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Tiwanaku 2004 Expedition

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posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 09:18 AM

The Titicaca 2002 Expedition has realized a constructive comparison of technical and cultural experiences between the members of the various countries in complete integration with the Bolivian representatives.

This expedition has been considered of average logistic and has participated 9 persons coming from Italy, Brazil and Bolivia. Technically the team was constituted of 1 archaeologist, 1 geologist and 7 technicians.

Together to the researches and to the studies made on Titicaca lake, have been realized reconnaissance dives on the "Chilata lagoon" (4100 a.l.s.) and on Glacial Lagoon (5038 a.l.s.)

From the collected data it is presupposed that there are several connections between the Andean cultures and civilizations that have been developed in these areas and those of the coasts of the Titicaca lake. For this reason that is important and indispensable to make new studies of the areas in object.

During the shipment they have been developed underwater activities between which systematic explorations, bathymetry reliefs, archaeological and geologic studies.

This opens a new chapter in our understanding of Incan, and pre-Incan civilisations, the evidence form the exploration done is irrefutable and also impacts the history of many ancient tribes around the Andean region.

It is also interesting that a few thousand years ago this culture existed where there is now a vast lake syatem covering the land, it just goes to show us that the earth is always changing and never stays the same for long.

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