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University of Toronto Fraud (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 08:08 AM
My web site - "University of Toronto fraud"

gives over 50 documents exposing unprecedented fraud going on in Canadian academia.

My PhD research of five years was stolen by my supervisor who, a few months before this, fraudulently changed my status to "lapsed student" and so removed me from the University. She published, in American journals, three papers claiming credit for my discoveries, then, said that my discoveries belong to "community" and she simply "salvaged" them. She characterized me as "a man of proven scholarly attainments" and "a very creative scientist", but her envy and hatred has put an end to my career. The documents show her pathological dishonesty.

The University has admitted that she "repeated" my experiments and "replicated or extended" my results, that she did not acknowledge this fact, and that my research was, in fact, based on theoretical paper published by me before I came to this university. Yet, these investigations ended with the conclusion that she did not steal my research. Five other professors and University of Toronto President participated in the fraud and obstruction of justice.

The fraud was followed by the largest cover-up in history. Over one hundred of organizations, govt. offices, law firms, etc. were corrupted and made to cooperate with the perpetrators of the fraud. The Government repeatedly refused to give me the constitutionally guaranteed equal protection of the Law and any help whatsoever.

This story is prohibited for publication in Canada's media for political reasons, and the fraud is continuing. I have no means of getting back the authorship of my research. No job has been available to me for 18 years. My protest that continued for nine months at the University campus was ended through harassment by the University police. The full-scale Soviet-style persecution is going on. All this - to save from jail the professors-criminals who falsified, perverted and destroyed the University and its purpose.

Michael Pyshnov.
In 1981 I began Ph.D. research at the University of
Toronto. I walked into a trap: after five years, I was
removed from the University and the credit for my
work and my discoveries was stolen by the professor-
supervisor and three other people. I received no
To save the professor from jail and to save her
falsified academic credit for the discoveries Canada
closed all doors for me. In the next 18 years I had no
job, my family was destroyed by the disastrous
circumstances. Beginning from my first complaint to
the Department of Zoology in 1987, higher and higher
officials were corrupted: from the Department to the
Government and the law enforcement. The University
of Toronto had soon crossed the line separating a
university from an organized crime. All professors of
the Department were silenced. Campus press was
ordered to keep silence. The governmental officials
were lying to me openly, completely unconcerned
about consequences.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The New Science Order takes away from you what the rest of the New World Order missed. Authorship of research and ideas became a matter of political expedience.


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