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Russian terrorist try to assassinate Ukrainian president

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posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 08:40 PM
a reply to: tsurfer2000h

Oh, cool. And, sorry, since you're so smart and eagle-eyed and all...where IS the Russian military in the Ukraine?
If the Russian military would ride into the Urkaine, it would be like in Georgia, when the Georgian forces did pretty much the same - bombed a peaceful city with Grad, pretty much like the Ukranian military now - Russia would go in, and the Ukranian military would leave their equipment and vehicles, drop their weapons and run off. There would have been Russian planes in the air and the Ukranian AF would stay on the ground. Ukranian artillery would be wiped out whithin hours and Ukranian military installations, participating in the East-Ukraine civil war, would be hit hard with non-nuclear Iskanders and high-altitude bombers. They would seize to exist.
But I'm seeing none of that.
So since there are no Russian tanks and forces in the Ukraine, you, Mr. Smart boy, can go and shove this memorandum between Russia and Ukraine right between your smart legs. Because it does not apply here. There is no direct military agression, nor is there any proof of Russian involvement. Show us proof. Then shout like a crazy woman.

But what does apply, is the Geneve convention, which, among all, bans Phosphorous bombs(oh daymn, the US used it in Fallujah...shucks...) , and does not encourage the killing of injured enemy troops (around half a hundred were killed by National Guard in, if I'm not mistaken, Red Liman? Donetsk region. "National guard" guys came in the city, went for the hospital, found the injured troops and just shot them in the hospital beds.). Also, it bans cluster bombs...but who f*cking reads the Geneva convention nowadays? Kill, rape, loot and pillage. F*ck international law. Fund terrorists. Orchestrate "les coups d etat". Invade foreign countries on false pretense(rememper Collin Powell with that vial?) (and by invade, I mean INVADE. Military, Aviation, Navy. Hoorah, 'Murica. YES WE CAN.)

And nice job with that wikipedia bs.
I have a whole page, proving that you are full of BS. Just created it. Want a link?

Information wars...I love them so. So many stupid people.

Ukraine was forced to get rid of it's nuclear arsenal because Ukraine is Ukraine. And we are seeing it now. But hey, if you think killing cops on a major scale and killing people is ok, you have my blessings. Btw, what would they do to YOU in the US, if you killed a cop? Please do answer.
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posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 09:13 PM
a reply to: Agent_USA_Supporter

Yeah, I heard, no corpses were found. I mean, that's what the rebels would actually brag about, but as I heard, they found none.
And the pilots had enough time to jump out. All military plane pilots have parachutes. Also, a plane, hit by an AAM, providing, the wings aren't shot off completely(which would happen if hit by a large AAM), would have a couple of minutes of steady flight, before the plane goes into a pitch, because of critical low speed.
I heard people say that it was just a cover-up for non-war casualties in the army...well, you know. Disobedience. Or else.
Because some mothers and wives got death-letters, saying their child or husband was "found on the street shot", meaning the woman will not be on the dole, since the guy was not killed in the war. He just got killed in the street by some unknown guy. Wow. Just imagine that. All alone in the street. F*ucking Rambo if you ask me. Don't imagine that hapenning from what I see.
So it's lies upon lies. Takes hours to find out the truth. That's what "THE NEWS" are all about nowadays - see it and go lurk if it's not complete BS. Freedom of We ARE the press. We, the people.

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