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Abuse by German Army Instructors

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posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 08:32 AM

Excerpt -

German Army Instructors Face Dismissal Over Abuse
Bloomberg News
December 1, 2004

German armed-forces instructors who are accused of maltreating recruits will face dismissal if the allegations are proved, Defense Minister Peter Struck said.

The weekly newspaper Die Zeit reported today that some instructors at a base in Coesfeld in western Germany took photographs of the abuse of recruits, citing civil servants and lawmakers who have seen the pictures.

Ten cases of maltreatment of recruits have been reported over the past two weeks. The armed forces have 12,000 instructors, of whom 30 to 40 are under investigation.

Die Zeit said that among more than 100 pictures viewed by prosecutors and the Defense Ministry were scenes showing an instructor with a raised fist and his boot on the neck of a recruit who was lying on the floor with his hands tied.

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