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posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 11:12 AM

On September twelfth, two thousand one, the President of the United States knew that the way business had been conducted in America, for over two centuries, had to change. The limitations of the Constitution made it nearly impossible for the government of the United States to protect its own people.
The attacks of the previous day forced the most powerful leader in the world to call upon three of his closest security advisors for help. Among the advisors is an ex-Mossad Israeli intelligence officer named Raz Rabin. He is a late fifty something man about five-feet-six, bald, with a silver goatee and is highly skilled in the art of killing. He is also an expert on terrorism.
The second advisor is a sixty-three-year-old retired Army General named Robert Sharp. Sharp is six-foot-three-inches and if not for his gray brush cut hair and his leathery face, he would be mistaken for a professional football player. He was a United States Army Special Forces commando in his younger years and has spent his life combating terrorist activities worldwide.
Steve Davis is a well dressed late forty something ex-CIA case officer, recruited for his experience and knowledge of Middle-Eastern terrorist groups. If Davis were not working for the government, he would most likely use his charisma to sell stocks on Wall Street. The task of these men was to form a group that would be known only amongst them and it’s members.
The men and women selected were local and federal law enforcement agents that had a “questionable action” in their recent past dealing with unauthorized use of lethal force. They are most certainly not crooked law enforcement agents; they merely crossed the line to do what was both right and necessary. Those selected were given the opportunity to join the group and have their “incident” disappear from their records.
The group’s objective would be to root out terrorist cells that had embedded themselves into the very fiber of the nation. Their job was not to capture the cells, but to eliminate them. They take no prisoners.
The group’s code name is Predator. After six months of locating and destroying the terrorist cells throughout the United States, the Senate intelligence committee had begun to question the forces behind the numerous deaths that just so happen to be on the FBI’s terrorist watch list. Raz Rabin, Steve Davis, and Robert Sharp quietly advise the President to suspend the group’s activities temporarily and send its members back into the federal law enforcement systems’ various agencies.
The Predator Group picks up a year and a half later when four simultaneous attacks occur in four separate locations across the nation. One of the attacks takes place in a mall in suburban Massachusetts, one in a high school in California, another at an outdoor state fair in upstate New York and the last attack in downtown Manhattan during lunch hour. All of the attacks are on soft target areas. The terrorist teams use automatic machine pistols to wreak havoc on the locations and inflict massive casualties at each one.
The President of the United States is forced to bring the Predator Group back into action to hunt down the attackers and destroy them.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 11:17 AM
Darnit! They want $18.95 for me to finish the story. I was just starting to get into it.

Pretty art work though

[edit on 1-12-2004 by dbates]

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