System aspects are not concrete or in place,but there is a Silver lining in having highly skilled core players with elite abilitys exposed to an epic number of Coaches,they are now adaptable.

If the group can step on board with Ramsays methods early and stay tuned in to his adjustments as he fits players individual strengths into the System spots where they hve optimal impacts then the sheer talent and skill should make the Oilers a one line demolition machine.

I believe that Hall- Nugent-Hopkins-Eberle will become a top 3 NHL line in terms of 5 x 5 offense and that this elite level of production will force opponents to focus on them so much that the 2nd line of Pouliot-Draisaitl-Yakupov will run wild early in the season and not slow down,Draisaitls passing is Ying to Nugent-Hopkins Yang,they are diametric opposites in how they see the ice,this means that the shooters will have TWO very different managers feeding them the pucks from two very different perspectives.

I believe that Draisaitl can learn to work from behind the net like an Oilers Alumni used to do so well,and that this will catalyse yakupovs shooting ability to the degree that Leon Draisaitl will win the Calder off of Yakopovs Oilers leading 40+ goal season ,3 oilers before him SHOULD have won the Calder,but Leon will do it definitively,in fact I am not sure how the rest of the Oilers core will handle what I believe Leon is bringing this season,in much the same way that I am not sure how the Oilers defense will handle Nurses obvious push for a roster spot,a spot he looks ready to earn .

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posted on Jul, 21 2014 @ 01:14 AM
Oilers fan here.

Not happening. I hate to be negative but it just isn't going to happen this year. The oilers traded away their 2nd line center (Gagner) and didn't have anyone to replace him with. That leaves Arcobello as their 2nd line center, which does not stack up well against the other teams in the west. Also, while mactavish improved the defense marginally, he failed to add that top pairing legit #1 d-man that the oilers have desperately needed for so long now.

In the end I think we'll see the oilers finally crawl out of the basement of the league this year, but I don't think they make the playoffs and they are certainly a long way away from creating anything resembling the glory of the dynasty years.

I think the team will be considerably better in another 2 seasons after some of the young talent has had some time to mature and you see some of the young up and coming defensive prospects in the oilers system come into their own. Once guys like Klefbom and Nurse are ready to take their games to the next level the team will improve (and everyone else should be a bit more mature by then).

I think the year you will see the oilers finally make the playoffs is when they are playing in their new arena. Also, if Mactavish can add that center (or Draisaitl can become the 2nd line center the oilers need) and that defenseman they so desperately need.

Long story short: The oilers are still a ways off. We'll see improvements this season though (goaltending alone should be good for a few more wins than last year and a few less goals against).

posted on Jul, 21 2014 @ 02:11 AM
All power to Ryan Smyth! ..That's all I have to say

posted on Jul, 21 2014 @ 02:33 AM
a reply to: DeadSeraph

Glad to meet another Oilers fan,your assesment is accurate ,realistic and is understandable.

I agree that Gagner has not been replaced,I do not believe that Arco can provide the offensive leadership at the NHL level that the 2nd line requires,the 2nd line needs a Centermen who is a legitimate scoring threat.I am hoping Draisaitl can be this threat.

I agree that Mac-T has not been able to find a legitimate #1 d-man to lead from the back-end,and I understand why teams are hardballing him, they all know how fast the Oilers core could go Super-Nova with a dominant defense.

Yes the d-corps on the farm needs to simmer until they can legitimately earn roster spots,and a few are close now but as you accurately point out 2 years from now would be a reasonable timeframe to expect some of these questions to be answered in,I would not be surprised if Mac-T showcases some defensive talent as a trade pre-cursor,if the team starts off well enough anything could happen on the trade front.

If a legitimate #1 or #2 centerman that fit the long term needs of the team came up I am sure the Oilers would take a stab at them, it all depends on the teams start,the 1st 20 games will be telling in many ways.

I agree that the conventional holes we see are the stud d-man and the 2nd line Centerman,I also agree that according to conventional thinking these holes are massive.

However I believe that with Ramsays help the defense will become a stand-up defense which will support an extended back-checking pressure from the forwards,and that this structure will lead to a quick-strike fast turnaround type of explosive offense which is defensive minded and dogged,I believe that the only way to combat the transition ability and possesion focus of bigger teams in the west is to use a Stand-up blueline traditional defensive structure.

The battles will be fought in the n-zone trenches where our speed and skill will tilt things in our favor,the Oilers System will need to keep the puck out of the d-zone where their strengths are not highlighted,using the stand-up defense as the Anvil and an extended aggressive back-check as the Hammer is the way to force turnovers before the puck ends up deep in the zone,and if a proper back-checking focus is used then even on dump-ins our forwards will be able to use their speed to their advantage

I believe the entire System focus will be different this coming season,it will be traditional and simple,a hard extended back-checking game supported by a hard hitting BODY REMOVING defense that never allows a numbers disadvantage because they erase the puck carrier every time consistantly at or near the blueline .I dont think we will see a collapse defense this time round.Dubby paid the price for that one.

The Oilers Forecheck will be the stick that stirs their drink,this will screw with the first defensive zone transition teams like LA and Chicago rely on.The Oilers speed and skill will be highlighted by an aggressive high speed pressure forecheck followed by an equally aggressive high speed back-check,this should be a full out process because most of the playactions will END at our blueline with a Stand-up defenseive focus,our forwards should end up playing a top speed up-tempo two zone ultra-high pressure game looking to immediatly turn pucks around and strike back from turnovers in the opponents zone or the n-zone ASAP using speed and skill.I do not believe Eakins and Ramsay will try catalysing their offense conventionlly from their own end as we are used to seeing ,they will try to make things happen long before the puck ends up deep in their zone where their forwards need to be physical more than speedy,anything in our zone will be a dump-in if a Stand-up defense is used,and if they play it right they will be backchecking aggressively following those pucks in hard with NO numbers disadvantage,this is the key point to the Stand-up defense.

The Oilers have been stocking up on the exact type of d-man who can execute this Stand-up defensive style.

I think that if the oilers use these simple traditional tactics that they will have tremendous sucess in the West.

Teams are winning Cups using possesion/transition styles backed up with size, these tactics are only vulnerble to speedy forechecks denying a 1st transition and denial of entry to the offensive zone preventing a smooth final zone transition,you MUST force these teams to voluntarily surrender possesion,and because they are so big they simply hold possesion and muscle the puck up-ice,neutralising smaller forwards speed and skill,but as soon as they face a solid well run Stand-up defense these teams become vulnerable in many ways.Against a solid stand-up defense the size advantage becomes a dis-advantage.

The Oilers are poised to make some critical changes to their defense,and they brought Ramsay in to make this possible,we are going to see a tough as nails,old school defense this coming season and a LOT of opposition bodies will be falling at our blueline and around our net.

We will NOT see the 1st transition from our own zone catalysing our offense anymore,no way, I see a new style coming,one tailormade to defeat the LAs and Chicagos hands down.

I think we will see the Oilers go 16-5-4 in their 1st 25 games.And be around 23-12 -6 by midpoint.

By eliminating the old defensive structure the Oilers will be speeding up games, and this means shot totals will lean in their favor as will shooting %s,when the Oilers skill is allowed to be optimised by using a quick-strike quick turnaround offense based on creativity but responsible backchecking we should see offensive explosions as well as more PP time.

I have seen a lot of video of Draisaitl and his passing is ELITE,he is really special in that dept. and with his size there is no doubt to me he can play at the NHL level already,I know it is a stretch but if a Stand-up defense is used i see Leon clicking with Yakupov in a big way,I think Leon has a killer instinct like Nail does and I also think Leon likes to score and knows how important it is to keep himself a potent scoring threat from the middle to give himself room,this is what Nuge doesnt do yet,use his scoring as an overt threat on every possesion.

LD has the size to impose his will from the middle and Oilers fans are not used to seeing that,never mind with skill to back it up,I think Leon is given his 9 games and that he will produce and the team will be winning decisively and that he will remain on the roster/

To me many things boil down to the defensive focus we have, if the Coaches can shrink the rink down to 2 zones and teach the players to use their speed and skills to support the Stand-up defense then players like LD and Nuge and Nail can let their skills hang out every game and not be brutalised in their own end,if the System supports the Oilers skillsets I believe anything can happen.

A lot of young Oilers have a slight chip on their shoulders and would likely love to go on some nice long winning streaks,I do not see them being a forgiving bunch not after being kicked around for a few years in the NHLs basement,they must be ready to feed opponents their lunches for a full 60 minutes with no let-up by now,they must understand the NHL has NO MERCY.

I agree that the Oilers have no business making any real noise for another year or two and even at that they need at least two major player upgrades to happen.

But I love fighting the odds and trying to visualise how they might find ways to roar out of turn,that is what starts Dynastys,taking other teams turns,when the Oilers finally realise as a group that they are really trying to rip opponents rightfull places away from them then they will wake up,they need to understand that they need to earn everything in the NHL,every night,they need to learn to pillage.For the Oilers to earn early turns they need to beat the Kings and Hawks and the Blues,the rest of the NHL is not relevant right now,those 3 teams are the key for the next few years,no one will be taking the Cup away from the West for a very long time.

posted on Jul, 21 2014 @ 02:40 AM
a reply to: NarcolepticBuddha

Smytty rules.Iconic Oiler.

I still cannot believe he didnt notch one more PP goal though,it was like the Dynasty Ghosts gave him his spot in the books but reminded him how much it takes to really replace them in the record books.

posted on Jul, 21 2014 @ 04:41 AM
To one4all, here's the honest truth from a Boston Bruin fan. The Oilers aren't going anywhere with Kevin Lowe at the helm. He is beating the "I'm from the 80's Oilers dynasty" to death so much he has the owner, Katz fooled big time. I wouldn't let Lowe put a fantasy league team together let alone an actual NHL team. The Oilers have to get an actual Hockey man to call the shots, even if it somebody outside the Oilers Dynasty era. Case in point, take a look at Vancouver Canucks who hired Jim Benning, who was an assistant GM in Boston. Benning did alot to make the Canucks more competitive in a few weeks then Mike Gillis did in the last few years. Glen Sather was vastly overrated as a GM when he was with the Oilers. He could never replace the core pieces(Gretzky, Messier, Coffey, Fuhr, Anderson) he was forced to sell off for, Sather would complain that he didn't have the budget of the New York Rangers to make the Oilers contenders, well guess what, he now has the Rangers budget, but it took him 14 years for the Rangers get to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Oilers aren't balanced enough to be competitive. There were bad decisions Oilers made like taking Ryan Nugent-Hopkins over Gabriel Landsekog, Nail Yakopov over Ryan Murray, ruined the development of Magnus Paavjarvi, Devyn Dubnyk, Rob Shremp and Jesse Niinimaki, overpaid for the under-achieving Benoit Pouliot(the idea of overpaying for free agents to play in Edmonton doesn't wash if the Oilers were a winning team to begin with). Oilers management rushed RNH, Yakopov, Hall, Gagner too soon into the NHL. It looks like they will do the same with Draisaitl. The Oilers never groomed a top flight goalie since Fuhr. Ben Scrivens is not the answer. If the Oilers don't have a winning record after 20 games, I wouldn't be surprised that they tank for Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel.

The Oilers are almost as bad as the Leafs when it takes advantage of its' fanbase by not putting together a contender for it's loyal fans like you. I was 6 years old when the Bruins won the Cup in '72, I had to wait for 40 years to see that happen again. I was dismayed by my Bruins putting a team to be competitive, but not contend for the Cup for over the years. The Bruins had to rid itself of Harry Sinden to win it all in '11. The Oiler fans need a fan revolt to make some changes. Go ahead cheer for you home team, but don't solicit the team sponsors like Rexall Drugs(Katz's other source of revenue), Molsons, Tim Horton's or whoever buys advertisement with Oilers. Until Katz feels the effect to his bottom line, only then will he make to necessary changes. Jeremy Jacobs learned it the hard way also.

Good luck in the upcoming season. I hope the Edmonton fans can recapture it former glory.

posted on Jul, 22 2014 @ 02:43 AM

originally posted by: RossWellOldMexico
To one4all, here's the honest truth from a Boston Bruin fan. The Oilers aren't going anywhere with Kevin Lowe at the helm. He is beating the "I'm from the 80's Oilers dynasty" to death so much he has the owner, Katz fooled big time. I wouldn't let Lowe put a fantasy league team together let alone an actual NHL team. The Oilers have to get an actual Hockey man to call the shots, even if it somebody outside the Oilers Dynasty era. Case in point, take a look at Vancouver Canucks who hired Jim Benning, who was an assistant GM in Boston. Benning did alot to make the Canucks more competitive in a few weeks then Mike Gillis did in the last few years. Glen Sather was vastly overrated as a GM when he was with the Oilers. He could never replace the core pieces(Gretzky, Messier, Coffey, Fuhr, Anderson) he was forced to sell off for, Sather would complain that he didn't have the budget of the New York Rangers to make the Oilers contenders, well guess what, he now has the Rangers budget, but it took him 14 years for the Rangers get to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Oilers aren't balanced enough to be competitive. There were bad decisions Oilers made like taking Ryan Nugent-Hopkins over Gabriel Landsekog, Nail Yakopov over Ryan Murray, ruined the development of Magnus Paavjarvi, Devyn Dubnyk, Rob Shremp and Jesse Niinimaki, overpaid for the under-achieving Benoit Pouliot(the idea of overpaying for free agents to play in Edmonton doesn't wash if the Oilers were a winning team to begin with). Oilers management rushed RNH, Yakopov, Hall, Gagner too soon into the NHL. It looks like they will do the same with Draisaitl. The Oilers never groomed a top flight goalie since Fuhr. Ben Scrivens is not the answer. If the Oilers don't have a winning record after 20 games, I wouldn't be surprised that they tank for Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel.

The Oilers are almost as bad as the Leafs when it takes advantage of its' fanbase by not putting together a contender for it's loyal fans like you. I was 6 years old when the Bruins won the Cup in '72, I had to wait for 40 years to see that happen again. I was dismayed by my Bruins putting a team to be competitive, but not contend for the Cup for over the years. The Bruins had to rid itself of Harry Sinden to win it all in '11. The Oiler fans need a fan revolt to make some changes. Go ahead cheer for you home team, but don't solicit the team sponsors like Rexall Drugs(Katz's other source of revenue), Molsons, Tim Horton's or whoever buys advertisement with Oilers. Until Katz feels the effect to his bottom line, only then will he make to necessary changes. Jeremy Jacobs learned it the hard way also.

Good luck in the upcoming season. I hope the Edmonton fans can recapture it former glory.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -
I agree with some of your comments about Kevin Lowes historical and current impacts. I believe he was brought in to the Managment Cabal green and vulnerable but full of passion because the organisation was approaching an all time low in terms of stability,the Franchise itself was on thin ice so to speak,Kevin Lowe is a defensive specialist through and through and a blood and guts dirty one not a finesse type what-so-ever.His personal attributes and Reputation in Edmonton fit the moment perfectly and he was brought in to hold the Fort , which he has actually done.I believe Katz the owner and one of Kevin Lowes personal friends outside of Hockey is rewading Kevin for his years of Loyalty by giving him a fair and legitimate shot at taking part in the sucesses likely on the way soon,no one is stopping the evolution of the core group which by any standard are a Platinum Group,If the owner wants to foot the epic bill for the mis-haps and misadventures that happen along the way,then he may do so and will not necesarly faceplant the Organisation over his decisions.In fact he has just brought a new level ,an improved level of overall managment to his businesses.

I believe that Glen Sather was a Hockey genius by default,his instincts saved his bacon by NOT making him do traditional and conservative things,Sutter in LA has done the same thing for the same reasons,Sather ran a team that is similar to LA in many small ways,LA is now using Moma2s NewAge Hockey System and they have been for 3 years+.Both men needed to back off and allow the men to run most of the game from the ice surface,the Oilers in the 80s HAD to let Wayne run the entire show because he was by far the most qualified in every area on and off the ice,and Sutter learned 3 years ago that if he simply let his players add NHS tactics and concepts to their existing structures that those men from the ice and locker room could turn a dieing season around AND win the Cup in the same season,then burp a Cup away to the Hawks who immediatly implemented the same WINNING Moma2s NewAge Hockey System data after seeing the Kings do it the season before.With proper support the Kings could be on their way to a FOURTH Cup in 2014-15 which is Dynasty territory,the failure to stay on top of the changes the Hawks and other teams made tripped the Kings men up.

I believe Wayne Gretzky was the catalyst of all the oilers Cups except for the one his sidekick and student messier won without him.I never expected Sather to be able to win again,Messier won it for NY on his own merits.

Sather didnt coach the Oilers Cup teams any more than that Cloud Watcher Sutter coaches the Kings from the bench.

By the numbers Hopkins and Yakupov were the right decisions,not by the wins their respective teams have put up,it is to early to tell with those young players,you need to wait till the 5 year mark when you evaluate elite players,many men never even make it that far,ever,but elite players are judged by different standards,being a high 1st round pick means you fit the bill in terms of elite potential and must prove yourself wrong to fail to play beyond 5 years in the NHL,barring injury.

MPS is developing on track for what the Blues are asking from him,they are not rushing him into roles they have better men to put into at the moment,he has the proper room to grow now,I would take him back straight across for Perron in a heartbeat statistics aside,I am surprised Perron bell hasnt been rung yet and believe it is coming soon especially now that we have bulked up the team and given opponents license to open up on us without the Refs nailing them, by bringing in bigger men Mac-T essentially took the Kid Gloves OFF for good now,I hope the young fellows keep their heads up because they are now open game,including Perron.My money says in 4 years MPS is playing in the NHL and Perron is not.

Dubby was totally taken off track by systemic screw ups which left him vulnerable to shots taken entering the zone from the middle of the ice where MOST teams cover tightly while he was transitioning in his net,it was more a systems issue and a Chabot miscue than a Dubby issue in my poinion,Eakins tried to ask small players to play a man on man type of defense and system one with equal and even accountability across the board and all that did was illustrate and expose the Oilers size disadvantage.

i believe Schremp was blackballed, i do not know why.It was clear something extra-curricular went on.They developed him fine,they just gave up on him to soon,Scremp was like many Oilers prospects over the last decade+,he was an above average skill player who fit into the framework of the Dynasty Oilers perspective,unfortunately the system dynamics which found and supported Schremp were badly outdated and Robbie never should have been where he was,the Oilers were to blame for his side-tracking, they WERE planning to return to high powered offense,but THEN K-Lowe or "someone" decided to turtle and become a defensive team instead,undermining nearly a decade and a half of recruitment and scouting in one fell swoop,this was the beginning of the K-Lowe era.

I lost track of Ninimaki, but remember him with good feelings.

Pouliot has the pedigree to turn the corner given the right opportunity,he was brought in as a support player not as a primary offensive driver,they wanted his beef,simple.I dont expect he will have a hard time putting together a career year in Edmonton.

The Oilers young players are ALL tracking in the upper end of their draft years statisticlly, NONE are lagging behind measurably,so expectations are in my opinion on track,remember they have been playing on the basement team since they got into the NHL.I do not see any evidence that speaks to any of them being rushed into the NHL,in fact I would say the numbers tell us they are all evolving quite nicely,the team is not winning but the young men are still developing normally,likely growing thicker than normal skins.

I hope Draisaitl is given a fair chance to make the roster,but that if he doesnt CLEARLY earn the 2nd line spot that he gets another yyear to grow and develop on the Farm,oddly enough he is the most physiclly able to step right in much more so than his teammates were as rookies and he certainly has the skill set to play now.It will be simply a matter of his ability to listen execute and learn,like everyone else,you CAN easily leapfrog teammates and claim their roster spots if you are a better learner and simply make fewer errors.Once the size issue is negated it becomes cerebral.

If the Oilers are not over .500 after 25 games then Mac-T will jack up the pressure looking for help,and if things are hopeless then yup i see them Mc-falling to the bottom of the league again.

I think they will be over .500.

No Goaltender was pulling the Oilers out of the nearly decade long tailspin they were in.Thank god they didnt ruin a top prospect.I agree, abysmal results developing tenders when you take Dubby out of the equation,I am not so sure the Oilers will fare so badly if they can use Ramsay properly and put together a KISS defense and keep it consistant for 82 games.

I feel the burn when you talk about tolerating losing seasons endlessly,I agree that there must be accountability FOR the fanbase to some degree,and that the Oilers failed to martyr the right men at the right times for to many years,but other NHL teams also lag behind in making major changes,none like the Oilers though I have to make that clear as a bell.

I was witness to the debacle with moving the Franchise and with the constellation of challenges many Edmontonians came together to overcome to keep the Oilers in Edmonton,so it was as much a Franchise survival mode issue as it was a losing record issue,the impacts were magnified tremendously and felt far beyond the Oilers Fanbase in Edmonton,the entire Hockey World is close knit and knows what is cooking all the time.Yes the Oilers Fanbase has taken it in the cojones for sure,People have been ejected from games for minor things like chanting songs requesting managment changes or for holding up signs saying the same,people were kicked off the property for putting slogns on their trucks and cars,it was an overall embarrasment and has not been completely rectefied yet.Had we had one single owner running the show over this long streak of futility I would feel differently but there wasnt simply one owner bleeding the city,the oilers were a Franchise in Survival mode for many years,so its hard to rally the point to much.

I do agree overall with your feeling that the Fanbase should support the team but consider action externally to make their opinions felt,owever once again there is a trump card in play,Daryl katz is a Pharma Billionaire and will NOT be running out of cash soon by the looks of the aging population dynamics we see every day.No one is embargoing the drugstores any time soon.But I am sure many would like to from time to time.

I wish you and your Bruins a solid 2014-15, there is a reason the West has been dominating the East in the NHL for 3 years+ now,it is called Moma2s NewAge Hockey System,it is what the Kings used to win 2012, it was what the Hawks used to win in 2013,and what the Kings used again to win in 2014,it is an interesting storyline,if you are bored and can handle reading broken posts that are not sequential then check out my thread Moma2s newAge Hockey System,there is some peripheral history in there.

Thanks for the honest assesment and inputs, I love talking to Hockey Fans, we do git er done.

Heres to looking forward to an Oilers / Bruins Stanley Cup Final next season.

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posted on Jul, 22 2014 @ 04:52 AM
The Oilers made a great selection of the German wunderkind, Draisaitl. I see a little of the Moose in him. I hope the Oilers don't rush him too soon.

I don't think Schremp was blackballed by the league. The fault of the Rob Schremp situation lies on his father physical abuse of Rob. He arrived in Edmonton a beaten down individual. It came to a head when Rob's father had assaulted him after a junior game. The Police got involved, restraining orders were issued and a father and son became estranged. I heard he is playing in Europe now. It's a sad story to hear about, for sure.

Beware of Benoit Pouliot and his off-sides. It was torture watching him do that when he was a Bruin.

Maybe the Oilers can kick the tires on the Bruins' Malcolm Subban a sure-fire NHL starter in my opinion. The Bruins are locked into Tuukka Rask for MS to supplant him.

If there is a Stanley Cup Final between the Oilers and the Bruins, I hope they can keep the lights on for the game. LOL!

posted on Jul, 22 2014 @ 08:48 PM
a reply to: RossWellOldMexico

I was selling Draiaitl [and his terminal mindset which leans towards not simply making passes but towards FATAL ones that teammates can bury he wastes no time making the RIGHT passes] to the Oilers braintrust online long before anyone was talking about him in either the Mainstream or Alternative Medias, long before the Draft heated up NO ONE was even daring to say he would go 3rd overall.I agree he has some beef and likes to control the ice and push to the net using bullish force and he can pass the puck off the backhand hard and accurately cross-ice in similar ways to Messier,only time will tell if Leon can understand how important it is to project a double threat at the NHL level as a Centerman,scoring creates room so it is always critical to support YOURSELF a bit more in terms of scoring goals when you break in,you need to create room for yourself early on.
I believed Leon would be ready to step right into the NHL when I watched him last season and this year I have no doubts he can generate an immediate positive impact.

I was more meaning that the Oilers blackballed him, now i can understand why i felt that way, they were handeling a hand grenade and knew it, what was a negative risk assesment and curative action for valid reasons resulting in his not being given time to make his case was interpreted correctly by me dynamicly but I did not know the causality.It is always sad to hear about anyone being traumatised by hard times in life,especially when it is an Athlete because as a former amature competitor and coach i met wayyy to many kids who were excelling early on in their athletic careers because the adrenaline dumps had a theraputic effect on their phsiologys.Many people who have been victims choose to fight their ways to recovery by fighting the Inner Dragon.... the most powerfull one of can be curative but not usually without supportive external interventions and the earlier the better, I sent more than ten fingers worth of friends and students to advisors after reading them enough to see this dynamic happening.

I grew up in Rural Canada around a few fellows who ended up with NHL careers and a few who SHOULD have as well,and
I can unequivocally state that there is no sport in the world including the Soccer Clowns that can cause as many Parking lot fist-fights as North American Ice Hockey.I have seen many Dads pair off back in the day,I have seen Dads and MOMS and opposition parents as well as players from both sides in Parking lots wailing on each other.Once players get big enough that there are man sized physical differences and skilled players can and do get permanently injured the stakes are high,Multi-Million dollar careers can be ended if a 14-16 year old gets hurt badly in a game.Parents are many times fighting for their Sons futures or that is their motivation in their own minds I would imagine.In certain Testosterone fuelled Rural communitys Hockey is taken to extreme levels and Parking lot brou-ha-has are socially acceptable and are most times 100% consensual.It may be different today but somehow I think the olde school mentality still lives on in dark hidden away places.

I actually have hopes of seeing Rob back in the NHL,his skills will not erode and they are formiddable,at 28 he still has time to give it another shot,however he has still been roller coastering although in fairness the last year he has seemed to settle in.
A system which is supported by a Stand-up defense would benefit Robs skating and allow his other skills to rise to the top,as long as he isnt expected to be an end to end racehorse he can be a usefull asset to the right NHL team.

I havent watched Malcolm Subban but have heard good things about his personality and mannerisms, he has a solid minset from what the scuttlebutt says.What type of Goalie is he,how big is he and is there anything outstanding about his skillset or habits?

I am hoping the Oilers can find a quality right catching Goaltender that is an exceptional Butterfly style player.

Was Pouliot offside "consistantly" or was it a hot and cold thing like a focus issue? I wasnt aware of the habit but as long as there is a pattern to it it can be adjusted sucessfully.A consistant bad habit is easier to fix than a sporadic one related to lapses in focus and game-mindset.I am sure Herr Eakins already has a Dossier on Private Pouliot and will be forcing him to look into the light if he doesnt produce ,ha ha ha.

After watching tape of Pouliot he reminds me of a less physical less defensive but more offensive and older version of MPS who I am still upset they traded,Perron has made the trade look lopsided but MPS was evolving nicely in the role he was being used in under krueger.Pouliot will be required to add a physical element to his line and if he cannot do that he will be in Herr Eakins Doghouse fast, if he shoots more as he says he is looking forward to doing and doesnt peripherally blame his prior lesser skilled linemates for his past lack of shots again [first excuse is free]everything will be ok.

It is nice to reminisce about the Lights Out scenario in the old Barn ,ha ha ha, many many people you meet online dont even have a clue about those good old days.

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posted on Jul, 22 2014 @ 08:59 PM
Are the Oilers still playing in the NHL ??

I thought that team dismantled after the loss of Gretzky and Fuhr.

posted on Jul, 22 2014 @ 09:01 PM

originally posted by: CranialSponge
Are the Oilers still playing in the NHL ??

I thought that team dismantled after the loss of Gretzky and Fuhr.

Actually, they won another cup after Gretzky left. It was once Messier left that they imploded

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originally posted by: CranialSponge
Are the Oilers still playing in the NHL ??

I thought that team dismantled after the loss of Gretzky and Fuhr.

Actually, they won another cup after Gretzky left. It was once Messier left that they imploded

Ah, that's right...

I forgot about Messier.

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originally posted by: CranialSponge
Are the Oilers still playing in the NHL ??

I thought that team dismantled after the loss of Gretzky and Fuhr.

Actually, they won another cup after Gretzky left. It was once Messier left that they imploded

You are exactly right about the Implosion being catalysed by Messiers leaving, the Dynasty oilers were coached from the ice by first Wayne Gretzky and then by Mark messier,Wayne taught Mark his trade secrets with the codicile that they keep it between themselves so as to not urinate in the soup and ruin team dynamics by making everyone overthink everything.Moma2s NewAge Hockey System funcions in exactly the same way Gretzky and Messier functioned,I emulated Wayne Gretzkys tactical thinking and combined his tactics with my own which I developed as an amature competitor and coach.I was sports crazy as a kid ,in high School I played 5-6 different sports in a year,I was the Most Outstanding Male Athlete in my High School I was inspired by the late and respected Hockey Analytics Pioneer Roger Neilssons unique ways of interpreting the things he saw happening on the ice. So taking my personal experiences as an amature combined with the exposure I had to Olympic level athletes via working out as well as some experience with National level sports clinics and adding Wayne gretzkys mindset and specificlly his PP focus then mixing it all together and serving it in a Roger Neilsson type drink that everyone will enjoy and you have Moma2s NewAge Hockey System,the single primary influence behind the Kings last 2 Cups and the Hawks last Cup as well as the 3 year long and still evolving Western dominnce over Eastern teams,it is a System change key Western teams the Oilers play a lot picked up from the Oilers as I was creating developing and making available the NHS system database online,I was trying to give the NHS to the team I created it for the Oilers but things went wonky and Jarret Stoll and a few of the Kings men began to tune in and apply the NHS concepts to their own system with epic and positive results.The Kings turned their season virtually on a dime and walked to the Cup.Then the Hawks tuned in to what the NHS has cooking via Scotty Bowmans noticing the Oilers transition adjustments and the Hawks used the very same NHS influences the Kings used to also walk through the NHL and to their own Cup,this past season the Kings again used their original NHS adjustments to best the rest of the NHL again,the Kings had some help from an external source we will not mention here.

The NHS teaches ROSTERS how to manage themselves using a Gretzky-like system of play,the System itself forces the men to make decisions very much like Wayne used to make.This replication of hockey brilliance is actioned with a System wide influence called Intuitive Dynamic Managment ,I thought the term was catchy.

Sutter was fortunately for him hands off during the first NHS influenced Cup run and he allowed stoll and a few men to run things from the ice,much like Wayne and Mark used to do,in fact very very much the same ways.Sutter was clueless,Stoll and a few men brought the NHS influences into the Kings wheelhouse themselves externlly to Sutter,they tried few things which worked perfectly and then a few more,and they were off to the races. But during the next season the coaches began to overthink things and the Kings floundered,while the Hawks followed the Kings footsteps implementing the NHS and even adding a few new concepts I provided to enhance their Systems potential over and above the NHS adjustments the Kings had learned.As soon as Sutter realised ,the hard way, that he MUST remain hands-off and allow the men to run the show for the NHS adjustments to work properly the Kings returned to the top of the heap using the same NHS tactics that they learned 2 years earlier from my online posts directed to the Oilers,now they are Champs again.

I dont really attribute the implosion to a great degree to losing Fuhr,he is my All-time fav Oilers tender,but that Dynasty team was run from the ice by Waynes Brains,Marks muscle,Sathers absence,and CONSISTANT on-ice system execution by everyone else,as per Waynes directions and for a season Marks directions.It was Messiers on-ice managment tactics learned from the Great One which he used to win in NY,nothing else,Mark won the NY Cup the same way he won the last Oilers Cup,like Wayne won his Cups,by running the show off of a teamwide consistant bluecollar system execution that allowed him to work the Majic with his on-the-fly on-ice managment acumen.

Moma2s NewAge Hockey System is the cutting edge solution to the NHLs distinct lack of a Dynasty team for this era,I created the NHS specificlly for the Oilers,who didnt want to play ball from a managment perspective,and who went all-out to stop players from implementing anything external.I only released parts of the NHS database over the last 3-4 years online,enough data to properly enhance most NHL systems,but the Pure NHS as a complete System has never been released,the last 3 stanley Cups have been won by teams using NHS influences without understanding their origin enough or respecting it enough to give credit where it is due.I decided to only release the entire NHS to the Oilers,no one else,ever,the data I have been releasing online is peripheral ,conceptual and philisophical.The Kings and Hawks and the entire NHL have no answer for the pure Moma2s NewAge Hockey System,no NHL team can handle the 60 minutes of dominating offense the NHS produces or the airtight defense it also produces.

I believe that the current Oilers roster can win the Cup this season,quite easily.

I believe that they can create a DYNASTY starting this coming season,if they use the pure NHS, the facts say that the last 3 STANLEY CUPS have been won by NHL teams using NEW adjustments to their OLD systems,and that these modifications originated within Moma2s NewAge Hockey System ,an entire System and managment Philosophy I specificlly created for Edmonton 4 years ago.

This means there is evidence that the NHS has ALREADY nearly catalysed this eras new Dynasty,had the Hawks not had help unseating the Kings and then had those tables not been turned the next year on the Hawks themselves preventing either team from winning back to back Cups as I guaranteed would happen ,well then the kings would have won 3 Stanley Cups in a row and this season would be entering Dynasty conversations.

Truth be told,not the Oilers,not the Kings,not the Hawks,no one has respected or credited the NHS for its groundbreaking impacts,this is why i personally ensured the Kings would not repeat and that the Hawks would not repeat,neither team was willling to thank or credit me for the NHS influences they were given,I took it personally and threw a wrench into their plans as punative action,it was simple considering both teams use modifications originating from MY NHS.I really didnt want the Kings to win another but they were the most prepared to counter the Hawks.I spent last season watching the Blues begin to implement the NHS modifications to their own system and was seriously rooting for them, they were last seasons most prepared and able team system-wise,they made ONE small tactical error or refusal to adjust,they stayed their original course right to the bitter end in the 1st round,they had their oppoents number but refused to stop dumping the puck into the o-zone.My money is on the Blues to take it in the coming season,if the Oilers jump on board with the NHS and implement it in its pure form then I believe they will win it this season,if they refuse to at the very least emulate the Kings and Hawks and Blues and a few others by using the cutting edge and now popular NHS modifications then the Oilers will fall down again and only rise 2-3 spots in the NHL standings.

You arent making it out of the West if you do not understand the NHS and how to battle it,and if you arent coming out of the West you arent winning a Cup until you learn what the NHS is and why it is so effective at enhancing any NHL system with epic positive results.

The NHS allows any team of average NHL men to win a Stanley Cup if they all buy in,no other System on the Planet can guarantee that a simple buy-in by an average NHL roster will bring them a Stanley Cup.No self respecting hockey person would agree that you have a high chance of winning an NHL Stanley Cup with an NHL average roster,nothing more than average,no one is buying that.

I am something of a visionary who knows how to win in any competative sports dynamic,I know very well that ONE MAN is BEST SUITED to managing an NHL team tacticlly from the ice.If you do not have that man then you need to build yourself a System which will give you a similar dynamic impact results wise.So I simply did that,I created the most potent Hockey System ever seen or utilised.I created a DOMINATING SYSTEM OF PURE OFFENSIVE POWER.

If a roster as skilled as the Oilers ever used the pure NHS then the Oilers Dynasty records will ALL fall, a few records no one thought would be broken HAVE been broken,when the Oilers were experimenting with the NHS as it was evolving.Sam Gagners 8 point night was NO FLUKE,he was utilising the NHS tactics posted for him and his teammates.Hall broke another cool record by repeating a simple NHS tactic on back-to-back playactions,the inputs were the same and the result was the same and there were only seconds between the first goal and the next goal,and when the Oilers finally wake up and smell the coffee,they should be seeing hat-tricks and 4 goals games by the bushell.

I have ALL OF THE ANSWERS, and i am free-wheeling with the NHS data as long as credit and recognition are given.

If you want your NHL team to have a legitimate shot at next years Cup then start posting,we can add NHS modifications to your team together.

The first Eastern team to learn the NHS mods will run through Eastern opponents like a hot knife through butter,some Western Teams dont even know the NHS exists yet,NHL teams are very secretive and possesive,I on the other hand am giving and generous.

I have a certain Professional Football G.Ms personal phone number on speed-dial, I also created the NewAge Football System using the Intuitive Dynamic Managment program I created as a by-product of evolving Moma2s newAge Hockey System from its infancy ,that team is currently unbeaten this season.They had a few very easy to cure challenges last season and they tried a few new NFS tactics which worked perfectly as expected and opened a few professiona Football eyes wide enough to encourage some core value tactical modifications,ones we are now seeing producing perfect results consistantly..

Last time I checked Ralph Krueger the ex-Oilers Head Coach he had jumped to Pro soccer,how much you want to bet he revolutionizes soccer and injects record offense into the entire game?Ralph was duly exposed to the NHSs Intuitive Dynamic Managment program and was aware of its universal applications in ALL Pro level or Amature level sports. Ralph understands intuitive Dynamic Managments ability to produce OVERWHELMING OFFENSE AND AIRTIGHT DEFENSE.

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I thought we were talking shoulder pads and cat fights that end up in the pool with Alexis and Chrystal Carrington. Was WXCITED ABOUT DYNASTY THE TV SHOW FOR A SECOND THERE....never mind me carry on.

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I thought we were talking shoulder pads and cat fights that end up in the pool with Alexis and Chrystal Carrington. Was WXCITED ABOUT DYNASTY THE TV SHOW FOR A SECOND THERE....never mind me carry on.

One never knows which small detail or little tid-bit of input might take a team over the top and dial them all in together.Mmmm you might be on to something here.

If sitting 23 NHL Hockey Players down in someones Rec-room and cranking up the Popcorn Machine while someone cracks open an ice cold Keg of Rootbeer while everyone watches re-runs of the TV Series Dynasty ,and that can make them all start clicking together then I am all-in with the idea.

You were close though we were talking Hockey shoulder pads and bare-knuckle fighting,with men ending up in a penalty box

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In order for the Oilers to become a Championship team they need to abandon the reliance the team and organisation has developed for statistical excustory support for the production of losing results.

There is NO WAY to use statistics to CREATE or support the CREATION of winning results.

Statistics tell you what has already happened with 100% certainty,they have ZERO value in determining or influencing what will happen in the FUTURE.

Edmonton is the birthplace of Moma2s NewAge Hockey System, this influence has recently impcted the entire game of Hockey, many NHL teams are in the dark about what the NHS is and where it came from,NHL teams have recently hired Analytics people who utilise stats,but who have been riding the recent NHL evolution for all it is worth trying to show that THEY were behind it as an online group of statasticians,this is a lie,the recent NHL evolution was catalysed by the NHS,NOT by statistics,the NHS spits on stats.

Other online writers have even identified that the origins of this evolution are in Edmonton,they even allude to the fact that the people being hired by NHL teams are not necessarily responsible for the NHLs evolution,but that they are cashing in on it big time.All this means is that the NHL teams paying for the supports claiming to be impactfull are being ripped off.

I created Moma2s NewAge Hockey System for the Oilers and it inadertantly changed the entire NHL game in 3-4 years,it revolutionised hockey.

Statistics are NOT a part of the NHS or its evolution or its structure or execution,quite the opposite,the NHS laughs at statistics because it writes its own in terms of breaking records.

The NHS is 100% pure offense,no defensive focus at all so no need for excusatory statistical representation,in the NHS we DO NOT care what happened last shift or last game or last year,we only care about what is GOING to happen on the next POSSESION.

The really funny thing is that the BSers selling their stats garbage to NHL teams are good suckholers,they are willing to do or say anything to make money,they do not really care if the team wins or loses because no mtter what there will be statistics for them to make excuses with.

Statistics and stats analytics people DO NOT help teams win NHL hockey games,all they can do is help Coaches and managers and players come up with excuses for why they failed to produce winning results.

Moma2s NewAge Hockey System uses NO STATISTICAL INPUTS,and it helps teams win NHL games.

It is buyer beware in Pro sports, and the teams paying the money to charlatans who sell them stats are actually damaging the game that earns them all their livings.

If the online writers in Edmonton know the origins of the NHLs recent evolution,which some definately do, and fail to support or illustrate this fact while con-men gain NHL employment off of the NHSs peripheral impacts then they are not Oilers supporters,or Edmonton supporters.

Without the online support the Oilers will continue to miss the boat while other NHL teams will continue to benefit.

Hockey Bloggers are not statasticians, if anything they should be supporting anything that gives them reliable hockey news to write about, however it seems like some of them think that Stats float their boats.

Non-Statistical inputs create a lot more to write about that appeals to the general readership base.

Mis-placed loyaltys can become very dangerous things if they are supported and are allowed to grow.

If any online statasticians chose to put some time into researching the NHS and its history and impacts on the NHL then its evolutionary path would be clear and concrete and stats supported,but stats geeks have seen a way to profit from the NHSs creation and evolution,they have found a back-door by suckholing to NHL teams and making traditionally correct overtures through the right channels,to monetise work the NHS has doen over 3-4 years for themselves.

Stats people online were the FIRST to recognise what the NHS was doing to the NHL how it was evolving it forward,they were AHEAD of NHL teams and managment people because they were the first to see the smoke.

Naturally they chose to steal the thunder from the NHS and to monetise it, because of the nature of statistics and how they are generated no one can ever prove the stats people to be con-jobs,they are their own jurys and judges,they can male stats represent anything they choose.

At the end of the day the incompetance and the inability to act professionally actioned by many NHL managers and owners in terms of allowing statistics into their wheelhouses is not only derelict but it is embarrasing,to allow your very game to be broken down into statistical BS is a pure embarrasment,and then to actually openly support the very cause of the embarrasment by paying them to work for teams is simply to much to bear.

The Oilers can build a legacy of dynasty level results if they are HONEST enough to face the facts and dilligent enough to follow the clear signs,both statisticlly and non-statisticlly to the origin of the data which has obviously revolutionised NHL hockey over the last 3-4 years.

The NHS will not be suppressed eternally.

Results are what is important at the end of the day and the NHS produces nothing but winning results.

I will be choosing a bottom feeding team with NO realistic talent base or farm based support to take to the Stanley Cup this coming year.The NHS has a clear and defined history of 100% success in the NHL,that histpory may be actively suppressed at the monent but so what,results talk and BS walks at the end of the day.

If you are doing something becuse you love it then you can be patient.

If I can implement the NHS modifications to a teams existing System I can take a bottom feeder to the Stanley Cup in any given season hands down.GUARANTEED.

No statastician or team of stats analaysis cons will be able to do this,none of them.

NHL teams pay stats analysts money for nothing and it is a travesty, i seriously derive great enjoyment watching vain and crooked people meet their waterloo so those NHL team who DID NOT do their homework and who are now paying con-men to provide them with a product the NHL teams ASSUME is the same impact that has revolutionised the NHL game recently deserve what they will be getting for their money ,NOTHING.

While these morons miss the boat and pay money to con-jobs selling them statistical excusatory BS,I will be choosing a bottom-feeding team to take to the Stanley Cup and I will use Moma2s NewAge Hockey System to do this,just as the Kings and Hawks have used the exacts same influences to win the last THREE STANLEY CUPS.

I like Doug Weights honesty and integrity as well as his personality and drive,so i am leaning towards him right now because the East needs to gain some ground on the western teams who were exposed to the NHS over the last 3-4 years,i did not promote the NHS to any Eastern teams and we can all see what has happened, there is a massive and growing imbalance existing in the NHL right now,one half is evolving forward very very quickly while one half is severely lagging behind,I hate imbalance and I love balance,so I will corect the dynamic template we all see.

It isnt enough to revolutionise a pro sport I guess,if you havent suckholed to TPTB to get recognised you must do your impactfull work hidden in the shadows,this only hurts the game of Hockey.

Moma2s NewAge Hockey System has always held its ground and NOT succumbed to being handcuffed and suppressed by an NHL teams contractual obligations ,this in no way takes away from the clear and concrete impacts the NHS has had on Professional Hockey, there is simply no competition for the System or philosophy, I have never had to play ball with NHL managers according to their rules,because I have never tried to misrepresent the NHS or its impacts,i have never sold out to suppression and control,things will be done on my terms or not at all,this is what winners do.They do not hold ground defensively they TAKE GROUND EVERY SECOND THEY ARE ABLE TO. I shall now take a bottom-feeder and make them Champions simply to continue the positive progressive HONEST integrity driven NHS evolution I have catalysed thus far,and no the recognition is not needed,the results are quite satisfying.Remeber I can choose any team I want to and the results will be just as spectaculr,this means I can not only seat a Championship team where I want to but I can also unseat one,just ask the Hawks how the Kings took them out.Actually ask the Hawks how they got where they are in the last 3-4 years AND then ask them how it felt to have that NHS power turned upon them by its creator,the Kings had some help from the NHSs creator last season during the playoffs,neither the Kings nor the hawks will ever repeat using the NHS without properly respecting it.I guaranteed it and it is so.Had the Blues been on-board I would have put the farm on them last season,they are almost ready,but cannot grasp that they must respect the NHS and its concepts and allow the NHS to manage their tactical perspective,to action changes,right now the Blues are where the Kings were 3 years ago,they are learning and experimenting on their own without the benefit of the NHSs creator and the database they require.They are taking the good things they see happening in terms of specific impacts on the ice and then stopping there,they will not endorse the ENTIRE philosophy and this is critical for them to do.

The Blues will struggle along emualting the Kings and Hawks and missing the boat on finding the true origins of the data these teams have been actively using over the last 3-4 years.If they sourced the origins of the recent NHL evolution accurately then they would already be celebrating a Cup win,but they choose to do proceed in the conventional traditional crooked ways and not to accept endorse and reward the NHS and its creator,it is what it is,I consider it to be the natural and free evolution of an idea or a philosophy,and natural free growth is fine by me,it is the impacts I appreciate and aim for.

If you cannot choose any team and take them to the Stanley Cup then you are not worth your salt, the NHS can take ANY team and make them champions.It has directly impacted the last 3 Stanley Cups and this is fact supported by statistics which illustrate the HISTORY of the last 3 NHL seasons.,that show us what HAS BEEN DONE by the NHS not what people hope can be done when they try to use a System they do not fully understand.

As the NHSs creator,i do not have many wishes,I allow things to evolve naturally and do not interfere to much,however it would make me EXTREMELY HAPPY if the Calgary Flames would contact me and ask for help,this is simply because I WILL NEVER CONTACT THEM out of Oilers loyalty,but considering how the Oilers have treated me and the NHS I would NEVER REFUSE THE FLAMES,they would simply have to ask properly for help,something no one else has officially and openly done to date , and i would return the respect.If the Flames are supposed to become champions then they will do the right thing and define their own destiny,I cannot do it for them due to loyalty issues,however I will not stop them either by refusing to help them,they must decide themselves.

If I didnt know any better I would say the Flames are on the cusp of doing just this,of sourcing the NHS and of endorsing it.
The Kings have fleeced the Oilers,so have the Hawks,and now the Blues are on-board,everyone is getting some of Edmontons action,they willingly crapped on the hand that was feeding them and are now suffering the consequences.The record speaks for itself,therefore it matters not if they admit this.

It will take 2 more seasons of Western domination to even get the majority of Pro hockey people looking in the right direction,the learning curve is that slow because NHL teams are crazy about keeping things in-house and quiet.If they find something that works they WILL NOT TALK ABOUT IT,and this actually puts them at a disadvantage when something like the NHS rolls along and changes their entire game almost overnight.I openly and freely gave the NHS data as I saw fit, I refused to sell out and allow my concepts and philosophies to be controlled contractually or bastardised by NHL professionals who do not have the acumen or data to understand or concieve of the NHS on their own.

No one involved in Professional ice-hockey wants to believe it can be this easy to win a Stanley Cup,this is because it makes them all look as useless as teats on a boar pig.

I dont need to remain static watching to know where my bullets will strike,i am sure of my aim , the NHS and I are all about the challenge of winning, the NHS flys in the face of conventional and traditional hockey thinking and it also flys in the face of Statistics and the trouble they cause ALL teams who rely on them in any impactfull manner.

I believe it is the coaches who are responsible for running a superior system of play that generate statistics,it has very little to do with the individual players and histosriclly this is what stats have been used to illustrate,individual players PAST results.

No one has been able to blend statistics with Intuition until I developed the NewAge Hockey System,now many charlatans and con-men are trying to promote themselves as the catalyst of this evolution.They CANNOT DO IT.

The NHS provides a tangible way to define stats and their optimal use in REAL-TIME ,and this translates into rejecting the majority of statistical applications,seriously ALL stats data generated prior to and external to the game being played in the moment are rejected as misrepresentative.

Stas con-men are trying to monetise this new perspective for themselves and I am not competing with them ,I am instead simply allowing them to screw up the teams dumb enough to employ them,it is the natural evolution which is critical,if a team BELIEVES in stats then they cannot be helped optimally and are not worth the investment of time and is a teaching and learning process,and who want to be dealing with a problem child every day on a long term basis,if an NHL team is not already aware of the damages statistical inputs are creating for them then they are not worth my time or effort,it is labor intensive to teach an entire organisation a new way of thinking.

The NHS way of thinking is defining the path of least resistance to a specific goal and then fluidly adjusting to that current developing dynamic so it can be repeated consistantly,winning must be repeated CONSISTANTLY and this means statistics cannot be utilised in any meaningfull way,stats define a static timeline and recorded history they are not fluid in any way .The past in NO WAY helps you create and define the future,even mistakes are not complicated enough to require so much data overload,if you need stats to tell you where you are making mistakes then you are very much far to removed from the game you are participating in to be a positive input.

Statistical reliance turns the beautiful free-flowing painting NHL teams create on the ice over 60 minutes into a simple boring paint-by-numbers excercise.One which NEVER produces optimal or winning results consistantly.

Stats HANDCUFF COACHES AND PLAYERS into defined roles which prohibit optimal performance and managment.

Stats WILL NEVER improve NHL hockey on a league or individual team basis ,they will never evolve it forward,stats are HISTORIES for goodness sakes,they are old news.

Who would pay someone to regurgitate numbers that have no usefull meaning or application to a team that wants to produce consistant winning results?

Someone who has been sold a bad bill of goods that is who, there are NHL teams right now today who are allowing themselves to be fleeced of money and energy supporting the stats conspiracy which has controlled NHL hockey for many decades.

Moma2s NewAge Hockey System has revolutionised NHL hockey over the last 3-4 years,statistical analysis has had NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS PROCESS OR THESE HISTORICAL IMPACTS.

Intuitive Dynamic Managment which evolved from the NHS has been the defining factor in this NHL evolution,and this program came from the NewAge Hockey System itself which uses NO STATISTICAL INPUTS AT ALL.

Statistical analytics people are ripping off Intuitive Dynamic Managment and trying to represent it as a stats based perspective and they are trying to make money off on NHL teams stupid enough to buy itno their cons.

There never was and never will be a way to make numbers create wins in the NHL or in any sport,Roger Neilsson WAS NOT a numbers man,he was a creative genius who found ways to replace the meaning and use of numbers with something much more tangible and understandable,I took Rogers work a few steps further in creating the NewAge Hockey System,I took Rogers vison and created a tangible and OPTIMAL system of play, I deserve the credit for doing this,it matters not if this is common knowledge today,not to me,but it should matter to any NHL team who is looking to win the Stanley Cup.

Mr.Brownlee you know the truth and the score,why not step up instead of back?You so want to spill the beans,why not go for it huh?Do you prefer Toronto or La or Chicago to earn Stanley Cups the Oilers should by all rights be earning? Hoiw many years will you be comfortable watching this unjust dynamic continue on for? The oilers have made their decision,you know they are absolutely off-base and in the wrong,so how long will you let them keep poking the Dragon? Until the Flames come knocking and data that can never be taken back is fairly given to them?You ought to have endorsed and supported the NHS when it was dropped into your lap,I DID offer you exclusivity but you didnt see the value then,how about now huh?I think this is the real causality of the Oilers long history of losing,they refuse to man up and tell the truth when they are over a barrell and they believe this is the right way to run an NHL franchise,denial and suppression,for as long as they see fit,even if it causes them turmoil and losses.This is not a resonable or winning attitude,and results speak for themselves,you cannot run or hide from the for very long before someone sees the light and busts you for being in denial.The Oilers structure has prevented this from happening and even the new structure they have brought in this coming season suppresses the NHS and the truth so failure is destined already, bringing in Rocky Thompson to do the NHSs job will not cut the mustard,re-vamping things following the NHS perspective without fully understanding or endorsing the NHS and its creator is pure professional vanity combined with utter stupidity.It is what it is.

I will be 100% hands off with the Oilers,after Gagners sacrifice to this derelict and dysfunctional organisational focus I had an epiphany,this managment team and owner DO NOT WANT TO WIN above all else,they want to project an IMAGE of themselves much more than they want to win anything in the NHL.Bringing in new faces and adding new talent WILL NOT UNDO THE DAMAGES CREATED IN THE PAST BY DENYING AND SUPPRESSING THE NHS.

The recent and substantial changes I have seen the Oilers make are simply more defensive suppression and BS, YES good men have been added to the mix,but the original sins were never dealt with,now the Oilers managment core believes they can reproduce the NHSs impacts on their own with this new infusion of NHL hockey acumen,this is an idiotic way to look at things, the Oilers ALREADY had enough acumen ,they simply refused to face the reality they created,

Traditional NHL hockey minds DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE NHS or they would have been implementing it many years ago,this is a new and revolutionary way of looking at the game,not old ideas simply rearranged.

All bringing in new traditional and powerfull hockey minds will accomplish is to confuse things even more,had these assets been brought in ALONGSIDE the NHS and its creator then YES there would be progressive movement,however this is not the case in fact this is just a deeper cover-up created by the old managment crew to hide their booboos with the NHS.

i will not be inputting any data to the Oilers, so they will have no excuses of external interference for the consistant losing results they will surely generate .

The Oilers have brought NOTHING NEW to the table for the coming year,they have simply re-inforced their gangster suppression of the historical record,they are still following the NHS template as closely as they can without giving credit or recognition to the NHS,they have wiped the roster of all men who were following the NHS to make a point,now they may live with that decision.This is a still a crooked unethical group running the show,the spit shine given to the organisational exterior by bringing in some new and solid reputations WILL NOT translate into any more sucess than they saw last season,and to top it off other teams are now fully endorsing the NHS and they will pound sand up Dallases and craigs tailpipes for 82 games using superior tactics to those the Oilers can generate doing it " their way".

If you are not using NHS modifications in the NHL in todays game you are screwed,you are several levels below cutting edge thinking without the NHS inputs.

if you are the Oilers and CANNOT BUCK IT UP then you are especially doomed because you are fighting the tides of NHL evolution with some misplaced derelict passion.

I am NOT helping the Oilers anymore, they will live and die by their own choices.They WILL make nice with the NHS,or eventually an NHL team,Karma says Calgary , will do the proper thing and endorse and aquire the NHS and its impacts officially,and at that point ALL online free data comes to a screeching halt.

If no one comes a courting I will comfortably choose an Eastern Team to tutor and i will walk them to the Stanley Cup,yes it is that easy to do.

If the Edmonton Oilers ever hope to build another Dynasty Team they will need something as new and powerfull and revolutionary as Wayne Gretzkys brain was,the NHS is exactly this type of influence,in fact it is based on how Wayne managed hockey games,I believe it is even more powerfull because it transfers the perspective to an entire roster.

If you dont know how to build something you do not know how to dismantle it, my learning curve creating the NHS has taught me to understand ALL NHL Systems of play,I developed a SUPERIOR System in the NHS because of this learning curve,I am not limited to TAKING 100% underdog teams to new heights,I can also bust down the NHLs best teams AT WILL.Just ask the Kings and Hawks ,teams who used the NHS without properly recognising or crediting it,I HAD to let them run with it to establish the NHS,but because of their disrespect I also GUARANTEED they would NEVER REPEAT,and this is just the way the ball bounces,I wouldnt put any money on the Kings next season if I were you the NHS has a long memory and is all about winning not forgiveness. They will NOT repeat.In fact to accentuate the point barring the NHS being wrapped up officially I will be choosing an Eastern team from the bottm,very bottom,to walk to the Stanley Cup this coming season.It is time to spread the love,maybe Sidney and Evegny would like some pointers on how to revive their stanley Cup dreams,they are now officially stagnant and their career legacys will show this to be the record,they need to re-boot and ASAP,because they are not bottom feeders they will need to come courting,but their roster dynamics clearly show they could rattle off 3 or 4 Stanley Cups in the next short while,in a row.

If you want to build a Dynasty in todays NHL you better be bringing something brand new to the Dance, the most cutting edge impactfull "something" in todays game has peripherally impacted the last 3 Stanley Cup winning teams.Moma2s Newage Hockey System is this entity,it has flown under the radar and been intentionally suppressed by teams discovering its potency and impacts, others have tried to hijack its impacts for personal gain both Fiscally and Professionally,the road has been rocky at times,however Rome wasnt built in a Day either,for the record the NHS assisted on a Stanley Cup win in its 1st year of existance and every one since .The NHS impcts on the entire NHLwere IMMEDIATE and have been DOMINATING and CONSISTANT.If I stayed out of it La and Chicago would flip-flop cups for another 2 or 3 years because they are the most vested and versed in the NewAge Hockey System and its Intuitive Dynamic Managment tactics.However as I stated on the record when I first released the NHS data online there is a Tactical Template I am following and it is a prime directive,this is to ensure the NHL becomes SATURATED by the NewAge Hockey Systems influences and impacts.In the Professional sports world RESULTS and ONLY RESULTS drive forward evolution at an optimal speed, these levels of results have been firmly entrenched in the West since the NHSs inception, now it is time to even the NHL playing field and and create the exacts same growth dynamic in the East.I am taking the NHS on the road, it is time to make yet another epic and documented and predicted leap in the NewAge Hockey Systems evolution, I am taking things so hard and far against the grain that there will be absolutely no denying my impacts.I am ripping the Stanley Cup out of the West and I am going to do it in a purely NHS manner,I will ADD my Intuitive Dynamic Managment acumen to their existing structure and system of an epic underdog Team and together we will produce OPTIMAL RESULTS CONSISTANTLY or winning results consistantly,we will win next seasons Stanley Cup and if the team is smart and corners the NHS market they WILL become the NHLs next Dynasty Team,either way once the East Teans see a 100% underdog wipe the ice up with the rest of the NHL right in their Wheelhouses they will perk up pretty fast just like Western Teams did when the Oilers first used some NHS tactics and generated League-wide attention because they were DOMINATING IN SPURTS.

The NHS loves epic and historical challenges and we ALWAYS make pre-emptive and predictive documented statements of intention to leave no doubt as to the source of specific and exact impacts and results.

I just stated that the Stanley Cup was going to be ripped away from the West and won by an Eastern Bottom Feeder yet to be named,this is pretty heady stuff dont you think?

I just said the Oilers could build a Dynasty Team starting with a Stanley Cup win next season if they make nice with the NHS and pro-actively corner the market.

I also said that I will walk the UNDERDOG-LONGEST SHOT Teams I choose to Stanley Cups for as long as I enjoy doing so,at will using the NHS and I will do it for FREE until I get bored.

The NHS shall continue to wreak havoc in the NHL, where it chooses and how it chooses, for there is nothing that can say different ,the NHS is truly in a League of its Own,so far beyond the competition that it has no peer.

Maybe someone wants to help me pick the Eastern Bottom Feeder I will walk through the Garden of NHL Dreams this coming Season, I like Dougie Weight and am leaning towards him,but if a concerned Fan from an EASTERN Bottom Feeder who can make a case that they need the Cup more than the Islanders do then I will be willing to accomodate you and we can work together choosing the recipient of the NHS teachings... the Stanley Cup.

Yes I think the Edmonton Oilers can rekindle the Dynasty results,but they will need the NHS to do it,and time is of the essence,they are one competitors contact away from losing their opportunity.Denial was never an option.

I may not be profiting or selling anything but i am sure having epic and historical impacts on a professional sport from my keyboard.

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posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 01:07 AM
a reply to: one4all

HAHAHAHA mama2!! Only you could write that much in one post about the oilers. I recognize you from the OMB.

posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 02:46 AM
a reply to: DeadSeraph

Remember its Moma2s NewAge Hockey System and its Intuitive Dynamic Managment Program.

I recognised you immediatly as well, nice to see there are some Oilers fans on ATS keeping their minds open and their finger on the pulse of the online beat.

I flipped through your member profile, you ought to give Todd Standing a call he is from Edmonton and is open to chatting about BF.There are some historical and excellent Alberta BF Habitats with a long and well documented history of sightings close to Edmonton.

A few others have passed through from the OMB and a few other Oilers sites,anyone following up on the NewAge Hockey System eventually strolls through ATS.

An Oilers fans work is never done , I refuse to sit by and have no commentary and allow the core we have now to stangnate and flounder during years they should be in the Playoffs competing for the Stanley Cup, there are no excuses,the Oilers could easily have been in the Playoffs the last 3 years,I see no excuses.

All I have heard is excuses from the Oilers for many years now, we have heard them all,we have seen Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches and Scouts and Stick Boys and Trainers and Players all run out of town , the roster has been pillaged of all witnesses to the crime.

I have seen no reason to believe they are any more capable of putting together a Playoff type of year than I was last season, Ramsay will give them some stability and a new communication style,as well as some maturity,but this is by no means a cure-all,it is a way to put some seperation between the offensive and defensive job descriptions and energy expenditures the Head coach has to a make during games.ramsay streamlines things and eases Dallases workload while at the same time adding to his impacts.

The Oilers have added a new perspective to all critical areas of the structure of the organisation and this is clear.Just as clear as the fact that they are following the NHS advice I have been pumping at them and are putting together a STAND-UP defensive corp,this is clear,big tall long reach men capable of stopping rushes when and where they want by removing bodies.Less finesse and more KISS body erasing at or above the Blueline.As you can read in my NewAge Hockey thread this is the only way to stop the possesion/transition game consistantly.

I was also banging on the drum for Leon Draisaitl here on ATS loooong before anyone else, I had specific NHS reasons for recommending him. NO ONE was talking LD going 3rd overall that early he was a Darkhorse.i could have bet a millon bucks they were going to take Leon after I posted that is how closely they listen to specific things,the Oilers problem has always been the same,they cannot let go of the reins long enough for the roster to catch its balance and start pedaling,the Blues likely lost a Cup this season because they could not stop dumping the puck in deep ,same stuff they could not let go and adjust they fought to stick with their program from a statistical perspective thinking the more times they got it in deep the better their chances became,Sutter was simply lucky he let Stoll run with it on their first Cup because the next regular season he and his coaches got involved interfered and screwed up the entire process,they had help getting things back in order this last Playoffs from me directly online,I hooped the Hawks for not aknowledging they had used the NHS,same way Ihooped LA the year before and denied a repate,no one who has failed to aknowledge and thank the NHS wil repeat ot dominate.

Intuitive Dynamic managment is like using your gut instinct all the time and NEVER RELYING ON STATS OR SET PLAYS,creativity is the word of the day as is scoring goals.

For the record Eakins Swarm was his version of my NewAge Hockey System or rather a few components of it, he simply didnt make the right adjustments early last season, most people will never know how close he was to breaking out with wins last year,it was a screw up with the defensive zone exits where they were not meshing with the n-zone and o-zone break-ins,the Swarm was WORKING TO WELL in the defensive zone and the puck was exiting the d-zone to fast,Eakins had to adjust and to slow it down he turned to some type of triangle on the half-boards schtick I never really understood,but the point is he made an incorrect read and react and set himeslf back terminally,by the time he shook that confusion away and got things back under control the seson was over.Had Eakins been using the NHS properly and understood what he was doing he would hve created the Swarm effect in all 3 zones,this is what I have been trying to push with the NewAge Hockey System, a 3 zone Swarm impact.Dallas knows how close he was to something DOMINATING and after the online scoldings from me he knows EXACTLY where he slipped up,he will not repeat the mistakes.Eakins had guts to try something new and had he had me and the NHS database beside him his season would have been a winning one as it could be this coming year,adding craig ramsay and the others will not be enough,Dallas needs to understand how I do what I do and realise the reason no one before me did these same things is because they COULDNT VISUALISE THEM,unless you have the complete NHS database which I have NEVER released you are only using partial concepts overlain on top of your existing system as other NHL teams are doing,if Dallas wants to create a 3 zone DOMINATING Swarm effect he needs the NHSs database and some help.More men and new faces and more traditional hockey acumen will simply not be enough it isnt enough for other teams with more of those assets so why would it suddenly be enough for the Oilers?

Actually he needs to openly tell eveyone the Swarm doesnt exist and that he was trying to use the NewAge Hockey System,the lies must stop or the winning will never begin.It is what it is.

I am hands off this season with the oilers,no posts,no advice,nothing,they are the Masters of their own destinys.

Right now I am deciding which Bottom Feeding Eastern team to teach the NHS to and to walk to the Cup this coming season,any suggestions?

Dallas knows exactly who Moma2 is and so did Rralph Krueger and the two Coaches before him, Pat Quinn was quoting me verbatim off the net at Oilers practices,no kidding,you have no idea how deep the suppression runs.I have sat in my living room with family and friends with my laptop on and called in plays and specific players and playactions to have the oilers score goals,they had someone paying close attention for a long time,they just refused to validate anyone.I have let people pick players and then I have sent in playaction tactics that allowed those exact men to score goals,the lagtime between my posts and action on the bench was at a few points nearly optimal,only a minute or so between posts and adjustments,there was even a sweet game where I was in heated online battles trying to out the fact the Oilers were refusing to aknowledge the NHS but were USING IT,and during a game the Cameraman must have been a lurking Moma2 fan because he waited until I posted then he panned to the bench and you could see the Asst bending over and relaying a message which was then transferred to the ice creating a goal by I believe Ryan Smyth,from a slap pass from I think Schultz.It was a specific System adjustment that exposed the opponent and optimised the Oilers manpower during that game,it was just one of MANY times where they followed my online posts dead-on but only to their liking,they never really listened completely always dithering,the Players were tuned right in and reacting immediatly,this is likely why all of them are now gone, every NHS supporter tried speaking up and was run off,Ryan Jones miffed me off the most until Gagner was sacrificed.There was a 3-4 year long inner conflict where managment refused to accept external inputs but many players in fact were lstening to the online data,Gagners 8 point night was a direct result of the NHS inputs, if Ralph Krueger had had a full year the Oilers would have made the Playoffs because Ralph was learning fast and it was showing,in fact it was Ralphs interpretations of the NHS that led to Scotty Bowman taking note and implementing the NHS modifications to the Hawks the exact NHS adjustments they used to walk through the regular season AND the Playoffs to their last Cup.Scotty is in the media talking about the new transition tactics he had noticed the Oilers using which he was going to ask his managers to implement.This is fact.

Had Oilers managment listened to the PLAYERS as Sutter DID DO in LA the Oiler COULD be 3 time Stanley Cup winners,and already be a seedling Dynasty simply because both LA and Chicago use the EXACT NHS TACTICS I POSTED TRYING TO TEACH THE OILERS THE SYSTEM I DESIGNED FOR THEM....I had to do it online because the Oilers officially ignored me completely even after they began using the NHS themselves,half-arsed attempts I might add.

You are certainly in the right place to be discussing an NHL Conspiracy and ha ha ha have you ever run into the Mother-lode on this one.In fact it was Mr.Jarret Stoll who first began utilising the NHS with LA in fact he was running the show for them on their first NHS influenced Cup run,actually he took over with about 25 regular season games to go and the entire roster bought in and Sutter kept his hands off because the team bagan consistantly winning,the rest is History,the last 3 Cups were all heavily influenced by Moma2s NewAge Hockey System and its Intuitive Dynamic Managment Program,the system was created in the Oilers backyard FOR the Oilers who screwed the pooch ad missed the boat,instead LA and Chicago picked up the ball and ran with it,now St.Louis and others are using the same NHS modifications and tactics in the West,they are NOT talking about it but they are sure doing it because what they do on the ice is absolutely clear and documented anytime they make even a small adjustment it is on the record and when they sequence their adkjustments as they are being told to do it is OBVIOUS.

There are both Mainstream Media and Online Writers who absolutely know what the NewAge Hockey System is and where it began,no one working for TSN is peeing in the Oilers or any other NHL teams ceral bowl,and the online people who are in the know are all NHS foes because I had to crush their statistical cojones over a period of years while I estblished that Intuitive Dynamic managment was SUPERIOR in every way to statistical inputs,so noe of them were exactly proponents of the NHS in fact some tried to monetise it and rip it off periphearlly,the leafs just hired a Statistical Analyst from the Oilers area,he is the 2nd one hired recently who was an online tour de force,these stats fellas are con-jobs,there is nothing new they have to offer stats wise,they are simply tryng to incorporate the NHS into their own repetoir,they are selling themselves as being representative of the impactfull force that everyone can see has changed the entire NHL creating a one sided western dominance run by TWO TEAMS.Both of whom are directly and forever tied to the NHS.The NHL teams hiring these stats cons are wasting their money hoping to get a piece of what is changing their league.They dont know what else to do.

posted on Aug, 14 2014 @ 02:32 AM
Going to bump this as a little update which i'm sure you oilers fans have already heard.

Draisaitl will not be reporting to the PA Raiders camp, meaning that they more than likely have him penciled in as the 2C behind RNH. So that is another teenaged top prospect rushed to play in a league where men make the playoffs and win championships.

Draisaitl - Oilers or Europe

It's my conclusion that they won't beat out ANA, LAK, SJS, CHI, STL, MIN, or COL. This leaves them to compete for ONE spot with DAL, PHX, NSH, WPG, VAN, and CGY. Based on the off season additions by each of these teams there isn't a single one that can logically be counted out as worse than the Oilers.

Sadly, for me too, the Western conference is completely stacked. The Oil have TWO unproven goalies, arguably only ONE defence man who would be a top four player on a team that truly has a championship shot, and TWO centres who haven't surpassed the physical development of a teenager; could be because one still is. I really hate to say it but they don't have realistic aspirations of making it to the tournament.

It would be pretty eye opening if this organization is actually as incompetent as their business model has shown. I don't think that they have any plans to compete until they are in their new arena in downtown Edmonton. It's hard for me to believe that there isn't a hidden agenda. But hey, to me, there is only one thing that sells seats better than a championship team; the next big thing AKA first overall picks. I think they have McDavid, Eichel, or Hanifin in their sights.

posted on Aug, 15 2014 @ 08:46 PM
a reply to: kicked

I supported the Draisaitl pick long before any other fan online even sniffed the idea.

I thought he would be able to play straight off,he has the skillset,the mental maturity,the size,and the seeming determination,these are the ingredients we see all sucessfull 1st round picks who make seamless transitions exhibit.

In my opinion ALL the Oilers fast transition players have been sucesses,I havent seen one high pick who has been given the legitimate ice-time it takes to prove oneself in the NHL fail since Hall was drafted,Hall-Nuge-Yakupov have all been successfull,considering the teams overall lack of positive results.

If the roster is built with competative dynamics as the primary driver then we SHOULD see a player like Yakimov win himself a spot on the roster.A winning team EVOLVES it is NOT BUILT.If I do not see Yakimov on the roster something is wrong,it is that simple,Yakimov-Dre-Yakupov.Or somthing is fishy in Denmark.Or Hall-Dre-Yakimov.

If the best men for the jobs GET the jobs then we HAVE TO SEE some surprises,it is not possible for things to remain Vanilla if room to grow is provided and TRUE VALUE CONTRACTS can be dug up.

I would like to see the doors wide open for everyone to suceed personally because only byA letting the cream rise to the top will Edmontons deepening talent pool be optimised.

This optimisation of the roster was an forseeable challenge two years ago and NOTHING has been done to rise to that challenge yet,there is no Program in place.

I have no rebuttal to your overall assesment of the Oilers current roster position in the NHL in terms of recognised legitimate roster-spot placeholders.If the Oilers are to break out of their endless summer it will take something non-traditional and non-stats based to spring them loose.

The Oilers will have to win games so players can earn their bones in the eyes of the traditionalist majority in the NHL in terms of being roster-spot placeholders on other teams,this is a stats based definition which the masses formulate.

The dangers of statistical inputs are many.

Winning teams MAKE men legitimate roster placeholders.

I believe ANY roster of players who ALL posess average or better NHL skillsets can WIN THE STANLEY CUP REPEATEDLY.....IF... their skillsets can be optimised by the System itself,not by traditional micro-management tactics as have been relied on in the past.

The Oilers are far to Stats influenced to ever optimise their current roster NEVER MIND Nurse and others ready to transition to the NHL.

The Oilers need to retain the most powerfull source of Intuitive Dynamic Analysis available and the PIONEER and CREATOR of Intuitive Dynamic Analysis also happens to be the CREATOR of Moma2s NewAge Hockey System, a Native Edmontonian who created the NHS specificlly for the Oilers .

The Oilers have had acess to the NewAge Hockey System for 4 years now and have failed to retain it,they are derelict.

I believe the Oilers COULD win the Cup this coming year IF they retained Moma2s NewAge Hockey System ASAP.

However I am the NHSs creator and have comitted to helping the Buffalo Sabers create a "Perfect Rebound" season and go from last to Champions.The NHS had tangible impacts on the last 3 Stanley Cups....EVERY ONE since it was released online to the public domain.

ATS is sometimes known as a conspiracy site,and as a hockey fan you have stumbeled onto the NHLs biggest conspiracy in its entire history,a Fan created an entirely NewAge System and Philosophy of playing and thinking Hockey.That System the NHS was utilised by the last 3 Cup winners AND other NHL teams since its release 4 years ago,BUT NO ONE has officially recognised it or its source.It has been actively suppressed.

The NHS was originally released online to the Oilers on their home site, it was designed for them,but they rejected it from a managerial perspective,the PLAYERS incorporated it in some cases,but the Coaches fought it tooth and nail as a cancerous external influence instead of embracing it.

The Kings Jarret Stoll recognised the NHSs value online and immediatly began implementing it with a few teammates in LA,Sutter trusted them and let them do so ,there were about 24 games left in the regular season and the Kings were fading,then the NHS was implemented on a trial basis by a few players on their own and the rest is a Cinderalla Story,the Kings turned it around and marched right to the Stanley Cup using a few simple basic NewAge Hockey System modifications to their existing System.

The next season Scotty Bowman went on the Record saying he had recognised some NEW transition tactics the Oilers were using ,hewas going to tell his managers to look into it,.......these transition tactics were NHS modifications players like Sam Gagner were trying to implement without being blackballed by the Coaches, the EXACT SAME NHS modifications used by the last THREE CUP WINNING TEAMS.The Hawks then made NHS modifications to their own System much like LA had made and THEY had a Franchise best Season and WALKED to the Stanley Cup.

Sam Gagners 8 point night was a DIRECT RESULT of the NewAge Hockey Systems impacts,and only on a player implemented basis with the Coaches in active opposition.

The Oilers over the last 4 years have broken SEVERAL DYNASTY RECORDS. this is a team still on the strong side of a nearly decade long streak of futility,think about that,it was the NHS influences catalysing these outbursts.

I think the Oilers will be buried by the 30 game mark,that Eakins will be gone, and that without the NHS onboard they will struggle through the rest of the season flirting with .500 hockey but buried none the less because of the stumble in the beginning.Ramsay will stabilise them but it will be to no avail.

If we consider the Systems we have seen used and the results they are producing,I say the Oilers are doomed.

The Players are NOT being optimised and the System and Philosophy actioned by the Coach is based on Statistical BS and compete".This means men are forced to play out of their comfort zones and optimal zones, I predict Nuge is hurt early and that Perron is out by game 20 with a concussion.I think Hall will suffer a knee injury by the 45 game mark,and that Schultz will lose a shoulder this season.

This management core the Oilers have has been improved but is still the same animal it was last season.Just better PR and peripheral management.

The NHS could make it happen but no way will this current team and set of Coaches make the playoffs or even come close unless they somehow counter the terminal levels of statistical inputs the Oilers have somehow become buried in.

The Oilers just hired Dellows and this was a big mistake on their part, he will try to reproduce NHS impacts,he is not bringing anything new at all,Statistics have produced nothing new, 4 years ago the NHS was introduced online and its history is documented and impactfull.

Advanced Statistical Analysis is a bunch of garbage, BS , salesmanship.

Intuitive Dynamic Analysis which is what the NHS produced and actions itself upon is EXACTLY what the Oilers need,it was even CREATED FOR THEM...rejected by them....but still created for them.

I as the creator of the NHS have committed to the Sabers this coming season and they will win the Cup, I have had direct impacts upon the last 3 Cups via NHS modifications teams are using.I will make it 4 in a row when the Sabers win this year, lots of people have lots of BS stats based reasons why the KINGS and HAWKS might have won WITHOUT the NHSs influences, by specificlly choosing the Sabers to inject the NHS into and ny taking them to the Cup,I will permanently silence ALL critics , and also begin to migrate my System the NHS to the Estern Conference as I planned to do at this time 4 years ago.

The Oilers have a derelict and vengefull influence somewhere influential,someone is mistaking Vengence and Vendetta for Winning and sucess.This is why they ignored the NHS 4 years ago and gave up potentially 3 Stanley Cups,the NHS has been a dominant impact on 3 in a row, had the Oilers roster who the SYSTEM WAS ORIGINALLY DESIGNED FOR used it in a responsible and timely manner they would have already three-peated and would be considered a budding Dynasty,the Oilers Coaches and Managers missed the boat, because they were fighting somehing stronger even than they are, the games EVOLUTION.

The NewAge Hockey System has evolved the NHL game,and will continue to do so.

Watch the Sabers dominate the NHL this coming season and win the Cup ,with the NewAge Hockey Systems direct help.

Like I said this is a conspiracy, TSN would have a Field-day. because Moma2s NewAge Hockey System and its Intuitive Dynamic Management Program along with Intuitive Dynamic Analysis .............IS NHL HOCKEYS REAL LIFE MONEY-BALL.......and it has been actively supressed,in todays world that is called BREAKING A STORY WIDE OPEN.

He who holds the Grail will win the Cup,the NHS is the Grail and the holder of the NHS says the Buffalo Sabers will win the 2014/15 Stanley Cup,book it.

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