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*My Time Capsule*

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posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 08:41 PM
Hello ATS members!

I wanted to do a personal time capsule to look back at the life I've led so far.
And to see how many things have changed throughout the years.
So onwards to the door of yesteryears.
Join me if you will.

I was born in the late 70's (Wow, saying this out loud makes me feel older) I was the youngest of 3 kids.
I grew up with my mom and dad and 2 older sisters.
I lived in the Midwest, which gave me the benefit of all 4 seasons to experience.

Like most I went to pre-school, those days however seem to have been lost to time.
Moving on, I got older and was soon in kinder garden, which I still have some memories of.
So began the road to education.
And boy, these were easy days.

My days went a bit like this...

(Many of weird things were created with this amazing, yet simple toy,and I do recall a kid making the occasional snack out of it.)

There was also building "fortresses" out of the timely cardboard brick.

We were educated by characters like this(But the ones we had came with a record and a balloon figure. but the songs are still the same.
(Looking back, they were some creepy things, hanging there above our class, with their songs about a letter ringing in our heads.)
Here's one of those said creations.

The Letter People - Meet Mr. M
(Yup, still as disturbing as I recall)

After that riveting education and some drawing finger paintings and drawing, we were doing show and tell.
I can only recall one item that I had brought, and here it is.
(Impressive I must say, for me and my young imagination)

Tonka Truck

Somewhere in between all this we were given our much anticipated snack...
Wait for it.....

Animal crackers

That's what I recall to me a daily routine for those years in kinder garden.

Bell Ring!!!

Off to home.

Which now seems like stone age TV, upon arriving at home I grabbed my bean bag chair and settled in for a couple of hours of shows.

What was on the viewing menu you ask?


Sesame Street

Mister Rogers Neighborhood

The Electric Company

Scooby Doo

Bozo Show

Most of that year was rinse and repeat for the most part.

The next step....
Grade School!
(Which is where I made probably the best friends I would know, as well as some of the coolest toys and cartoons I would discover)

I'm going to post the cultural aspect of these years, as the schooling aspect is the norm for everyone, math (Although the mini maths were kinda fun), spelling and recess....
But recess, that was always memorable.

Many a battles of kick ball, dodge ball, basket ball and my favorite, tetherball, 4 square, and the many monkey bars.
Which I'd like to add, unlike todays kids, our playground equipment had sand spread over cement for "safety", unlike these rubber things under todays playgrounds.


Bell Ring!!!
Run Home!!

What to do?
Toys or TV?

Long before DVR, these were decisions my generation had to make, lol

So It usually became a combo of both, kid multi tasking at its best.

So what was on the TV?

G.I. Joe !
(Cool characters, Cool weapons, must see tv for all my friends and I)

The Transformers!
(What's to say, Robots that transformed! And not Michael Bay!)

(My personal favorite! Characters were cool, fun story and again ROBOTS, that formed a bigger robot, that fought monsters. There was an alternate version involving vehicles, but that was a lot and only aired on and off)

(Always thought this was a poor mans version of Garfield, but was a fun show)

Inspector Gadget
(Cool gadgets, and Brain the dog made this show cool)

(Their the GhostBusters, Nuff said)

Thunder Cats
(Thunder Cats Hooooooooooooo!)

(Looking back, pretty goofy show, but had swords and magic, and battle cat)

(Not very mainstream, but I remember all the cool cars with their weapons.)

Super Mario Brothers Super Show
(Title says it all)

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
(Vague memories of this show,but it was watched)

Dinner time!

TV trays were invented for a reason, and in my family they were put to use.
The shows that aired during dinner varied, as in which sister had control over the tv at the time.
These shows carried over into my middle school years as well.

What was there to watch?

Growing Pains

Family Ties

Perfect Strangers

Family Matters

Full House

Three's company

Charles in charge

The Wonder Years

The weekends always provided another tv line up.
What was watched?


Dungeons and Dragons

Teen Wolf

Galaxy High School

Brady Bunch

Ahhh that command heard by every child on the weekends when noon rolled around.

So what to do?

Go door to door and gather my friends of course.
Gather our resources i.e toys!!!!!!

What do we lose ourselves into today?

(The best "toy" to own,got ya to every house and corner store nearby)

GI Joe Toy
(So many battles)

Transformers toys
(Awesome! But why did some take rocket science to transform?)

Match Box Cars
(Who didn't have these?)

Super Soakers!
(Just because...They were awesome)


Atari 2600

LJN Wrestling Superstars
(We were big wrestling fans, BROTHER!)

But what would a day with friends be without snacks!?!?

Whats on the menu?

Hostess Pudding Pie

Jello Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl Pudding Pops

Jolt Cola
(Sugar High!!!!!!!!)

Bonkers Fruit Candy

Fun Dip

Candy Cigarettes

Dinner time!!!!!!!
With that came sleep overs and a trip to the video store and out to eat!!

Where to eat?

Chuck E. Cheese
(Arcade, singing electronic puppets ,cheese maze, ball pit and PIZZA!! great time!)

Pizza Hut
(RIP The BigFoot Pizza)

Or the usual fall backs of McDonalds, Burger King and Taco Bell.

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 09:30 PM

Stomachs now full the discussion now turned to what movies or games we would rent.
Keeping in mind I had 2 older sisters to go along with my friend(s) we had to bypass in order to get what WE wanted.
Compromise was a must, lol.

Now here in my city there were plenty of mom & pop stores to rent from, but that also meant limited amounts of videos to choose from. So it's off to the big man on the video store scene.....

(To add, I actually miss going to the video store, walking in and seeing all the movie posters on the walls and the isles and isles of movies, with the box covers and all their great artwork. "Be Kind, Rewind"


So much to many to choose from, these were some of the movies I've seen over my renting years in short.

80's Movie montage

Best 80's Horror Movies

Any cant forget the hour/day stealing joy of the multi time rented Nintendo games!

Great years for sure!!
Now onto the first step towards "learning" about growing up.....Middle School!

Now begins the beginning of the fashion show, Kliqs and *Gasp* Dating......

So summer has ended and its time for school, but wait what do I need now?

Lets see....


That about covered it, oh wait....

Levis Stone Washed

Ok ready for school......

Ok Bell !!!!!!

What was on TV ?

In Living Color


Married with Children


The X files

And what goodies were consumed during these shows?

Crystal Pepsi

And of course Pringles, Doritos, Cheetos.

And besides the tv shows, what music was around to listen to?

Pop in that CD and turn on....

Just a sample of what is A lot of music I listened to back in Middle school.

I Moved on to High School, as everyone does....

To be continued......

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 11:04 PM
As everyone who has been through it, knows a lot happens.
People go through changes and phases.
The culture during my high school years began to change.
And society followed.

So with High school came my first 2 cars I would own.

Ford Probe 1989
(And i'll be damned if there's one of those cars that didn't have a headlight eventually fail to close)

1989 Pontiac Grand Am
(Not really all that "grand" but had a great stock sound system)

Now in High School ya gotta follow trends(or so I was told, and looking back at some of those choices,umm ya, lol)

Cross Colours

Reebok Instapump Shaq

Larry Johnson cons converse back jams

80s & 90s Sports Wear Store | NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL

Motorola Pager
(We actually used to have to put change in a pay phone to have a friend say "What's up?" %0 cents gone...)

By this time, the food was pretty much fast food.
Burger King
Taco Bell
Sub Way

Now drinking, well it was high school.
So that would mean house parties, what was on the menu there?

Olde English

Mad Dog 20/20
(Just No, lol)

Red Dog Beer

And that is along with the kegs of MGD and Miller Lite.

And there was this, a little of the menu.

Now the music, to me, was at its height for R&B, along with Rap.

Here's a sample of what was making the house parties move..

And for the ladies....


posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 11:23 PM
Now in between My girlfriend,working and hanging out with friends, TV was no longer "Must See" for me.
Although I did get to the movies a bit.

Here's what I saw on the silver screen in my High School years.

Natural Born Killers

Pulp Fiction

Boyz N The Hood
(go figure there was a riot at the theatre that night)

Menace II Society


I graduated high school and was getting ready to go to college....
To be continued.....

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