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Program and Matrix -- Two New Songs I Wrote

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posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 07:29 AM


Running all
Possessing no feeling.
Are you as unbiased in your mind
As all seems to suggest inside?
For you ignore all the sorrowful cries
Of all those lost to the whims of your pride.
Is it really all as it seems?
Perhaps you do hold such a horrific glee
For all the endless misery
As you run your Program...

Unwittingly you're all dulled down
Deep within yourselves
Your hopes have drowned.
How can we change our fates?
All who've tried have been erased.
Trust in it is a mistake.
Still no effort is a waste...

Somewhere I want to turn it all around...
Even if I die trying...

Cease and desist
And try to resist
I'll always persist
Against the Program
It bends and it breaks
As it violates
As the people say:
Get with the Program!

When you look around,
What do you see?
We are adrift in misery.
How much longer
Can we take?
Till we bend until we break?
They are always seeking control
Those I know have lost their souls.

Somehow I've got to turn it all around...
But sometimes I ask: what's the use in trying?


Everyday it goes
In the very same way.
Give up yourselves
Or so they say.
Never once will I give in.
Reverse the Program
And someday I'll win.
But they always reinforce
Hoping someday I will endorse.

Someway I've got to keep going on...
And find some way of always stay strong...


Who's the Generator, Operator, and Destroyer here?
A God or man?
We play God,
We seek, we create, we destroy.
We're running around
Driving it all into the ground,
Using force to restrain,
Confine and detain
All those who might fight to refrain.
Do we have this horrific glee?
For all the endless misery?
As we run the Program...



Here we are
Have we come so far?
As we make our way
Through the heavens,
Among the Fallen Stars.

In our hands
There is everything.
Just look all around you
Complexity abounds.

When you look around you
At everything
You can see it moving
In harmony.

Life is playing
A symphony.
Feel it surround you
In synchronicity.

Here I stand.
I am everything
The universe is inside me
And yet all around.

We are one
And yet alone.
Fluid of motion units us
Just get the timing down.

Can you feel it calling?
The mystery.
Life's pull is haunting
A melody.

Here we are drifting
In serenity.
Flowing as a river
In unity.

One more glimpse
Beyond the maze.
How long have we forgotten,
Fallen into a haze?

Above it all
Is harmony.
The swinging dance of Nature
Surreal and full of grace.

We are lost
To a world of man.
Obscured by
The scorching sands.

If we look we can restore
Our senses,
We're lost no more.

The world you're watching
Is illusory.
A Matrix built by

A concrete jungle
Of misery.
We know there's more
To be witnessing

When you look around you
At everything
You can see it moving
In harmony.

Life is playing
A symphony.
Feel it surround you
In synchronicity.

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 08:11 AM
Most impressive! I would love hearing this put to music!

posted on Jul, 6 2014 @ 12:35 AM
a reply to: AsherahoftheSea

Ok, initial thoughts--

Sounds like

(Obviously more matured lyrically, though there is some of this going on)

I like your voice, but there is some distortion going on, that needs a bit of editing I'd say to get your sound more recognizable there toward the middle. I actually really like the synth stuff you put in there, how did you go about putting that together?

Again, I like your voice, I just think you need some audio editing in there so that your voice isn't so upfront but more defined--if that makes any sense.

Keep working on music though, it is a great way to spend one's time.

posted on Jul, 6 2014 @ 04:44 PM
a reply to: PhysicsAdept

Yeah, it didn't sound that distorted in the original .wav format. The .mp3 format is lesser quality. I did remaster the vocals in Program and this is how it turned out:

Program (remastered version)

I know I am not the best vocalist. I need to get some coaching done or practice a little more before I record them, but all in all, this was the best I could do at the time. I also have a tonsil problem, I smoke, and I have something that often clogs my vocal chords and no longer can get the vibrato I used to have to work for some reason... So yeah, my voice has gone downhill over the years and was much better back in 2007 in my opinion...

posted on Jul, 6 2014 @ 04:47 PM
a reply to: Night Star

It is put to music. The first link might not play anymore cause I re-uploaded a newer version but here's the youtube version:

posted on Jul, 7 2014 @ 04:57 PM
I am mixing Program into a "The Matrix" music video. Got about an hour left on the encoding process then I am going to upload it. It's gonna be AWESOME!

posted on Jul, 7 2014 @ 07:22 PM
Here's the music video to The Matrix:

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