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China does not intend to honor its agreements

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posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 10:22 AM
If the op sees fit to move this into an other category, then please do.

I've just recently returned from a trip to China, and was in Hong Kong during the demonstrations that took place there. And I must say, after the visit, I feel for the Hong Kong Chinese.

When Hong Kong was returned to China, the PRC agreed to allow HKSAR to retain it's status for 50 more years. But, immediately after it was annexed, China wanted to migrate 1,7 million people, to the already crowded area of Hong Kong. This attempt was countered by Hong Kong, but China went ahead non the less. The result was massive migration of Hong Kong Chinese to western Europe, and the enormous decline of Hong Kong. Where the Chinese live in sub human standards, with no more than a square meter as living quarters. All for the purpose of forwarding China's intent to increase the Chinese population, to the extend where it will overwhelm the Hong Kong citizens.

As a result Hong Kong is in Chaos, this City that has had modern western standards is now slowly moving to Chinese standards. And what does Chinese standards mean?

Well, if you go to Shenzhen, just across the border you will find western factories and then you will find Huaxiang Bei, where they sell every technology equipment available, to Russians and Arabs. 5 Years ago, there were a lot of westerners in Huaxiang Bei, but now ... there are very few, majority are arabs and russians. During these 5 years, China has gone through a great decline in cleanliness. There are no toilet papers on the toilets, which stink as if it was a pig den. Nor is there any soap on any toilet, neither in Shenzhen or Peking. So, when you go to your favorite Chinese restaurant, the cook has just been to the bathroom, which stinks like a pig sty, had his relief, wiped his butt with no paper and washed his hands with only water. After which he went back to prepare your dinner.

Sort of improves your apetite, doesn't it?

Now, back to Hong Kong. Hong Kong has for several years, maintained a closed control of the pig flu and the chicken flu. But is it really working? Well, on the paper it is ... and here is why. The amount of westerners who travel between the border has decreased, while the number of Chinese has increased to several hundred thousand a day. They drive through the Corridors of Shenzhen Bay, where they are supposed to go through checkup. But the vehicles that they drive in have "ceiling" mounted cooling fans, that blow in your face and cool your head down. And the controllant, who is supposed to measure your already "frozen" head, is standing several meters away, to avoid detecting anything.

That is how China is taking over Hong Kong, by forcing the Hong Kong recidents to move. They have no control over their own policy, and the population is being increasingly populated with mainland Chinese. And already now, it is espected that there is a close tie between the Hong Kong chinese, and the mainland chinese in Hong Kong. So in the next few years, China will receive majority of votes in Hong Kong, and vote the western influence out.

During my road trip to China, a known friend of mine, who has been in China many times had an enourmous outbreak which made him trhow up blood, and diarreah which haven't seen yeat. Causing dehydration close to a fatal degree. I got out of it, with a slight flu, which of course should have been cought by the Hong Kong control, as well as that of another known associate who came home with serious food poisoning.

China has gone through enormous decline, these past 5 years. Not just economically, but health wise, it's a disaster area. China has taken over the production of all water agents, which means that whenever you buy a Coca Cola, you are buying unclean water. I have no doubt that there is some clean water to be found in China, but I doubt seriously that with the enormous greed they display, that they are selling their good water at a dime a bottle. Which basically makes China a health risk, awaiting to happen. But not only health risk, but also a construction risk. New buildings, that are merely a few years old, show cracks in the buildings that go all the way through the wall ... even through the supporting walls. Suggesting that there is a great possibility that construction in China, is being done with lack of materials, that can cause collapse to more constructions than merely the bridge that collapsed because a truck with firecrackers exploded.

Someone told me, that the reason for the toilets in China not having toilet paper, was that the Chinese would steal anything they could and no sooner than you put that there, they'd have removed it and taken it home. This may be true, but I find this hard to believe when I see Hong Kong flourishing with both toilet paper and soap, despite it. And Hong Kong island is probably the most crowded place you'll ever come to. It is a question of construction, and foresight ... not as in Bejing Olympic houses, where the outer look is important, but nobody sees the rotting inner of rusting toilet paper holders, or toilet seats having been removed from stinking toilets.

It doesn't matter if you wear silk clothes, if you stink in them.

And the government of China, should see it's pride in, that if Hong Kong could have done it .. that China should at least, not drag behind in this area. But everywhere you go in China, you can see the lack of details. The same details that make Hong Kong so beautiful. But instead of continuing forward, China appears to have stagnated. This country that made people look in wonder, as cities rose like mushrooms, we now watch the same cities rot because they were lacking finer details. Details that make all the difference.

And instead of educating the Children, the children are fed with propaganda that is altered to enhance their racist and nationalistic ideas. Ideas, where the average Chinese thinks he invented the V2 rocket. That it was the Chinese who built NASA. And where they are tought from Childhood, to call foreigners with derogatory terms. And the Children go to school, hoping that there will be a war with Japan, so they can wipe out the Japanese. Because they deserve it ... and the term "why" never enters the childs mind. The term "why" does not exist in Chinese vocabulary. The Chinese spend years in School, studying English but can't finish a simple English statement. They go throughout their school years, without ever knowing why "2+2=4". They never ask the important question "why" and they never use the knowledge they are taught. Why is "x=2, if x+2=4". There is no why, to a Chinese, there only is. They don't reason ... and wherever you go in China, the simplest statements like "do not lean on the door", are written "dont lean". So, when you are on a Chinese metro, you are not supposed to lean at all ... neither on your girlfriend, or on the handle. It's forbidden ... and even if you point this out, they don't hear you. Whatever you try to teach them, they ignore you ... because they know better than you do. Even your own language. And the only voice, that goes through their hearts ... is the voice of their great leader, shouting "My Chinese heart!".

The Idea of the Chinese, is that China will rule the world. That their armament, is to secure "peace" in the world in the Future. That in the coming future, that China will be the world police force.

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 10:38 AM
a reply to: bjarneorn


Thanks for your post..

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 10:59 AM
a reply to: bjarneorn

Seems western culture is being annhilated across the globe!

Makes you wonder who is behind the wheel!

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 11:01 AM
That goes a long way in explaining the attitude of the mainland Chinese Immigrants I meet here in Vancouver. Thanks for the insight

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 11:13 AM
Be interesting to see what happens when the Chinese march westwards and come up against the Islamist fundamentalists, and the Indian Sikhs, ( a warrior caste), that Chinese proverb does like to rear its head!

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