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Polar Shift - When the Earth's Poles Flip

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posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 07:29 AM
Let me start off by saying, factual evidence shows firm proof that the Earth's Poles have flipped several times in the past. It has been roughly 780,000 years Since the last polar shift, and Scientists believe we are overdue for another.

Over the last 2,000 years, the Earths Magnetic Poles have been weakening. As the Magnetic strength of the poles weakens, the Earth's properties change. We reached a point where the Ice Caps are melting and running off into our oceans, interfering with our global currents. We can already see the effects of this with the erratic Weather lately.

This kind of change can only happen for a certain amount of given time until the Balance of Earths Axis is disrupted. When enough weight passes the pivot point,

It is inevitable the Earth's poles will shift to compensate for the weight difference. This can be compared to a glass of water. You can only tilt it until the balance is Disrupted, than in will fall, or shift

When this great shift happens, the Earth will undergo great change. As existing islands and coastlines deplete, new landmasses will emerge from the oceans. Birds will no longer Fly south, weather will suffer drastically, and Earths properties may display unimaginable Change.

As Mother Earth undergoes her changes, Humanity and our consciousness will also change. One, who thinks this is nonsense, is obviously out of touch with reality. This Earth Harbored microscopic organisms, than progressed to plant life. The progression continued and went to basic animal, to complex mammal, and is currently nested upon Human life. Our Earth has been home to huge dinosaurs, flying Pterodactyls, 48-legged insects, and life of

Every flavor. I don't see how anyone can think, "this process will end with us. We are the Ultimate Product."

The more probable answer is that we humans are another step in the great cycle of EARTH. Earth itself is caught in the great cycle of the galaxy, and our galaxy is caught in the great cycle of the universe. Even our SUN (SOL) has a great cycle, which we follow and we are not great enough to stop the cycle.

But the cycles are complex, and sometimes the cycle wipes out all life to prepare for the New Life Ahead. This may be on the verge of happening. The most important part of this, Is the spiritual side. As Life will continue, so will you and your soul. Take time to Connect with yourself spiritually and combat fear.

Written by Jim McElwee for Unexplainable.Net

posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 09:09 PM
ahhh balony. i'll believe it when a 300 foot monster wave crashing down at me

posted on Dec, 12 2004 @ 10:57 AM
Magnetic Pole shifts are a known and observed phenomenon of all heavenly bodies that possess magnetic fields. The sun does it every 11 years.

Earth does it too, but over longer periods. I wonder if there is a connection between the movements of the earth, and this event. As we can well imagine, the movement of any mass or energy of that magnitude must be carefully attended to because of the risks it may pose for humankind. We are not the most durable creatures in the universe.

There was mention in ancient times of a shift in the heavens, which would go unnoticed to all but the most scientific and astronomical societies. This was recorded in the myths of Apollo, of the time someone stole away with the chariot of the sun, and after losing control of the reins, the sun veered off its course and appeared to move erraticly in the sky. This might not be mere myth: There could be times when earth rolls around like a drunken top, or when the earth upon it slides around.

So indeed, mnd the roof, because the sky could very well be falling.


posted on Dec, 12 2004 @ 02:36 PM
But the polar reversal as described in the OP isn't the sky falling, it's the floor and foundations falling.

The polar shifts that we have records of have to do with the polarity of the magnetic field surrounding the Earth. At multiple times in the past the positive and negative poles have swapped places. We're seeing evidence that that's happening again, in the weakening magnetic field and some magnetic anomalies in ocean-going vessels. This is not, however, likely to be a problem in our lifetimes. In the past the reversal has taken, on average, about 1000 years to complete. Right now, the magnetic field has lost about 10% of it's strength in the past century, so we're pretty much par for the course right now, with another 900 or so years to go. If any of us lives to see the end of it...well, cool

What we have absolutely no strong evidence of, however, is a physical reversal of the poles. I'm not really sure where the idea that the Earth's crust would come loose and start sliding around everywhere came from. The sheer viscosity of the mantle should prevent anything too dramatic. The Earth is not one of those water-snake toys that slip and slide about due to the liquid inside.

posted on Dec, 12 2004 @ 08:05 PM
Having read 'Earth in Upheaval' by Immanuel Velikovsky, I have the notion that there may be 2 phenomena...polar shift and polar reversal.

The magnetic reversals have long been revealed on the floor of the Atlantic. Cores driven into the seabed (Mid Atlantic Rift) have shown that this happens frequently in the history of our Earth. As the upwelling lava cools in the cold water, crystal aligns itself according to the existing magnetic poles. The samples also show that these reversals happed a lot. Because of this fact I believe a polar reversal does not 'wipe out' huge proportions of life, but rather are a slow evolution only bound to confuse instrumentation and the migratory flights of birds, etc...nothing radical.

A polar shift, however, would be a sudden thing...the lithosphere moving at a quick rate over the magma. The force needed to give it the necessary nudge would be have to literally be astronomical.

The sort of thing a passing planet could do, especially if the passing was quick...the gravitational jerk the Earth would get from a seriously close encounter with Mars or Venus, for instance. Something that Velikovsky also gets into in another of his books; 'Worlds in Collision'

I don't think much would survive a pass like this...once the crust slows down, I very much doubt the water would...what wasn't pulled into space would slosh around for a long time...along with all of us.

Maybe thats why we're all so fascinated with Planet X, Marduk and Nibiru. Even small objects like Sedna get us perked up.

Perhaps a flood that wipes out everything on the planet isn't so unscientific after all, eh?

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posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 08:14 PM
It is a fact, sir that all of the Astral bodies of this solar system do not rotate on parallel with mean axis of the solar system.

Something has tipped over the planets, each of them, somehow. What mechanism can provide for this obvious condition? Impacts? Passing gravitation from other worlds, or perhaps stellar bodies from deep space?

No matter what the causes were, the planets have rolled around a little. Earth is tilted significantly away from the sun by 26*. It couldn't have started out that way, otherwise it would have continued to spin in the same axis the earth formed in. The earth's axis spins, and rotates in that spin. There is nothing in the laws of physics preventing the entire earth from rolling around agaain. It's not a very big planet, and perhaps it's done so many of times.


posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 08:01 AM
never freekin mind

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