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Luck, destiny, stupidity, when it's not your time.

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posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 11:40 AM
I just watched this little compilation on LiveLeak and thought it was a good opportunity to discuss our personal lucky, stupid story's of the moment you should have been gone but luck saved you for this time.

My story.

I was working on this ship, looks like # but capable of being a very effective work horse.

Helping with various entrepreneur, diving jobs from the sea side while this bridge was build which is the oeresunds bridge between Denmark and sweden.

Located like this.

Oresund is a narrow strait where currents at tide is strong and very dangerous if you should fall in, most likely you would not be able to keep afloat and be pulled under to a certain death.

Therefore while working, lifewest was required at all time, but as the lifewest was a pain to wear we often didn't put them on also it was an Inflatable west, and that damn string always got caught in something resulting in a premature inflation.

The job we had at that moment, was to empty a concrete sink box that has been used for foundation of the massive tall crane on the side of the bridge pylons, the sink box is filled with sand and to make it float to be tugged away, the sand had be sucked up in to a barge next to us.

I had to go on that barge to loosen a a rope tied to the sink box as the barge filled up, a short task that i thought i could handle without the lifewest, that was a stupid mistake.

As i loosen the rope the barge makes a little jolt downwards and i lose my balance and fell in the water, immediately i was pulled under the barge with no air in my lungs, and the current would not let me swim by my own power back to surface.
The luck though is the crane back on the ship was situated in front of the barge and the shipmate when seeing me going under lowered it into the water, and when i got free of the barge i hit the wires from the crane and very luckily got a hold with one hand, and could pull my self to the surface for a very needed breath of air.

I was stupid but very lucky as i had already tried to breath underwater in desperation of drowning.

In short i should have been dead, but it just wasn't my time.

So what is your story of stupid, lucky moment where you should have been dead but it wasn't your time.

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posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 02:04 PM
That's some scary stuff! Some lives were saved by a mere split second!!!

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 12:50 PM
a reply to: Mianeye

I was 5 years old and walking to school in the winter time by myself. I waited patiently for the crosswalk sign to flash green and then proceeded to walk across the street. As I made my way I was hit by a car running a red light and making a left turn. Intead of being ran over I was knocked about 20 feet into a snow bank, not a scratch.

I was 18 on a bicycle with some friends, waiting again for a crosswalk sign to change, when it did we started to cross. An older woman driving a monster station wagon was looking left in an attempt to make a right turn on red, she did not see us crossing. She inched up a little which was enough to put me and my bike underneath her car with her still inching forward. My friends stopped in the middle of the road and were awestruck at what was happening. A few choice words from me and they made sure she didn't go any further. Skinned knee and bent rim, her face when she saw a teenager crawl up from the front of her hood was utter shock.

There are others, most involve roadways, I jumped from bike handle bars once while getting hit by a car, spin outs on crowded iced over highways and some others that were just plain dumb.


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