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Mike Judge

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posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 08:03 PM
I will be brief in my introduction to this thread. I have been drinking beer in Texas heat. I was just thinking that this man deserves proper respect.

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posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 08:10 PM
Idiocracy was an amazing film.

However i felt ashamed to laugh at it.

EDIT: oh and king of the hill was great, a lot of people didnt get its subtle jokes but i thought it was a charming show. If theres easy listening music, that was the equivalent to it, easy viewing.
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posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 08:44 PM
a reply to: skunkape23

I've been watching his new show "Silicone Valley" and I give it two thumbs up. Very funny stuff loosely based on his short time at Silicone Valley back when he was a techie. It does have some 'adult' comedy, way more than what he's previously done.


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posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 08:47 PM
Agreed, a largely under- the- radar satirist who nails middle America with a loving hammer... so-to-speak.

Beavis and Butthead was groundbreaking (if horribly grating) but he refined his voice... I always thought he was the logical result of brains, acid and Texas.

Skoal, to Mike and you, smelly ape.

posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 09:27 PM
I dont know how but i managed to miss mike judge's new show.

I just watched the first episode and i think as a geek its going to become a regular for if, if its allowed beyond one series that is

posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 11:13 PM
I love Mike Judge and think he has been marginalized and poised to be forgotten. Unlike Seth MacFarlane, he can think critically and represent America without excess crude jokes and exploitation of the downtrodden and WITHOUT CUTAWAYS.
Still pissed off at the fact Fox cancelled King of the Hill for The Cleveland Show.

Every show he has had on air has met with an abrupt cancellation as soon as it hits too close to home. Loved Beavis and Butthead, loved Daria, loved King of the Hill.

Idiocracy is a Classic that should go down as one of the best dystopian films of all time.
Extract was a nice perspective of rural unions on small business and Ben Affleck's only tolerable role.

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 02:24 PM
Idiocracy's original working title was '3001.' That caused one of many legal issues the production was plagued by. It could have been a much funnier film if there were no lawyers on this planet. The parodies of corporate logos also caused trouble. The entire time I was on the set I was wearing prison garb with a logo that said "Butfu##ers" in the style of a Fuddrucker's logo...and orange Croc's. I also help set a gag that didn't make the final cut. I believe they decided it was too dangerous. We rigged up a toilet with a pressurized air can, so that when Luke Wilson flushed it, he would be blown to the ceiling. He refused to do that scene. It would have been comedy gold.

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 02:50 PM
And how can you forget this...

That's right Beavis and Butthead was a Mike Judge staple where you first met Hank Hill.


posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 03:34 AM
a reply to: tsurfer2000h

It's funny because it's true.
Tip of the hat to Rob Zombie for this not too inaccurate version of what can happen if one eats the wrong cactus for moisture.

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