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a tinfoil trip into jurassic park II ~ the "lost" world

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posted on Jun, 29 2014 @ 01:30 PM
this is JUST FOR FUN. not to be taken (too) seriously.

a TINFOIL trip into Jurassic Park II - the "lost" world

"why i think there's crazy people out there"

how to construct a tinfoil hat (part 1)

embedded visuals during intro sequence

the movie starts with what seems to be a successful young married couple enjoying themselves exploring the unknown, they soon encounter more than they bargained for (or maybe i should say; their young daughter [representing 'curiosity', serendipity(?), perhaps fate, whatever] makes the discovery.. right from the get-go this can serve as a parable for anyone with enough time, money & inclination who may be interested in looking for new things, i'll lay off with these opinions-in-the-brackets & just let this story "my rendition" tell itself, through the tinfoil lens)

we watch as a 'specialized' team is assembled to take a trip to this "secret location" (team A)
the location contains "exotic technology" (the dinosaurs were partly engineered)

another "team" soon arrives on the island (the location) they are a much better "equipped" team, but lack the morality of the first specialized team (who's impetus was supposedly the search & recovery of a friend, we don't know at this point that there is a renegade 'tree-hugging' saboteur among the first "good" team)

the second team (team B) is about conquest & control, their "leader" is the classic pith helmeted knight of the realm hunter (representing crown, empire, etc) : the story could be likened to a rejected james-bond film plot.. the island itself is something like a facility or institutionalized body of knowledge analogous to area 51 (or even the racoon city underground complex of resident evil fame)

the team A (half-baked archetype "good guys") are about retrieving their friend (seth "brundle-fly's" intrepid dino-wife, she serves as the first independent operative who went to the facility island)
(but) what they're *really* about is safeguarding (or retrieving) something from the facility island - if that first lady (intrepid dino-wife) operative was able to successfully complete her "mission" of study & bring back her findings to the world it would've been used to (in essence) "free the people" (ie: "the truth")
as it was, later in the movie we see the scene where the 'elite cabal' is viewing the demonstration of the potential applications of the facility island's sway over the people (ie: the dinosaur theme park)

the 'elite' presentation

(keeping in the vein of tinfoil) the movie expands beyond the arrivals of both teams & their intentions, the inhabitants (effects of) the island (facility) start to enter the dynamic (this plays out like any other monster movie parable, oh wait, we are watching a monster movie parable) the remainder of the movie is amygdalla fear-porn, all those interactions with those various dinosaurs (or "facility effects") plays out like a psychological theme-park (oh wait, the movie is actually set in an abandoned theme park)
..the remainder of the movie (in this sense) can simply be compared to the scene in "cabin in the woods"

where we see a zoomed-out view of all those potential "horrors" they can unleash (i forgot to note if there were 5 protagonists in the lost world, not that it really matters..)

maybe in a world full of programming & encoding in media, a dinosaur movie is just a dinosaur movie, eh?
maybe not.. what else did we see/hear in the movie?
intrepid dino-lady had quite a few lines where she was extolling various virtues for the benefit of the viewer at home (that's another side-story in itself, another time?) one point team A & team B have to 'work together' to survive, it's around that part where we begin to hear some interesting things;
"T-Rex had the largest olfactory blah blah second to a turkey bird" (which could apparently scent for 10 miles)
(these are some of the qualities & aspects of the facility/creatures "creations")
some of the philosophy & ethics is presenting revealing itself; imagine the potential of human thought to be broadcast in a similar way as 'scent' is broadcast and these 'creations' are then able to receive those transmissions? (..but let's stick to one tinfoil subject at a time, this is all briefly mentioned now just to show that it's there)

some of the (embedded) philosophy & ethics has already presented itself through the T-Rex parents coming for their baby (higher thought, "parental instincts" as intrepid dino-lady referred to it) and the Raptors coming for their egg. more layers of the morality psychodrama are encoded in the guy who zapped the little compy at the start of the movie & that hunter who discovered "he'd spent enough time in the company of death" (referencing his former associations & ambitions, namely that imperialist "crown" symbol of hunter in pith hat) btw- we saw donald duck in the same gear making a similar realization in "donald duck in math-a-magic land" (only the bona-fide fellow whackjobs know what i'm rambling about here)

when the anti-hero (vince vaughn, who just.. plays 'himself' in every movie he appears in?) discovers the place was intended to be another jurassic park, there is a mural on the wall (not unlike those murals at the denver airport, but.. one tinfoil thing at a time)

the movie people have been nice & careful to make sure those hanging vines didn't fully obscure that gaping dinosaur (creation) mouth with all those sharp teeth that was menacing that post-apocalyptic scene along side it, with the faded & washed-out cars (park vehicles) seemingly 'strewn' in front of that derelict building (that building represents "civilization") note the symbolism embedded into the building facade (arcuated lintel) -- this whole scene is representing "when the system crashes falls" - and that menacing dinosaur creation mouth takes on a whole new meaning if we listen again to the james-bond villains throwaway comment when speaking at the demonstration of the facility and its potential "it's been languishing for 10 years" (or in other words, "we can do this, my fellow elite scumbags, we can present unleash this to on the world at large".. note how this would be exactly what team A seeks to prevent)

when the system crashes

..there will probably be some noticeable craters in the ground, eh?

soon after we see T-Rex smash through that border-control sign, the movie at this point can be compared to another morality propaganda tale where a giant ape is brought back to civilization (apes and reptiles represent different things, but it's always the same story of integration, exploitation & eventual demise although sometimes the things being integrated, exploited & decimated may differ slightly)

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posted on Jun, 29 2014 @ 01:32 PM
a continuation of: UNIT76

dwindling off here... the same morality tale is played out on a larger scale (in the city) with the idiot who wanted to bring the T-rex facility creation home as the idiot who stole the raptor egg (and wanted to bring that home) it worked out differently there, the intent was different changed (they returned the egg) ..maybe those raptors would've killed the members of team A but those angels helicopters sure turned up at the right time to scare them off..
..there's something to be said also of the solitary family unit of the T-rex's opposed to the extended social nature of the raptors, and those helicopters and gandalf's eagles functioning in a similar way..

in the end, "nature" played itself out when the momma T-rex fed the corrupt guy to its baby (warning: we are what we eat) and the voice of reason was on the TV which was on the TV (look at the scene for yourself) assuring us "everything was ok" (..anyone ever seen videodrome? i coulda sworn that was an encoded Dr. Brian O'Blivion just then!?)


..i took a quick look at the Jurrasic Park III introduction tonight also
it starts like this..

"RESTRICTED" (flashed right after that encoded "pyramid" appears from behind the logo) ...pfft
'restricted' (get it?)
not unlike "no admittance" on mr. baggin's encoded gate (the hobbit)

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posted on Jun, 29 2014 @ 07:07 PM
Great presentation and some good points thrown out.

Now why is this in the skunk works bin?

posted on Jun, 30 2014 @ 05:04 AM
a reply to: EyesOpenMouthShut

topics were being tossed into the swamp so i just decided to make the swamp my home
thanks for the kind words

posted on Jul, 21 2014 @ 06:24 PM
there's a "part 2" in the series now (the LEGO movie)

"..a real mind#" -siskel & ebert

"i fell asleep?" -random crackhead

"...i just didn't understand it at all.." -bush jnr

"lego movie is about playing outside the box, you don't get it, rah rah rah" -the mob


took some pics of the notes i made for "life of pi" (..scheduled for the turd 3rd installment)
uhh, what the hey, part 3 is ready already..?
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posted on Jul, 21 2014 @ 08:05 PM
Ia reply to: UNIT76


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