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2008 Ticket, your Xmas wishlist.

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posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 07:43 PM
Who do you see in the race in 2008, or, better yet, who would you LIKE to see, and why?!?

My picks are as follows:

Democratic Party:
Sen. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton, though a woman (not that that is a bad thing, just rather uncommon in Presidential politics), is a very powerful political figure. Like her, or hate her, she has experience in the position. Hell, she ran the White House for 8 years

Barack Obama is uber popular, and had an amazing showing at the 2004 Democratic convention. People know him, and, although it may be a tough sell in some of the Southern states, he has the look and sound of a very successful politition.

Overall, I think the femal president, black vice president makes a huge statement about how far we have come as a country.

Republican Party:
Sen. John McCain and RNC Chairman (Fmr. Gov) Marc Racicot

John McCain appeals to both Republicans and Democrats. He is quite popular and has the POW card to play. Not that that is a good thing all the time, as we saw from the service records in this election, but it helps give him a reason to lead so to speak. He is very popular, and should have replaced Cheney in 2004 for VP.

Marc Racicot has been RNC chairman since late 2002, and was governer for two terms in Montana. I just like the guy. He headed up Bushes re-election campain, and obviously, was successful at that. There is no way Bush SHOULD have had a chance, but he won anyway. I know a lot of you think he stole the election, and all that, but that isnt what we are talking about here... Racicot has what it takes to help lead this country, if only as a VP at first (continuing on to President after gaining experience as VP).

Those are my opinions on who I would like to see in 2008. The Democrats, as much as I dislike it, have the stronger ticket, and they should. Unless Bush really works his arse off to turn this country around, the Republicans shouldnt have a chance in 2008.

What are your picks, and why?

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posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 07:46 PM
I would like to see Hillary on the ticket, but Im undecided who I would choose as her running mate. Maybe us Dems could get Ms Condi Rice to switch affiliations and be Hillary's second
Man, that would be a pair!

posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 07:56 PM

Originally posted by Kidfinger
I would like to see Hillary on the ticket, but Im undecided who I would choose as her running mate. Maybe us Dems could get Ms Condi Rice to switch affiliations and be Hillary's second
Man, that would be a pair!

It will never happen... Well, I guess you should never say never, but I dont see it happening, and I think an all woman White House (especially with one of them being black) would be impossible at this point in the country. Maybe in 4 years, but I would seriously doubt it. I dont think the country is ready for that yet, although I am not opposed to it.

posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 08:07 PM
Oh, I know it would never happen, but you have to admit, if it did happen, and they DID get elected, there would be alot of pissed off republicans. I have read some threads in the old forum ( as opposed to this brand spankin new one:up
were toughting Condi as thier next presidential candidate.

posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 10:24 PM
i definitely DONT want to see hilary. waste of a ticket, she wont get elected.

i dont think hed win, but lord id love it if he did. obama. give him a few more years to simmer, he should be the right man. that one speech just did it, i have great faith in him to do a fantastic job as commander in chief.

mccain id like, but also powell. im kinda mixed, but i think as prez hed do much better. hes a better leader than follower, and the bush admin brought him down. id like to see him take charge and change the world.

Powell: 2009-2016
Obama: 2017-2024

eh, why not? throw a jew in there and im sold. or, maybe, a powell-obama ticket, and obama runs on his own in 2016. oh the possibilities!

posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 11:52 PM
The next election has already been made, where tf have you people been...??

The next election will be Arold Swartzeneger(SP?) vs hillary..

Why, talk to anyone from Cali, they will tel you they have been plastering TV with add to change the constitution for that foriegner who wants to run for pres.

posted on Dec, 3 2004 @ 12:03 AM
Wont happen by 2008. The country is not ready for a president who doesnt speak english... er... wait... duh... second term... um...

Honestly though, I dont see it happening. Maybe for 2012, but I really doubt 2008.

posted on Dec, 3 2004 @ 04:44 PM
bah, i doubt it. itll get amended eventually, itll have to, but it wont right now. hillary wont win, 75% of the country wudnt elect her.

ELECT BETTER ACTORS! actually, im a fan of some of his movies, if only to hear him speak/see things blow up.

posted on Dec, 3 2004 @ 11:41 PM
After reading another thread, I am changing my picks.

Eminem and Dr. Dre 2008 under the MTV Party!!!!!!

What a joke... If that happens, I will pirate all of his music!!!

posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 09:24 AM

Originally posted by Milk

What a joke... If that happens, I will pirate all of his music!!!

I wouldnt waste the space on my either of my hard drives

posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 09:42 AM
Ask again after someone invents a level 10 force field.

Face it, actual political discussion took a huge dive after RFK. I read his book in 1968, and it was the best political book I have ever read, delineating all the key leadership processes necessary to implement a commonwealth, the common good. You only have to do a few things to insure that 10 people in the world monopolize wealth and choke off any rise of ordinary folks beyond their pitiful condition into actual capitalists.

Okay someone invent a level 10 force field, then I will await candidates speaking their mind, I will have my RFK detector primed to see if anyone speaks with cultural literacy and anything near sanity.

[edit on 4-12-2004 by SkipShipman]

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 10:16 AM
The "rising stars" of the democratic party seem to be a little young to run in 2008 - Barack Obama and Elliott Spitzer. I'm guessing we'll see Hillary (who can't win), Edwards (who can't win), Kerry, Gore and Joe Biden fighting it out for the next nomination.

For the republicans, I'll go with Rudy G, McCain and Frist as the clear frontrunners.

I'll settle on a Biden/Richardson ticket for the Dems, and I think it will be Frist/Rudy G for the GOP.

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 11:18 AM
Im a republican and I seriously hope the Democratic Party is stupid enough to nominate someone as polarizing as Hillary Clinton for president.

For the republicanshmmm..tough: I think Condi Rice as VP with whoever the old guard decides will be front runner. Condi could seriously eat into a Clinton run, while an old guard republican could satisfy the base rather nicely.

All that noise about Arnold being allowed to run for President is just that, noise

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 08:43 PM

Originally posted by MrNice
Im a republican and I seriously hope the Democratic Party is stupid enough to nominate someone as polarizing as Hillary Clinton for president.

I am another Republican hoping that Hillary gets the Democratic Party nomination! Oh God, please let it happen!

posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 03:59 PM
I'm an Independent but I guess I'll play with the big 2 and what I think they should do:

Republicans - McCain for Pres with Frist as VP (I don't think Frist will get far early in the race so he'll be picked up later by the front runner, no Rudy G here because it will come down between him and McCain for the republican nomination and it will get dirty)

Democrats - Hillary for Pres and Harold Ford Jr. (it will probably be Dean though) as VP (since Hillary is doomed to lose this would set up Harold Ford Jr. for a powerful run in 2012)

Ideal tickets: McCain/Lieberman in 2008 and then Harold Ford Jr./ insert maverick senator here in 2012

As much as I would like to live in a world where a woman could be President of the US, I simply don't live there. Hillary isn't the most appealing woman either... she comes off as really fake to me.

I'm going for McCain for the time being though, who told this joke: "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno."

A President who is actually funny might be a nice change from one who is constantly made fun of.

I've been a McCain fan since he ran with Bush in 2000 for the republican nomination and I thought he should have been president way back then.

B. Sage

posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 09:01 PM
two people who aren't multimillionaires with their head's firmly placed in their own rectums

also, nobody with a political agenda, i want someone who simply wants to do what's best for the country instead of what's best for their constituants or party.

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