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YOU tell ME what it is that I am..

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posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 02:48 PM
I'm not sure where to start, but I want to skip any lengthy disclaimers and just say: I don't care how many people read what I write here. If anything, it is just as much for You as it is for Me, and if only one person gets something positive out of this post, I suppose its "purpose" has been served..

I want to hear what "isms" or labels you folks think "my views" reflect, and if they can be quantized under one heading or another..
I don't subscribe to any labels myself, but I would like to know if anyone else feels like they are in the same predicaments..

I don't claim to have "the RIGHT view", so much as I claim to be "asking the RIGHT questions" with the goal of collaborating compassionately, and answering to no authority other than the experiences with had in each of our individual Human Conditions..

but i'll cut to the chase:

I have noticed a certain mentality online (and especially in the "conspiracy crowd") where people seem obligated to "take sides" and basically just throw words at each other from opposing sides of false dichotomies; submitting to authority that is based on nothing more than the "authority figure" wearing the right badge and having the right title..

While i cannot say that i have been entirely immune to succumbing to these time-wasting debates, I hope to possibly provide some insight and possibly save people some time and breath.. instead of "being right all the time" and trying to make the world conform to our ideals, people need to simply open themselves to the world AS IT IS and collaborate with the aspects of the world which they feel deserve to thrive..

Here are some reoccurring issues that never seem to be resolved (or in fact get worse with every attempt to solve "the problem") and my simple outlook:


It DOESN'T exist.
this is a false concept just like eugenics and a theory of a flat earth.

perhaps I have thought this way (most of my life) because if i were to list my "ethnicity", it would be: German, Russian, French, English, Irish, Polish, Ukrainian, and Native American.. My skin is pale, but how does the term "Caucasian" possibly describe "what i am"..?

The joke seems to be that we have been taught to use the term "a person of color" to refer to anyone with a brown pigment in their skin.. but don't we ALL have color..??? just because i am pale, doesn't mean i am somehow "without color"..
I am not "white" just as the DARKEST African isn't "black".. These are generalizations that only serve to put people on either side of an invisible line"..

I'm frustrated that people who will post about "false flags" all over the internet, would never stop long enough to think "hmmm.. perhaps our language is being used to control our perspectives.."

"black" is not a Race. "white" is not a race.

Even the "purest German" of Hitler's little fantasy, had to have been made up of many ethnicities only hundreds of years before.. Let's let go of it and realize that genetics may be a reality, but essentially tells us nothing about who we are, after the event of our birth..


again, Culture doesn't really exist..
at least not any more than the reality WE give to it..

"The Bieber wears no clothes!!!"

It used to only be "the emperors" who could get away with going out in public naked and oblivious, but I'm pretty sure that even a majority of the peasants were aware of the reality.. But now it seems as if the peasants are fooling themselves and in fact WANT to be naked themselves, in hopes of being one of many pseudo-emperors or "celebrities" as they have come to be known..

without the individuals in a society, there IS NO CULTURE..

and doesn't one cease to have individuality once they decide to conform to "a scene"..?

But who even has a choice of knowing who people like "justin beiber" are, anymore..?
here in the ol' US of A, we are taught that we have to somehow aim to "keep up with culture" lest we fall behind who is popular in the media..

This is most evident in the way that it seems like the entertainment industries actually have to manufacture a majority of their "celebrities", while raw talent seems to be an afterthought (or even a threat to the industry as "they" want it..) and the material that actually has "substance" seems to be kept few-and-far-between, like they're afraid of the "talent economy" somehow becoming "inflated" haha..

but it is WE, my friends, who are the engineers of this culture, and no amount of money in hands of wrinkled old men is going to change that fact..

actually, it seems that the only people who CAN change that fact is US, and so when i see people in their teens and their 20s gladly giving up their power and influence on our culture so they might feel that they "belong", I must admit that i feel a tad worried.. or perhaps disturbed would be the right word..

Every time i turn on the radio (which is very rare these days, but i hafta do a little research here and there
) it seems to somehow get more and more blatant that the people who are running the entertainment industries think of the masses as nothing but a wallet with human meat attached to it, and just so long as they can prey on that human's psychology, they know they will make a certain amount of profit..

No, this is not some kind of MKULTRA mind control..

this is what they call MARKETING..

and in the early part of the last century, it was called mesmerism..
don't you think it's kinda interesting how mesmerism and hypnotism obviously WORK (on many people), and yet they are not considered to be a branch of the paradigm of Psychology..?
-hmmmm.. why would that be..?


is a figment of our imaginations..

the "big three" of religions do a pretty good job of seeming like their teachings somehow oppose each other, but this is an illusion.
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have so much in common that i daresay they are one and the same "religion" and essentially the continuation of one idea. Since I'm an American it's easiest to conceptualize as a movie trilogy analogy

Judaism is the original..
like most "originals" it is actually the repackaging of a diverse set of traditions and ideas that came before it, combined these ideas in a new way, and either out of necessity or because of the effect that the passage of time has on oral tradition.. but the works that emerged from Judaism took a lot of work and determination.. the only problem was that their systems of thought and revelation were extremely specialized and specific to the Jewish culture, that outside understanding of their works. The Torah (old testament) is difficult enough to follow for an outsider (gentile), let alone works such as The Zohar.. though when one does delve into them, there is a very exact yet poetic elucidation of what they see as an unknowable complexity behind all things:

namely God.

Christianity is the sequel..
Like many sequels, it wasn't an immediate hit. Despite it's recent popularity (and i MEAN recent..), there were plenty of setbacks and "rewrites to the script" before Christianity really had a "international release" haha..

posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 03:03 PM
a reply to: HyphenSt1

There were many things in common with Judaism except that this time God was presented as having a direct relationship with The Christ and I believe one of the most detrimental changes to "the script" was that The Christ was not limited only to Jesus of Nazareth but was simply a rare mindset to find amongst men, and hence should be learned from..
Now, i have my own theories on where this view might have originally came from (namely Buddhism and/or Hinduism) and I'm willing to bet that Jesus probably traveled a bit before he got into this 30s.. But that's neither here nor there

Islam is the "triquel"..
and doesn't it seem to fit the stereotypes of the "third installment" in a series..? I'm kidding.. but seriously it does seem to follow this pattern quite well, from my limited knowledge of the tradition and culture.
It seems like many of the ideas of Christianity were indeed incorporated into Islam and as Malcolm X pointed out, there are Muslim people of every color and background who truly embody the teaching of Mohammed to reach a way of living in harmony..
however, while Islam has perhaps incorporated many of the harmonious ideas of Christianity, it has entirely taken other things for granted (namely WOMEN) which is entirely detrimental to society, and in making their "culture" incompatible with all others.. They threw away the aspect of universal brotherhood and nonviolence, which seems to entirely undermine any "spiritual growth" one could ever make..
and a monoculture is never a good thing IMHO :puz


if you've made it this far, I applaud your diligence and would love to hear your thoughts! I must go back to work, but I will soon add another post about how i feel about economics and government.. maybe that'll be of more interest

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posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 03:17 PM
a reply to: HyphenSt1

I am proud to be British. I think it is healthy to retain a respect for the cultures and traditions which lead to ones coming to exist in the first place, as long as one is also prepared to be mindful of the errors made by ones government.

But honest to goodness, race is an issue for either those to stupid to accept other people, or people who have been victimised because of their race in the past. The first is inexcusable, and the second is an unfortunate side effect. If racism ends totally, then the race issue will not affect people as much as it has traditionally speaking.

You asked us to tell you what you are. What you are is a guy with his head on his shoulders.

posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 04:06 PM
a reply to: HyphenSt1

I believe you are a secular humanist.

If I may recommend an addition to your body of research it would be to study memes & memetics.
It provides a central thread to unify a number of your threads of interest.

My personal thesis is these are a yet unrecognized, type of higher order life form and in many cases, greater than the sum of the human operatives.

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posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 04:07 PM
a reply to: HyphenSt1

You're under thirty and vaguely liberal in a way that is average for someone your age.

Nothing really wrong with anything you wrote. You need a bit more scope and experience. And that will come in time.

posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 04:40 PM
Welcome to the real world.

You are simply relating to us how much of the artificial veil that is over everyones eyes you have managed to pull back.

Excellent work.

Now try this,everything has an optimal form,the best one for it as an individual.Now simply OPTIMISE everything you think of and you will easily see how and why most parts of our lives are artificially controlled and this controll is designed in cells like a terrorist organisation,this enables many many people from around the Globe to work together towards common goals as anonymous stakeholders,they share the Global plunder.

Now apply the idea that anything that IS NOT OPTIMAL has been INTENTIONALLY MADE THAT WAY by people trying to make more and more money.

Optimal forms of things are natures way of telling us she loves us,they are patterns that cannot be denied and repeat over and over,and tell us when something is amiss in our world,the further away from this Nature Based reality we get the EASIER Humanity is to manipulate as a Group.

posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 08:41 PM
a reply to: TrueBrit

I think it is healthy to retain a respect for the cultures and traditions which lead to ones coming to exist in the first place, as long as one is also prepared to be mindful of the errors made by ones government.

I agree that moderation is good in all things, and am only suggesting that the importance of Culture and Ethnicity etc, be put into perspective. Imagine if people were no longer so nostalgic for the ways of the past, because they were so immersed in consciously engineering their own culture in real-time..

A good example you *might* be familiar with (though they weren't really successful in the long run) was the whole "British Invasion" and the beatnik/hippie movements of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.. The Beatles brought a lot of attention to many ideas and issues in the world, that did more than most.. but i don't even know if they could conceive of the vast impact and importance of what they were working with, until it was all over.. they put an emphasis of "doing your own thing" which i believe was far more important than any of the "free love" and indulging in psychedelics, but everyone quickly took "individuality" for granted, and again there came to be a standardized "style" (read as: uniform) of the hippies and they lost their momentum and focus..

..just as the punks did after them..

What our generation needs is to somehow realize that sincerity and innovation have more intrinsic value than any amount of money that might be offered to dilute or nullify them..

thank you for the compliment sir

posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 08:42 PM

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posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 08:55 PM
a reply to: InverseLookingGlass

I just did a quick Wikipedia read of "secular humanism" and for the most part would have to agree with your evaluation comes damn close haha.
however, I don't necessarily believe that it is detrimental or beneficial to subscribe to a religion so long as one can philosophically evaluate the moral value of any given act. It seems to me that most people are born with an intuitive sense of morality, and it is only through exposure to irrational and traumatic experiences that a person becomes someone many would label "immoral"..

I have also thought of "memes" (or "schemas") as being like that of an organism, inhabiting our mind like symbiotic or parasitic entities that crave certain "types of thought" for food (i have written a song called "food for thought" that essentially observes this) and perhaps this is what the New Agers call "good and bad vibes".. man

but seriously i think there is something to that theory and would love to hear more about it!

posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 09:05 PM

You are simply relating to us how much of the artificial veil that is over everyones eyes you have managed to pull back.
a reply to: one4all

I don't mean to present my observations as like "hey look at me everyone! i figured it out!" but rather present the questions that have been nagging at me and seem to perhaps be "keys" to helping people come to their own conclusions..

you will easily see how and why most parts of our lives are artificially controlled and this controll is designed in cells like a terrorist organisation,this enables many many people from around the Globe to work together towards common goals as anonymous stakeholders,they share the Global plunder.

see, i don't disagree about the fact that there are MANNNY little conspiracies to "control" a majority of the population, but I stand by my stance that power must be first given, and indeed this is where disinformation comes from.. "they" present their authority as something we must accept as a sort of "lesser of two (or many) evils", although they would never phrase it that way.
I'm not exactly sure what you are comparing to terrorist cells, but i have drawn the same comparison to "cliques" in high school and elsewhere..
when any given group becomes phobic of that which doesn't fit into their preconceived idea of what is "righteous" or "cool" or "badass" (depending on what the group values most), it seems inevitable that they become violent or at least aggressive towards anyone labeled as an "outsider"..

now, i would never presume to condemn this mentality as "wrong" or attempt to "eradicate" it, but i WILL make the observation that groups with this mentality immediately put a kink in the natural flow of things, and if we could just be conscious of it, maybe the problem would solve itself..

posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 11:08 PM
What it is that you human.
earth time circa 2014 ad...

And an opinionated one, at that.

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 01:36 PM
a reply to: rival

Did you actually read what i wrote? I agree that i do have opinions but is there something IN these opinions which is invalid?

is it wrong to have opinions when they are based upon experience, instead of opinions based on blindly trusting authority or going with "the general consensus" in the conspiracy crowd?

I know people who are really into the mainstream news, people who are really into crap like Alex Jones, and I know people who are just downright apathetic.. none of these people seem to take their own experience as being a superior source of information to television and the internet.. none of these people feel they have any power or influence over their lives and society, and i think it's pretty obvious why..

like i said before, I'm not even trying to "find the right answers" so much as ask the right questions..

posted on Jun, 25 2014 @ 12:12 PM
a reply to: HyphenSt1

Sorry to come off flippant, but I didn't really have anything to add.
I completely agree with you. We are the same pea in a pod.

I knew from an early age I didn't fit the normal mode of conformity.
it's not that I wanted to be different, I just wanted to do things my
own way, learn from my own experience, and form my own opinions.
It comes from having high self-esteem. But most people aren't
comfortable blazing their own trail. That's why we have organized
religion and politics. It's why celebrity and authority figure's opinions
are sought after, valued, and esteemed. Because it is more comfortable
to "go with the flow"--even if deep down you disagree with what "the flow"

If everyone in the world agrees that the world is flat, and you have a
different opinion, you'd better have some high self-esteem as a foundation
for your opinion, because many conformists would rather just kill you or
excommunicate you from society, than change their opinion.

posted on Jun, 25 2014 @ 12:38 PM
a reply to: HyphenSt1

You don't have to label yourself with anything. And only you can tell who and what you are.

You can choose to believe in something that comes premade in a box. Or you can form your own beliefs. You choose...

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