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Are you not worth changing the world?

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posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 12:50 PM

originally posted by: HiMyNameIsCal
Is it not worth giving everything you've got? Fighting tooth and nail for what you believe in. Facing the global elite, their weapons, their power and their troops! Why do we just sit and complain about things that we are not going to even try to change? What ever happened to all those kids from the 70's who felt so strongly about fixing the worlds problems? Is it really up to the younger generation to change the world? Because the last time I checked it wasn't the youth that made up the majority of the populous. What is it that we are so afraid of, losing contact with the manufactured reality that we have become so addicted to? Do we all need rehab? It is a sickness that has spread like a plague throughout the western world, a plague that affects every single one of us (myself included) and it needs to change NOW! Before we put the final nail in our own coffin as a species. Why, I implore you, WHY do we just accept the cards we are dealt without more than a grumble?

You know, from perspective of people whose countries in '70s were under communist regimes, those kids in the West looked... liked a spoiled brats who couldn't appreciate what they had.

Anyway, you should narrow down the people to whom you send your appeal. If I started to fight to change the world... you presumably wouldn't like the result.

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 05:40 PM
a reply to: RifRAAF

*laughs* What do I drive? I don't find joy/gain in pointless material things that pass away. Mediocrity is living in a world where success is measured by "how much". It is all meaningless. I choose to see reality for what it is, not what I want it to be. Anyone who can't see past the next toy, is living a delusion.

Einstein said it best: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one".
The reason we live in a world full of turmoil is because of statements like "What do you drive?". Instead of giving, loving, and learning, it's all about our next greedy endeavor for "stuff".

I could live in a single room, with bare necessities, as long as I had someone to love, who loves me. It's simple and honest. I don't want anything to do with mans world of consumerism for the sake of consumption.

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 07:01 PM
Couldn't have said it better myself Aedaeum. Pity their are not many of us who can see through the "reality" that has been fabricated to keep us all in a placid, content state of not caring about anyone but ourselves or our country. Does it really seem so far fetched to think that we can make the world a better place for everyone? It is a shame that their is no place or room for people to try and break free from the mold and try to form their own communities where like minded people can live in harmony and self sufficiency without being owned or sponsored by anyone. The fact is that if any group tries to be free from the craziness of todays world they become the targets of ridicule and hate from the brain washed individuals who suckle from the teat and wouldn't have it any other way. So if any of you like it the way it is and don't want any change what so ever then keep voting for your beloved politicians and see what kind of changes will happen without your say in the matter. I'm sure you wont have any complaints no matter what because it is just so damn great. As the old saying goes "ignorance is bliss".

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 02:51 AM
sorry I'm late to come back.
yes its a fourm.

but that's because developing a new fair system takes time. right now, I'm crowdsourcing ideas to develop a blueprint.
somethign inclusive and diverse, so it will take time.

there are more plans to come, but until something comes out of that process, it would be wasted time.

essentially if we cant even agree on that forum, why push forward. however i think enough people want change that we will be able to compromise and work together.

or perish.


posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 12:29 AM
a reply to: HiMyNameIsCal

Discounting the possibility that I'm simply depressed and need a pill to make me think of myself highly enough to try to overthrow the government purely out of my own self interest, what point are you trying to make exactly? How ironic would it be for the government to lock you up in an asylum or give you a little blue pill (symbolically) for not wanting to overthrow the government?

Have you considered the possibility that maybe, just maybe, you're fighting an imaginary enemy? There may be a few people with a lot of money, but what would that encounter look like? "hey man, put up your hands and give me your money. Now die." *pow pow* That's assuming you made it that far, and you've got a heart of gold. The other possibility is that you die as an extremist and martyr, providing the government further justification for banning guns and bringing them one step closer to the completion of the master plan you're so convinced they have. The latter option is exponentially more likely regardless of whether you have an army of one or a million.

posted on Aug, 17 2014 @ 08:39 AM
a reply to: HiMyNameIsCal

As usual a great thread gets minimal attention.

Yes, it's worth giving everything. I did, and I was given some 'luck money' in change. I lived. Maybe you will too, you'll only know when you try it.

What I disagree with here is the statement, " need a leader or a group.." No, you don't. You need you. You'll do it. Just try it and see how things work out. If you get snuffed out, too bad. Try again in your next life.

Good luck.

posted on Aug, 17 2014 @ 01:08 PM
I had a crazy, idealistic notion that's been marinating in my imagination for a few years. A few months back I tried to summon it into a linear thought-form in case I won the lottery and could actually give it a try. Its my attempt at a new type of society (or, New World Order) where there is a system to take care of the essentials (home, food, clothing, etc) while still providing an opportunity to pursue invention/education/etc. I started writing a draft of a "Constitution" of sorts to protect it from corruption and called it "The Barter Corporation". Below is the first couple paragraphs.

The purpose of the Barter Corporation is to create a lifestyle for its employees full of meaning, passion, happiness and growth while providing the resources for them to maintain the essentials of a quality existence including a home, food, and individual growth.
It pursues this purpose by operating an interconnected network of small and medium sized businesses, run locally by owner-employees using franchise-type best practices and controls, with equal sharing of risk and profits across all owner-employees. The goal is not a huge monolithic corporation, but instead a vast collection of tiny businesses working together in an all-encompassing collective.
Longer term strategies include viral expansion into communities through startups, mergers and acquisitions to strengthen the network until all essential products and services are covered.
The mission of the Barter Corporation is to create a new global corporate ecosystem deeply integrated in each local community where the essentials for a human to thrive are provided at their costs and not a premium. Where there is better equality between people while still having a vertical hierarchy that separates roles, scope and compensation to inspire individual growth. Where each employee is an owner who can influence the company while recognizing their contributions to others.
The Barter Corporation is not a ‘get rich’ company, but instead an organization intended to obtain enough revenue to sustain operating costs, provide fair salaries for employees, and maintain a buffer for unplanned expenses and calculated growth. Goods and services therefor do not have to be priced with a necessity to obtain ‘record profits’. This operating principle will be baked into the marketing and brand of the company so that customers will know without a doubt that they are not being gouged, and that their money is flowing back into their community.

Within the Barter Corporation there are two types of businesses, a primary business and supporting business. Each type offer products and services internally to other Barter businesses and employees at cost, and externally to the public with margin. The difference is that a primary business needs to run at a profit while a supporting business can operate at a loss providing that the products or services offered internally are deemed essential and the loss is offset by the overall profit of the corporation as a whole.
Products and services consumed by businesses within the Barter Corporation must be sourced internally whenever possible and practical. For example, if a ‘Barter Real Estate Office’ require their offices to be cleaned and there is a ‘Barter Cleaning Business’, that service will be used first and at cost before adding new positions or obtaining external services. How supporting businesses or external services are being leveraged will be closely monitored to determine opportunities for expansion or recruiting as part of the natural ecosystem.
During the growth of the Barter Corporation, there will be times when revenues are challenged and owner-employees will need to adapt and accept concessions for the greater good of the corporation. Regular meetings will occur to review costs and revenues and from those meetings decisions will be made on the future strategy of the company.
If total operating costs exceed total operating revenues the following initiatives will be considered in this order:
Expansion into new primary business goods or services or markets.
Enhancement of existing goods or services.
Reduction of operating materials for each business.
Salary reductions starting with those salaries highest from their local CPI/CoL index baselines and working down to salaries closest to the local CPI.
Reduction of owner-employees and non-profitable Barter Corporation businesses.
Operating policies and procedures are designed to give every owner-employee accountability, influence and a direct connection to the results of their efforts. If an owner-employee ever feels the system is too large for their voice to have influence or too complex for them to understand its workings, the system has failed. No policy should ever be erected which conceals parts of operation. Every component of operations must be traceable, auditable and changeable by default or when the appropriate appeal/reveal process is invoked.

An environment will be nurtured where employment-ownership with the Barter Corporation is considered a golden ticket for a quality life regardless of the position such that a university graduate is encouraged to apply for an entry level position.
Each business and the corporation itself operate under a hierarchy, with appropriate roles and accountability per position. All positions are filled by internal applicants or nominees, promoting internal development, except where a specific certification or degree is legally required. Preference will be given to candidates as follows: 1) within the same business, 2) within other local Barter businesses, 3) within the greater Barter Corporation, 4) external applicants.
During the interview process the applicant or nominee’s previous performance record, their skill and experience, and their career goals and intentions will be reviewed. Candidate selection will be made by: 1) full Corporation election, 2) a delegate panel, 3) Individual management. Which selection process applies per position will be decided through collaborative process involving the entire company, and it will be reviewed during cyclical checks and balances.
Performance management will also review the owner-employee’s current and previous performance record, their skill and experience, and their career goals and intentions. Performance per role is measured using predetermined criteria and the results will be transparent and available for review across the enterprise. Final assessment will be made by: 1) full Corporation poll, 2) a delegate panel, 3) Individual management. Which assessment entity applies per position will be decided through collaborative process involving the entire company, and it will be reviewed during cyclical checks and balances.
A document identifying the requirements and skills of every position in the company will be maintained and updated with actual information as a requirement of the performance cycle. This document will also include the value that this position brings to the success of the local business, or the corporation itself so that each person understands how they are contributing to the success of the organization. Associated to each of those documents will be a training aid that identifies courses, supporting programs, financial assistance opportunities, etc that could be utilized to eventually obtain that position.

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