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Saudi Arabia prepares for ISIS insurgents

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posted on Jul, 2 2014 @ 12:38 AM
For all the nay sayers out their who believe the ISIS represent all sunnie Muslims and that we will all summit to the caliph they are trying to create.
And to the spasfic members (i wont mention any names) who believe ONLY SHIA are fighting the ISIS.

I got news for you ..

Thursday, June 26, the day before US Secretary of State John Kerry was due in Riyadh, King Abdullah summoned a National Security Council meeting “upon the current security events in the region, especially in Iraq,” and ordered “all necessary measures to protect the kingdom against terrorist threats.” This meant a general call-up of military units for a high level of preparedness.

Military sources disclose that Egypt is assembling an expeditionary commando force to fly to Saudi Arabia and bolster its border defenses.

This flurry of Saudi-Egyptian military steps comes in the wake of intelligence gathered by Saudi reconnaissance planes showing Iraqi Al Qaeda-linked Sunni fighters (ISIS) heading for the Saudi border and aiming to seize control of the Iraqi-Saudi crossing at

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