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My Understanding of Telepathy

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posted on Jun, 12 2014 @ 10:48 PM
I have spent the last several decades carefully observing my own thoughts, feelings, and those of others while observing the hypothetical effects, accounting for confounding factors of course.

I have determined that telepathy as humans experience it today can be categorized into four distinct categories:

1) Emotion to Emotion

Ex: A person feels strong anxiety. Through descriptions and details akin to quantum super positioning and electromagnetic resonance etc. etc. another person feels a strong anxiety "out of the blue" who cannot hear or see the initial person feeling the anxiety. Dependent upon the amplitude of the projection, proximity may or may not play a larger roll (Proximity facilitators must be considered, such as devices that create enhanced connection, such as television, radio, etc. if the projected target is within these)

2) Emotion to Thought

Ex: A person feels a certain thing, and another will 'spontaneously' think of a concept, or a phrase or set of sentences will run through their head which correlate on a highly contextually related basis to what the first person is feeling and feeling about (feeling correlated to a concept, emotion + thought, see below).

3) Thought to Emotion

Ex: A person thinks something very strongly, say, they say the words inside their mind "I hate you, I hope you burn in hell" and they consciously think about a specific person while thinking this, with this person happening to be in proximity (or facilitated by proximity enhancers as stated above). The secondary person then feels an emotional reaction yet unexplained, a reaction akin to if they actually had heard this person say this thing aloud, and intended it strongly (degrees of intentional projection must be considered, largely emotion based, or lower mind based [see reptilian mind, thalamus, amygdala, etc).

4) Thought to Thought

Ex: A person thinks about a red balloon. Their friend right next to them says "hey, I'd really like to give some kid a red balloon to cheer up their day"

There are many variations to these, including temporal dialation (Telepathic results occurring not instantly, but at later times) as well as the below:

The brain is instrinsically connected throughout, therefore, the emotion and thought paradigms are constantly and forever attached, even if the connection is deadened to a great degree.

Therefore, it comes down to one theory:

Emotion/Thought to Emotion/Thought:

Dependent upon proximity (or proximity facilitators), amplitude of thought/emotion projection, and focal point(s) of the thought/emotion projection, you willsee results.

I have tested this literally thousands of times.

I have, with nary a doubt, that telepathy on a lesser basis (As compared to what we see in sci-fi) is occurring ALL THE TIME.

What's more, is that animals do this very thing as well. For example, why do you think so many people love dogs? It is a mutually beneficial relationship involving emotion to emotion telepathy (positive) because dogs, and most animals, have a lesser capability on the thought side of the telepathic reception and projection.

How you may ask, do I know this?

I listen

posted on Jun, 12 2014 @ 11:10 PM
Absolutely, agree with you all the way. Emotion is the magical ingredient. I have experienced telepathy with animals of a wide variety including a poisonous snake and the thing that bonded us was emotion/feeling into thoughts, or I should say understanding. This is why I love being in the wilds with nature all around me. When both parties overcome their fear and/or mistrust of each other telepathic communication can occur. Its wonderful. Although I have to say I would never turn my back on a wild bull or a crocodile for example. I did, once. Turned my back on a bull and almost paid the ultimate price.

posted on Jun, 12 2014 @ 11:56 PM
When you realize you are looking into your own eyes when you look into another's, that is telepathy, imo. I have had moments where looking into someone's eyes, human or animal, taught me about myself. It was them communicating to me about who I was without saying anything. It was also me communicating to them who they were. It happened like that because I was them and they were me.

posted on Jun, 13 2014 @ 09:09 AM
Having the "sense" of telepathy is one thing, but experiencing black and white, incontrovertible evidence, quite another.

It has happened to me only twice and regarding the most meaningless of circumstances, but the proof was beyond doubt.

I have come to believe that the basis for my experience is holographic universe principle.

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