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deja-vu atleast twice a day.

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posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 07:28 AM
Just to start off I have been called an Indigo Child, gifted, different, odd.
Personally I think I am going crazy, but my cousin and a friend are having the same thing.

Basically it is deja-vu but it isn't major things like winning the lotery or anything. Its almost on a daily basis, it will be small things, mostly related to dreams I've had anywhere from 0-6 months before hand.

I'm gonna tell a few little stories so have fun, and I swear that these are 100% true.

My first dream, I was on a snowy road, and I was floating towards a snowbank / ditch, it was fuzzy at first but then i realize I was looking at an arm sticking out of the snow in a blue coat. 2 months later a young missing girl from Toronto was found in a ditch, the picture I saw of the girl, she was in a blue coat.

Now this dream me and my cousin had the same night,'d gets alot weirder. I dreamt I was on a school bus, Just staring out the front window I was near the middle of the bus, 3-4 people where in the front of the bus, I saw my cousin in the back of the bus. I watched as the bus went up and over a hill on the highway,(HWY 26) then I noticed the bus was drifting towards the shoulder of the road, then BOOM the bus is airborne 2 rolls then I awoke (in the dream) and had glass sticking out of my head and in my hands. About 4 months after this dream occured, a school bus hit the railing on HWY 26 and flipped. The crazy thing is...My cousin had this same dream, the same night, although he had it from his perspective in the back of the bus. I was in his dream in the middle of the bus, can 2 people be in the same dream? Weird huh?

Now the everyday deja-vu, it will be minor things, say I buy a new xbox game, never playing it before, never seeing really anything except the pictures on the back of the case. Eventually in the game I will just be shocked because i remember playing it before ( it's a new game!!! ) Other little things, it will be everyday things, but things i don't do on a regular basis, but i'll do it in a certain way then out of nowhere my brain clicks and I am taken back because I remember dreaming it, then when i change what I am doin, it gets worse because I dreamt that part too.

It's hard to explain because its like picking up a pen and drawing a doodle then remembering a dream or knowing i've done that exact same thing before, but actually never doing it before.

I think every second of everyday, we re-live that second until we get it right. (everything happens for a reason), so everything that happens is supposed to happen, but we have to keep reliving that moment until we get it right, and I think that is where deja-vu comes from.

My cousin, a friend, and I are all having the same deja-vu / dream thingies...
just weird.


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