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spot the firearm [ or accuracy in reportage ]

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posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 03:07 PM
this story crossed the desk at munkie HQ today - at first glance a " regular " story of a man who was found to have a significant collection of illegally held firearms

no great shake - his collection has been confiscated and he has been released on bail [ the only charges so far are that none of the items are registered ]

then I saw the picture WTF ????????

what firearms ??????????????????????

I see large amounts of ammunition and ordnance - but no firearms

other reportage is worse

They seized a number of firearms as well as a WW1 artillery shell

I am no expert - and could not give a provenance of an artillery shell just from a crap picture - but at least 25 serperate artillery shells [ era unknow ] can be seen in the pics

but not a single firearm

amy I being too cynical / pedantic ?????

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 03:23 PM
Its the UK
There laws may class this scrap metal as firearms.

I collect some of the same type junk in the calif desert and haul it to scrap metal recyclers.

Some one that is a felon in calif if caught with the same scrap would be arrested and the cops would throw away the keys because felons can not possess firearms or AMMO fired or not.

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 03:45 PM
in the UK the weapon or individual components or ammunition including spent shells is treated the same
in law if you don't have the appropriate licence its an absolute offence and possession is a mandatory
5 years jail.

our establishment REALLY don't like the thought of an armed free population.

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 03:47 PM
I always loved the "component" garbage.

Anything is a component of a firearm. A block of wood is a component of a firearm. Anything metal is a component of a firearm. Raw ore from a stone is a component of a firearm.

So how far out does the lunatic state want to draw it?

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 03:51 PM
a reply to: thisguyrighthere

It works here.
We don't have armed police and we don't have an armed public.
I for one am glad people with illegal firearms get five years.
We can get a gun If we wish it just means a licence.

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 03:55 PM

Worth a knock on the door

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 04:00 PM
a reply to: Kandinsky

For inert shells? They're no more dangerous than furniture or heavy books.

I assume inert because if they were live they wouldnt be collected like that. The police would have evacuated several blocks and destroyed them.

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 04:46 PM
It sucks that a guy with an innocent and non-threatening hobby is treated like a criminal because some stiffs in government don't agree with it.

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 08:40 PM
Non-threatening? Have you seen the condition of those things? They are a tetanus infection waiting to happen.

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