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UFO sighting near Smith Creek fire Kelowna BC Canada

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posted on Jul, 20 2014 @ 09:59 PM

This video was shot by local news crews. It has not been modified at all. The original is available on

Somehow when winds were blowing at 80kph, the fire did not grow any bigger. It actually got smaller. Then this thing was seen flying nearby. Coincidence?
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posted on Jul, 20 2014 @ 10:06 PM
Interesting how It seems to just appear out of no where from the clouds ....for those that are starts on 36 sec in to the video..

posted on Jul, 20 2014 @ 10:12 PM
a reply to: drz400

Looks like another amazing video of ... wait for it...

a bug.

posted on Jul, 20 2014 @ 10:13 PM
How come when jets move through clouds, they don't drag the cloud along with it? The clouds just displace to the sides of the vehicle.

How come internet UFOs drag clouds with them, like they stepped in gum?

posted on Jul, 20 2014 @ 11:25 PM
I have seen this before in the skies around where I live. They move fast and seem to dart from one cloud to another, it looks like a semi-transparent ball of white and sometimes bluish light. (hard to explain)

I have tried to video them a few times, this video isn't the best but you can still see it. I was trying to capture it while blocking traffic in a parking lot...not the idea situation. I slowed the video down as I was only able to capture a few of secs due to the circumstances.
*note* the black thing you see is a bird for the record. Please watch on full screen.

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posted on Jul, 21 2014 @ 01:58 AM
That was very interesting, and its certainly a good area for sightings. Also too close to family living there, hope that fire is put out very soon, and just over hour from me.

posted on Jul, 21 2014 @ 02:37 AM
a reply to: drz400

Not sure what that is.
What I do know is that when the winds were at 80k/h it was at night and the fire did grow. It only started to shrink in the day and because of the BC forest fighters.

My Dad is a BC forest fire so I know details about the fire and how they are battled.
I had a friend who was evacuated for a time being & I live close by so I get fresh details.

If aliens were involved, why wouldn't they have done a better job at suppressing the fire? Why don't they do that with all fires for that matter?

posted on Jul, 21 2014 @ 03:01 AM
Veeeeely interestink...

The video quality wasn't super and a white blob could be many things... but it's hard to come up with a good debunkin' off the bat... though I'm quite sure someone will be along any second to kill the fun alien speculation.

Maybe it was a ghost of a helicopter?

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