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DHS logging street sign locations?

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posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 06:41 PM
This is something I have wondered about for a little while and after seeing GPS mentioned elsewhere, it reminded me and I wanted to bounce it off of the group.

While I was working on a job at a city government building, I had the opportunity to speak with a “city official” who told me that every sign, be it street, speed limit, school zones, whatever had to me located and logged as per a federal mandate from the Dept of Homeland Security. He said that it was not necessarily common knowledge among the public.

Now were the purpose of this be maintainence or such, it wouldn't have meant a thing. What got me was that he mentioned that it was done per DHS.
Was this guy screwing with my head?

I did a search of ATS and found this:thread but it is not the same.

Has anyone else heard of this? Did I miss a thread?


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